Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

Going green is all the rage and for good reason – it’s great for the environment, your mind and body!

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One of the biggest benefits of using environmentally friendly products is that they’re natural and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that a lot of mass produced products sneak into their mixtures. We’re all about embracing the natural world of beauty, so read on for our best eco-friendly beauty tips!

Trade moisturiser for facial oil

Essential botanical or seed varieties of facial oil will penetrate all the layers of derma, leaving your skin feeling smooth, not greasy. Oil is perfect for making your skin as soft as baby’s skin and because you only need small amounts of it each use, you won’t need to replace your products regularly.

Brush up your act

There are plenty of makeup brushes available crafted completely from sustainable materials like bamboo. Brushes that feature synthetic bristles are also more eco-friendly and blend just as well, if not better, than those made with real animal hair.

Save water

Two gallons of water run down the drain for every minute the tap is on; an average eight-minute shower therefore dumps around 17 gallons. A great way to conserve water is to wash your face and hands with a biodegradable, rinse-free facial wipe. These gently exfoliate your skin and remove build up of dirt and oil, while using less water. Try keeping your showers to two-minutes too, these can be hard, especially when you’re washing your hair. But for the most part, you’ll conserve a lot more water and save on your water bill by simply setting a timer and washing off quickly.

Recycle your loot

Have you ever thought about what happens to all those empty shampoo bottles and tubes of lipstick after you throw them out? Every day, consumer product packaging accounts for approximately one-third of landfill waste. So next time you squeeze the last dregs from your shampoo and conditioner bottles, put them in the recycling bin, not the general waste.

Test out a natural fragrance

Natural fragrances are one of the best green beauty trends around because they’re formulated without chemicals, dyes, or phthalates. Two great brands embracing this trend are Lavanila Laboratories and Infusion Organique.

We all want to do our bit to save the planet, but who thought it could ever be this easy, or stylish?

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Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends that can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue. Dubbed as the new sea salt sprays, they are made from concentrated amounts of sugar extracts which can help to strengthen the hair follicle, and make it thick and bouncy!

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How do they work?

Sugar sprays work in the same way a traditional salt spray would: spritz into dry or damp hair, then leave to air-dry naturally for best results. Sugar sprays are actually better for your hair since they don’t leave a sticky residue and will make your hair shine (in the good way!).

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends which can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue.

They are also designed for fine hair types since they create the volume of added texture, making each strand look thick and healthy. Concentrate most of the spray on the mid-section to the bottom of your hair, then massage gently with your fingers to create added volume. You could also dry your hair on a cool temperature to speed-up the process if you’re in a hurry to leave the house.

Where can I get a sugar spray?

Depending on your price range, there are high end options plus a great variety available at the drugstore.

Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Texturising Sugar Mist, $17

Apply the spray to small sections of your hair, then use a diffuser to create the illusion of body and texture in your hair.

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock, $18.99

Or you could make your own elixir using water and sugar and concentrating it mainly on the ends of your hair. For extra lift at the roots, stick to a sea salt spray; or combine the two for a unique look!

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

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10 Beauty Commandments

We’re all guilty of playing on the dark side – but these 10 beauty commandments will ensure you’re beauty regimen is always golden!

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Thou shalt regularly wash your beauty brushes

Washing your makeup brushes at least once a week can prevent the development of acne or skin infections and reduces the amount of skin oils building up in your compact. Synthetic foundation and concealer brushes can be cleaned with regular face wash, while all your fluffy brushes and powder puffs can be cleaned with shampoo. Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to dry out before you try using them again – the last thing you want is lumpy powder.

Thou shalt get regular trims

Every six or so week’s just like the doctor ordered! The key to healthy hair is loyalty and regular trips to your hairdressers will keep those pesky split ends at bay – a good trim will keep your hair tidier and healthier.

Thou shalt indulge in a facemask

You don’t need to commit to these every other day, but using a hydrating sheet mask once a week will give your skin a moisture surge that will keep your skin glowing for days.

Thou shalt nourish from the inside out

It’s true ladies, good on the inside equals good on the outside. A diet rich in all your fruits, vegetables, protein, fibres, and healthy fats is exactly what you need to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy.

Thou shalt check your foundation shade as the seasons change

You might be white and pasty in winter, but come summer your skin develops a warmer glow. As such you should check your foundation shade as your complexion changes with the seasons to make sure you’re using the shade that’s right for you.

Thou shalt not use mascara that’s more than 3 months old

Mascara, like most other things, grows bacteria over time. Do you really want to put a bacteria filled mascara brush near your eye?

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Thou shalt try something new

You don’t own just one pair of shoes, so why would you restrict yourself to one type of lippie or eyeliner? Be bold and exciting by mixing your style up every now and again.

Thou shalt learn the art of smoky eyes

This is the number one requested makeup look and is sexy and sultry for any time of the day or night. Try lighter shades during the day and darker, bolder shades at night.

Thou shalt never compare oneself to anybody else

A healthier and happier you – a more beautiful you – isn’t dependent on anyone else. Love your own skin and forget about everybody else’s.

