9 New Beauty Trends We Already Regret

There’s a time and a place for everything – except unicorn hair.

5 Beauty Products To Fall In Love With This Season

If you’re thinking about giving your beauty bag a makeover, these product gems are a must.

How To Modernise 1970s Beauty Trends

There’s no denying that 70s beauty and fashion is back and bigger than ever. We’re passing on the fashion this time, and focusing on beauty and makeup trends which are so easy to adapt into your usual routine. Think of icons such as Lauren Hutton and Farrah Fawcett who reigned in the makeup department, and are still giving us major makeup inspiration.

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Coloured eyeshadow

Where: Atelier Versace

Coloured eyeshadow was trending at Atelier Versace, where the 70s trend was reflected in both fashion and makeup. Make sure to blend-out coloured shadows well – especially since they can look muddy.

How To Modernise 1970s Beauty Trends

Orange lips

Where: Chanel

Make like Farrah Fawcett and try this popular seventies trend which suits all skin tones. Use a lip liner to define the sides, then colour in the rest of your lips with a matte lip colour. To make them shine, apply a clear gloss over the top.

How To Modernise 1970s Beauty Trends

Winged liner

Where: Elie Saab

Try a standard winged liner, with a twist. Use coloured liner pencil to make blue and green eyes pop, and make sure your lashes are big with lots of mascara. Feel free to apply a strip of false lashes for extra drama.

How To Modernise 1970s Beauty Trends

Coral lips

Where: Vena Cava

Coral lips are one of the biggest makeup trends to come from the 70s. Simply apply a thin layer onto both your top and bottom lips, and you’re done!

How To Modernise 1970s Beauty Trends

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Velaterapia: Can Burning Hair Make It Healthier?

Ever wondered why models have such thick, lustrous hair? We have! A crazy new trend called Velaterapia, is a Brazilian procedure aiming to burn off split ends and helps the hair follicle to repair itself.

The open flame of a candle is usually the main tool used to burn off split ends, and actually lock-in moisture far better than a standard trim could achieve.

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How does it work?

The procedure can take anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on the thickness of your hair, and aims to carefully nourish the hair follicle.

The hairstylist simply uses a naked flame to carefully burn off any previous damage. Small sections of hair are twisted, then a lit candle targets those flyaways which are sticking out. Burning the hair opens up the follicle, and makes it easier to soak up all the nutrients for a deep conditioning treatment afterwards.

Velaterapia - Can Burning Hair Make It Healthier?

What are the benefits of velaterapia?

  • Reduces flyaways
  • Adds moisture to the hair follicle
  • Burns off split ends

Where can I get it done?

This hair trend is extremely popular in South America, and is only offered at a few select hair salons in Brazil. One particular Sao Paulo salon, Laces and Hair offers the procedure for approximately AU$160, and is much-loved by models such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fialho.

Can I do it myself?

Leave it to the professionals in a safe and controlled environment. Hair is highly flammable, and it’s probably easier to get a trim than risk setting your hair on fire.

Images via Latin Times, Instagram

5 Low-Maintenance Manicure Ideas

Groomed nails are a must-have, especially during the summer but who wants to spend half the day waiting for their polish to try? SHESAID has nailed some of the best summer-ready shades which are perfect for summer and dry in a matter of minutes.

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Many women often shy away from glitter since it seems rather too for a refined look. A feature nail is a fun way to incorporate some colour without entry stepping out of your comfort zone. Paint your nails a shade of nude or baby pink, then coat 1-2 nails with a translucent glitter.

Groomed nails are a must-have, especially during the summer but who wants to spend half the day waiting for their polish to try? SHESAID has nailed some of the best summer-ready shades which are perfe

Pale nudes

Lighter shades such as nude or a classic French pink are best-suited to girls with a no-tolerance policy on manicures. They only require 1-2 shades (not counting the top-coat), and last for ages!

5 Low-Maintenance Manicure Ideas

Nail art

Stickers are a fantastic way to play around with a traditional manicure without being tied down to one particular colour. Have fun with a few fun stickers and colours which can easily be removed with acetone-free nail polish.

5 Low-Maintenance Manicure Ideas

Opaque colours

If you are going for a colour, make sure the shade is extremely pigmented so you won’t have to keep re-applying the colour. Darker shades of red, purple, and black are all popular choices and won’t take long to apply.

5 Low-Maintenance Manicure Ideas


Play it safe and stick to sheer or pearly shades which are easy to apply (even for beginners!). Make sure your nails are properly groomed and don’t have a yellow or orange tinge since the polish will only emphasise this colour.

5 Low-Maintenance Manicure Ideas

Tip: Strengthen your nails from the outside with a treatment before applying any polish. This life saviour is a pearly-pink (which looks just like nail polish itself), and will give your nails a much needed detox!

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Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

Forget about highlight and illuminator, luminizer is the new kid on the block which will give your skin a youthful glow. It can be added into your foundation, applied directly onto the cheekbones, or even used as a shimmery eyeshadow – the possibilities are endless!

