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Married At First Sight: All Good Things Come To An End

Channel Nine’s ultimate social experiment has come to an end, with the final episode of Married At First Sight airing last night. Between the good, the bad, the blissful and the sad, the three couples made the decision as to whether they wanted to call it quits on their month long rollercoaster ride, or continue on with their relationships. So, who’s fallen in love, who’s fallen out of love, and who loves but “is not in love”? Without further ado, let’s get down to details, shall we?

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Last week we saw the exit of Roni and Michael. With high hopes for the couple after instantly hitting it off at the altar, sparks between the pair seemed to fizzle faster than candles on a cake. Insecurities crept up and differences came into the play as Michael finally pulled the plug to Roni’s dismay! Pardon the pun, dear reader.

Next on our radar is Clare and Lachlan. This couple got off to a shaky meet and greet and have had a rocky road at times, however despite Clare’s tendency to unleash her inner dragon – seriously, we wouldn’t be surprised if she could breathe fire – Lachlan believes the good points of their relationship outweighs the bad. “I’ve got feelings for Clare… I wouldn’t say I’m in love just yet,” he confessed. Hmm, do, they or don’t they?

Married At First Sight: All Good Things Come To An End

The couple we all thought would go the distance, Michelle and James (obviously we know they didn’t thanks to social media!), appear to have hit a bump in the road and decide to go back to where things began – their wedding location – in order to rekindle their romance. To some degree it seems to work and the lovebirds share lots of smooches over a glass of wine. What went so wrong!?

Over in Alex and Zoe’s corner – the couple we all initially thought were doomed for failure due to Zoe’s reluctance to walk down the aisle – have exceeded all of our expectations, seemingly connecting over their awesome sense of humour.

Spending their last night together, Alex admitted that he didn’t want Zoe to leave. When the brunette beauty asked him how long he wanted her to stay, he joked: “Another three or four days and then you can be on your merry way.” Adorable. Just adorable! What’s more, Zoe confessed to the cameras: “If this isn’t love, I’ll have it, whatever it is.” We’ll have whatever she’s having, too, please!

Married At First Sight: All Good Things Come To An End

So, to the final verdict – did the matchmakers get it right with the remaining three couples? And have they actually made a fool of us all in the sense that love really can grow? We’ll go with a yes and no on that one. First up: Clare and Lachlan.

Sitting down with the three experts, Clare confessed that she was in love with Lachlan and wanted to continue on with their relationship. Bless! Lachlan on the other hand looked super nervous when he was up. Alarm bells? Not quite. Turns out, it was all for show – because he too wanted to continue life with his sweet heart! “Just over a month ago I didn’t even know Clare… we are where we are now and I’m very happy and excited about what lies ahead; looking forward to the future,” he said.

Fast forward two months and the pair were still going strong. Referring to the city gal as his “dream girl”, Lachlan said he’d never had this type of connection with anyone before. Seems like they finally sorted things out? Happy days!

Next up, Michelle and James. After confessing to a friend earlier on in the episode that James’ stress levels were driving her bat shit crazy – okay, maybe not in those words exactly, but whatevs – we thought, just as much as apparently Michelle did, that she was going to throw in the towel. To James’ delight though, she was curious to see where things would go after the show.

Married At First Sight: All Good Things Come To An End

Cut to two months down the track and things weren’t so great. “James and I are no longer together,” said Michelle, who has reportedly hooked up with a former flame. It’s obvious the breakup wasn’t mutual, with poor James saying: “She loves me but she’s not in love with me.” Oh James, perhaps you just needed to calm your farm a bit. There’s plenty more fish, though!

Last but certainly not least, our favourite couple of the whole series, Alex and Zoe, reveal their final decisions. The relationship gods have certainly been at play here, because both parties confessed that they wanted to stay together, with Zoe revealing that it would be “awful” if Alex was to leave. What’s more they both admitted that they were falling in love – YAS!! Do we hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet here!?

Not just yet – but there is the pitter-patter of puppy feet, revealed Zoe in their two month check-in. Looking like a couple drunk-in-love (minus the drunk), it’s clear that Zoe and Alex have been the most successful coupling on the show, proving that first impressions really don’t count for much!

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Married At First Sight: When Sweet Turns Sour

This week on our favourite spot of reality TV, Married at First Sight brought us much more than we had bargained for. The previews have kept us eagerly awaiting Monday night – and let’s just say that it didn’t disappoint! The long walk down the aisle seems far far away during this week’s rollercoaster. The ‘L’ bomb was dropped; cracks started to show between resident cuties, James and Michelle, and sweet turned into sour with one of the couples leaving the show for good!