Thou shalt abolish all self-doubt

You are who you are and you should love that!

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Makeup Trend: What Is Colourless Contouring?

We’ve heard of clown contouring, plus those elusive Kim Kardashian-style techniques which are all over YouTube, but what exactly is colourless contouring? This new makeup technique can be described as strobing, which is all about achieving a fresh glow to the face.

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1. Start with a freshly moisturised base. Make sure your skin is free from dry patches since this can only highlight problem areas after applying foundation.

2. Apply a light foundation or tinted moisturiser onto the skin, starting from your cheeks, then extending outwards. Use a stippling brush to buff the colour onto your skin and neck, taking care around the eyes and acne spots.

3. Set your foundation if you have oily skin, or even around the t-zone to prevent excess oil.

4. To create the colourless contour, use a shimmery cream or powder and apply it onto the very top of your cheekbones. Blend it out with a damp cosmetic sponge so it melts seamlessly into the skin.

5. Apply the very same highlighting shade onto the tip of your nose, on the brow bones and over your cupid’s bow to emphasise the shape.

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DIY: How To Perfectly Shape Your Brows

It’s no secret that good eyebrows can completely change the look of your face.

Just look at Cara Delevingne, Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Ali Michaels, all of which have solid careers based on their brows. But where do the rest of us start? Use the following tools and tricks to create the perfect set of brows.

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Pluck the strays

But don’t go overboard! It might seem a little therapeutic to get rid of any stray hairs, but remember to keep your look natural. Follow the path of your brows and always pluck in the direction of the hair.

How To Shape Your Brows

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, $40.90

Use a gel

Whether you were blessed with big, bushy brows or something a little more sparse, it’s always important to use a brow gel. Not only does it help to lock-in your brows, but it keeps them looking neat and tidy.

How To Shape Your Brows

Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel, $40.20

Fill them in

Depending on the look you want to go for, there are a few different ways to fill in your brows. But the most popular methods include:

Pencils: These are quick and easy ways to draw in some extra hairs without the hassle of perfecting the entire look. Brush them through with the spoolie on the opposite end to create a natural look.

How To Shape Your Brows

It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil, $24

Coloured gel: A tinted brow gel is another quick and easy way to bring more depth to your brows. Simply brush in an upwards motion, and remove any of the excess with a cotton tip. This is best for girls with darker brows, since the look requires little maintenance. It’s like a 2-in-1 since the gel and colour are already combined.

How To Shape Your Brows

Eyeko Brow Gel, $29.60

Pomade: If your brows are very fine, then a pomade is the best way to give them a re-vamp. Use in conjunction with an angled brush to create wispy hairs, then smooth it our using a clean spoolie. This look requires a little more  time to create the perfect look, but your brows will last all day long.

How To Shape Your Brows

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, $26.20


Don’t be afraid to trim some of those stray hairs which can get a little out of control. Use small nail scissors to get the perfect style, then slowly trim the edges. A spoolie wand is the best way to measure the length of your brows, then trim them finely without going over the top.

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 10.07.34 AM

Revlon Brow Set, $15.99

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The Beauty Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Move over coconut oil, a new beauty secret has us all talking this season and it’s grapeseed oil! Why? It’s good for cooking, skincare, beauty and even pain relief since it’s packed with high levels of vitamin E – a must-have for healthy skin!

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Hair growth

Massage grapeseed oil slowly through your roots to stimulate hair growth and awaken the follicle.


Apply it all over your face and neck as an evening skincare serum to deeply hydrate your skin. It’s ideal for all skin types and won’t make you break out!

Body scrub

Combine one part castor oil and two parts grapeseed oil to create a luxurious body scrub that will leave your skin looking glowing and vibrant.

Leave-in conditioner

Use it as a hair mask to repair split ends, give your hair some extra shine and make it look super-sleek and smooth. Rinse with shampoo and cold water for best results.

Sun burn

Spent a little too much time in the sun? Mix a few drops of grapeseed oil into your sunscreen for ultimate protection. It can also help to minimise the appearance of age spots after extended use.

Stretch marks

Skip the usual moisturiser in favour of natural grapeseed oil which can decrease the severity of stretch marks.

Muscle Rub

Create your own homemade muscle scrub by combining coconut oil, castor oil and grapeseed oil, and rubbing onto freshly washed skin.

Acne treatment

Apply grapeseed oil as a concentrated spot treatment for acne spots and existing scars. It helps to regulate your natural oil production and will prevent future breakouts.

Makeup remover

Just 2-3 drops of grapeseed oil onto a cotton pad will remove even waterproof mascara – without any leftover residue. The extremely concentrated formula means that a little goes a long way!

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The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Keep your makeup looking fresh and shine-free this summer with the help of oil blotting sheets. These compact beauty products slide right into your wallet or clutch bag and soak up excess oil due to increased humidity. Basically, they’re a lifesaver if you suffer from oily skin and are a must-have for the summer!

