Sportscraft Collaborates With Naomi Watts For Spring

Sportscraft have continued their collaboration with actress Naomi Watts for Spring 2015. The changing seasons are reflected in the summery campaign which features lightweight and colourful fabrics, ideal for the warmer weather and reinforces Sportscraft’s commitment to the quintessential Australian lifestyle.

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“It’s so great to be back with Sportscraft for the Spring/Summer season. I’ll never forget growing up in Australian by the beach. Shooting this campaign brought up treasured memories and feelings of nostalgia,” said Watts.

Sportscraft Collaborates With Naomi Watts For Spring

The campaign was very much a family affair with Naomi’s photographer brother Ben Watts shooting the stunning images featuring must-haves from the new collection.

Sportscraft have continued their collaboration with actress Naomi Watts for Spring 2015. The changing seasons are reflected in the summery campaign

What can you expect from the new collection? With a focus on impeccable tailoring and sophistication, the garments are all about textures and uplifting colour to signify the start of spring.

Visit for more info.

Interview: Fashion Designer Jennifer McCloy

Amidst the craziness that was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia , SHESAID had an amazing opportunity to chat with Jennifer McCloy  the mastermind behind Australian fashion label Jennifer Kate.

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If you just can’t wait to get your hands on some of these designs, we are thrilled to announce that the runway looks are available this week through our friends at The Iconic.

Congratulations on the recent collection at MBFWA! What inspired you this season?

The collection this season is made up of the most buttery soft leathers, structured silhouettes and easy-to-wear suedes, and we have made the range very wearable – translating the fundamental beauty of the natural fibres to make leather relevant for any climate, any occasion.

As such, I would have to say our biggest inspiration is the people around us, what they are wearing and what they are enjoying.

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 10.43.17 AM

Talk us through the design process. How does an idea or sketch turn into a finished garment?

We have a strong focus on tailoring, and it took us a long time to find suppliers that met with our standards. We have built incredibly strong relationships with all of our suppliers – they understand that we have high standards and they deliver on these for us.

If I am going to be honest, I would have to admit that they are likely to be frustrated by us at times, as we are often sending things back a number of times until it is completely perfect.

What is your favourite or must-have piece from the collection and why.

It’s hard to pick, but one piece I wear constantly is the Suede Capelet Blazer. With its strong shoulders, it is one of those pieces that can be thrown on with any outfit and really dresses it up to make a statement.


If you could see anyone wear one of your designs, who would it be?

I love Kate Moss. I know that’s a very standard answer, but no one can argue that she is the perfect balance between classic beauty and a little rock edge. Seeing Kate in a Jennifer Kate suede piece would be a dream.

What’s a typical day in the life of Jennifer Kate?

I always make sure I fit in some sort of exercise – there is always time, and I think that it is important to have that individual time to yourself every day. I think it is a good reminder that life is not always about deadlines and meetings, and that we need to all remember that. I also speak to my parents, who live in country New South Wales every day.

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 10.58.17 AM

Lastly, when can we get our hands on the latest collection?

We are so excited to be collaborating with The Iconic to bring our runway collection to Australian consumers almost instantly! With the success of our collection internationally, we are super excited to be bringing it to Australian consumers – so excited in fact, that we couldn’t wait the usual six months after Fashion Week. Our runway collection will be shoppable for Australians this week – and we could not be working with a stronger partner than The Iconic.

As the leading online destination for Australian fashion lovers, The Iconic has been such a huge supporter of our business from the beginning and we are thrilled to be working alongside them to bring our collection to Australian shoppers – quickly, seamlessly and direct from the runway.

Images via Lucas Dawson

Sisters The Label Design Profile

Summer calls for an easy, effortless, silk ensemble which can be used for the beach, bar, and anything in between.

The girls behind Sisters The Label have created a trendy playsuit which is not only made from 100% silk, but can be worn in a variety of ways.

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The luxurious feel of soft, summer fabrics is the main reason Sisters The Label have enjoyed recent success since they entered the Australian fashion scene in 2014. The mission was to provide young women with an item which could do it all; create a variety of different looks without purchasing a completely different outfit.

Sisters The Label Design Profile

There is no denying that the multiway playsuit is a stand-out piece from the collection, since it can be worn in over 15 different ways. You can find a complete tutorial on how to create these looks at home without any difficulty whatsoever.

