Most Iconic Hairstyles Of The Past 50 Years

There have been some memorable hair trends in recent years: Ombre hair, pastel-colored hair, medium-length waves… but none are quite as enduring as the trendy tresses of these famous ladies. The ‘dos influenced whole generations of women and how they styled their locks, but went one further, to catalyze entire movements of fashion and beauty standards. All hail the hair icons!

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Twiggy was an unprecedented style and beauty tidal wave. Her waif-ish body shape became the most desired, her mod style and quirky eye makeup continue to influence fashion trends. But most of all, her pixie haircut inspired modern woman to sport the cropped, elvish style.

Farrah Fawcett


This Charlie’s Angel was the definition of hair inspo for the 70s gal. Everyone wanted the Farrah Fawcett flicks. Even still, she is the poster girl for this layered, windswept hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston


I can’t imagine the number of photographs of Jen were shown to hairdressers throughout the 90s and early 00s. During her run as Rachel Green on Friends, Aniston sported a variety of hairstyles, all of which became the “next big thing”. Her face layers, her cute bob, her long extensions – which is your favorite Rachel?

Posh Spice


Any young woman or teenage girl in the early 2000s will appreciate the frenzy that surrounded Victoria Beckham‘s hair. Remember the Pob?¬†For those who may not, Pob is the combined and abbreviated version of Posh (Spice) and bob (like the haircut). That’s right – her hair had it’s own name!

Gisele Bundchen


Gisele’s beachy waves gave life to the term “model hair”. Her long, sunkissed locks were both effortless and glamorous, straight from the beaches of Brazil to the runways of Victoria’s Secret. Who hasn’t spent too much time with a straightener, curling iron or “beach spray” trying desperately to get Gisele’s tresses?

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August 14, 2015

Heat-Free Tousled Waves

Beach-waves are one of the most iconic hairstyles since they suit every hair colour, length and texture. Although this look is often fairly simple to achieve, styling products could potentially damage your hair if used regularly, and without proper heat-protection. We have created a fast and easy way to recreate these classic tousled waves – without using heat.


1. Start with damp hair – either straight from the shower, or just spritz your ends with some natural water. Then split your hair into two, and tie one side into a high ponytail (just above the ear).

2. Fold the hair 3-5 times (works better on longer hair), then secure into place at the top. Try to fold them in equal amounts – this will determine how big the curls are. Repeat the same step with the other side.

3. Let your hair air-dry, or even sleep on it overnight. Then simply remove the hair ties to reveal luscious curls. Easy!

Image via Burn It Beauty

August 19, 2014