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First things first: our favourite country boy Lachie is back at the farm since storming out on Clare after a heated argument last week – curse words flew as they bickered over Clare controlling their relationship. “Have I given everything to the process? Yes. I’ve given her everything. Has she? No,” vented Lachlan; understandably annoyed at his wife for prioritising her time and activities, and we don’t blame him. “I’m not going to sit back and cop sh*t constantly – we need to take a breather.” Amen, Lachlan.

Cut to Clare teary eyed and proclaiming her love: “He should know that he is the most important thing in my life. He should know that from everything that I’ve said and from the way that I’ve acted.” Really, Clare? You spend most of your time yelling at him and poor Lachlan only wants to love you!

Next up we see Alex spending some quality time in the city with urban girl Zoe. Coming from two different worlds is proving interesting for this couple, but Alex claims that he’ll do anything to be with her. Cue our hearts melting!

After being taken aback by how small Zoe’s one bedroom apartment is, the couple is off on a cultural outing to one of Zoe’s favourite places: The National Gallery of Victoria – or as Alex calls it: “The National Garr-ley of Art.” How is he just so damn CUTE!?  Even inside the gallery the blonde-haired babe looks to be genuinely enjoying himself. “She’s opening me up to lots of new experiences and I hope I’m doing the same for her,” he says. Gush… We love you, Alex!

Meanwhile, over in Roni and Michael’s corner, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Last week we saw Roni try her hardest to make their situation work with no help from Michael – mind you, we’d be pretty hesitant too after last weeks blowup! Since having previously been married, Roni seems to feel very insecure about her relationship with Michael. What’s a couple to do? Call in the relationship expert, of course. Eeeekkk! Things are getting seriously awkies.

The relationship expert advises the couple to reignite the spark, but Michael doesn’t want a bar of it and insists that they have already skipped the fun part. Come one Michael, just try a little! As much as we hate to say it, Roni appears to be here for all the right reasons – and her husband, well…  Try to find that spark again, please!

While Roni and Michael crumble, feisty Clare is making a dash to the farm in the hope of rekindling and reconnecting with hubby Lachlan. Speaking to the car cam, Clare reveals that she doesn’t actually like fighting. Ahh, come again? You fight ALL. THE. TIME. And poor Lachie is then left to pick up the remains. Love must really conquer all, however, because Lachlan seems to forget about having to walk on eggshells and his face lights up as soon as Clare arrives. While he appreciates her making an effort, the farmer seems to have learnt a thing or two and shows Clare to her bed (the back shed) if they fight again. Good one, Lachie!

Working hard at getting their relationship back on track, Michael and Roni head out for a trivia night with friends. However, it’s not long until Roni’s outgoing nature turns a little obnoxious and Michael once again gets cold feet. Michael waves the white flag: “Just because I committed to the relationship, doesn’t mean that Roni is the perfect girl for me. I tried to make it work, but I’m not wanting to force it.” Cut to Roni hoping that Michael may see a change: “I am hopeful that Michael sees me for the beautiful woman that I am. I would like to think that there is still hope.” Tear, tear for Roni.

Back in Ferntree Gully, Zoe takes a day off work to make Alex’s favourite roast chicken dinner. But it doesn’t take long for what was meant to be a romantic evening to turn sour. After Zoe explains the fun she had being a house wife for the day, Alex does a quick 180 and gets antsy and confronts Zoe about her constant jabs at him needing a housewife. “It’s beyond a joke now, I don’t even care about dessert,” says Alex before making a dramatic exit. Poor Zoe, she was only playing coy! Why did her joke hit such a raw nerve? Unlike the other couples, not all that is damaged is lost – and when Alex finally returns, the couple talk it out and make everything better with a smooch and a hug.

What’s more, the smitten pair then take their relationship that one step further over a romantic dinner when Zoe says what we have all been waiting for… “Alex, I think I’m falling in love with you.” OMFG!! And the best bit? He says it back! Ahhhhh… We love you guys.

Meanwhile, under the advice of the relationship councillor, Michael and Roni are using “relationship cards” to get themselves talking. However, when Michael pulls the card that asks him to share what he is afraid of, he opens up to tell Roni that he doesn’t see enough in the relationship to keep it going long-term. “I can’t flick the switch and go ‘wow, i’m in love,’” he admits. A teary Roni then packs her bags and takes off her ring, while Michael chooses to switch his band to his right hand as a momento of their time together. After a parting hug, Roni then leaves for the final time and heads back to her own place. Cue violins.

