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Exercise Tips For Children With Asthma

Creating appropriate exercise and sports routines for children suffering from asthma can be difficult, especially with the temperature dropping which could only prove to be more strenuous on their lungs. Rather than lounging around the house playing video games or surfing the net, encourage your kids to participate in some outdoor activities which won’t leave them wheezing in exhaustion.

Warm up exercises

Motivating your child to do some gradual warm up exercises is a great way to prepare their lungs for a more intense workout. Some simple techniques are often the best to start off with, which include jumping jacks, star-jumps and stretching out their arms and legs. After 5-10 minutes they will feel at ease and ready for some fun activities to follow.

Avoid heated pools

While swimming is a recommended activity for children who suffer from asthma, taking them to a heated pool is not the best mix. The chlorinated water and stuffy air combined with the heat makes it difficult for children to breathe, and could contribute to an asthma attack. It is best to take children with asthma to an outdoor pool, to avoid the onset of any attacks or difficulties breathing.

Team sports

Low intensity team sports are another helpful way to get kids out of the house and into some fresh air without any risks. Gymnastics is a fun sport which focuses on stretching and elongating the body, without feeling physically exerted afterwards. Bike riding and ballet are also asthma friendly hobbies which offer a risk-free workout.

Carry your inhaler

Keeping a close tabs on your inhaler will the decrease the chance of a full blown asthma attack. It’s best to always keep a spare in your child’s backpack, and inform teachers and coaches of your child’s medical condition if something does go wrong. 

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By Felicia Sapountzis