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Weekend Wit: Do You Live In Australia’s Horniest Suburb?

Do you think you live in one of Australia’s horniest suburbs?

Recently, Elite Singles asked over 25, 000 random subscribers how strongly they related to the question, “I have a strong desire for sex.” Looking at where these horny buggers resided, they actually came up with a list of Australia’s top 10 “sexiest” suburbs!

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Now, if you’ve always thought that seaside living was somewhat arousing, you’d be right. In fact, 8 of 10 of Australia’s horniest suburbs reside by the sea. Something in the sand, perhaps? In particular, New South Wales’ coastal subscribers proved to be especially horny. Coogee won the honor, Manly landed in second place and Cronulla came in fourth. South Melbourne, Victoria spoiled the NSW trifecta by taking out third place, however.

Here’s a wrap up of the top 10 horniest suburbs in Oz.

  1. Coogee
  2. Manly
  3. South Melbourne
  4. Cronulla
  5. Port Melbourne
  6. Broadbeach
  7. Darlinghurst
  8. St Kilda
  9. Bondi
  10. Brunswick

On the flip side, subscribers who related least to having a strong desire for sex generally lived further inland with Shepparton being the location where sex was least desired. So, ladies, here’s the results of Australia’s least horny suburbs.

  1. Shepparton
  2. Caboolture
  3. Sunbury
  4. Glenroy
  5. Albury

Image via tl.wordpress.com

Australia’s Most Wanted Family Holiday Spots

Time to book your family holiday, but you don’t know where to go? Beaches, fun parks, cities, bush, snow – Australia has so much to offer that it’s no wonder you’re finding it hard to choose! Take some inspiration from other Australians, who have shared the destinations they’re most likely to visit in the next 2 years.

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The most wanted state

A recent Ray Morgan research found that 46% of Australian families would like to go to Queensland for their holidays, closely followed by Victoria (45%) and NSW (43%).  The Sunshine State provides everything the families are looking for – beautiful beaches, plenty of outdoor fun, warm weather and theme parks. It also has a great choice of family-friendly accommodation with parents’ favourite feature, kids’ clubs.

The most wanted destination

As far as individual destinations go, here are the top 5 winners as revealed by Ray Morgan Research:

5. The north coast of NSW

This is a perfect choice if you want a beach holiday and lots of outdoor action. Popular activities include nature walks, diving and whale watching.

4. The Great Ocean Road

Want to take a road trip? Look no further. The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most spectacular coastal drives, offering both natural beauty and cultural attractions, with charming coastal towns where you can take a break along the way.

3. Sydney

If you’re looking for a city-based experience, Sydney offers a range of attractions for families, including museums, beaches, performances and wildlife parks.  The city comes alive in school holidays. There are activities for kids everywhere and lots of them are free.

2. Surfers Paradise

It’s no surprise that Surfers Paradise is close to the top, with so many family-friendly resorts and close proximity to every kid’s dream – the theme parks. You don’t have to wonder how to entertain the kids, take them to a park and you know they’ll love it.

1. Melbourne

25% of Australian families said they would like to visit Melbourne for their family holiday. You definitely won’t run out of things to do there with so many museums and cultural events, and the adult part of the family can indulge in some shopping.

Still struggling to choose your family holiday destination? Here’s something that will help. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine your prefect holiday. Where are you? What are you doing? What are your kids doing (important!)? How are you feeling? Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you want, take your pick!

Image via pixabay.com

Cheating: 1 In 3 Australians Have Done It

Cheating. Have you ever done it? What about your partner? Of course not. They’d never do that to you would they. Yet what if I told you about 37 per cent of the Australian population have done it at one time or another. Would you still be so confident in thinking that your partner has never ever sneaked off to do the dirty? Don’t think for a second that being male makes any difference to the heartbreak of cheating either. The gap is closing in and has been sitting at less than four percent.

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Where do these cheating stats come from?

Now you might be wondering where I’m getting these numbers. Well the Great Australian Sex Census is possibly the place to get stats on sexual behaviour in Australia. With over 17,000 Australian participants, the census collects data from a wide cross section of our public. Some have questioned the validity of responses. Apparently people aren’t very honest about their sex lives. Hmmm, who would of thought? I reckon though if it’s good enough for most of the top news publications in Australia, it’s probably as reputable a sex survey as we’re ever going to get.