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elf Essential Shine Eraser, $1.00

If you’re looking for something which is cheap and does the trick, these blotting papers are the best option. The pack contains 50 sheets which soak up all the oil on your face and leave skin matte and fresh.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Models Prefer Blotting Paper, $5.99

Carry this portable pack in your wallet to touch-up your makeup if you’re constantly on-the-go this summer. Simply press the sheet against your skin and it will soak up the oils without removing your makeup.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Japonesque Blotting Paper Pouch, $6.99

Try this fun and portable blotting paper with an additional pouch to keep skin looking matte all day long. They are perfect to carry around to the beach, bar and everything in between. Ideal for travelling, since they are so small and discrete.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, $10

For more of a luxurious blotting paper, try these which are made from 100 per cent natural Abaca Tree fiber. In addition, they are infused with green tea extract to soothe the skin and reduce shine.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, $18.50

Treat your skin to a portable pouch filled with oil-blotting sheets to reduce shine on hot summer days. Eliminate excess sebum by placing the sheets over your shiny areas for 2-5 seconds.

The Best Oil Blotting Sheets

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Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

There’s really nothing good about a sunburn – skin is red, extremely irritable,and sticking to loose clothes isn’t always an option. To assist with the healing process, hydrate the skin with a few of our natural after-sun products. Just remember to apply a generous amount of sunscreen before heading out again!

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Coconut oil

Who doesn’t love coconut oil? This miracle product actually soothes burns and reduces redness, all whilst keeping the skin hydrated. Apply a new layer every few hours to keep your skin from overheating.

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Apple cider vinegar

Trust us, it won’t hurt! Get into the shower and quickly rinse your burns with apple cider vinegar. It might feel a little weird at first, but the apple cider vinegar helps to remove dry patches and heal your skin from the outside. Follow up with a moisturiser before going to bed.

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Aloe rose water

Combine equal amounts of rose water and aloe vera into a small bowl. Apply directly onto your serious burns or have a quick rinse in the shower. Not only will it heal your burn, but it smells amazing!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Green tea bags

Fill a bowl with 3-5 tea bags and pour boiling water up to the top. Let the tea bags steep, then wait until the water cools down to room temperature. Apply the mixture right onto your burns to cool-down after a hot day in the sun. You can also apply the tea bags directly to your skin if the burn is small (such as on your forehead or cheeks). Another way to use green tea is to fill up the bathtub and add a few tea bags, then simply sit back and soak!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

Grapeseed oil

Apply a tablespoon of grapeseed oil after a cold shower to lock-in moisture and keep your burn from peeling. Repeat this step every few hours to decrease pain and get a good night sleep!

Best Natural Products For Summer Burns

What are some of your remedies for sunburn?

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7 Beauty Tips All Women Should Use

The secret to good skin isn’t just about using the most expensive product on your face, or getting a trendy facial. Sticking to a consistent skincare routine is the best way to give your skin the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Even though we all have different skin types, there are a few tips all women should try for good skin.

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Cleanse every evening

It seems pretty simple, but a good cleanser is often difficult to find. Getting into the routine of cleansing every evening before bed is ideal since it removes those impurities lying on the skin all day long. Don’t choose anything too harsh or abrasive if you’re suffering from exposed acne spots since it can leave a scar.

Remove your makeup

And not just with a wipe. Think about how much makeup we all pile onto our face (neck and body) on a daily basis. Sometimes, the skin needs a deep clean even after using a makeup wipe. If you’re feeling lazy, use a lightweight micellar water which will remove any makeup residue, and doesn’t need to be washed off the skin.

Use an SPF everyday

Or try and find a foundation with an added SPF which suits your skin type. Women suffering from oily skin might find this a little difficult since SPF can only cause a heavier build-up of oil. Set your foundation with a light, translucent powder so it doesn’t get too oily throughout the day. Your skin will thank you!

Don’t pop your pimples

It might feel a little tempting to pop those pimples, but it’s really just a short-term solution. Busting your own pimples is actually a hazard since it invites a whole lot of bacteria into an open wound – not good. Apply a topical cream with a cotton bud, and let the pimple heal itself.

Exfoliate weekly

Many women feel a little scared when it comes to using an exfoliator since it can feel quite harsh. Avoid using micro-bead formulas which can actually scratch the outer layer of the skin and lead to irreversible damage.

Hydrate your lips

Especially during the summer, our lips can get dry and dehydrated. Use a matte lip cream and re-apply as often as you need to moisturise your lips.

Start using an eye cream

Although eye creams are often targeted to women in their 40s, it’s never too early to start using one. Opt for a lightweight, cream formula and dab it gently around the eyes until it completely soaks into the skin.

What are some of your must-have beauty tips for women of all ages?

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5 Beauty Tips We All Fail To Follow

Thanks to women’s magazines, YouTube tutorials, and countless blogs dedicated to beauty, everyone can be an expert when it comes to hair and makeup. We know how to create the perfect smokey eye, braid our hair, and sculpt our face, but a quick chat with my friends confirmed one thing: There are certain beauty basics that we all fail to follow.