Last on the agenda for episode five was the in laws. Clare and Lachlan do remarkably well and it’s smiles all round with Lachlan’s Mum saying that she has never seen him happier! Alex’s parents are a cute as a button, however grill Zoe to see if she could stand leaving the city for the burbs. To our surprise, she claims that the move was always a plan for when she had kids. Yay! James seriously gets on our nerves as he introduces Michelle to his folks – while Michelle charms and says it was lovely to meet his parents, James seems shocked as he asks: “Really? I’ve got my three month dose now.” Mhmm, now we are starting to see why you were still single, James.

And… that’s a wrap! Next week we see which couples choose to go the distance and continue their relationship. Will we be tuning in? You bet!

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Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon’s Over As Pairs Split

This week on Married at First Sight: Roni and Zoe butt heads during the foursome’s first meet-and-greet dinner party as Roni faces yet another failed marriage; Clare once again unleashes the beast in a heated argument with Lauchlan (what’s new), James and Michelle show no signs of slowing down – and finally, we find out which couples have done the deed!

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It’s episode four of the ultimate social experiment and the four couples are finally set to come face-to-face during an arranged dinner party. Before all the fun begins, we get to take a look and see how the couples are progressing after last week, in which they took the plunge and moved in together.

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

In a bizarre twist of fate, Alex and Zoe are cuter than ever with the couple negotiating laundry duties. Reminder: Alex NEVER does his washing and instead offloads it to his poor mum. Zoe is keen to get to know more about Alex, particularly his duties as a plumber and heads down to his worksite. “There are a lot of people wearing fluro,” the brunette beauty points out. “But fluro’s not really in this winter.” Hey Zo, just a heads up: Alex is a plumber, not a fashion designer!

Getting down to business – nearly literally – the couple discusses sex after Alex asks Zoe how many times a week a couple should be getting down and dirty. “I think it’s healthy to have it at least four to five times a week,” answers Zoe. Looking like a kid in a candy shop, it’s clear that was not the response Alex was expecting. Delighted, he jokes: “I didn’t know I’d married a hornbag,” and admits “two or three” times was the mark he’d hoped to hit.

Moving on to Roni and Michael, there’s undoubtedly trouble in paradise. Michael appears to be avoiding Roni after he ditches his wife in favour of a night with the boys. “I won’t know what to do with myself,” says Roni. “You’ll survive,” snickers Michael. Hmm… We can see who wears the pants in this relationship – that is, if you can even call it a relationship anymore!

While wining and dining with his mates, serial dater Michael confesses that Roni may not be the right girl for him. “I’m worried the spark isn’t there,” he says. Perhaps that’s because he’s never had to seriously commit to anyone, let alone live with them? Just sayin’.

Cue: couples dinner. Finally, after two weeks of married life the four newlyweds face-off. With chemistry radiating from all of the couples bar Michael and Roni, tension surfaces when Zoe makes a remark about how being nervous on your wedding day means your committed to the relationship. Clearly reeling that her marriage has fallen by the wayside, Roni arks up. “Everyone’s different. And every couple and every dynamic of a relationship is different — you can’t say that,” she says.

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

Continuing her rant, she points out: “I’m really invested. I’ve been married before — I know the hard work that’s involved.” Enter Michael to the rescue – ha, jokes. Proving that he’s well and truly not digging his wife, he’s quick to jump to Zoe’s defence before allowing Roni to run off and cry. Making himself look even more like a douche (sorry, but it’s true), Michael confesses to the other men that he “didn’t find that very attractive.” Come on Mikey, cut her some slack! She’s trying – which is more than we can say for you.

To wrap up the newlywed’s dinner, the dirt is dished on which couples have slept together – and to no one’s surprise, each pair besides Roni and Michael has done the deed. Alex and Zoe wasted no time consummating their marriage with Alex confessing that they had sex on night two, while Clare – who jumped in the sack with Lachlan on night one – confessed: “Let’s just say that the bed is not cold on a winter’s night.” Information too mucho? Finally, James and Michelle: well they’re just all peaches and cream with a “healthy sex life.”

The last segment of the show sees Clare and Lachlan get into an argument over the farm. Country lad Lachlan isn’t happy that his wife neglects to spend much time with him there, so he addresses his concern. “You’ve only spent one day at the farm and I’ve spent virtually every other day here,” he says. “There’s been massive sacrifice on my part.”

