Who Said Sun Hats Aren’t Sexy?

We all need to prevent premature ageing and reduce our risk of getting skin cancer, so, protective sun hats are an essential item, in every women’s wardrobe. Millions of kids have had the sun smart message drummed into them and we now seldom see kids without a hat.

When it comes to women, though, we seem to neglect them. It’s probably because we either look awful in them, they don’t fit properly, they mess up our hair, they don’t exactly scream sexy; whatever the reason, we really do need to wear them more often. Particularly in our harsh Australian climate. So, if we really need to wear them, we may as well do it fashionably!

Experts recommend, when trying on hats, look at a full-length mirror. This is how others see us. Although it might suit your face, it may look disproportional compared to the rest of you. Lets face it, if we look crappy in something, we aren’t going to wear it! Using the following recommendations as a guide will at least provide a starting point.


Let’s begin with the jackpot winners because women with an oval face can wear just about any type of hat and pull it off. The tip to remember is to make sure the snug part of the hat, which fits around your head (known as the crown), is wider than your cheekbones but avoid going wider than your shoulders.


Shortening your face and adding some width should be your primary objective. Try a hat with less height and a big floppy brim.


Very similar to tips for oblong faces. Try a full or uplifted brim and don’t add too much height.


The most significant tip for you to keep in mind is that square hats, on a square-shaped face won’t do you any favours. They will accentuate your jawline. Try hats which will soften and lengthen your features.


The best type of hat for you is a medium brim, with a defining crown, to narrow the forehead. Avoid horizontal trimmings and you can afford to have a hat with a bit of height.


The style advice, is similar to heart shaped, except you want to aim for a hat that widens the forehead. For you, horizontal trims, will work a treat. Once again, a medium brim is recommended.


You too want to widen the forehead, so you can try any hat which adds width. Asymmetric brims and crowns with some height will work well to achieve the best look.


The aim here is to lengthen your face, so try an irregular brim, which is wider than your facial structure, a vertical design and defined crown.

Now, apart from style, you really need to consider other factors like protection, comfort and practicality. Some hats contain SPF block-out and can add greater protection to your head and face. If you burn easily, this is a wise investment.

Then there are other varieties which contain hydrating gel crystals to keep your head cooler. If you need a hat to go and out in direct sunlight and heat, this may be a viable option. Plus, if the reason you don’t wear a hat is because it’s just too damn hot, this is a solution.

You also need to consider when and where you are going to wear a hat. If you frequently wear it in windy conditions, the last thing you want is a hat which you will need to hold onto your head or chase around. There are lots of fashionable hats around these days which will fit your head perfectly, so functionality is no longer an excuse.

You may find that having a selection of protective hats will be a better solution, particularly if you will be wearing it in various situations. Consider all the variables and make a choice which is best for you. We all need to start looking at wearing sun hats as an investment in our longevity and get over the barriers, which have been preventing us from wearing them. There are some comfortable, functional and stunning styles available so it’s about time we all go shopping!

Image via fashionwomentips.com

Get Ready For the Beach

The body and bathers: With the recent spate of balmy and warm days it’s no wonder bikini and surf shops are getting crowded with an anxious pre-summer collection of girls looking for the right pair. One thing you have to make sure is that you are ready to hit the beach and this is where bathers come in. We all want to look good in next to nothing on the beach and contrary to popular opinion, it is possible.You’ve got your sunscreen, hat – we recommend Zimmermann’s beach hats ($66) – and beach mat, but you won’t be going anywhere without your bathers- (unless of course you’re off to a nudist beach, which is an entirely different story all together). Choosing the right bathers for you can be a lot like choosing a pair of jeans.

Two important points to remember: it can’t be done in a rush and it can’t be done alone. Always take someone you trust completely with you. Make sure you can ask them honesty what they think? There is no point taking a girlfriend who won’t tell you that your bum looks like it’s been given a fat injection or your breasts look all flat and shapeless in that bikini top. Here’s the go:

Curvy J.Lo kind of gals – Go for a singlet top with regular bikini bottoms. Don’t go string bikini’s or anything too risquZ -they will end up making your gorgeous curves look rounder. Play them down and they will look great.

The round bottom – If you’re conscious of your bum, then the best look is the boy-leg board shorts that are baggy. Looks fantastic on a girl with a larger derriere. Team them up with a fitted lycra singlet. This look will balance everything out and you’ll feel confident.

The flat chested gal – Go for the padded bikini top with string bikini bottoms. Or a triangular shaped bikini with bikini bottoms -a la Kate Moss.

Got short legs? – Don’t worry because the answer is spaghetti side bikini bottoms. They will make your legs look longer.

Big Bazookas? – nothing looks better than a halter-style top, but remember to match the bottom to the top. Don’t do it Sarah-Marie style – remember to retain a little mystery girls. The halter-top looks stunning with bigger panties -a la Marilyn Monroe – now we’re talking real style!

Tom Boy shape -or stick thin? Well first of all, we envy you, but if you do have that metabolism where you’re just all straight up and down, go tomboy-style with boy leg bottoms. Wear a very fitted style singlet top with them. Sporty, lean and you’re lucky!

The Pear shape– go for a singlet-style bikini top but wear a standard bikini bottom because the top half will help emphasise the rest of your body. It’s all about balance and it’s all an optical illusion!

Best shops to head to:

Sea Folly. For stockists telephone 1300 130 715

Zimmermann. For stockists telephone (02) 9294 8008

Piggott’s Store. For stockists telephone (02) 9362 8119

Zambesi. For stockists telephone (02) 9267 7277