The reasons behind cheating

So why do people cheat? Most men’s and women’s motivations are fairly similar. A recent study by a team of geneticists and neuroscientists examined the possibility that genes may have something to do with it. They concluded that genes could account for about 62 per cent of cheating behaviour in men and 40 per cent in women. Therefore, one reason for cheating maybe genetic or passed down through observed behaviour within a family.

Engaging in sexual activity they won’t ask their partner to perform is another one. Desire or to be desired, the thrill of the chase, excitement of a new lover, wanting variety or a shift in their intimate relationship are some more. Plus we can’t rule out the revenge bonk. People discover their partner’s are cheating on them and can’t resist.

The greatest discrepancy lies in the physical desire of men verses the emotional desire in women. Plus cheating men are often satisfied with their relationships but women generally aren’t. These are fairly similar to views on infidelity.

Getting upset about cheating

According to researchers, heterosexual males are primarily concerned about the sex. This might have something to do with feeling possessive of their partner or having doubts about who’s really fathered their children. Women and people of bi or homosexual orientation are more concerned about the emotional attachment their partner might experience. They view infidelity as the ultimate emotional betrayal whereas men see the betrayal as mostly physical.

Tips to spot a cheat

While people are unique, there are some general tell-tale signs that a partner maybe cheating. Men should look at changing patterns in their partners confidence, appearance, happiness and contentment. If they don’t have any explanation like loosing weight, career progression or improved satisfaction in their relationship something could be up.

Ladies – if your man suddenly regains his libido for no viable reason after a dry spell, he could be beginning an affair. Men generally aren’t dissatisfied with their relationship, so he may try to reignite the passion there. It’s only when the affair progresses that men are likely to withdraw.

Cheating trends

Looking at the 2013-14 Great Australian Sex Census, it appears that around 30 per cent of cheaters get caught. So basically that’s a majority. Men seem slightly more susceptible to getting sprung though. Alternately females are more likely to be forgiven. It also looks like the cheating trend is declining. In the previous census (2011-12) cheating rates were roughly 45 out of every 100 people. However the margin between male and female cheaters has remained stable.

So what does this tell us? It seems the battle of the sexes is far from dead. While the cheating rates are almost equal, men are more likely to get caught but not forgiven. Women on the other hand seem to be getting off  lightly (pardon the pun). Not only do they get caught less but when they do there’s a greater chance the relationship might survive. Hmm, it just doesn’t seem quite fair does it? Then again I am talking about cheating. Fair really doesn’t enter the equation does it.

Image tv.yahoo.com

How Aussies Celebrate Australia Day

Aussies are customarily a pretty laid back bunch so it makes sense that Australia Day, celebrated on January 26th is basically r’n’r on a grander scale. BBQ’s, fun and fireworks are generally the order of the day.

The local communities plan events around the prefect weather and laid-back lifestyle, so there is always something happening close at hand. Multiculturalism is everywhere and most Australian’s are united in true Aussie pride.

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Granted, the weather is usually superb. It somehow manages to turn it on for the celebrations and is pretty much perfect for outdoor activities all over the country. With all the sun, surf and sand at their disposal the day is typically spent outside in private back yards, local parks, pools or beaches. The water is patrolled by volunteer life savers who are always on hand as a traditional Aussie icon in small red and yellow caps.

If Aussies do want to head further than their back yards or local neighborhood, extra public transport is provided to most larger cities. This is handy, because plenty of Aussies indulge in a few drinks and most have been educated not to take their cars out if they plan to have a few.

This advantage is usually taken as the sun goes down and the masses make their way into the cites to witness the spectacle of firework displays. It’s similar to New Years Eve except there are kids everywhere as there’s no need to wait until midnight. As soon as the sun sets the skies light up in sparkling lights and massive coloured explosions.

As the day draws to a close most Aussies make their way home. As long as they’ve had loved ones to enjoy and share it with, Aussies are pretty content to spend their national day of pride relaxing by the water, swimming, playing cricket, picnicking under the shade of a tree, watching children play and enjoying their freedom. There might be the odd disruption but Australia Day is traditionally quite peaceful, being more about family, community and coming together as a nation.

