PR Maven Roxy Jacenko On Life, Style and Motherhood

Fierce, dynamic and passionate businesswoman and mum of two Roxy Jacenko, 34, became a household name after her appearance on the third season of reality TV show The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

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Roxy’s tough, take-no-prisoners approach on the show earned her her fair share of detractors, but there’s no denying her amazing talent, tenacity and success as a prominent businesswoman, socialite and author. In fact, I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her, truth be told.

The gorgeous high flier is the owner and director of leading Sydney-based public relations firm, Sweaty Betty PR, which she founded in 2004 at the tender age of 24. She is also the director of The Ministry of Talent, Australia’s premier talent agency solely dedicated to creative talent and bloggers and social media identities, which she founded in 2012.

Then there’s busy motherhood: Roxy is mum to social media sensation Pixie Curtis, three – with home she launched boutique hair accessories line Pixies Bows last year – and son Hunter Curtis, 10 months.

Now, Roxy is talking autumn/winter fashion trends after she and Pixie made a whirlwind trip to Westfield Carindale, on Brisbane’s inner-south, last Tuesday to launch The Wardrobe, a curation of must-have A/W pieces. The cute pair wore the same adorable matching Dolce & Gabbana all day (pictured), until pint-sized cherub Pixie changed into a Cinderella costume to fly back home to Sydney, as you do. 

Said to be every girls dream walk-in wardrobe – enough to make even Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw jealous – The Wardrobe featured 15 garments and was exclusive to Westfield Carindale. The pair hand-picked the closet as if it were their own, filled with their personal go-tos of the new season, including Pixie’s very own range, Pixies Bows, of course.

There, Roxy shared her fave autumn/winter trends, which included double denim, 70s revival and plenty of monochrome, for the season ahead. She also signed copies of her recently released book The Spotlight, which follows her other two “chick-lit” fictional titles, The Rumour Mill and Strictly Confidential.

Roxy Jacenko, Pixie Curtis, autumn/winter trends

But Roxy also took time out – post fashion event – to answer my questions on her all-consuming passions as a working mum and how the hell she juggles it all. With her mum, Doreen, on hand to help at the Westfield event, as well as a nanny on staff, Roxy does enjoy some perks far beyond the reach of many mums.

But the busy businesswoman makes no apologies for advocating that you can have it all, all at once. “I have two small children so juggling the demands of work and family life has become second nature,” Roxy says.

“It is about creating the perfect work/life balance while instilling a strong work ethic in my children’s lives.

“I founded Pixies Bows with Pixie; having her as my pint-sized business partner always helps!”

Roxy Jacenko, Pixie Curtis, autumn/winter trends

So, what’s her top advice for other mothers in business? “You don’t have to be just a mother or just a businesswoman. Both are achievable with enough hard work and the right balance,” she enthuses.

Inspired by her aforementioned mum Doreen’s example – whom Roxy describes as “kind, hardworking and super stylish all at once” – the PR wunderkind knows a thing or two about style, too. “From a young age, style has played a central part in my life, and subsequently Pixie’s too. She has become my pint sized stylist who isn’t afraid to give my outfit a once over!” she says.

“For AW15 I am into keeping my style simple but effective – monochromatic. Outfit hues of black and white teamed with a great bag and killer heel is where this season is heading. Look no further than a great LBD with a Valentino rock-stud stiletto. You will turn heads without trying!

“Children’s fashion is also very fun, which means AW15 still sees a big injection of colour. Prints are very in for children at the moment, and this is something that both Pixie and myself love for her wardrobe. Recently, she wore a very cute mini Dolce & Gabbana frock that was a personal favourite.

“I run three businesses and have two children so it’s safe to say I am always on my feet. My style secret is to dress comfortably. It is all well and good to frock up but at the end of the day you need to be able to move!”

Roxy’s favourite fashion brands include Scanlan & Theodore and a host of other Aussie greats. “I have always been a huge fan of Scanlan & Theodore; they are consistent in quality and timeless style. I also love Ellery for a dramatic skirt, basics from Bassike, Josh Goot for a great geometric print and Camilla and Marc for stunning tailoring.”

As to her beauty secrets, Roxy says she’s a beauty junkie from way back. “I am a self-confessed beauty product lover. My top pics are Tom Ford Mascara, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, Benefit Sun Beam Highlighter, Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser and Klara Cosmetics’ G Glow Bronzer,” she says.