Married At First Sight: The Honeymoon's Over As Pairs Split

Not impressed that the 36-year-old put on the pants for once, Clare explodes: “Sorry for making you unhappy… I don’t care where we f*cking live. Let’s move to the f*cking farm right now!” before storming off. This sees Lachlan finally reaches his limit as he tells the camera that he needs a “breather.”

Things are seriously heating up, so tune in next week for more Married at First Sight!

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The Rollercoaster Ride Continues On Married At First Sight

Last night the ultimate social experiment, Married at First Sight, continued into its third episode, again bringing with it awkward moments, cute kisses and lots and lots of drama! Coming back from last week, we were keen to see how our newlyweds were travelling. Were Michelle and James still as cute and loved up as ever? Was Zoe still the ice queen? And how were our first two couples, Lachlan and Clare, and Michael and Roni working out?

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After packing up from their honeymoons, this week we saw all four couples moving in together after only six days of knowing each other. Eek! Certainly bound to cause some headaches, clashes and concerns, particularly for the couples whose relationship hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly so far (cough, cough, Alex and Zoe).

Not to worry though, Mum to the rescue. Alex’s Mum arrives at his bachelor pad and gives him some necessary pointers to keep his new bride Zoe at bay before she moves from her inner-city pad out to the suburbs. “You don’t normally keep alcohol in your linen cupboard, Alex? It’s not about you anymore – it’s about you and Zoe as a couple,” she reminds the newlywed. Well, we hate to break your heart Alex, but sometimes our Mum’s really do know best.

Cuties James and Michelle look to be every bit still in the honeymoon phase. Michelle opens the door to James yelling: “Did someone order a husband?!” Great Dad joke James, maybe that’s why you were still single? But seriously, they are just too cute together! James even brought her some jewellery. Ah, young love.

The Rollercoaster Continues On Married At First Sight

Roni and Michael’s move seems to be a little awkward with sleeping arrangements still under negotiation as Roni opts for a separate bed. Umm, when exactly is the magic going to happen? You are officially lovers, after all. Poor Michael seems to try so hard, only to be met with the wall Roni’s built between them. Tear, tear.

Next up, dinner is served! Zoe doesn’t seem to be too impressed after getting the grand tour and realising her worst nightmare is now her reality. Alex’s half renovated house (and ultimate man cave) does not impress, and when Alex makes his meal in the microwave, we see Zoe looking for the exit. Come on Zoe, stop with those sultry eyes – stop judging and start loving!

Over in Lachlan and Clare’s itty bitty Sydney pad, a lovely dinner between the pair doesn’t last long. The harsh realities of married life have seemingly come about a little sooner than expected! Voices are raised and Clare ends the argument with a big “f*%# you,” leaving Lachlan sleeping on the couch with the dog. Seems reality bites. Hard.

Cut to the next phase of the experiment: shopping together. This is not your average shop down at your local supermarket, however, with the couples heading to IKEA – the mother of all stores and notorious for fighting families. Low and behold the perfect couple, James and Michelle, have their first tiff, while Roni and Michael get solid relationship advice from a heavily tatted IKEA shop assistant. “If you can survive this, you can survive your marriage,” he advises. Yeah, good one mate! His advice seems to come in handy when the couple leave together with a new bed, which Roni FINALLY seems more than happy to jump into!

Tumultuous couple Lachlan and Clare have their second heated fight about a trip to the farm. Afterwards, Lachlan clarifies that his new wife isn’t crazy but just fiery. Ahh, are you kidding? She’s volcanic! Clare, babe – loosen up. After all, Lachlan is just a little old farmer who wants a wife. Not to worry though, his country charm wins her over when he delivers flowers to her work. Treat ‘em mean keep ‘em keen?

The Rollercoaster Continues On Married At First Sight

Meanwhile, poor Alex just can’t catch a break. Zoe is complaining about her new and much longer commute and continually judges her husband’s lifestyle, background and hobbies. Alex seems frustrated and rightly so. If only she saw her hubby the way we do – a mega babe who’s super adorable. Thank goodness for gal pals because Zoe’s bestie seems to set her straight, explaining that she shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and to give her new relationship time. Zoe, if you don’t want him we’ll take him off your hands? Please listen to your wise and intelligent friend!