All orders come with complimentary free express shipping, and can be found exclusively from their website.

Interview With Sally Clarke of Inspired Tribe

Have you ever dreamed of turning your hobby into a life-long career? Sally Clarke created her jewellery label, Inspired Tribe, from an impromptu trip through South Asia where she fell in love with the eclectic gems and accessories before settling into Australia soon after.

Now, more than 10 years on, not only has the first boutique opened up in Wollongong, but Sally has continued to source exquisite jewellery which makes this label truly one of a kind.

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Could you tell us how Inspired Tribe first started?

I started backpacking in the 80’s and fell in love with the amazing handicrafts and jewels I saw along the way. I first took South American things back to the UK when I was still living there and sold it in markets to finance the next trip. Having spent sometime in Australia mid 80’s I decided I wanted to live here permanently and took a side trip, on my way, stopping in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. I decided to buy some stuff so I could sell at the markets until I got a real job……I did markets for 3 years and then opened the first store in Wollongong in 1995.

What are some of your must-have pieces from the collection?

Inspired Tribe are most renowned for our jewellery and each piece is either hand selected or made to our own designs. I saw a quote recently that said ‘Life is too short to wear boring jewellery’ I think that just about sums up what we believe in.

How do you think your travels have inspired the theme of the jewellery and accessories?

The early travels opened my eyes to a myriad of amazing talent and techniques. I simply fell in love with the aesthetic of all tribal cultures and how they had, for centuries, adorned themselves. I very first noticed how, in the East, jewellery had a much more important role to play than mere decoration. It meant something special to the wearer, signified their position, was security against adversity, protection against the elements and sometimes a way to give comfort to the wearer.

IMG_7607.Traditional miniature painting from Udaiput set into an amulet- Rajistahn JPG

Coming from a very staid and conventional take on decoration, the talents of the different tribes around the world influenced me greatly. Initially, in the market days, I stuck to a ‘hippy’ look but soon realised I could adapt the product to appeal to a much wider market. The beauty of the natural gems I was working with lent themselves to a more refined treatment and so I started designing modern and simpler pieces where the gems were more the focal point. So many people are afraid to mix things up a bit and use strong colours. I think our jewellery and accessories give people the courage to try something new.

Over the years we have noticed so many of our long term customers start out buying our smallest and most discrete pieces and gradually move on to the larger, bold statement pieces. What I try to do with the collection is always keep it vibrant and unique. We all love the idea of possessing a one off piece, it makes it all the more precious. I think that is really important today in this mass production, throw away society we are all surrounded by. Our jewellery will be with you forever.

What are some of the most interesting discoveries you’ve made on your travels to India and throughout the globe?

I’ve been visiting India since 1987 and I can honestly say I learn something new every time. While the landscape and buildings are awe inspiring the real fascination, for me, is in the culture of the people. The Hindu religion is deep and fascinating, it helps to explain so much about their society but also the British influence and working out what the effects are of that. The monumental red-tape that you have to plough through for even the most simple tasks is a left over from the Empire!

More recently my travels to Morocco have brought a deeper understanding of some of the techniques I have been using for years. The connection along the silk route, the trading of crafts and knowledge will keep me going for years! Also working with the Tibetan refugees in Nepal and seeing their crafts kept alive has been a wonderful experience.

Are there any countries you’ll be visiting next (or want to visit?)

2014 saw me go to Burma for the first time on a bit of a reconnaissance trip so I would love to go back and possibly source some rough jade to work with in India (traditionally all gems go to India for cutting) Then we made it to Laos to check out the textiles which were amazing, and I would love to source some pieces to put into accessories. I am looking at possibly trying to get to Central and South America in the future. Back in the early 80’s I brought some beautiful textiles into the UK from there and it would be lovely to bring them to the Australian market.

IMG_5434 copy

Could you share with SHESAID readers any exciting new developments for Inspired Tribe in 2015?

Our pop-up shop in Waterloo will be showcasing some very original pieces of furniture for Jan and Feb. Some great bargains to be had! A new range of giftware and home decor hit the shelves at the end on Jan along with a new range of crystal jewellery. Our tribal jewellery will be big this year, showcasing the amazing talents of the gold and silversmiths we are so very fortunate to work with.

