10 Timeless Beauty Tips For All Ages

Stay chic at any age with a few simple beauty tips which all women should abide by. Keep your skin looking glowing and radiant by investing in trustworthy products which are packed with vitamins and minerals for optimum results. The rest, as they say, is all history!

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Eye liner

To nail the perfect cat-eye liner, use a small piece of sticky tape to create the perfect curve. This is a great trick for women who want to try out this look, without fear of ruining the rest of their makeup. Gently pull off the tape after you’re done, and fill in any gaps with a liquid liner.

Bigger lips

Create the illusion of larger lips by carefully contouring with a lip liner. Choose a shade which is close to your natural shade, then lightly overdraw the corners. Next, take a white liner and fill in the middle of your lips (and the cupids bow). Blend this out, then apply a clear gloss over the top.

Glowing skin

For an instant pick-me-up, mix a little liquid highlighter into your usual foundation. Skin should appear glowing in all the right places, without looking like a disco ball! Use a powder over the t-zone and other oil-prone areas of the face.

Flattering brows

We’ve all done it before; over-plucked, used the wrong shade, and even forgot to fill them in at all! Brows are really easy to master, if you know what does and doesn’t flatter your face.

The inner corner of the iris is where your brow should start to curve, the end of the iris should be the arch of the brow, and the outer corner of the eye is where your brow should end.

Long lashes

Rather than investing in a variety of different mascaras, focus on curling your existing lashes. Many women lightly dry their eyelash curler for an extra-hold which lasts all day.

Remove your makeup

Even if you’ve had a big night, it’s important to always remove your makeup (especially around the eyes). If you’re on the lazy side, use a facial wipe or micellar water which doesn’t require water.

Flawless concealer

When applying concealer to the under-eye area, it is important to dab lightly with your ring finger. Sometimes using a brush can cause the makeup to flake, but fingers are warm and help the product to mesh together.

Long-lasting lipstick

Make your lips super-matte by setting them with a translucent powder. Simply cover lips with a tissue, then lightly brush the product over with a clean kabuki.

Makeup mistakes

Fix any impending makeup mistakes by spraying a brush with a setting formula, and gently dusting it over your face. This is particularly useful if you need to correct eyeshadow which has creased, or messy pigments.

Natural blush

For a natural pop of colour on the cheeks, use a wide blush brush and blend out the product on your face. Anything too harsh makes the look feel artificial, and won’t photograph very well.

Do you have any beauty tips passed down by your mother or grandmother?

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January 20, 2015

Don’t Be A Beauty School Drop-Out

Model, WAG and new mum Rebecca Judd is about to change the beauty education landscape with the launch of independent beauty school, Beauty EDU. A passionate advocate of the beauty industry, she sees the school as a great way to share her knowledge and an opportunity to continue learning from the renowned industry experts offering the benefit of their experience directly to students.

After working in the industry for many years, Rebecca believes the beauty and makeup career path doesn’t receive the respect it deserves. She says:

“I’ve seen first hand how highly skilled the best in this field are. Beauty EDU’s unique offering – creating the next generation of luminary industry experts – really appealed to me.”

Beauty EDU’s education model moves away from the traditional approach to teaching and training students in favour of developing skills immediately applicable to the modern beauty industry. Rebecca explains: 

“Our model is built on two key pillars; real industry requirements and ‘hands on’ practical learning. From an industry perspective, we’re really excited to have some of the country’s most talented and renowned beauty specialists on board as advisors, ambassadors and lecturers.”

At the heart of each campus is a beautifully designed, fully-functional salon, giving students an opportunity to service real clients and receive hands-on industry experience. The aim is to inspire students to have creative vision, the most up-to-date skills and more importantly, the business acumen and professional rigour needed to enter the workforce and become leaders in their field.

May 4, 2014