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Whether it’s laziness, lack of time, or simply indifference, there always seems to be a reason to ignore the following beauty tips:

1. Protect your hair from heat

Do you blow dry your hair? Do you straighten it? Do you use a curling wand? Chances are you’ve answered yes to at least one of those questions. Do you apply heat protection spray before doing so? No? Me neither. Even though every single hair stylist tells us how damaging heat can be to hair and that’s it’s sooo important to use a product that protects our hair from the heat, most women skip this step.

2. Clean your brushes

Just think about it: Makeup brushes and hair brushes are used almost everyday and pick up whatever is on our scalp and skin including bacteria, which we then spread again the next day. Most beauticians would tell you to clean your brushes at least weekly, but I’m yet to find a person who actually does this.

3. Apply a base coat

If you can’t be bothered to get a professional manicure every week or you just like to change your nail colour regularly, you probably DIY it at home. Your bathroom is filled with nail polish bottles in every colour of the rainbow, but do you apply a base coat before applying that dark red varnish to keep your nails from turning yellow? I didn’t think so.

4. Use toner

We are repeatedly told how important it is to remove make up and really clean our skin before going to bed. Most of us have a good cleanser for this purpose, but how many of us add that extra step of using a toner to our skincare routine? The right toner can repair and restore your skin, yet, many of us have never owned a toner.

5. Floss

You know it’s important. And you know your toothbrush can only do so much, but somehow, flossing can be found at the bottom of our priority list. Oh well, we’re only human.

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Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Aside from the dress, deciding on that final makeup look is a difficult choice for all brides. Whether you want something glamourous like Kim Kardashian, traditional like Kate Middleton or a combination of the two, we have paired up with Make Up Store to bring you five key makeup looks for every bride.

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Glossy lips

Big, glossy lips are a must-have since they are so quick and easy to achieve with the power of makeup! Line your lips with a natural liner, defining the curves of your mouth. Use a white liner to create the illusion of depth in the centre of your lips, then lock it in with a lip gloss.

Classic Bridal Makeup IdeasLip Gloss Champagne

Natural eyeshadow

For the eyes, go for a natural look which will photograph beautifully and never go out of style. To start off, remember to prime your eyelids (especially if they’re on the oily side), then layer the eyeshadow with a flat-brush. Define the crease with a slightly darker shade, then take a champagne shade to illuminate the inner corner.

Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Microshadow Trio Champagne

Shimmery eyeshadow

To make any eye colour pop, use a shimmery shade which is so easy and effortless to apply. You can use it to define your inner corner, apply it directly on the bottom waterline to give the illusion of bigger eyes, or use in-conjunction with a setting spray for a creamy finish.

Classic Bridal Makeup Ideas

Microshadow in Champagne

Matte lips

For perfectly matte lips, a pink shade is flattering for photos and suits all skin tones. Moisturise your lips beforehand to remove any excess skin, then follow-up with a lip liner the same shade as your lips. Once that is complete, apply the lipstick with a lip brush and dab off the excess. To mattify this look for photos, apply a tissue over the lips and seal with a translucent powder.

Classic Bridal Makeup IdeasLipstick Champagne

Latest Beauty Trend: What Is Strobing?

While the rest of us have only just managed to properly contour, there’s a brand new beauty trend which is already making waves around the internet.

Strobing is all about bringing light to the cheekbones and illuminating the face using highlighters and other light-reflecting makeup products. Here’s everything you need to know about perfecting the glow without looking like a disco ball!

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The best way to set your base for makeup is to moisturise. It helps to hydrate dry skin, and keeps oily spots away – especially if your skin is slightly on the greasy side.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Use a highlighting shade on freshly moisturised skin to avoid the overly frosty look. If you have a lighter skin tone, then a champagne colour is best, and if your skin is darker, look for terracotta tones to bring out a warm base.

Apply the highlighter on places which would normally catch the light – cheekbones, brow-bones, forehead, and above the cupid’s bow. Blend out the makeup using your fingers, a stippling brush, or even a damp cosmetic sponge for a long-lasting finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Warm up the rest of your face as usual, but stick to a matte formula (especially if you have oily skin). Only use shimmer in your highlighter, and keep your other products looking matte for a consistent finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Translucent powder

Set your entire makeup look by lighting dusting a translucent powder over your t-zone, cheekbones, and chin. This will keep your makeup in place for longer, but a few blotting papers packed away in your clutch are always a good back-up to have!

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Would you try strobing?

Image via Daily Makeover, Ania Milczarczyk, Buzzfeed

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

Since we’re in the midst of summer, it’s time to pack away those layers of makeup in favour of a summer-friendly approach. It’s all about making the most of your beauty products and embracing the natural glow which comes with the warmer weather.

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Below are five of our essentials, which are sure to make your face glow all summer-long. Don’t forget to check back on the second part which is focused on summer skincare!

Nars The Multiple, $56

Give your face an instant glow with this iconic cream, available in over ten different shades. Apply it to your cheekbones for a pop of colour, or use it on your brow bone and blend it into your foundation to achieve a beautiful bronze glow.

