We’re being polite and attentive because we’re paid to, not because we find you sexually attractive.
I came to learn the justice system is not about the truth. The system is a game of chess.
I can’t be around people who don’t believe in equality. 
It’s alleged other fraternity members stood outside the room and did nothing to intervene.
Jill Harth says Trump was “relentless” in his unwanted attempts to have sex with her when she worked with him.
What you have to say about Kim Kardashian’s attack says a lot about what you think about women.
A duffel bag containing weapons and drugs was allegedly thrown from Brown’s house.
A small phrase which caught my eye in yesterday’s reporting of Jodhi Meares’ alleged assault by her fiancée Jon Stevens made my blood boil. RELATED: Why You Deserve Male Violence and Bullying...