Bag of the week

We can?t go past Witchery?s beaded and lace floral clutch. This simplistic accessory will look fabulous with faded jeans and a Petite Bateau T-shirt, (Paul & Joe boutique, Glenmore Rd, Paddington.) This clutch is hotter than burning coals. Available in ivory and flesh, ($59.95). Go straight to and buy now!The Pro Blow

It?s that time again… Christmas parties and office shindigs. Is your hair going to past the test? We show you how to blow dry your luxurious long locks like a pro. (SheSaid shorthaired sisters should embrace the low-maintenance bed-hair look. Go from sleek to sexy in seconds ? just mess and go!)

Step one:

Semi towel-dry hair and break up into sections. Separate the front into thirds and tie up the back section. Secure all of the portions with clips. Then slowly comb a small amount of styling lotion through each section.

Step two:

Firstly, the bigger

the brush, the smoother the hair. Wind each section of hair up from tip to root with a circular brush. Pull it as tight as you can, but don?t hurt yourself.Step three:

This is where the dryer comes into the equation. While holding the brush taut right to the root of the hair, blast the dryer nozzle onto the hair in downward strokes and have it on the hottest setting. Keep the dryer moving so that it never gets too hot.

Step four:

Keep rolling the brush out just a little and quite slowly as you keep drying. Keep doing that-winding it up and down until the hair is dry. Do the back section last. This is because most people look at you from the front. Repeat the drying process until you are happy with the result and to finalise spray a little hair spray. Viola!


November 19, 2002

Hot Trends

Bag of the week

We like to keep you keep you current and in the know:Bag of the week

The winner is Witchery?s soft brown suede shoulder bag, ($129.95) with brass eyelets and double shoulder straps. We luuurve it. Too slick ? looks great with the light denim that is all the go-go at-the-minute. Available from

Golden Highlights

The trend for all things metallic is spreading like wildfire, with accessories proving to be the easiest way to give a ?yes? vote to the latest trend. Got the message? Score big on metallic at vintage shops for a gold bag, a pair of shoes or a necklace.

Ethnic Chic City

All things colour and pattern are definitely the two styles that you shouldn?t avoid this summer. All the runways were full of brightly coloured ethnic pieces. In need of some inspiration go to any China Town and buy up big on ethnic chic.

Cargo Crowd

If you haven?t

Ethnic Chic City

already got some then we wonder where the hell you?ve been. Cargo or combat pants are hotter than a sausage sizzle. Even if you think this trend has died it definitely has not – it is going to continue to evolve into a global phenomenon. A great pair of khaki cargos is still a must-have. Wear them with high stilettos and a girlie top. Keep away from those ?last year? brightly coloured trainers though. The trick is to dress the cargo up new millennium style.Layer upon layer

Layering in an artful, fashionable manner is very big amongst the ?it? girls of fashion who are in the know. Models are now not just throwing a short skirt over their jeans. They are enjoying the liberation of layering any style of dress over their Earl, Seven or very old Levi jeans. Get layering we say!

October 15, 2002