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

Josie Maran Argan Illuminiser, $35

While we’re on the topic of a bronzed summer glow, an illuminiser is a must-have for any summer trip. Use it on your cheeks, decolletag, or even your arms and legs to fake that perfect glow.

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, $39.95

A cult-favourite, no makeup bag is complete without a bottle of dry oil. Use as a primer for glowing skin, on the body before bed as a moisturiser, or even in your hair for an extra glossy finish. A little goes a long way and it will surely become a huge part of your beauty routine.

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Care Wand SPF 15, $72

If you suffer from particularly dry or chapped lips, then your makeup kit won’t be complete without this. It’s just like the original, although it’s been transformed into a travel-friendly form for instant hydration.

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

Modelco Highlighting Trio, $22

Give your face a vibrant, youthful glow with this multi-functioning palette to give the skin beautiful luminosity. The three shades can be worn separately or combined to create any look in seconds – and without makeup brushes!

5 Essential Summer Beauty Products

Image via Becca Cosmetics

10 Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Household Items

Who doesn’t love to learn a few new beauty hacks? It’s the best way to make the most of the products you do have, especially if they are cheap and effective!

Be sure to check out our ten beauty hacks below, and don’t forget to leave a comment with some of your own.

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Cotton tips

Cotton tips can really be your BFF. Use them to smudge out the perfect smokey eye, remove makeup from those hard to reach places, and also help to create the perfect cat-eye flick.

Tea bags

If you suffer from chronic puffy eyes, simply use tea bags to decrease the swelling. Let them sit in a cup of warm water until they run cool, they apply over your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Coconut oil

Who knew that coconut oil could be so good for you? Use it in your daily meals, apply it onto your skin to cure dry patches, use it as a hydrating hair mask, or even onto your face as an all-natural way to remove your makeup.

Apple cider vinegar

This trusty ingredient has been used for years as a natural way to cleanse hair and skin. After shampooing your hair from the shower, rinse it with about 300ml of apple cider vinegar to remove dandruff and leave your scalp feeling soft and smooth – without over-drying it!


If you can’t quite master a flawless cat-eye (not many of us can!), then scotch tape should easily be in your makeup kit. Apply one strip extending from the bottom waterline and the other from the top, then simply fill in the middle.


Now this might seem a little odd at first… but trust us on it. Dry shampoo is often one of those products we always forget to buy, but always seem to need at the last minute. Use a trusty can of starch from the laundry room to soak up all that excess oil in your hair!


Stayed in the sun too long? Apply some full-fat Greek yoghurt to the area and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Yoghurt is packed with probiotics to help it heal faster and cool down the burn.

Brown sugar

Exfoliate your skin using a mixture of 2 parts brown sugar and 1 part lemon juice. Not only will it help to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out, but the scrub is also effective at increasing circulation.


Out of shaving cream? Use conditioner as a way to achieve smooth, soft skin without any itchy patches or razor burn.


If your nails are looking yellow and discoloured, it’s time to put down the dark nail polish and treat them to some toothpaste… seriously! Use a whitening formula to scrub those yellow stains right off your nails. Just remember to moisturise with a cuticle cream afterwards.

Image via Minq

Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

While we all want our makeup to last the distance, sometimes the heat and humidity can cause creasing, oily patches and even shiny skin. This summer, prep your face with a few of our beauty-bag essentials for heat-proof summer makeup.

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Before applying your foundation, it’s important to use a primer on freshly cleansed skin. Not only will it make your foundation last longer, but it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup itself so it won’t clog your pores! Wait 1-2 minutes until the primer has completely set into the skin, then apply your foundation as usual.

Makeup tips: Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Modelco Face Base Skin Primer, $39

Blotting sheets

If you suffer from particularly oily skin, you might know that patches are a fact of life. Carry a few blotting sheets in your handbag to soak up the excess oil, and keep your skin matte for longer.

Makeup tips: Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues, $10

Setting spray

Before leaving the house, set your makeup with a translucent spray to control oily patches and mattify your makeup. Spray it generously over your face and neck, then wipe off the excess with a tissue or cotton pad.

Makeup tips: Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Setting Spray, $30

Cream products

Using cream products is the best way to make the most of your natural oils during the summer. A cream highlighter, illuminator, bronzer and blush can be easily applied with just the fingertips, and is ideal if you’re creating a natural makeup look.

Makeup tips: Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Nars The Multiple in South Beach, $56

Oil-free moisturiser

Before prepping your skin for foundation, it’s important to lock-in hydration with an oil-free moisturiser. These formulas are great for summer since they won’t clog your skin with additional oils, and will keep it looking matte for longer.

Makeup tips: Heat-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser, $86

What are some of your summer beauty tips?

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Gwyneth To Launch Skincare And Beauty Ranges Via GOOP

Would you trust an A-list celebrity who recently confessed her love of “steam cleaning” her vagina with your beauty regime? This is the question discerning women the world over must surely be asking themselves following the news Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly launching skincare and beauty ranges via her popular lifestyle website GOOP.