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What are luminizers?

More often than not, luminizers are in liquid or stick forms which are quick and easy to apply on both the face and body. They are used to diffuse the light, and are essential when conturing and highlighting certain parts of the face.

How do luminizers work?

Luminizers are packed with mica which is a mineral with one special property – it shimmers. The tiny little particles are added into luminizers to give their distinct glow without clogging the pores.

How to use a luminizer?

Luminizers are applied mostly in the same way as highlighters and illuminators. They can give the skin a youthful overall appearance, and bring some light to the face without looking like a disco ball!

Cheekbones: Apply just a few dots over the cheekbones and blend it out with a concealer brush, your fingers, or a damp beauty blender. Similarly, a stick luminizer is a quick and easy way to bring some light to the face without using too many brushes.

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

ModelCo Highlighting Trio, $22

Decolletage: Extend the luminizer down to your décolletage when wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder top or dress. Apply the luminizer directly over your decolletage, and blend out carefully with a buffing brush.

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

bareMinerals Ready Luminizer Duo, $24

Legs: Use a liquid luminizer to give the illusion of super-sleek legs during the summer. It will moisturise your skin at the same time!

Why Your Skin Needs Luminizer For Summer

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer, $26

Image via Studded Hearts

Latest Beauty Trend: What Is Strobing?

While the rest of us have only just managed to properly contour, there’s a brand new beauty trend which is already making waves around the internet.

Strobing is all about bringing light to the cheekbones and illuminating the face using highlighters and other light-reflecting makeup products. Here’s everything you need to know about perfecting the glow without looking like a disco ball!

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The best way to set your base for makeup is to moisturise. It helps to hydrate dry skin, and keeps oily spots away – especially if your skin is slightly on the greasy side.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Use a highlighting shade on freshly moisturised skin to avoid the overly frosty look. If you have a lighter skin tone, then a champagne colour is best, and if your skin is darker, look for terracotta tones to bring out a warm base.

Apply the highlighter on places which would normally catch the light – cheekbones, brow-bones, forehead, and above the cupid’s bow. Blend out the makeup using your fingers, a stippling brush, or even a damp cosmetic sponge for a long-lasting finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?


Warm up the rest of your face as usual, but stick to a matte formula (especially if you have oily skin). Only use shimmer in your highlighter, and keep your other products looking matte for a consistent finish.

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Translucent powder

Set your entire makeup look by lighting dusting a translucent powder over your t-zone, cheekbones, and chin. This will keep your makeup in place for longer, but a few blotting papers packed away in your clutch are always a good back-up to have!

Latest Beauty Trend - What Is Strobing?

Would you try strobing?

Image via Daily Makeover, Ania Milczarczyk, Buzzfeed

Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

While everyone else might be focusing on the hair and beauty trends from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, we have recently come to appreciate the beauty of nail trends.

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We’re going to take you through some of the biggest shows of fashion week to reveal just which of the nail trends will be big during the summer.

Feature nails

Where: Maticevski

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

Since OPI was the official nail partner for Maticevski SS 2015 runway show, you can guarantee that the colours looked amazing.

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA
Make Light of the Situation with Chiffon My Mind, Care to Danse with Petal Soft, Alpine Snow with Pirouette my Whistle as the feature.

There were two main looks that went down the runway: Soft pastels and dark gunmetals. Glitter polishes were added over the top as a feature, and the looks were finished off with OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat before strutting it down the runway.

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA
Cement the Deal with Dark Side of The Mood, Black Onyx with My Voice is a Little Norse as a feature.


Where: Daniel Avakian

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

For Daniel Avakian’s return to the runway, a stunning neutral manicure and pedicure was prepared for all models backstage. Karon McKendrick Taylor for FABY Australia kept nails looking round and trimmed, which worked perfectly to complement the clothing and open-toed sandals for spring.

Shades of Pink

Where: Ellery

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

Kym Ellery’s collection was the first show to open MBFWA at Carriageworks, and was inspired by women from post-impressionist paintings. Melisa Giraldo worked together with OPI to create a look which suited the entire collection.

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

A clean base was achieved with the OPI Clean Ridge Filler, then two coats of the OPI Put It In Neutral, and finally a sheer-pink beige from the new OPI SoftShades Collection.

A classic topcoat of OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat was applied to give a glossy sheen.

Classic white

Where: Jennifer Kate

5 Nail Trends You Should Try From MBFWA

For her debut show at MBFWA, Jennifer Kate tried a fresh look for the models walking down the runway. FABY Australia created a stunning white nail, which is perfect on all skin tones and ideal all-year round. A matte top coat was applied over the top to give nails a lived-in look.

Images via Lucas Dawson

Leech Therapy: What Are The Benefits?

Ever heard of leech therapy? Even though this crazy beauty trend was used for centuries to treat a plethora of illnesses and diseases in the blood, it’s actually most popular in cosmopolitan cities from London to Los Angeles.