If foreigners ever want to meet an Aussie, and haven’t visited the land down under, visit a licensed venue on January 26th, particularly in the UK, Bali and other Aussie tourist and backpacker hot spots. Fueled by national pride and a few liquid amber’s, they will probably be a little homesick knowing the majority of Aussies are out celebrating. Shout out the words… Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! If the hear they reply oi, oi, oi shouted back like some national mating call, they are a pretty easy crew to spot!


Images via burdekin.qld.gov.au, nairaland.com, s.yimg.com, australiaday2015messages.com, playandgo.com.au, resources1.news.com.au, 4.bp.blogspot.comk, picviw.com

Experience Glamping in the Top End

The top end of Australia should be a travel destination on everyone’s bucket list. Home to some of the most stunning scenery Australia has to offer, the NT has a unique blend of flora and fauna, which must be seen to be appreciated. From exotic waterfalls, landscapes and wildlife to ancient Aboriginal rock art, there’s something for young and old to see and do.

What makes it even better, is that they also have superb glamping accommodation options. Some of which you don’t even have to get out of bed to witness the incredible sunrises! No, it’s not too good to be true, it’s a reality!

Here we are featuring four of the regions top rugged, yet ritzy venues. From romantic couples getaways, to family friendly safari tents, it seems the top end is the place to go and experience the best glamping options on offer. Rather than just finding a place to lay your head, opt for a once in a lifetime experience.

Bamuruu Plains WilSafari Bungalowsdbush Luxury
Looking for a hint of romance? This luxury getaway provides the perfect privacy for couples looking for that romantic escape. With only nine bungalows available, guests are able to escape to a place of intimate isolation. Each bungalow overlooks the floodplains visited by a many unique flora and fauna, such as Magpie Gees and Plumed Whistling Ducks.

Safari Bungalows1

This is the ultimate natural Aussie outback experience so don’t expect technology. Sorry the mobile won’t work either. There are binoculars and species guides for sitting back and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The food options are reflective of the region, so if you’re into Australiana, be sure to check it out.


Longitude 131
Fancy waking upLongitude_131_4A to breathtaking views of Uluru / Ayers Rock from the comfort of your bed? Flick the switch, the curtains rise and there it is! This intimate 15 luxury tent venue ensures interrupted views of the iconic landmark from each tent. King sized beds, air-conditioning and even complimentary use of an Ipad and MP3 makes this the type of glamping experience something even a princess could endure!


After a long hot day of sightseeing, you can relax poolside then head into the outback for a gourmet four-course dinner under the spectacular glory of the milky way. If you have been searching for a way to propose or celebrate something special, this experience is certainly worthy of investigating.



Kings Canyon WilKC Wilderness Lodge (2)derness Lodge
This boutique lodge is glamping at its best, complete with token campfire. There are only ten spacious luxury tented cabins on offer, so intimate numbers are assured. With king size beds and air conditioning, the owners are catering for your comfort. It’s set in a secluded and picturesque corner of Kings Creek Station with easy access to Kings Canyon.


In the evening you can experience a three-course gourmet dinner with Aussie flair! Sample the fresh homemade damper, served with platters of beef and barramundi or kangaroo and lamb, all served with the chef’s choice of vegetables and salad. Yum! Complete the day by sitting back and relaxing in front of an outdoor campfire.

Wildman Wilderness Lodge

For a family option, consider wild 2Wildman Wilderness Lodge. They have 10 family friendly safari tents, complete with two single beds, plus en-suite. The beauty of Wildman is that it is easily accessible to both Darwin and Kakadu, located on the stunning Mary River Wetlands. It too is home to exquisite local bird and wildlife.wild1

An added specialty of the lodge is a fisherman or woman’s dream! You can catch your own Barramundi and then have the chef cook it for your dinner. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the ideal fishing experience!

Summer In Adelaide – The Forgotten City

The cities of Sydney and Melbourne are Australia’s most well known and popular for exciting travel and exploration. Often overlooked is Adelaide, in South Australia. Unfortunately Adelaide has developed an undeserved reputation for being boring with nothing to do. This is simply not so and here’s why.