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Of course, Gwyneth is also a fan of using to extol the new-age benefits of other such important life matters such as “consciously uncoupling” ala her split with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin; ridiculously overpriced, but gorgeous luxury clothes; month-long juice cleanses and macrobiotic diets.


However, the health obsessive did come under fire for her health advice that if women steam out their vaginas they’ll achieve a powerful energy boost and internal cleanse. This is somewhat amusing given our vaginas self-cleanse, but I digress. Gwynnie advised her legion of fans to run, not walk, to get the special herbal steam-treatment service available at the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica.

“The real golden ticket here is the Mugwort V-Steam,” Gwynnie enthused. “You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al.”

She added that the V-Steam is “an energetic release – not just a steam douche – that balances female hormone levels. If you’re in LA, you have to do it.”


Slammed for this potentially dangerous, sham health advice by multiple medical experts, Gwyneth was undeterred and continued to do what she does best, look amazingly radiant at red-carpet premieres, such as Mortdecai, with new Gold Coast regular, Johnny Depp, who has been in and out of the “sunshine state” of late shooting the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

So, how does the gorgeous celebrity seemingly never age? Is there really something to her diet claims? And here are some more burning questions for Gwynnie – if she’s reading this –about her new organic and sustainable skincare and beauty ranges set to launch next January: Can we mere mortals afford it, or will it cost the equivalent of a monthly Sydney mortgage? And, will it be for women of all ages and skin types? And will we too, then attain the Fountain of Youth?

GOOP will apparently cut out the middle man and handle all retail aspects in-house. Stay tuned for more as it comes to hand, dear readers!



5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

We love being inspired by some of our favourite celebrities on a good day, but especially when it comes to weddings. This week we’re focusing on bridal makeup from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and a few other celebrities who continue to inspire brides around the world.

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Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge chose a relatively natural look for her wedding day, with the emphasis on her cheeks and brows. Use a pomade for a pronounced brow, or even a pencil to fill in any of those gaps or sparse hairs.

5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

Ivanka Trump

For more of a sun-kissed look, Ivanka Trump chose to play-up her features with peach and coppery tones. An illuminator will create the illusion of light on the face, especially when applied onto the cheekbones, brow bone, nose and chin.

5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

Hilary Duff

If you’re planning to wear your hair up or slicked-back, why not try some of Hilary Duff’s makeup for her nuptials to Mike Comrie. Make sure to blend the foundation onto your ears, neck, and chest so there are no white patches in your wedding photos!

5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

Kim Kardashian

For Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries, she chose a stunning look with an emphasis on glossy lips and a contoured cheek. Sculpt the face by using a shade slightly darker than your natural skin-tone, then make sure to blend, blend, blend!

5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

Poppy Delevingne

Older sister Poppy went for a sultry look for her summer wedding in London. For the eyelids, use a light reflecting eyeshadow to emphasise green or blue eyes. You can also lightly dust it over your cheekbones for an instant highlighting shade.

5 Celebrity Bridal Makeup Looks

Images via Complete Wedding, Jennie Fresa, Nicole Deanne, Fashion Kid, Instagram

Top 10 Tanning Tips

Ever wanted a perfect fake tan without streaky skin or orange hands? Bondi Sands Co-Founder and Director, Blair James shares exclusive tips on how to manage an easy streak-free tan at your own home. Keep reading to find out the number one trick to avoid any fake tan-related drama.

Tip #1: Skin preparation

This is the most important factor to achieving a streak free beautiful tan. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE. Self tan will grab to any areas of dry skin resulting in blotchy patches and your tan flaking off in the coming days.

Tip #2: Shaving

Shaving is a major part of the skin preparation process – so if you shave your legs try to do so a day before applying your tan. By shaving the day before, your skin won’t be too sensitive and reactive to the self-tan. Also shaving prior to applying your tan means you do not need to shave over the top of your tan, which can reduce the length of your tan.

Tip #3: Showering

Once you have showered and exfoliated, wait 30 minutes before applying tanning lotions to ensure that your skin is dry – this will give the tan a greater chance of adhering to the skin. Never apply deodorant, moisturiser or perfume prior to applying tanning products!

Tip #4: Face

Before applying your self-tanning product to your face run an ice cube over the nose and surrounding areas. This will reduce the size of the pores so the lotion does not get caught and result in black spots.

Tip #5: Choose your shade

Choose the correct shade for you skin. If you have fair skin and want a dark tan try 1 application of a light/medium product, then reapply if you would like more colour instead of jumping straight into a Dark lotion, which may leave your tan looking unnatural.

Tip #6: Application

Always use a tanning mitt and start with a small amount of tanning lotion, no more than the size of a 20c piece – you can always add more as needed. Gently apply in a smooth circular motion when using tanning lotions and a long fluid motion when using foams or mousses.

Tip #7: Application

Leave the rough areas of the body such as the hands, elbows, knees, and feet to last, and only use the residue left on the mitt. For example when tanning your arms apply lotion to upper arm and forearm then do elbows and hands before moving on to your legs. Refrain from adding more product for these areas, as the rough skin will grab the tanning lotion quickly.