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What does leech therapy treat?

Leech therapy is recommended for those who suffer from arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases since it helps to dissolve clots, treat skin disorders, and even improve bad circulation.

But don’t let it fool you, leeches are also used for cosmetic practices such as elective plastic surgery as a way to smooth out the skin and clean the blood. Reconstructive surgery also uses leech therapy to purify the blood after the removal of a cancer.

How does it work?

Live leeches are attached onto the designated target area and are left to draw blood for a specific period of time. Leech therapy is so popular since many proteins and peptides are released which help to thin the blood and reverse bad circulation.

Does it leave any scars?

After the session is over, the leeches leave a small ‘Y’ shape wound which usually heals quickly and without leaving a noticeable mark or scar.

Who is a good candidate for leech therapy?

Anyone suffering from hypertension, visible varicose veins, to skin problems is eligible for leech therapy. Make sure to consult your doctor if you have a history of high-risk blood clotting or haemophilia.

Are there any side effects?

Leech therapy is regarded as a low-risk procedure, and therefore the side effects are few and far between. There is, however a risk of bacterial infection if the leeches are not properly regulated outside. Before booking a session, make sure your doctor is reliable and do your research before embarking on this procedure.

Would you try leech therapy if it helps your condition?

Image via Mind, Body Therapy

5 Must-Try Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

The French drugstore is renowned for its skincare, Korean drugstore makeup is on-trend and won’t break the bank, but the Japanese version combines the best of both worlds.

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If you want an effective skincare routine which won’t leave a hole in your pocket, look no further than the Japanese drugstore  these fabulous skincare and beauty treatments are sure to leave your skin feeling amazing from the inside out.

False eyelashes

Are you addicted to long, luscious lashes without the costly maintenance of extensions? Then the Japanese drugstore has you sorted! They are a fraction of the price – $2 compared to upwards of $10 – and are available in so many styles and colours. They even come with added accessories.


Aqua gel or water-based exfoliator is one of the best Japanese skincare secrets around. Why? It’s perfect for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin, who find it difficult to exfoliate without resulting in a red, itchy face afterwards. The product is made from 90 per cent water and gently removes any dead skin cells without aggravating existing acne spots.



Lots of Japanese mascaras have small, straight brushes which are perfect for those who have short and straight lashes. The long-lasting formula is designed for hot and humid climates, does’t clump, and won’t leave any excess product on the top of your lid after a long day at work.


Skin brightening

Skincare brands such as Sekkisei are known for their whitening properties, but many people use their products as a skin brightener instead. The milky lotion feels weightless on the skin (just like a cleanser) and absorbs quickly to give the skin a glow. Use as a primer to prep your skin before applying any type of makeup or moisturiser.


Cotton tips

Who thought that cotton tips could be so revolutionary? But the Japanese versions are actually sturdier than your average cotton tip and are used in a variety of different ways. You can fix your foundation, improve the appearance of a cat-eye flick, apply eyeshadow and can even use them to remove your lipstick.


Image via Rocket News, New Skin Plus, My Daily, Vanity Trove

Hair Removal: What Is Sugaring?

While we’ve all heard about waxing, shaving, and threading, sugaring is often a practice which is barely mention as much as its popular counterparts.

Sugaring is actually an old Persian way of removing hair using a natural, sticky gel made from water, sugar and water to completely remove hair from the follicle.

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How does it work?

The act of sugaring actually works by using a thick paste which is warmed between the hands, applied on the legs, then quickly ripped off (somewhat like waxing).

You also place the gel in the direction of the hair to remove it completely without ripping or causing any in-grown nightmares.


  • Sugaring is actually a quick and easy way to remove hair without causing your body unbearable pain. Even though there aren’t too many salons which offering sugaring, if you find one – stick to it!
  • The process takes no time at all, and can remove lots of hair at once. Unlike waxing, if you miss a few hairs, you can easily apply the paste over without causing additional irritation to the pore or hair follicle.
  • Did you know that sugaring can actually stunt the hair growth? It can cause damage to the hair follicle and actually leave your legs, arms, and bikini line with less hair over time.
  • There are many DIY kits available both in-store and online so you can remove your hair at home. Alternatively, you could also create your own paste at home.


  • Your hair actually needs to be quick long before sugaring can take place – longer than if you’re waxing! Not a good idea if you need to show your legs off over the weekend.
  • If you have decided to remove hair via sugaring at home, just beware that it can leave your skin feeling red and inflamed. Just be careful, and use clean products, jars, and find a sanitary area to remove hair from your legs. After you’re done, wash up with shower gel and pat the area dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturiser containing aloe vera over the top to soothe the skin.

DIY sugaring

If you would prefer to do it at home, use this easy recipe to create a gel and remove hair directly from the follicle.


2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 water


1. Combine all of the ingredients into a deep pan and cook on high. Wait until the sugar begins to caramelise, then remove from the heat and allow it to cool. By now, the water will evaporate out, and you will be left with the raw mixture.

