7 Signs You Have A Hormone Imbalance

Sometimes our hormones can get the better or us, and we’re not just talking about that time of the month.┬áDid you know that low energy, increased fatigue and even unusual cravings can all stem from a hormone imbalance?

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If you are feeling under the weather without warning, your general practitioner will run a quick and easy test to determine the state of your hormones. In the meantime, watch out for these common signs:


Feeling unusually tired even after a good nights sleep? This could be more than just a lazy day, especially if your body and mind feel like they’re working over-drive.

Mood swings

While we all suffer from mood swings every once in a while, watch out for those which never seem to pass. If you do feel like they’re getting out of control, run yourself a warm bath and try to relax with some aromatherapy candles.


Trouble sleeping at night could have more to do with your hormones, rather than your mind. While it might feel impossible trying to get to sleep, a warm cup of chamomile tea will help to keep your body relaxed – try it!

Weight gain

A little extra weight gain can be a symptom of many other disorders such as an over-active thyroid, so make sure to document any odd weight patterns.


Watch out for those spots around your mouth, chin and just under the nose since they are usually a sign of your hormones acting up. Drinking more water and avoiding sugary foods is the best way to regulate your entire system from the inside out.

Joint pain

Although joint pain is also a major sign of an impending cold or flu, it is also one of the main symptoms of a hormone imbalance. Make sure to take it easy, and try to relax as much as you can.


Even though we all suffer from PMS in our own way, it is important to document any major shifts from the previous month. Cysts are easy enough to find with a simple ultrasound and could be the source of your pain.

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April 17, 2015

How To Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Do ever feel that your hormones are getting the best of you? Sometimes that time of the month can send your entire body into overdrive, with skincare problems, hair loss, and even bloating which is uncomfortable to say the least.

Although there are a few ways to balance your hormones without resorting to medication such as the pill. Below are a just a few ways to settle down your body, before it has you feeling completely out of control.

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Avoid omega-6 fats

Many vegetable oils and margarine spreads can cause your body more harm that good, especially if you’re already suffering from health issues. Whenever you can, try to avoid these polyunsaturated fats which are hazardous to your health if consumed for a prolonged period of time. Substitute them instead with coconut oil, olive oil and lots of healthy omega-3 fish such as salmon.


This ancient practice is designed to settle both the body and mind, which can keep you calm and centred through whatever you may be experiencing. Reserve just a few minutes a day and practice some traditional poses through the use of YouTube videos, which are effective and easy to follow.

If you do want to commit to a consistent yoga routine, seek a qualified practitioner who can teach you step-by-step.


Did you know that coconuts are good for almost any health issue? Fresh coconut meat is great for taming any unruly sex hormones such as DHEA which actually helps to fight against anti-ageing. Enjoy coconut in a smoothie, raw, or even in your favourite stir-fry.

Cut out white grains

By eliminating refined carbohydrates, the human body actually runs a lot more smoother and can really balance out your bad hormones. Substitute white flour, pasta, and other snack foods which whole grains, or even quit wheat completely and see how your body reacts to this change.

Omega-3 fatty acids

One of the easiest (and painless) ways to balance your hormones is by eating more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Salmon, avocado, chia seeds, and walnuts are all fantastic since they are packed with alpha-linolenic acid which cannot be produced within the human body, and needs to be derived externally.


Have you ever heard of leptin before? This hormone is directly associated to hunger and metabolism which can be compromised by eating too much sugar and fatty foods. The best way to bring your leptin back to good health is by eating whole grains, getting a good nights sleep, and significantly cutting down on sugar.

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October 11, 2014