Tip #8: Brow line

The last thing you want is for your self tan to work its way into your brow line or hair line, so apply a small amount of moisturiser to your brow and hair line prior to applying your tan to you face.

Top #9: Finger/toe nails

Wipe your finger/toe nails with a cleansing wipe to prevent them turning brown.

Tip #10: Moisture is the key for tan maintenance! 

The drier your skin, the faster your tan will fade. Moisturise twice a day to extend the life of your tan. Try to avoid other factors that may dry your skin such as salty water, chlorinated water or even showering with very hot water.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Light to Medium 200ml, $19.99

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

Who hasn’t had a fake tan fail at some stage? We’re talking orange palms, streaky legs and not to mention those terrible stains on light clothes and sheets. That’s all about to change with the help of THEIA – the first express tan remover that requires no scrubbing at all! All you need to do is spritz and wipe.

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Creators Brie Stevenson and Michelle Young have launched THEIA on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and need your help to bring this revolutionary, game-changing product to fake tan lovers worldwide. Each purchase of THEIA on Indiegogo helps to bring the product one-step closer to department store shelves and creating a world free from bad fake tan.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

The idea for THEIA came to Brie Stevenson – a makeup artist with 16 years experience – after years of seeing and hearing her clients’ fake tan horror stories. “I’ve had women in tears countless times before big events,” she explains. “My clients complained about the extreme measures they’d go to remove their tans. I’ve heard stories of people using industrial level kitchen scrubbers and even cases where they resorted to Ajax and Napisan baths.”

How does it work?

THEIA is a two-step system. To use, you simply spray the THEIA Express Tan Remover over any fake tan residue, wait two minutes, then wipe clean with THEIA removal cloth.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

Follow by spraying the Liquid Micro Peel onto skin and begin small circular movements with your hand. The multi functional micro peel removes any remaining tan residue, removes dead skin cells, restores pH levels and leaves you with a boost of soothing, anti inflammatory botanicals.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

So put down those toxic chemicals, stop scrubbing your elbows and knees and make sure to contribute to this amazing cause! THEIA is now available from $34 USD on Indiegogo. #goodbyefaketanfail

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to pack away those dark nail polish shades in favour of something a little more appropriate. We have teamed up with ORLY to bring you just some of our favourite nail polish options for summer. You’ll find the perfect shades of pink, purple, and everything in between.

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Each shade in the collection is specially formulated without DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. In addition, each cap is equipped with ORLY’s famous gripper cap for easier application and control.


This bright shade is perfect for the warmer weather, and complements a healthy summer glow. Just 2 coats is enough, and the formula dries super-quick!

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

Bright green

If you aren’t daring enough to paint your nails in Thrill Seeker, you can easily use it on a feature nail. Make sure to prep your nails with a base coat, and let the formula dry completely before applying a second layer.

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

Vibrant purple

Paint your nails a this vibrant shade of purple for the beach, or even the bar. The formula itself so so pigmented, so you won’t need to apply 3-4 coats to get a great colour.

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

Atomic red

Who can resist a classic shade of red? This shade has a slight twist which leaves nails looking their best for days on end. Tiny shimmer particles make your nails shine in the sun!

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

Intense mauve

A pink nail polish never goes out of style, and this one is definitely a must-have on our list. Layer 2-3 coats for the best shine and colour, or use it for nail art!

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

Ocean blue

And finally we’re wrapping up the list with a classic ocean blue. This shade looks amazing with a shimmery sun-tan, and is perfect for a pedicure as well!

6 Must-Have Summer Nail Colours

What’s your favourite shade for summer?

Image via So Nailicious

Interview: Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie

As part of their new Beauty of You Campaign, Priceline has teamed up with a variety of ambassadors to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of all Australian women. SHESAID was lucky enough to chat with Melbourne-based fashion blogger, Vydia Rishie about her favourite products from Priceline, how to feel good from the inside-out and got some general beauty tips – which we all seem to love!

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First of all, what’s your number one tip on staying healthy on the inside?

For me, it’s all about balance. If I’m eating healthy, that in turn makes me want to exercise regularly as well. Once you get out of that routine, you fall back into your old habits like grabbing a piece of chocolate and finishing the whole bar! It’s all about maintaining balance and moderation.

What are some of your favourite makeup looks to create on yourself?

I love a minimalist look, but I’m a huge fan of winged eyeliner at the moment and I could probably do that as my everyday look right now. So I definitely love winged eyeliner and lots of big lashes – playing up one feature is one of my tricks. Keep it simple with a little bit of blush and a nude lip.

Since we’re in Priceline, what is your favourite skincare product to use?

My number one has to be Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser & Makeup Remover, $29.99 – everyone loves it! It’s such a cult product and everyone in the industry will have it on hand at a photo shoot. It’s just the best makeup remover ever, especially if you come home a late night since it’s so easy to use. It’s also great for girls with dry skin since it doesn’t make it feel dehydrated afterwards.