2. Use a thermometer and wait until it drops in temperature. It should be of a slimy consistency.

Image via About

How To Flawlessly Apply A Dark Lip

A dark lip is a staple makeup look which can take you from day to night with just a touch of coloured lipstick. Before applying it and heading out the door, however, there are a few tips and tricks we can all learn to make the most out of our bold lips, and to keep it from smudging throughout the evening.

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Prep and prime

Before applying a dark coloured lipstick, it is essential to moisturise the area well. Since most darker lipsticks are ultra-drying, they can leave lips feeling patchy and brittle. Use a matte lip conditioner and gently pat it over both your top and bottom lips before applying anything else over the top.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.29.38 PM

Nuxe Reve de Miel Matte Lip Balm, $19.95


If your lips are slightly darker, use a damp cosmetic sponge and a tiny pump of your foundation to create one, consistent colour. This will also help the lipstick to last longer and won’t stain the lines in your lips.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.29.17 PM

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $15.99

Lip liner

Once your lips are all even, use a lip liner and start drawing the outline of your lips from the cupids bow (the middle). This can often be one of the most hardest places to line the lips, so use a light hand and slowly build upon this area.

If you want to over-draw your lips like Kylie Jenner does, it is best to elongate the sides rather than the cupids bow where its most obvious. Use a lip liner which is a similar shade to the lipstick or lip stain which you’ll be using later.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.19.36 PM

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner – Savage Rose, $31.72


Since lipsticks are often a little difficult to apply straight from the bullet, a lipstick brush is a must-have to achieve a precise line. Simply dip it into the bullet, and carefully fill in the lips. If you do make any mistakes, use an angled cotton tip dipped in makeup remover to clean up any lines.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.23.53 PM

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Made It, $60

Lip stain

For long-lasting lipstick which requires little to no touch-ups, then a lip stain is just what you need. You can use your finger to blend it on the lips and can remove any excess product with a tissue. Lip stains generally last longer since they are more pigmented, and require less attention, even if you’re eating or drinking.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.17.43 PM

Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain, $35


To lock-in the colour, use a gloss which will also keep your lips cool and hydrated. Keep a plumping gloss in your bag and reapply throughout the evening – it’s perfect for women with dry, patchy lips.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 3.16.06 PM

Transformulas LipVolume, $49

Image via Beauty Editor

How To Style Bleached Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian’s tried them, they’ve graced the catwalks for years, and they require some additional TLC, but bleached brows are one of the biggest trends this season.

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Here we show you how to wear bleached brows without going over the top, or sticking out like a sore thumb this spring.

Bright lips

Pair bleached brows with a bright, coral lip, which will shift the focus onto the lower part of your face. This is perfect for creating a shimmery evening look, especially when paired with luminous, glowing skin.

Kim Kardashian's tried them, they've graced the catwalks for years, and they require some additional TLC but bleached brows are one of the biggest trends this season.

Cat eye

A classic winged liner is another great way to bring the focus to your eyes without going overboard. If you find it a little tricky to master this look, use an angled brush – it practically does all the work for you! Simply press onto the outer corner of your eyes and wing it outwards into the tip.


Coloured mascara

If your skin and lashes are naturally fair, choose a coloured mascara which will really make your eyes pop. Although blue and brown shades are most common, a pop of lilac looks amazing with matte skin and light brows.


Luminous skin

Not too dewy and not too dry is where you might find luminous skin. If your skin produces lots of oil, use this to your advantage and pair it with a foundation which will accentuate your features.


Lots of lashes

Since your brows are light and bleached, use this to your advantage and apply lots of lashes. Individual falsies are best for creating a subtle, natural look (although they might take a bit of practice in front of the mirror).


How would you style bleached brows?

Images via Breakfast With Audrey, Numero, We Heart It, I Love Wildfox, Fashion Gone Rogue

The Caveman Beauty Routine

Ever heard of the caveman beauty routine? It’s all about using age-old remedies for beautiful, glowing skin without the harmful chemicals and additives found in many skincare and beauty products.

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Specifically targeted for those suffering from acne, the routine actually encourages you to cut down on common beauty products and let your skin actually heal itself from the inside out.

What are the main objectives?

The caveman beauty routine is actually split into two parallel objectives; that less is more, and you should do what feels right for your own skin.

Less is more: This approach is all about letting your skin breathe and cutting down the amount of unnecessary product you apply (and remove) on a daily basis. Rather, the objective is to decrease the use of cleansers and other popular skincare products which could be doing you more harm than good.

What feels right: The wonderful part about the caveman routine is that you can adapt some of its principles into your own skincare. Sometimes exfoliating on a daily basis might not suit your skin type, but it might be doing your friend a world of good.

Skincare is never a one size fits all approach, but rather, it’s about finding what works for you – albeit through trial and error.

What if my skin gets worse?

