Beauty Etiquette 101: Make-up Application Dos and Don’ts

Should you pop a pimple on a train? Is it OK to re-apply make-up at work in full view of your colleagues? And what about applying a whole face of make-up on the bus?

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Beauty etiquette can be a minefield, especially given we’re all so time poor and rushing from one job to the next.
I myself am often guilty of hurriedly reapplying make-up in the car, while at a red-light, on the way to various tasks. Rush, rush, rush!
And, I have in the past, reapplied make-up at my desk many times without thinking it through as to whether it was offending anyone in my male-dominated workplace. So, should I have cared?
For expert beauty etiquette advice, I turned to Queensland’s etiquette queen, Jodie Bache-McLean. As Director of both June Dally-Watkins (JDW) and Dallys Model Management, Jodie (pictured) is well-schooled on good manners, deportment and grooming.

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Here’s what she had to say on these beauty etiquette dilemmas:

Q: Is it OK to reapply make-up at work? Are there any exceptions?

Wearing make-up is a personal preference; however in my opinion a professional woman should wear at least a minimum of a lipstick that suits your complexion. Research has proven that an essential part of being a well-groomed professional is wearing a little make-up, which will add to a powerful first impression.

If you wear make-up, it does need to be re-applied throughout the day. Depending on where you are positioned in your work environment, common sense would dictate if it is appropriate to reapply. For example, if you are the face of the company – the receptionist – I think it would be inappropriate to apply make-up while sitting on front desk.

Alternatively, if you see clients in face-to-face interactions, a quick touch-up and mirror check would be very appropriate. Remember: 55 per cent of your first impression is based on your appearance.

Q: What is the appropriate etiquette surrounding applying make-up on public transport?

I personally would not reapply make-up on public transport, one of the main reasons being: the stop-start of traffic can lead to many a catastrophe when applying lipstick!

I think you need to be mindful and courteous of your audience: a quick make-up touch-up is fine, on say a bus or train, but if you have to spread your full make-up kit out on the poor person sitting next to you, you’ve gone too far.

beauty etiquette, make-up advice, make-up at work

Q: Why does applying make-up at work make some men feel uncomfortable and should businesswomen care?

I must admit I have never asked the question about whether or not men feel comfortable around a woman applying make-up in their presence. If we reversed the situation, how would we feel, if a man groomed his beard or shaved around us, what would our reaction be?

Make-up application is deemed a part of our overall grooming, however perhaps it is best saved for the privacy of our homes or the bathroom within our offices. I do feel a quick lipstick reapply at our desk is harmless and saves time, especially if we are running out the door to an appointment.

Q: Are there any strict beauty etiquette dos and don’ts you’d recommend?

Try to apply or reapply your make-up without an audience; pick your moment. I once witnessed a colleague reapply lipstick in a meeting: the implied message was that this person was disinterested in what was going on and was more focused on the lipstick being applied, and it did make a few of the gentlemen present uncomfortable.

I am an old-fashioned gal and believe that my grooming is my business, so I am happy to go to the bathroom or an area of privacy where I can touch up my make-up and then proceed to the meeting or the appointment feeling confident in my professional appearance.

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Non-Abrasive Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Are you looking for a gentle way to exfoliate your face, which won’t cause redness and irritation?

Rather than using the same-old facial scrub, try a few of these non-irritable ways to exfoliate without the added pain. This is strictly a mircobead-free zone, and is ideal for all skin types!

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Powdered exfoliator

Using a powdered exfoliator isn’t a relatively new skincare trend, but it really does work! Many brands such as Dermalogica and Indeed Laboratories offer their take on this ingenious little product which gently exfoliates the skin without causing any irritation.

Simply mix with lukewarm water, and massage over your face in small circles. This helps to get the blood circulating, and should be used 1-2 times per week.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 3.19.39 PM

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $62.48

Warm flannel

If you just don’t have the time to exfoliate throughout the week, why not use a trusty flannel cloth to remove your makeup and any dead skin cells. Massage a few pumps of your favourite dry oil onto your face (our favourite is the Body Shop Cleansing Oil), and wait for it to break down even your mascara!

Right now you might be rocking those panda eyes, but take a warm flannel cloth and wipe away the residue from your face. No double-cleansing needed, and your skin feels silky soft!

Non-Abrasive Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Cotton Flannel, $8

Face polish

Rather than using an abrasive formula packed with microbeads, invest in a gentle scrub which also acts as a cleanser. One of our new favourites by CR Formulations features pearl and bamboo extracts which helps to buff the skin without over-drying. Follow up with a lightweight moisturiser and focus the product into your problem areas.

Non-Abrasive Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

CR Formulations Pearl and Bamboo Face Polish, $70

Exfoliating cleanser

Combining both the benefits of a cleanser and an exfoliator is the best way to treat sensitive or acne-prone skin. Luckily there are a number of products out there which are packed with skin-loving jojoba and other essential oils to make your face feel soft as silk. Use 1-2 times a week or as much as your skin needs it.

Non-Abrasive Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Ren Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, $50.37

Image via Beauty Addict 101

5 Makeup Brushes You Need

Brushes are important for every woman’s makeup kit since they are essential in creating a simple or complex makeup look. Some products are best applied with hands, particularly eyeshadow primers, concealer and face primer. No need to splurge out on every new brush set out there on the market, there are only five brushes you need to create a basic makeup look.

Stippling brush

The stippling brush is used to apply foundation, blush and bronzer flawlessly onto the face. The stipple uses various dots and flicks to push the product into the skin, making it look ‘barely there.’ The brush basically has a flat tip, and works better than a paddle foundation brush which only places the makeup around the skin. Used best when product is transferred onto the hand, and the brush is lightly dipped into, then applied onto the face. Push the brush over trouble areas to make sure that the makeup has been applied flawlessly.

Blending eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow can be very tricky to master if you don’t have the right technique, and especially the correct tools. An eyeshadow brush helps to apply the product and blend it flawlessly into the crease and remaining eyelid. Perfect for creamy or powdered eyeshadows that require a lot of attention, and if applied badly could ruin an entire makeup look. The fine bristles are arranged in an oval shape to ensure a professional application.

Contour brush

Looking for a way to inject a bit of warmth into your makeup look without over bronzing? The contour brush is an amazing tool that can define bone structure, add warmth to the face and give the illusion of amazing cheekbones. These brushes have very fine hair that is designed to pick up a small amount of bronzer or contouring powder, and won’t leave you looking super bronzed up.

Angled eyeliner brush

It all comes down to the correct brush and technique which is crucial for creating that seductive cat eye. An angled eyeliner brush is not only easy to use, but is available almost anywhere you can think of. Simply dip into a pot of eyeliner, and look straight into a mirror. Press the brush at the outside corner of the eye, and create a flick. Then simply line the rest of the eye back into the inner corner. This might take a while to master, but you will soon find a technique that works best for you. Thin brushes are easier to use and will give you a precise line if you’re a beginner.

Blush brush

Finally a pop of colour should never be forgotten, and this is best applied with a blush brush. Most of these brushes are angled, and help to contour the cheeks to complete the look. Apply the brush onto the cheeks, and don’t over-do it with the colour. Work with less product and build it up if you require a stronger look.

Image via Pincurl Mag

By Felicia Sapountzis