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5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Living in a small space can have its downsides, one of them being a lack of storage. While it is difficult to keep all of your things looking neat and tidy, there are innovative ways to organise all of your belongings. We bring you some of 2015’s hottest interior trends, designed for those living in house or apartment.

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Hanging bags

Keep everything from your toiletries to vegetables looking neat and tidy in small bags. This way, you can easily use a hook and arrange it neatly and clear some space from the cupboards.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas


Arrange your jewellery and accessories into various trays to keep everything organised. This way, you’re able to see everything without making a huge mess each time! Go one step further and label each tray so you know where everything should belong.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Book storage

Many coffee tables come with added storage compartments to keep your favourite magazines and books. Take advantage of this and organise some of your most-loved books to keep them handy for visitors.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Portable shelf

Where else but the bathroom could a portable shelf be needed more? Hang this straight onto the wall to maximise on space, and de-clutter the entire bathroom. Use it as a place to store haircare essentials which are always on rotation; straightening irons, hairdryers, and brushes.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Bed storage

Keep clothes and blankets which are out of season (and out of sight) under the bed. This is a simple way to clear out the rest of the room, and maximise on all the extra space in your drawers and wardrobe!

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Images via How To Do This and That, Ikea, Dump A Day, Brit and Co

January 17, 2015