The issue with using new skincare products or stopping them for a short period of time, means that your skin needs time to re-adjust. Sometimes it can relax and release more sebum (natural oil), and other times you might notice small bumps or acne spots. But this very well could stem from your diet, so keep a diary to track your progress as you change up your skincare.

What are the main principles of the caveman routine?

Traditionally, the caveman routine has been quite strict about what you can, and cannot put on your face. The stricter rules include:

  • Avoiding washing your face on a daily basis – in turn letting your skin regulate or train itself. No soap, no water.
  • No makeup of any kind.
  • Strictly no exfoliating, steaming, or even a simple facial on the skin.

How can I incorporate this into my own routine?

These rules should only be used as a general guide, and perhaps even discussed at length with your dermatologist. Not exfoliating, cleansing, or even removing makeup can cause pores to clog and even create additional acne – eek!

If you do want to cut down on the amount of skincare products, use a consistent routine which doesn’t jump from one item to the other. This could be causing your skin to break out in the first place, especially factored in with a healthy, balanced diet.

Image via Allure 

Celebrity Beauty Trend: Eyelash Perming

Here’s another crazy beauty trend for you, ever heard of the eyelash perm?

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The technique is basically the same as if you’re getting your hair permed, except it’s on your lashes! No more wasting time with an eyelash curler, which let’s face it, doesn’t suit everyone’s eye shape – and this lasts for much longer. So what’s the deal with eyelash perming, where can you get it done and is it safe?

What is eyelash perming?

Eyelash perming is a semi-permanent procedure which involves curling small sections of your lashes with a special adhesive.

How does it work?

The lashes are wrapped in a thin sponge which administers a special type of glue. All you need to do is keep your eyes closed and the beauty therapist will wrap your lashes then let them set for a few minutes. A few are done at a time to receive the maximum benefits of the glue.

Celebrity Beauty Trend: Eyelash Perming

Is eyelash perming safe?

Although it might seem a little extreme, it is actually quite safe. The glue won’t disrupt your vision or break your skin out into a rash, so there is no need to worry about any side-effects popping up. Your beauty therapist will usually ask you before the procedure if there is anything your skin is allergic to, also.

Before booking the appointment, make sure your beauty therapist has completed a relevant training course and always take a look at their reviews online – just to be safe.

What are the main advantages of eyelash perming?

Although the advantages are mostly cosmetic, they can help your overall self-esteem. They’re also ideal for women (and men!), who have long, straight lashes that never quite hold a curl. This creates a less-tired appearance and will last for about 3 months before the procedure needs to be repeated.

It is also a great alternative for women who have thin or sparse lashes and want to minimise the amount of mascara and other product they apply onto them.

Are there any side effects?

Since lashes usually have a cycle of 90 days until they fall out and re-grow once again, you might experience the occasional shedding – but this is completely normal! It won’t disrupt the natural cycle of your lashes, and, if anything, it will decrease the amount of product you put on them!

How long does it take?

The procedure can vary for each beauty therapist, but it should take no longer than 1 hour in most cases. The average price is set at $50 per set, but can increase depending on the state of your lashes and the demand your beauty therapist has.

It’s really that simple! Would you ever get your lashes permed?

Images via Lash Perm, Beauty and Nails

No Moisturiser Skincare Regime

Whilst we’re constantly told to use a moisturiser on a daily basis to replenish and hydrate the skin, who knew that there was a beauty trend which wholly advised against it.

Aptly called ‘no moisturiser skincare’ it aims to decrease the amount of chemically refined moisturisers we put on our face, because it can often throw off the balance of natural sebum.

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Wait, how does this whole thing actually work? Results show that moisturising your skin too much can lead to a build-up of bacteria which can clog your pores and lead to other nasties such as acne.

Is there a solid routine?

Not really. Most men and women who follow this regime cleanse their skin twice a day and only use a moisturiser if absolutely necessary (let’s say, during the winter). The entire no-moisturiser regime aims to decrease the skins reliance on chemicals and instead, actually gives it the ability to heal itself.

Sometimes using too many products at once can traumatise the skin and lead to under-the-skin bumps and the occasional acne spot.

Are there any side effects?

Think of your skin as one giant organ; it ingests everything you put on it in a matter of seconds. If you have been religiously moisturising your face for a long period of time, then you will start to notice some common symptoms. Initially, many users notice an increase of dry patches and flakey skin, even on types which are mostly oily.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

If you suffer from particularly dry or dehydrated skin, then this is probably not the skincare regime that will work for you.

Take a look at your surroundings and determine whether they could also be the source of your dry skin; working in air-conditioning, or similarly the hot sun can completely suck the moisture from your skin as well. Ideally, this regime is perfect for those who have normal to oily skin types since it’s not over-drying.

What else can I use in lieu of a moisturiser?

There are different ways to hydrate the skin without resorting to a traditional creamy moisturiser. Thermal waters contain little to no harmful additives and are a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to wean yourself off of moisturisers, but don’t want to go cold turkey.

