Meet me for a pedicure?

You have a meeting with a potential business contact. You need an informal and neutral, meeting place, but somewhere relaxed where you both can hear each other and don’t asphyxiate from cigarette smoke. How about discussing your future business together while being pampered with a pedicure? It may sound unusual, but fusionhair+body have the perfect foot treatment to impress. It’s called a ‘Spa Pedicure’, and the beauty of this place is that three people can have their footsies fondled all at the same time.Upon arrival, you and your companion will be ushered into comfy leather chairs which – wait for it – vibrate to massage your entire spine. Aaah bliss! After being delivered a hot or cold beverage of your choice, your beauty therapist begins her work – and you can begin yours.All the basics of a regular pedicure are there such as removal of dead skin, cuticle management, filing, buffing and polishing, but there are some added extras. Sure to keep you happy is the to-die-for foot and calf massage, foot spa, sea salt glow, marine foot masque and cucumber heel therapy.

After baring your feet to each other and sharing an hour of indulgence and beauty, your potential client should be putty in your hands! Find fusionhair+body in the Intercontinental Hotel, 117 Macquarie St, Sydney. Call (02) 9247 2083 or check out for more information.

March 2, 2004

“I was a facial virgin!”

OK. I admit it. I was a facial virgin! There, I?ve said it…

To some of you this might seem like a trivial admission but to me it?s been a long time coming. Let me explain. I am one of those beachy-types, never played with dolls, doesn?t wear much make up (OK, if at all), prefers sand shoes to stilettos and is NOT a beauty therapist devotee.But for my 35th birthday a couple of girlfriends decided it was high time I was indoctrinated into the secret world of beauty treatments. I was dragged along to the salon and proudly announced in the very quiet palatial reception area ? ?No I have never had a facial treatment before.? After the gasps and the attempted cover up of ?Oh you poor girl?, I was led by a young thing (with flawless skin) called Jasmine to a room and told to take everything off but my underpants! Thank goodness I wasn?t wearing my scungy old cottontails that day!

My first thought was ?if I?m just having a facial why do I have to undress??

Jasmine then proceeded to explain to me very carefully what secret women?s rituals she was about to perform on me and why. It all sounded pretty straightforward to me. Little did I know the pleasure was that about to begin. For the next hour and a half Jasmine slowly became my new best friend. She rubbed, scrubbed and massaged my face, neck, shoulders and scalp till I was so relaxed she could have made me agree to anything. Just when I was sinking into that really deep relaxed state, she leaned over and whispered to me ?Brigette will join us know to do your feet?. By now I thought, ?OK, do whatever you want to me!? But nothing prepared me for this orgasmic added treat. As Jasmine massaged down the whole length of my back with exotic smelling oils, Brigette massaged the soles of my poor, hardly ever touched feet! I felt like I was in a threesome! (OK, what I imagine it would be like to be in a threesome!) My brain didn?t know which pleasure receptors to listen to ? my feet or my head. Oh joy! Oh bliss! Can I stay in this warm, yummy smelling, relaxing, safe environment forever? Do you think that must be what babies feel in the womb?

By this time, my brain really kicked in with the shocking realisation that I had been missing out all this time on the joys of beauty treatments. Once I got past remonstrating with myself for being so foolish to deny myself for the last decade, I really began to enjoy myself as my fellow sisters have been for years and years.

So now I am addicted, I have left my tomboy past behind and joined in the devoted beauty therapist following and I am a true believer! Yes of course I immediately booked in again for another session in three weeks time and look forward to handing over my $100 for the best hour and half of each month!

One thing I didn?t understand though – why didn?t one of you chicks tell me how great facials are?

By Ruby Harris

September 17, 2002