SHESAID Interviews Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie
Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser & Makeup Remover, $29.99

What about your favourite makeup product from Priceline?

I would probably have to say false lashes. When you take a lot of photos, you’ll find that your makeup fades out, but a set of bold, false lashes can really make a difference.

HESAID Interviews Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie
Eylure Ready to Wear Pre Glued, $9.99

Do you prefer the band, or individual lashes?

I love the band! Individual lashes can get a bit fiddly for me, but the band is just so quick and easy to apply. But for an event, I would definitely prefer individual lashes since they look more natural.

Since winter is just around the corner, what are some of your beauty tips for the season?

I actually have super-dry skin and I love to layer my skincare. Obviously getting into that routine is really important and it can get a bit tiring some days, but getting into a regular routine of washing, exfoliating, toning and applying a serum is really important. Serums are my little trick! Pop a moisturiser over the top and it’s really hydrating for the winter time.

What are some beauty tricks which have been passed down to you?

My mum loves anything which is natural like Burts Bees, so using organic products on your skin. But I think it’s also equally important to feed your body from the inside out. Your inner beauty definitely drives your outer beauty.

10 Crazy Beauty Tips Which Actually Work

Cotton tips, sanitary pads and sticky tape… Who knew that these products could also be used for your makeup? Make the most of your beauty routine and try the following 10 crazy tips and techniques today!

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1. Cotton tips

While this one is a little average, they’re extremely handy and really easy to get your hands on. Dip a cotton tip into micellar water to remove mascara stains, apply highlighter and even create a signature smokey eye.

2. Coffee grounds

Notice a little cellulite making an appearance on your thighs or stomach? Simply combine a handful of coffee grounds with some lukewarm water, then apply in circular motions over the area. With time, they should diminish completely.

3. Ice water

If you’ve given yourself an impromptu manicure and need it to dry ASAP, fill a bowl with icy water and submerge your hands in it every few seconds. It will help to set your nail polish without creasing it.

4. Sanitary pads

Do you ever notice fall-out from your eyeshadow after creating a smokey eye? Simply cut a panty liner in half, then stick it just under your lower lash line. It will catch all of the colour without ruining your makeup. This one can’t be too out-there, especially if Chloe Morello uses it!

5. Red patches

For nasty rashes or red patches which might occur as a sign of stress, simply cool two teaspoons in the freezer and place them over your face. Spoons help to cool down the area without causing additional distress to your face.

6. Face primer

Do you suffer from extremely oily skin? You should probably try Milk of Magnesia. Although this product is actually a laxative, if applied directly onto the skin it has a matte effect on any oily patches – trust us.

7. Broken nails

Fix those broken nails by cutting a tiny piece of fabric from a tea bag, then applying it directly over your nail. After you’ve done that all you need to do is paint over the patch to seal it in place.

8. Puffy eyes

Keep puffy eyes away by chopping raw potato and laying it directly on the most sensitive parts of your face. Potato is full of starch which helps to decrease any puffy or hyper-pigmented patches of skin.

9. Haemorrhoid cream

Did you know that haemorrhoid cream works perfectly to keep dry patches of skin away? The super-concentrated formula is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, especially during the colder months of the year.

10. Sticky tape

Create that perfect winged liner by using some sticky tape as a general guide. Place it directly between your lash lines, draw it on, then carefully remove for a flawless cat-eye flick.

What are some of your crazy beauty tips? Share in the comments below!

Image via Chloe Morello

3 Pain-Free Hair Removal Tips

Want to remove your body hair at home without the unwanted pain? Who doesn’t! Try some of these hair removal tips below to get super-soft skin without the extra hassle.

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Although this is probably considered an old-school method of hair removal, it actually works really well. If you’re not quite sure what an epilator is, it’s an electrical device which essentially removes hair from the follicle and is also relatively pain-free.

Use on your legs, arms and bikini area to have super-soft skin which doesn’t require a touch-up for 4-6 weeks. The great part about eplilating is that the more you do it, the weaker the hair follicle becomes. You might need to shave or pluck those stray hairs between sessions, but overall, it’s really quick and easy.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 11.58.14 AM

Braun Silk Epil 1170 Epilator, $55.49

Hot wax

If you’re deciding between hot wax and wax strips, always choose the former – especially if you’re working with the bikini area. Hot wax actually penetrates the hair follicle, warms it up, and removes it much easier than waxing strips could ever do.

Make sure you warm up the wax as recommended on the side of the box, and never wax over the same area twice. After waxing, use a gentle aloe vera solution to remove excess wax, then moisturise with a non-scented formula.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 11.59.39 AM

Waxaway Salon Wax Sensitive, $12.79


Although threading is a recent find for us at SHESAID, the practice itself has been used for centuries. The best way to get your eyebrows threaded is by a professional, but for other parts of the body such as legs and arms, threading is a quick and effective way to remove hair.

You only need two fine strings and the easy technique to do it yourself at home. It’s also a great way to touch-up between salon visits, especially if you don’t have time to make that next appointment.

What are some of your pain-free hair removal suggestions?

Image via iStock

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