Image via Handbag

Key Beauty Trends From NYFW

Since New York Fashion Week is well and truly over for another season, it’s time for us to discuss some of the newest beauty trends for the next few months.

You will find some of our usual favourites including dark lips, winged eyeliner, and even some 1960’s influences that would make even Twiggy proud.

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Sheer eyeshadow

Where: Alexander Wang

In tune with the moody vibes of Alexander Wang’s latest collection, the makeup seemed to reflect this as well.

While skin was kept quite minimal and fresh, the attention was most definitely on the eyes. Rather than choosing a dark eye, makeup artists favoured an almost sheer lid which is quick and easy if you’re on-the-go.

Key Beauty Trends From NYFW

Red lips

Where: 3.1 Phillip Lim

The girls at 3.1 Phillip Lim were sent down the runway with a bright red lip which was primarily blue-toned. This is perfect for pale girls who want a pop of colour in the colder months and is also quick and easy to apply.

While the lips were mostly matte, you can apply a thin gloss over the top for a glam look.

Key Beauty Trends From NYFW

Matte skin

Where: Jason Wu

Matte skin ruled at Jason Wu, which is perfect for girls who love to keep their makeup from transferring. Powder those pesky areas such as an oily t-zone and chin to create a flawless look which lasts for hours.

Key Beauty Trends From NYFW

Black kohl

Where: Rag and Bone

There’s no denying that models at Rag and Bone had a certain Edie Sedgewick influence about them. The cropped hair, black kohl-rimmed eyes, and glossy lips were a dead giveaway from the moment the first model stepped onto the catwalk.

Achieve this look with a super thin eye brush and slowly extend outwards from the waterline.

Key Beauty Trends From NYFW


Where: Vera Wang

Filling in those thick, prominent brows isn’t out of fashion just yet, and the models at Vera Wang all sported this trendy look. Disguise any gaps with a powder or pencil and brush through your brows to make it look natural.

Key Beauty Trends From NYFWImages via Style

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

As Paris Haute Couture Week comes to a finish, not all of our attention was just on the exquisite clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Fashion houses such as Chanel, Versace, and Christian Dior displayed a few different looks for spring, which you can try yourself at home. We have picked our top five makeup trends which are sure to look amazing on any complexion!

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Glossy lips

Where: Christian Dior

The girls at Christian Dior let the clothes do the talking, by keeping the rest of their makeup relatively natural. Use a powder to lightly dust through your brows and create the illusion of body and shape with a slight arch. One of our favourite trends included a glossy lip which is super-easy to apply, and is very much low maintenance.

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Coloured eyeliner

Where: Armani Privé

Following a previous piece we did which was all about coloured makeup, this trend was definitely a stand-out here at SHE SAID. Models were sent down the runway with subtle gold eyeliner which complimented glowing skin and untamed brows. Finish off the look with a pop of colour to the lips, and lashings of mascara.

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Smokey eye

Where: Atelier Versace

You can always count on Donatella Versace to create a sexy, sensual look without going too over-the-top. The figure-hugging dresses looked amazing when paired with a classic smokey eye, and glossy lips. Don’t forget to add a pair of false lashes to make the look so much more dramatic for pictures.

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Bright lip

Where: Chanel

A pop of colour is the best way to embrace the spring, and this season Chanel didn’t disappoint. Keep it simple on the eyes, and use a neutral shade to cover-up any dark circles. As for the lips, a blue-toned red is best since it makes your teeth appear white and shiny!

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Contoured cheeks

Where: Valentino

Lastly at Valentino, models were prepped with chiseled cheekbones, and a bronzed complexion (looking like they just spent the day in St Tropez!). Use a thin contour brush to carve out those cheekbones, and use a matte bronzer since it will make the entire look feel natural and sun-kissed.

Top 5 Makeup Trends From Paris Fashion Week

What was your favourite makeup trend from Paris Haute Couture?

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The Bold And The Beautiful

Stand out from the crowd this party season in these bold, new lip smackers. Now is not the time to be a wallflower, so shine bright like a diamond in these dazzling, new-season beauties. The result? A seriously kissable, killer pout. Mwah!

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Tangerine dream: This Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick, $35, in Niki, will lend a bright, power pop to any summer outfit. A luxurious cream lipstick, it has a modern matte finish. Get the party started, sister! Find it at David Jones stores and via davidjones.com.au.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks

Power pink: Brighten up those summer days via a slick of Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lip Stain, $26, in Pink Velvet. Pink addicts such as myself cannot get enough of this baby, which goes on liquid and dries completely matte. It’s also touch-proof, transfer-proof and long-wearing. Love! Find it at Lulu & Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks

Red-hot woman: Make a statement at your next summer party with Lime Crime Lipstick, $23, in Glamour 101. Bold, opaque and deadly – no man stands a chance with this killer pout, loaded with pigment. Go get em’, girlfriend. Find it at Lulu & Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks

Pretty in pink: You’ll be party-ready in this delectable shade: the Sisley Phyto-Lip Shine, $50, in Sheer Fuchsia. Creamy, light and nourishing, this baby’s a treatment formula combining both intense gloss and softness. Find it at David Jones stores and via davidjones.com.au.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks

Orange crush: Summer tans will pop thanks to this beauty: Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lip Stains, $26, in Suedeberry. I’m talking super-cool orange blush tones – pair it with a killer dress and a cheeky smile. This matte formula is utterly addictive and it’s a handbag must-have. Find it at Lulu & Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks

Carnal knowledge: Sex up your summer nights with this bold and vivacious Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick, $50, in Carnal. This luxury lippy glides on effortlessly, leaving your lips feeling sensual, soft and smooth. God, I love good red lip! Find it at David Jones stores and via davidjones.com.au.

summer beauty, beauty trends, lipsticks



Would You Date A Guy With A “Man-icure”?

If a bloke turned up at your door, ready to whisk you away for a hot date, would you bat an eyelid if he was sporting the new OPI colour collection?

I’ve long thought that the state of a man’s hands tell you much about him, such as whether he’s getting intimate lady time. I’m thinking grubby, filthy, half-chewed fingernails are a dead giveaway of no play.

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Good news ladies, erm I think: male nail art, or “man-icures” are big business right now – at least, according to Amazon. The shopping giant recently credited a “male varnish effect” for the fact that its nail products were selling like hot cakes.

Amazon says it has recorded a whopping 90 per cent rise in sales of nail gem decoration and a 98 per cent increase in UV nail polish, nail stripers and nail strengtheners.

Of course, it we look to Hollywood, male nail art is nothing new – check out these pics of the perennially-cool Johnny Depp rocking blue nail polish; suave singer/songwriter Seal (pictured below) showing off his bright yellow “man-icure”; and, of course, the hilarious and uber-talented Brit stand-up comedian, actor and writer Eddie Izzard (pictured below), who’s long been a fan of a pretty mani. The latter is committed to running for London Mayor in 2020, so male nail art may yet get a lot more cred in conservative arenas.

manicure, male nail art, johnny depp
Long loved by 80s hair bands, male nail art is also embraced by the very manly guitar god Dave Navarro; the hottest ginger on the planet, Prince Harry, and the super-sexy soccer star David Beckham. But do you have to be an A-list male celebrity to pull this look off?

manicure, male nail art, eddie izzard
Now, while I’m not sure if you have to worry too much just yet about your average red-blooded Aussie male raiding your nail polishes, the internet is rife with blogs (pictured below) by seemingly normal guys who like nail art (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

manicure, male nail art, celebrity style
And local bloke folk who have been known to sport a nice manly polish in public include comedian, TV host and writer Wil Anderson and Daniel Johns of Silverchair fame.

So, is male nail art to be shunned or applauded? I say let’s embrace it – it’s a sign of the metrosexual times in which we live, and a big positive surely, if men are spending more time on their self-care and appearance?

Maybe the blokes should just keep their mitts off our beloved Chanel and OPI though, and instead stick to male nail polish brands like Alphanail and Evolutionman! Some things should not be shared.

What do you think?

Johnny Depp image via duri.com.ua; Seal image via www.fashionavecpassion.com; Eddie Izzard image via www.theguardian.com and foot image via polished-men.blogspot.com.

10 Reasons To Love Lulu And Lipstick

Make like stylish beauties Beyonce, J-Lo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by bagging yourself cult international beauty brands favoured by the stars at new luxe beauty etailer Lulu and Lipstick. Stocking thousands of on-trend beauty and skincare brands from around the world, Lulu and Lipstick is like the beauty world equivalent of a candy shop. Here are SHESAID’s top 10 Lulu and Lipstick must-haves ahead of Christmas – go on, spoil yourself – point and click on www.luluandlipstick.com.

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1. Velour Lashes You Complete Me, $34.50: The most luxurious of all fake lashes, these authentic mink babies – as flaunted by Queen Bey herself – can be worn up to 25 times. And if they’re good enough for the Queen…  Perfect for the upcoming party season, the handmade lashes offer a full and luscious frame to your eyes. Love!

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick2. Mermaid Perfume Body Oil, $79.95: US Vogue called Mermaid Perfume: “one of the world’s nine best beauty products flying under the radar”. And this divine oil is a definite must-have; laced with sweet orange blossom and coconut – it’s for every girl who’s ever dreamt of being a mermaid.

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

3. Ayurda Cucumber and Basil Cleansing Milk, $69.95: Incorporating the wisdom of the ayurvedic philosophy, Ayurda takes a holistic approach to beauty with all-natural products designed to create “nutrition for the skin”. The beauty brand prides itself on being one of the first to link skincare to well-being, with products that go beyond organic. This cleansing milk is a great natural healer for fragile skin.

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

4. Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème, $103.50: Recently labelled with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s famous tagline “Maj”, NYC’s Tata Harper specialises in luxurious anti-aging beauty products which are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. The products are 100 per cent natural and non-toxic, nourishing the skin and the spirit. What’s more, US Vogue called Tata Harper products “life-changing”.

