7 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Do you need a little style re-fresh just before spring hits? We have tracked down just some of our favourite Australian fashion bloggers to give you some outfit inspiration for the summer season. Whether it’s for a formal event, casual outfits, or even how to wear some new trends – we’ve got you covered!

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Nadia Fairfax

Blog: Fairfax Journal

Sydney girl Nadia Fairfax provides us with some instant inspiration for the warmer months ahead. Don’t be afraid to rock tousled hair with something a little put together for the perfect combination of high-low.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Sara Donaldson

Blog: Harper and Harley

If you want to make the monochrome work look for you, Sara Donaldson’s blog will provide an endless amount of outfit inspiration. Her new health and fitness section is brimming with trendy options for the gym.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Kaitlyn Ham

Blog: Modern Legacy

Learn how to wear some of the seasons hottest trends from Modern Legacy blogger, Kaitlyn Ham. The epitome of relaxed sophistication, her blog is packed with outfit inspiration for the trans-seasonal months.

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Brooke Testoni

Blog: Brooke Testoni

Brooke’s self-titled blog is an ode to easy dressing for the relaxed Sydney weather. Here, you will find lots of leather, denim staples and the odd stiletto (or two).

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Carmen Hamilton

Blog: Chronicles of Her

Step into the shoes of Carmen Hamilton, a Sydney local who teaches us all to embrace new silhouettes and textures. Her Splendour in The Grass style has us all swooning for sunny days!

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Antoinette Marie

Blog: Sydney Fashion Blogger

Who isn’t following Sydney Fashion Blogger nowadays? The account manager turned super-blogger posts everything from her daily life in Sydney, to the countless vacations around the Mediterranean. Swoon!

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Yan Yan Chan

Blog: Parfasseux

When you think of effortless style, the outfits of Sydney girl, Yan Yan Chan, instantly come to mind. Her carefree style is always full of inspiration and never looks like a carbon copy, it’s truly individual. Who doesn’t want to see more of her closet?

6 Australian Bloggers To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Images via Repeat Offender, Keishikibi, Sydney Fashion Blogger, Harper and Harley, Fairfax Journal, Modern Legacy, Chronicles of Her, Brooke Testoni

Interview: Fashion Blogger Miles Wharton

Since moving from the United Kingdom to Australia in 2010, fashion blogger Miles Wharton has come along way. Bringing with him his unique sense of style, last year he founded a made-to-measure suiting company called The Bespoke Corner and created a successful blog and Instagram account thereafter.

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SHESAID chatted to Miles just before MBFWA, and discussed his wardrobe essentials, inspirations, and what’s to come in 2015.

Could you share some of your fashion/style inspirations with us?

I have always been interested in dressing sharp from a young age. I believe that first impressions are incredibly important, and the way you dress portrays your personality.

I’d say my style is a mix of British tailoring and Italian flair. I always encourage people to start with the basics, then slowly add their own personality to the outfit. Just have fun with it!

In your opinion, what are 5 key pieces that all men should have in their wardrobe?

  1. Made-to-measure navy suit:Great for every occasion from work to weddings.
  2. Double breasted blazer:A bold statement piece every gent needs.
  3. Casual loafers (driving shoes): Comfortable, smart, casual everyday shoe.
  4. Bright pocket square: The best icebreaker.
  5. Fitted jeans: Everyone needs a pair of jeans.

What about something you would never wear yourself?

Personally, I would never wear skins to the gym. Some people can pull it off, I definately can’t!

We love how your blog incorporates both fashion and lifestyle. What are some of your favourite cafes or watering holes in Sydney?

Thats a tricky one. I love to try new places around Sydney. At the moment, my favourite brunch spot is The Grounds of Alexandria. As for bars, I’d have to say either The Barber Shop on York St or Cafe del Mar in Darling Harbour.

What are are some of favourite Instagram accounts or fashion bloggers?

I follow lots of different accounts for inspiration, but my favourites are: @jkplatinum, @danielre, @jwshua , @menwithclass and @blakescott_

Spill! What’s next on your fashion wishlist?

Im really into watches, so an Audemars Piguet is definitely next on the list!

Could you give some advice to aspiring bloggers who want to follow in your footsteps? 

Be yourself, trust yourself and always keep going at 100 miles-per-hour. People will constantly put you down so it’s imperative you learn to block it out. Keep a clear vision of what you set out to achieve and just go for it.