Plus another trip to Morocco is on the cards so watch out for some more of their truly original designs in shop. We will also be making a big effort to enhance our online store. We want to have all our products easily accessible for our customers to browse anytime, anywhere! We also realise many of our followers live in country Australia and we would love to be able to bring all our wonderful products to them.

Australian Designer Profile: By Charlotte

Minimalist jewellery label, By Charlotte launched in 2012 by self-titled makeup artist Charlotte Blakeney who wanted to make women look and feel their best.

How did the humble label begin? With a single lotus flower which is still at the core of each collection 2 years on.

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By Charlotte sources precious stones and garnets from Rajasthan, India which is known for its unique pieces all for hundreds of years. Each item is then put together with love in Charlotte’s Sydney studio, and sent to customers around the world.


Items follow a simple philosophy which is reflected by the humble lotus flower – as a symbol of purity and new beginnings which is ideal for women at any age. Pieces are made both sterling silver and plated in 18kt gold, as well as solid 9kt gold pieces featuring from the original Lotus Star collection.

Worn by celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lara Bingle, and Seal to name a few, you can shop the collection online through the official By Charlotte website.

Jasn Altn Launches Online Store

Former fashion designer Jason Alton has recently launched his first online store for his self-titled jewellery label, Jasn Altn.

The website features his signature diamond collection, plus some amazing gold-tipped shoe laces which every man needs this Christmas.

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Known for his unique and edgy vibe, the Amour Fati collection features intricately detailed pieces which are inverted black diamond rings. The newly developed online store is the perfect place to make a purchase without leaving your home, or you could head down to the flagship store in Sydney’s Bondi Beach for the complete shopping experience.

Jasn Altn Launches Online Store

Why not add a gorgeous 100% cotton t-shirt to your cart before checking out? They come in signature black and white colours, and are available from S-XL for just $60.

Australian Designers: Sarah and Sebastian

You’ve probably heard about Sarah and Sebastian Jewellery through the grapevine; worn by a friend-of-a-friend, or even spotted one of their signature rings on Instagram. This Australian brand only launched in 2011, as the love-child of designers Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki who turned their passion into a booming business.

Featured in local and international publications such as Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire, amongst other titles, there shouldn’t be a reason why you haven’t picked up one of their pieces for yourself.

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Influenced by modern simplicity which is reflected in their design aesthetic, Sarah and Sebastian aim to create bespoke pieces which are at heart, timeless.

Australian Designers: Sarah and Sebastian

Creating three collections of their own including Drei, Fraulein, and Blume while also collaborating with Dion Lee on his runway shows in 2013-14, has catapulted this modest Sydney duo into international fame. Stylish celebrity fans include Kate Waterhouse, Phoebe Tonkin, and Margaret Zhang (just to name a few).

Shop the collection exclusively from

Fashion With A Conscience: Ray-Ban Special Edition

Ray-Ban has released a Special Edition Indigenous Wayfarer in collaboration with the OneSight Foundation, as part of an initiative to improve the eye health of those in remote Australian communities.

The initiative specifically targets Indigenous Australians for whom blindness is six times more likely than other Australians.

The sunglasses feature the artwork of an upcoming Indigenous artist, Saretta Fielding, whose design was selected from a number of artists who submitted their designs as part of a competition held by Luxottica.

SHESAID attended the launch at the Australian Museum, where the Special Edition Wayfarers will be displayed as part of the Indigenous collection. The launch coincided with World Sight Day – the international event dedicated to raising awareness of avoidable blindness and vision loss.

It featured the entertainment of former Australian Idol winner, Casey Donovan, and was attended by an intimate crowd including the famous face of the new Wayfarers, supermodel, Samantha Harris.

The sunglasses will be available at OPSM stores from late October, with $50 from each sale to be donated to OneSight.


OneSight 034 OneSight 128

Casey Donovan (Left); Samantha Harris (Right)

OneSight 023

Saretta Fielding – artist

OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_002 OPSM_RAYBAN_17.9.14_008

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Are you or someone you know getting married soon, and need an extra bit of inspiration for the big day? Pinterest and Instagram are bursting at the metaphorical seams with many wedding-related accounts that offer tips, tricks, and even ways you can DIY – minus the hassle.

