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Going to London anytime soon? If so – not only are you lucky, but you?d also want to check out Aussie girl,Alison Hempel?s fab boutique Coco Ribbon. Hempel has set up this Coco Ribbon with British pal, Sophie Threapleton and it seems that the Australian designer is making waves. We want to be there right now! The boutique is the ultimate in exclusivity. Coco Ribbon has new labels from South Africa and Australia. They harbour lingerie and swimwear by Zimmerman and Starlet. They?ve got Terry Biviano heels, frocks from Leona Edmiston and jeans and cords by Envie. Dinosaur Designs? resin crockery is there too. Apparently the most popular export is Cadbury Cherry Ripe. The girls offer this Australian delicacy to customers and what?s more?they?re free.Coco Ribbon – 21, Kensington Park Rd, London, W11 2EU.

Multi-tasking product

Most women are looking to carry less in their handbags. The product that can really provide the space we all crave is Bobbi Brown?s Extra Smoothing Balm, ($100). On spec, it sounds like what it says it is – a balm. But still waters run deep. Try manicure

cream, glow stick (for a radiating complexion) and frizzy hair tamer. The balm does all of this and more? so we say create some space and pop one in your handbag.Special Tip

The palest of pink is making a surprise return in the world of lip style. Lips, this season are soft and pink with a high, new millennium shine. For perfect colour, try it first by putting on a layer of L?Oreal?s Shine Delice Sheer Shimmering Lipcolour in Pink Lemonade, ($17.50). After you?ve done that, dab over L?Oreal?s new Glass Shine High Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Shimmer, ($18.50) The way to make it work is to mess it up a little and not make it look so innocent by adding dark, sultry eyes – a la Twiggy-yet 2003 style.

Embroidery is the way of the future

And you heard it here. Not just embroidery,

Embroided face up singlet – Jeans West

embossing and beading too. We?re talking that free-spirited look made famous by our talented foremothers who actually did all the work by hand. We know it?s back, so either get the needle pack out and start sewing or failing that keep you eyes pealed for any special hand crafter pieces. We found the perfect sandal to wear with bohemian and embroidered pieces.

Elle Effe?s Indian style thongs-embroidery for the feet. Wedges, ($59.95) and flats, ($49.95)Check out Jeans West for their hip free-spirited range this season.

It?s a cargo world

We don?t know when it?s going to stop?probably never. The cargo just won?t go away. There are so many ways to do the look and it keeps evolving. Kylie is definitely responsible for the phenomenon. (How great does she look in yellow stilettos and cargos in the flim clip for Love At First Sight?) If you?re wondering where to get the latest in cargos and the pair that we think get it right, go for Bettina Liano, (around $220) She?s done a pair that tie up at the bottom. Always, always wear them with high heels. It?s a dressed down item that needs to be dressed up.

November 13, 2002

The Aussie girl on tour!

Let me tell you about my friend Pete. Many years ago we shared an apartment in New York. Pete’s a huge man from the South with a personality and appetites to match his size. Enormous capacity for a night out. Loves women.Naturally, these days whenever someone asks me for a contact in Manhattan, I send them to Pete. It’s a guaranteed winner. The guys always come back with lurid tales of night on the town. The girls always come back with a smile.

It’s been a happy little set-up, not least of all for Pete. Until the day I got the phone call. “You guys have got it made,” he bellowed. “Those Aussie chicks are fantastic!” Well sure, says I, love to laugh, game for anything, go drink for drink with the best of ’em, and so on – when Pete broke in, “Yeah, that stuff, I guess … but I mean their attitude to sex. It’s incredible. They’re like guys! I’ve booked my flight . Be there for two weeks. I can’t wait!”

Riiiight… guys. Something told me this wasn’t going to be pretty.

You know what happened next. The easiest way to strike out with a woman is to let her know you think she’s a sure thing. Pete hit on everything in a skirt and everything in a skirt blew him off with a ferocity that was startling to witness. The poor bastard couldn’t even get anywhere with the sorts he’d met in New York. He was promptly unmasked as a “roil sloize” (and a bloody Yank what’s more) and went home totally crestfallen and more than a little bewildered.

What Pete didn’t know, of course, is that your Aussie girl on tour is an entirely different breed of pup from the domestic variety. I was first alerted to this phenomenon by my mother (for god’s sake) on the eve of an early trip of my own. With altogether too much mischief in her eye for my liking, she told me about the wonderful old tradition of Australian girls getting as far away from home as possible and going totally berserk. It took me a moment to realize that she was giving me advice: When you feeling a long way from home, go the Aussie chick. She understands you and your chances of a result are truly excellent (although that second part might have come from my old man). It was pretty nice. My mum was going to miss me but she trusted the sisterhood to make sure I’d be all right.

And she was right . I’ve spent a good chunk overseas and met some terrific women. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get being introduced to a travelling Aussie girl with the try-your -luck grin and that mischief in her eye.

I just don’t expect her to be quite so excited to see me back home.

What do you think? Are Aussie girls who travel different to those at home?


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June 3, 2000