Roni too seems to enlist the advice of a best friend. Nervous that her second trip down the aisle will end up like her first, she is worried that being herself will hinder her relationship with Michael. Once again the bestie comes to the rescue and tells Roni drop the act and be herself. Will this help their relationship, though? We guess only time will tell.

To wrap up this week’s rollercoaster ride we see Clare and Lachlan take a trip to the farm. After Lachlan gives Clare a tour and shows her the marvellous view, the couple kiss and look to be happier than ever. While it’s super cute, we can’t help but wonder how long it will last this time? Surprisingly, over in Michelle and James’ corner, cracks start to show. And James, well he continues to describe their relationship as “good” and “nice.” Please, please, please start using better adjectives to keep your woman happy and show your appreciation!

As the third episode of the series comes to an end, we see a sneak peek of next weeks and it looks certain to be the best yet. Why? Because all of the couples are going to have dinner with one another! We can already see the laughs, tears and fights. Buckle up and stay tuned!

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Married At First Sight: The Good, Bad, Awkward And The Sad

Last night, the ultimate social experiment that is Married At First Sight continued into its second episode, introducing to us two new couples and giving us a glimpse of married life for last week’s matches.

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In case you’re not familiar with the show – unlikely, with the amount of press it’s been getting – each couple has been scientifically matched by three relationship experts and a touch-screen computer that’s apparently a phycologist. Oh, and did we mention it’s a blind wedding? Yep, no one meets their significant other until they come face-to-face at the altar to say “I do.”

So, now that you’re up to speed, let’s get into it. This week we met Zoe, 25 and Alex, 29. Zoe’s a control freak who believes “women were put on this earth to rule,” while Alex is a career obsessed plumber babe who still gets his mum to do his washing. But damn he’s cute. And sweet. So sweet. So let’s forget that last part, shall we?

The next couple that we met was Michelle, 34 and James, 36. Michelle’s a communications manager who basically defines the girl next door: sweet, grounded and looking for her prince charming and white picket fence. Enter sign writer, James. Searching for “someone with good family values” and who “wants to have kids and settle down,” the poor lad said his grand plan was to be married at 30. So six years ago. He’s “still looking,” however.

On paper this match appears to be made in heaven, and interestingly upon meeting on their wedding day it was. Eyes sparkled, tears nearly fell and James forget his vows. Oh, James. Too mesmerised by his new bride, the 36-year-old admitted he was “speechless” and confessed he was “very happy – she’s gorgeous!” Love at first sight, perhaps? “He just made me feel at ease right away,” gushed Michelle. Mission status thus far: successful.

Marriage At First Sight

Unfortunately for Alex and Zoe, sparks didn’t initially fly. Maybe it was all that rain that put them out? “Apparently if it rains on your wedding day it’s a really good omen,” said Alex. Well, if the ceremony was anything to go by, we beg to differ. “Hi, what’s up!?” said Zoe as she approached Alex for the first time. What could possibly be called as the most awkward ceremony EVER, Zoe admitted he was “definitely not what I was expecting.”

Avoiding eye-contact with the 29-year-old stud for seemingly the duration of their vows, Alex started to have doubts – about himself. “I hope it’s not me she’s disappointed with.” No Alex, no it’s not. Why are you single again? Surprisingly, Zoe managed to shake off those wedding jitters and to Alex’s delight (and ours) she actually said I do. “I was scared,” she admitted. Mission status thus far: unconfirmed.

Marriage At First Sight, Marriage, dating

Checking in on phase two – the honeymoon – last week’s newlyweds Lachlan, 36 and Clare, 37 admitted to sealing the deal. “We slept together,” confessed Lachlan before being silenced by his new Mrs. “Shh… Don’t tell them that!” Poor Michael, 31 partnered with Roni, 32, didn’t get so lucky, however. “We decided to go our separate ways last night and have our own room, and wait ’til we got to know each other before we worried about sharing a bed.” Is Michael in the doghouse already!?

Cracks started to show in these two relationships; Clare and Lachlan argued over the navman while driving, while Roni dropped a “date bombshell” on Michael by revealing she had been previously married. Oh the suspense! Michelle and James frolicked in the pool, talked babies and looked every part the newlyweds and interestingly Alex and Zoe finally hit off! “I definitely see some foundation… I feel really comfortable with him, like safe,” she said as they cut to a shot of her planting a kiss on his lips.

Life’s a holiday when you’re on holiday. So next week it’s back to reality when phase 3 begins and the couples move into together. Judging from the preview, shit looks like it’s about to hit the fan. Stay tuned!

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