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One big plus of visiting Adelaide, and much appreciated by young professionals just getting started or families looking for a holiday getaway, is that it’s the cheapest city to visit and stay in all of Australia. But don’t let the lack of overpriced hotels fool you. Adelaide is quickly becoming the place to see and be seen.

Go to the beach 

In Adelaide, you can do what Aussie’s like most, go to the beach. Henley Beach has transformed in recent years from a quiet area to a trendy hotspot with excellent cafes, restaurants, shops and more. With a very long stretch of white sand and a jetty, Henley Beach is a wonderful place to spend the day. If your favourite traveling companion is Fifi and Fido, bring them along. Henley is a pet friendly beach so furry friends are welcome.

Take in some culture

The Art Gallery of South Australia, located in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural boulevard, is not only a beautiful historical building but home to a fine collection of must-see art pieces. Founded in 1881, the Art Gallery’s collection includes close to 40,000 works from Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Sculptures, prints, photographs, ceramics, textiles and numerous other mediums are represented. Admission is free with the exception of special events or shows. If you find yourself in Adelaide on a particularly rainy or hot day, spend some time strolling and gazing about The Art Gallery. Top off your visit in the gallery’s cafe with a light but delicious meal and a glass of South Australia wine.

Shop ’til you drop

Are you among those who insist good shopping only happens within a Sydney or Melbourne zip code? Not so, check out Rundle Mall, Adelaide’s amazing retail destination and corporate meeting place. With over 700 retailers, 15 arcades, plus a gargantuan food court, this mall alone is worth a trip to Adelaide.

Bring the kids along too. Rundle Mall boasts The Interactive Playspace. This area depicts oversized objects such as a dog’s bone and giant blades of grass and kids can roam and run among them expelling their pent up energy.

Don’t forget to have your photo made with The Bronze Pig or The Mall’s Balls which should be intriguing enough to pique your curiosity.

Wine and dine 

Due to a conversion of Adelaide’s Leigh Street to a traffic-free al fresco dining area and fast-tracked small bar licenses, a once ordinary street is now a wonderful place to stroll, dine and taste wine. Adelaide is the heart of Australia’s wine country and Leigh Street is now a trendy social centre with several quirky old businesses mixed with new wine bars. Casual and fine dining restaurants serving a myriad of foods from Australia and around the world can be found as well. If you enjoy live music, there are plenty of places to enjoy the coming together of delicious food, fine wine and pleasant entertainment.

It’s time to put to rest the unfair misconception that Adelaide is boring. Belinda Bracale, marketing executive for the Crowne Plaza Adelaide, insists that once you arrive in Adelaide and experience the laid back lifestyle of the people and the city you may never want to leave. With the hotel having an amazing summer sale, it really is your time to get in and experience what this city has to offer this summer. Overlooking this wonderful spot in South Australia means missing out on true Australian adventure and culture, not to mention fine wine.

Top 5 Unique Trekking Holidays

We have all heard of the Inca Trail, or bucket-listed the Everest Base Camp trek, but what about the other walking wonders of the world? These trekking holidays are the best way to take in unique scenery and discover hidden treasures, unseen by the regular tourist crowd. For those with a keen sense of adventure and an enviable fitness level, consider putting these atop your travel list.

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Lycian Way, Turkey


The Lycian Way is a 509km (316 miles) walking track along the south coast of Turkey. It is estimated to take 25 days to complete the mountainous trek from Oludeniz to Antalya. It is best to visit in Fall or Spring as the Summer is far too hot for strenuous exercise in Turkey! You will find accommodation in small villages along the way and public transport is also available for those lazy days. Discover Lycian tombs, byzantine ruins, forests, and one-of-a-kind views of the Mediterranean coast.

