Designer Watch: Karen Wohlsen Of indyK

Up and coming fashion designer Karen Wohlsen launched her namesake label, indyK, in February, 2015. indyK is a brand dedicated to the effortlessly chic woman and is made from light fabrics that are quick and easy to wear.

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Her bright leather bags and cuffs are a great addition to any outfit, from a summer festival to your everyday dressing. Karen gives us her top tips on living a well-rounded life and showing personality through your wardrobe.

How did you start indyK? 

I started by making clothes for myself and as I started making them, friends liked what I was wearing, then I made some for them. It all happened very organically and effortlessly, which is the ethos by which I run indyK also.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

What’s the best way for women to showcase their personality through style in the corporate world? 

The best way in a corporate world is to make sure you dress for the job and while corporate dressing can sometimes be bland, it is important to have an element – whether the shoes, the accessories, the suit, or the shirt – to reflect an aspect of yourself.  If you love colour, the easiest way to add a splash is through your accessories or your makeup. If you’re ever unsure, don’t be afraid to ask your HR department if the colour ways you’re incorporating work within their uniform policy.

Which women inspire you and why? 

I love strong, fiercely independent women with great style. Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emma Stone, Diana Vreeland, Coco Chanel, Mary Quant, Angelina Jolie… These women have all empowered their femininity and other women through their various endeavours and risk-taking, and should all be admired.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

One handbag for always, or multiple handbags for different occasions? 

Multiple handbags for different occasions and looks!  The bags and shoes make an outfit.

How do you support other women? 

I celebrate their successes and I am there to help them when they stumble. I’m also the first to pop the champagne on a Friday and debrief about my week with girlfriends.

New Designer To Know: Karen Wohlsen of indyK

How can women become confident and sure in themselves and about their life path? 

One of the hardest parts of being a human can be having confidence in your life choices, especially when we’re (luckily) surrounded by so many options. I find a glass of wine and a notebook and pen writing out your life goals and dreams is a nice way to start, and then breaking down those goals and how you can reach them makes them more manageable. Ultimately, if you have any doubt or are feeling negative about something you’re doing or portraying, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at why that is and then making changes until you feel happy again.

What is your one tip for wellness? 

Touch everything you do with love. Always come from a place of love and if something feels bad, surround it with love and release it.  This goes for family, food, exercise, relationships and work.

Get The Look: Accessory Picks For The Office

Want to look stylish in the office without breaking your monthly budget? We have teamed up with our friends at THE ICONIC to bring you some of the hottest accessory picks (which are also office-appropriate).

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Click through the image to buy direct and don’t forget to share your snaps with us on Instagram: @shesaid!


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office


Accessory Picks For The OfficeAccessory Picks For The Office

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory to complete your look, then a handbag is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you need it for work, on a casual basis, or even as a dinner and drinks clutch, look no further than the following five must-have bags for 2015.

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Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

Made from the classic monogram canvas known by Louis Vuitton, this bag is an everyday staple which fits all of the essentials. The gold lock closure keeps all your things secure and looks amazing paired with almost any outfit. The handy shoulder strap is also ideal if you want to carry this bag as a cross-body, or even as a clutch.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Chloé Drew Shoulder Bag

The calf-leather shoulder bag by Chloé is the perfect accessory to any outfit. The gold hardware is right on trend this season and can be worn as a clutch, cross-body bag, or even on the shoulder. Don’t be fooled by its small appearance, this bag can fit so much inside!

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Poppy Lissiman Game Over! Clutch

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful alternative for a night out, anything by Poppy Lissiman is sure to fit the criteria. This bag is 100 per cent cruelty free and the bright graphics are a must-have.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Céline Trio

While any bag by Céline seems to be a complete sell-out, you can’t beat this particular classic which is loved by bloggers all over the world. It features three separate pouches which can be interchanged, worn as a clutch or even as a cross body during the day time.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Universite Bag

We’re wrapping up this list with one of the most coveted bags by Yves Saint Laurent. The classic style still remains true to the initial design aesthetic, but it features a leather strap which can be worn from day to night. Fit all the essentials including your phone, makeup, keys and wallet into this stunning bag.

5 Must-Have It Bags of 2015

Image via The Handbag Project

Storage Solutions For Your Handbags

Most women are obsessed with shoes. I am obsessed with handbags and simply can’t say no to buying yet another one. It’s just way too easy to fall in love with a bag; you don’t have to try them on, it doesn’t matter what size you are, and there is a time and place for any style. The problem? Fitting dozens of handbags in your wardrobe.

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If you don’t have the luxury of a big house with a walk-in closet and tons of storage, your handbags might end up scattered on top of cupboards, under beds, or simply be in the way. However, if you are a bit smart about it, there are clever storage solution for your precious purses, totes, and clutches.

1. A simple shelf

This might be a no-brainer, but installing a simple wall shelf on which you can not only store, but also put your bags on display, is an easy solution if you are smart about the location of the shelf. Consider the unused wall space above a desk or chest of drawers to get your bags out of the way.

handbags storage shelf


2. Hanging storage compartments

This is such an easy and effective storage solution, all you need is a hanging rail (the one in your closet or any other cupboard works) and foldable hanging compartments, which you can get for little money at Kmart or Ikea. No tools needed to install, these compartments will hold your bags and make it easy for you to find them.

handbags storage hanging shelf

3. Door hooks

The space behind your doors is often unused and therefore makes a great storage location for your handbags. Simply attach hooks on your door to hang your bags on.

handbags storage door hooks


4. Hangers

If you have some space on your clothes rail left, you can hang bags on hangers just as you do with your clothes. Just make sure you use metal hangers as plastic will usually not be able to hold the weight of bigger bags and therefore break easily.

handbags storage hangers

Images via houzz.com, crystalinmarie.com, organizeit.com, eillelacheap.com, stylebookapp.com

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Clutches are cute and easy ways to carry all your essential items without bringing an oversized handbag. Envelope clutches come in a variety of colours, sizes and textures which are suitable for almost any event at hand. We show you how to style the trend, for an endless variety of outfit combinations.


Pack away that dreaded handbag you’ve been using over the past few years, and opt for an envelope clutch instead. Make sure you choose a neutral colour, as this is most suitable for the office and can be easily accessorised with almost anything. A patent black clutch is perfect if you want to be modern, yet still very polished.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Date and drinks

Bring along a fun and flirty clutch to your next dinner/drinks date – one which will fit all the essentials without looking like you’ve packed a survival kit! This is where you can get a little experimental with colours and textures, especially if your outfit is mostly monochromatic.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

Special occasions

Cream or beige clutches work best if you have a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding right around the corner. Choose a smaller envelope clutch to fit your mobile phone, money, keys and of course compact mirror for those regular touch-ups!

How To Style An Envelope Clutch


Bring along an oversized clutch to replace an old handbag – simply if you’re heading to the movies or even down to the grocery store. It’s your choice whether you want an oversized or tiny clutch which holds only the essentials.

How To Style An Envelope Clutch

How would you style an oversized clutch?

Images via Coisas Doces Da Vida, Four Eyes, We The People Style, Tokyo Fashion