Browse the following accounts if you need an extra bit of inspiration (or are just starting out early).

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Wedded Wonderland


With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Wedded Wonderland is filled with venue, hair, makeup, and outfit ideas (for both the bride and groom). You will find yourself browsing through all their photos in complete awe, especially if you need a little pick-me-up for your own wedding plans. Warning: Can cause untreatable side effects of #weddingenvy.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

The Lane


Edited by Karissa Fanning, this account is perfect for the bride who loves a little (or a lot) of white lace, and dreams of a bohemian wedding.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Most recently drawing inspiration from London and New York Fashion Week, The Lane offers specialised dress, flowers and venue inspiration for a low-key wedding.

Steven Khalil


Sydney based fashion designer Steven Khalil makes fairytale weddings come true, by creating the perfect princess-style bridal gown. As you can imagine, his official instagram account is packed with brides bringing their own touch to custom-made Steven Khalil dresses on their wedding day.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Djula Jewellery


This Parisian based boutique stocks amazing costume jewellery which is a match made in heaven with your perfect wedding dress. With a large selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, Djula stocks some of the most unique pieces in the entire world.

Best of all? Available in major cities such as Paris, New York, Sydney, Moscow, Geneva and Miami.

Monique Lhuillier


With celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, and Reese Witherspoon walking down the aisle in one of Lhuilliers custom-made gowns, the A-list have certainly given this designer the tick of approval.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Her account is exactly as you would expect it to be – filled with florals, table-settings, and even hair and makeup tips for the big day.

All images via Instagram

30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch

Sydney’s style set celebrated the 8th annual 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty launch this week with a glamorous pink runway show.  Staged dramatically in an illuminated marquee at the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral, featured designers included Carla Zampatti, Alex Perry, Jayson Brunsdon, Camilla & Marc, Ginger & Smart and Akira. 

This year’s face of the campaign, Cheyenne Tozzi, posed pre-show in a flattering white asymmetric jumpsuit before hitting the catwalk in a satin dress with structured trench. It was a softer look for the model and presenter, accessorised with a sparkling Swarovski jewel-toned necklace. 

30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers

Showcasing designers were asked to present two looks – one from their current collection and the other being an iconic ‘breakthrough’ piece from their archives.  Jayson Brunsdon’s signature Audrey Hepburn print dress featured, as well as Alice McCall’s recognisable ‘lipstick’ print top and skirt from her Resort 2015 collection. 

30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers


30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers

Megan Washington provided vocals on stage while high profile Australian designers from Camilla to Alex Perry graced the runway.

30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers


30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers

Fellow models including Samantha Harris were showered in confetti (pink of course) as they closed the show alongside Cheyenne, who made quite the exit in her billowing train.

30 Days Of Fashion And Beauty Launch, runway, fashion show, 30fab, Australian designers

Celebs and designers in attendance included Michael Lo Sordo, Alice McCall, Bianca Spender, Carla Zampatti, Montana Cox, Isabelle Cornish and Luke Jacobz.

For the national line up of fashion and beauty workshops you can register for free to attend check out:


Spring Racing Style for Every Body Shape

Spring has certainly sprung and as any fine filly will tell you, frocking up for Sydney or Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival is fun with a capital ‘F’ – especially if you know what works best for your shape.

Brisbane fashion designer, mum of two and authority on dressing a woman’s body shape, Sacha Drake, says it’s all about identifying your shape and dressing accordingly.

“I am an ‘hourglass with pear tendencies’” laughs Sacha, who is dressed in her stunning ‘Fumetta’ silk kaftan dress when we meet in her Woollahra store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“I’ve been in business – and keep loving my business – for over 10 years now because I listen to my customer and come up with design solutions for various problems. It’s all about helping.” says Sacha, whose celebrity fans include Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Deborah Hutton, Georgie Gardner and Jesinta Campbell.

To make flattering choices even easier, Sacha identifies the five most common body shapes – hourglass, column, pear, apple and pregnant – and lists what body shapes her individual garments work best for on all her clothing’s swing tags and online.

Sacha’s Spring Racing Styling Tips for:


Hourglass – typically have curvy bust and hips, narrow waist, medium width shoulders and slim or shapely thighs.