Camino De Santiago, Spain


This is considered one of the easier trekking routes and is suitable for the amateur hikers or walkers. Don’t get excited yet, the trail, located in northern Spain, is 800km (497 miles) long. Fortunately, you can keep yourself amused with beautiful rustic villages and historical experiences along the way. The Camino de Santiago is typically a pilgrimage but, in recent years, has become quite tourist-friendly. Accommodation is competitive and privacy limited, but you will make plenty of friends along the way, with whom you can relax in the evening over a bottle of Spanish red.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand


Ever wondered what Frodo felt like on his trek from Hobbiton to Mordor? This 32km (20 mile) trek will take you through the heart of New Zealand‘s south island – the filming location of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. While no filming was done on the trail itself, the familiar green hills, snowy peaks and crystal lakes will still take your breath away. For families or people not keen on walking, you can do day trips to parts of the trail.

Bungle Bungles Piccaninny Gorge Trek, Australia


Australia has some of the most unique landscape in the world. This isolated, 5-day camping trek will take you on a journey through Australia’s Indigenous culture and the remote wilderness the first people call home. The gorge is surrounded by red and black “beehive” rock formations, with plenty of caves and waterholes to be discovered throughout the Bungle Bungles and Purnululu National Park.

Haute Route, France/Switzerland


This trail is more commonly a cycle route. But walkers can also enjoy this unique, up-close and personal experience of the Alps. As you can imagine, the incline is relentless. You will constantly be going up or down and you will need some serious leg muscle to get you through. But this is one of the most glorious walks or rides in the world. Unless you would prefer a ski trip, you should do this walk in Summer.

Who Said Sun Hats Aren’t Sexy?

We all need to prevent premature ageing and reduce our risk of getting skin cancer, so, protective sun hats are an essential item, in every women’s wardrobe. Millions of kids have had the sun smart message drummed into them and we now seldom see kids without a hat.

When it comes to women, though, we seem to neglect them. It’s probably because we either look awful in them, they don’t fit properly, they mess up our hair, they don’t exactly scream sexy; whatever the reason, we really do need to wear them more often. Particularly in our harsh Australian climate. So, if we really need to wear them, we may as well do it fashionably!

Experts recommend, when trying on hats, look at a full-length mirror. This is how others see us. Although it might suit your face, it may look disproportional compared to the rest of you. Lets face it, if we look crappy in something, we aren’t going to wear it! Using the following recommendations as a guide will at least provide a starting point.


Let’s begin with the jackpot winners because women with an oval face can wear just about any type of hat and pull it off. The tip to remember is to make sure the snug part of the hat, which fits around your head (known as the crown), is wider than your cheekbones but avoid going wider than your shoulders.


Shortening your face and adding some width should be your primary objective. Try a hat with less height and a big floppy brim.


Very similar to tips for oblong faces. Try a full or uplifted brim and don’t add too much height.


The most significant tip for you to keep in mind is that square hats, on a square-shaped face won’t do you any favours. They will accentuate your jawline. Try hats which will soften and lengthen your features.


The best type of hat for you is a medium brim, with a defining crown, to narrow the forehead. Avoid horizontal trimmings and you can afford to have a hat with a bit of height.


The style advice, is similar to heart shaped, except you want to aim for a hat that widens the forehead. For you, horizontal trims, will work a treat. Once again, a medium brim is recommended.


You too want to widen the forehead, so you can try any hat which adds width. Asymmetric brims and crowns with some height will work well to achieve the best look.


The aim here is to lengthen your face, so try an irregular brim, which is wider than your facial structure, a vertical design and defined crown.

Now, apart from style, you really need to consider other factors like protection, comfort and practicality. Some hats contain SPF block-out and can add greater protection to your head and face. If you burn easily, this is a wise investment.

Then there are other varieties which contain hydrating gel crystals to keep your head cooler. If you need a hat to go and out in direct sunlight and heat, this may be a viable option. Plus, if the reason you don’t wear a hat is because it’s just too damn hot, this is a solution.

You also need to consider when and where you are going to wear a hat. If you frequently wear it in windy conditions, the last thing you want is a hat which you will need to hold onto your head or chase around. There are lots of fashionable hats around these days which will fit your head perfectly, so functionality is no longer an excuse.

You may find that having a selection of protective hats will be a better solution, particularly if you will be wearing it in various situations. Consider all the variables and make a choice which is best for you. We all need to start looking at wearing sun hats as an investment in our longevity and get over the barriers, which have been preventing us from wearing them. There are some comfortable, functional and stunning styles available so it’s about time we all go shopping!

Image via fashionwomentips.com

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