Finally, the gal’s favourite past-time and/or indulgence? “Dining out!” she says, “Pixie will vouch for this: I am not much of a chef. I constantly find myself in fantastic new restaurants in Sydney.”

Ah, what a charmed life!

April 7, 2015

How Often Do I Really Need To Wash My Hair?

Ladies, please raise your hand if you wash your hair daily?

Now, give your wrist a gentle slap if you answered “yes” – and unhand that shampoo this autumn/winter!

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Confession: I’m a newly reformed daily hair washer after my beloved hairdresser recently scolded me for the needless damage it’s doing to my fine, blonde hair. And here’s the crucial bit: we do not need to be washing our hair – or our bodies, according to a recent study, but I digress – half as often as we think we do, particularly during autumn/winter.

And it’s a sentiment espoused by hair guru, Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator, Grant Withnell (pictured), who says no matter what your hair type, we should be keeping the washing to a minimum this autumn/winter to prevent our locks from drying out too much.

spring/summer hair trends, summer hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles

“People think they have to wash their hair every day or every second day, but this is just not the case,” Grant says. “Of course, hair types vary, but I’d advise women to lay off the hair washing in autumn/winter to better protect their hair.

“And always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house – not only to prevent getting a cold, the combination of moisture and cold air will dry out your hair and make it brittle. Also, as much as we love the feeling of a warm shower in the middle of autumn/winter, try not to have the water too hot – this is another cause of dry, brittle hair.”

autumn/winter hair care, hair products, celebrity style

The hair guru’s other top ways to combat autumn/winter damage to our manes is to make like a celebrity (pictured) and only use high quality hair care products. “Autumn/winter can be treacherous for hair!” Grant says.

“My best recommendation for autumn/winter hair care is to treat your tresses once a week with a deep conditioning treatment or mask. Try the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask; it’s the best at repairing damaged hair and strengthening it from within. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny.

“For an intense treatment, take some time to wrap your hair in cling wrap or a shower cap after putting on the mask. This will really allow the product to penetrate deep into the hair. Give it about 15–30 minutes.”

autumn/winter hair care, hair products, celebrity style

And if you’re concerned about how to protect your hair colour this autumn/winter, and thereby prolong expensive salon visits, Grant says the Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB Cream is the bomb. “This is really the holy grail in hair products!” he says. “It is the ultimate multi-tasking product containing all the essential benefits you need, in order to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

“Refreshing your hair colour is always one sure fire way to give your hair a healthy shine and keep it looking vibrant in the autumn/winter months. Warmer, mocha colours are always more popular during that time of year, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try a dip-dye look with the new Schwarzkopf Brilliance Fashion Lights range.”

So, there you have it ladies. Think of all the money you’ll save on shampoo and, hopefully, salon visits, too!

Images via Hollywood Reporter, George’s Hair and Glamour

March 19, 2015

Welcome To The Jungle: A/W Accessories Report

David Jones’ autumn/winter 2015 fashion collection was showcased to a select group of VIPs in Sydney last Tuesday, but SHESAID readers can also enjoy the ride!

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Here, we showcase the retail giant’s on-trend, new-season animal-print fashion accessories via Sambag, Tony Bianco or Kurt Geiger, just to name a few.

As the big chill sets in, it’s time to access your inner animal instincts and show your personality via top-shelf fashion accessories.

It’s all about heeding the call of the wild! Shop all these wondrous, new-season accessories from leading Australian and overseas fashion designers online via

  1. Camilla ruler of the underworld canvas clutch, $79.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  2. Gregory Ladner twill animal border scarf, $39.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  3. Kurt Geiger London britton court shoe, $540.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  4. Samantha Wills bohemian bardot ring, $79.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  5. Sylvia Toledano red panther swarovski minaudiere with pen, $1999.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  6. Sambag fifi loafer, $169.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  7. Gregory Ladner wool gloves, $59.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  8. Samantha Wills cavalier necklace, $279.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  9. Tony Bianco cherry crossbody, $99.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  10. Samantha Wills shimmering dusk earrings, $119.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
  11. Tony Bianco moscar pump, $159.95.autumn/winter fashion trends, accessories, david jones
February 5, 2015