Celebrity inspiration – Scarlett Johansson

  • Show off your slender waist! Accentuate your curves and avoid anything too roomy in the waist. If you have a bigger bust, keep your look streamlined with tailored panels and simple silhouettes. A lean pencil skirt or A-Line shape will be flattering.

Go for:

  • ‘Tatum’ fitted cotton dress (above). A streamlined tailored fit which can create shape, perfect for an hourglass figure. The cap sleeve balances out the hip and the v-neckline draws focus up to the face. It’s a classic shape.
  • ‘Simone’ cotton wrap dress. Versatile. The broad collar frames the face and draws attention to the face whilst the wrap shape adds structure and the A-line skirt streamlines the hips.


Column – typically have shoulders and hips of same width, thicker waist with flat tummy, small to medium bust, slender legs and arms.

Celebrity inspiration – Nicole Kidman

  • Flaunt those lean limbs! Look for styles that can be wrapped or tied to create a waistline. Styles with wider shoulder lines will make your waist appear narrower. Lean pencil skirts or A-line shapes will suit.

Go for:

  • ‘Liza’. You want to show off those long, lean limbs. It’s a high neck with a tie at the back and hangs loosely which you can leave fluid or belt it with our ‘invisible’ belt that creates shape by blousing the dress.
  • ‘Lylah’ and ‘Blair’ silk wrap dresses (above). Effortlessly glamorous. A softer style that works well, in either the long or short sleeve. Underneath is a stretchy slip and it works because it is a wrap and very flexible. It fits nicely across the body and the flare of the skirt accommodates any hip.


Pear – typically have narrow shoulders, a neat bust and waist, wider hips and curvaceous thighs, shapely calves.

Celebrity inspiration – Jennifer Lopez

  • Show off your slim upper body. Create a wider shoulder-line with sleeve details or bare shoulders to balance out hips. A-Line styles that skim hips and thighs work well. Hem length should be on your knee to show off shapely calves.

Go for:

  • ‘Reuben’ fifties style dress. The structured bodice, flared skirt and easy fit waist with a tie which can be tightened to create shape will work for you. The square neckline works for small or large busts too. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, a shrug, bolero or ballet-wrap style cardigan will work.
  • ‘Bennie’ fifties style dress (above). A classic best-seller of ours. A fitted, panelled bodice and square neckline flatters small and large busts. The cap sleeve provides upper-arm coverage and balances your proportion if you have narrow shoulders. The flared skirt hides a larger hip and bottom.


Apple – typically have broad shoulders, a voluptuous bust, a rounded tummy, slim hips and thighs.

Celebrity inspiration – Oprah Winfrey

  • Flaunt your cleavage. Choose garments with open necklines to draw the eye to your face. Soft draping and ruching that skims not clings to a fuller tummy is best. Look for clean, tailored lines to streamline your body and show off slim legs.

Go for:

  • ‘Tyler’ one shoulder kaftan dress. One shoulder, asymmetrical shapes are perfect for apples because it draws the eye up to the shoulder, away from the wider bust. It hangs loosely from the bust and shows off the slim leg.
  • ‘Venezuela’ stretch shirt dress (above).  Streamlined and fitted with a v-neck and a pencil skirt. This creates an hourglass shape by cinching in the waist. It’s especially flattering because it skims over the body and it doesn’t ‘cling’.


Pregnant – typically tummy is most prominent feature. Bust and hip size will vary for the individual.

Celebrity inspiration – Kate Winslet

  • Be proud of your bump! Keep a feminine silhouette by creating shape under your bust. Choose open necklines and show off your slim legs to ensure you’re not ‘all tummy’. Soft, stretchy dresses are easy to wear as you grow, plus perfect for post-pregnancy.

Go for:

  • ‘Martina’ jersey dress. You want to be comfortable and it depends how pregnant you are. You also don’t want to invest in a $500 dress! The fluted sleeves, adjustable ties to fit and flatter any bust and fluid, soft jersey that skims the body grows with most pregnant shapes. It’s plain but you can really jazz it up.

 Visit Sacha’s online boutique at

Tell us about your spring racing style – do you prefer traditional or more on-trend dresses for the races?