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

5. Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade, in Soft Brown, $39: The go-to precision perfect eyebrow products for A-listers ranging from Kim Kardashian to Oprah, Anastasia Beverley Hills was founded by beauty innovator Anastasia Soare. The award-winning beauty products work to balance and proportion features, with an extensive range of cosmetics, stencils and tools with which to create perfect eyebrows at home.

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

6. Beetox Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Facemask, $110: UK skin sensation Beetox has been hailed as a natural alternative to Botox. This luxurious and unique beauty product promises to rejuvenate skin. It is said to provide deep penetration, improve micro-circulation in the renewal of damaged skin cells and stimulate the facial muscles, thus creating lifting, tightening and firming effects. Bees were not harmed in the sourcing of the ingredients. Yay!

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

7. Lulu and Lipstick Make-up Bag, $24.95: This cute and cheerful cosmetics bag capitalises on the pineapple fashion and interiors trend that so hot right now. A pop of colour for your handbag, Lulu’s signature make-up bag is surprisingly large – you’ll easily fit a vast array of cosmetics in there. Bag it, baby.

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

8. Pink Holiday Lipstick in Love In Portofino, $28.75: Renew your love affair with pink lipstick with this luscious lip smacker from the NYC beauty brand. Pink Holiday’s lip formula is colour-saturated; moisturing, but light on the lips; colour-true and anti-aging. What’s more, this beautiful, bright pink will give you soft, kissable lips. Pinkilicious!

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

9. DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub With Chemical and Physical Exfoliation, $52.90: US celebrity cult brand DERMAdoctor Specialist Skin Care provides the latest solutions to common skincare problems such as rosacea, keratosis pilaris and melasma. And with Brazilian model and designer Camila Alves crediting this product for her recent, flawless Oscars skin – it’s worth a whirl, to be sure!

makeup tips, beauty trends, Lulu and Lipstick

10. Lime Crime Lipstick in Babette, $23: Make-up renegades from Los Angeles, Lime Crime strive to create the most kick-arse true-to-colour, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics possible. This vampy pastel coral shade (pictured at top and below) is bold, opaque and colour-drenched. It’s perfect for hot, hot, hot summer parties and just the thing to complement on-trend maxis.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Lulu And Lipstick

Bare Blossom’s Blooming Business

When Brisbane lawyer Adriana Woolf, 35, discovered she had an autoimmune condition and needed to limit the amount of toxins and chemicals she used on her skin, due to the increased risk to her organs, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in.

A huge make-up lover, Adriana (pictured) set to work researching make-up ranges on the market and, unable to find a complete range that was low-toxin and chemical-free, she decided to make her own. She launched her natural mineral makeup and cosmetics company, Bare Blossom, in March 2013 after recognising a gap in the market for pregnancy-safe and vegan cosmetics like hers.

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“Apart from having an endless array of make-up on hand, the best thing about running Bare Blossom is knowing that I am giving people a healthier alternative to what is on the market,” Adriana says.

“My mission has become educating the world about toxins in make-up and cosmetics and providing an alternative. I get extreme joy when Bare Blossom receives an email thanking us for providing a quality, toxin-free make-up line suitable for everyone from pregnant women to those with sensitive skin and autoimmune diseases. They are so happy that they can use make-up again.”

Now, with Bare Blossom ambassador, Miss World Queensland and model/presenter and producer Hailey Wilson (pictured) at the helm, Bare Blossom is a triumph of hard work and passion.

mineral make-up, all-natural cosmetics, Bare Blossom,

With degrees in both psychology and law, Adriana works as a lawyer alongside her husband Shawn at their Brisbane law firm. Somehow, the busy businesswoman also finds time to run Bare Blossom, a small, family-run business, which is seeing healthy sales in its first year of trade.

With repeat customers from as far away as New Zealand and the UK, Adriana is dreaming big, with expansion plans in place for national and international stockists. After being diagnosed with secondary Raynaud’s which is why she must wear gloves and a connective tissue disorder, Adriana’s new business venture made her more aware of her health. “It has made me more aware the importance of looking after yourself and your body. I think it’s important that this translates into all aspects of our life, including cosmetics and make-up,” she says.

mineral make-up, all-natural cosmetics, Bare Blossom,

“With an autoimmune illness, you have to deal with episodes (called flares) of being well and not being well – basically your body attacks you from the inside out.

“The hardest thing about this is constantly having to pay attention to your body and notice the early warning signs. If you don’t you end up having a flare that lasts for months at a time, which is exhausting.

“I find that extended periods of stress, not exercising and eating the “wrong” foods (specifically gluten and casein) will set my autoimmune system into overdrive. The main symptoms which I personally experience are joint pain, pins and needles and numbness in my hands and feet, as well as swelling of my fingers and feet. I also get psoriasis on my elbows, which I cover up with Bare Blossom!

“I think having a background in psychology has given me the understanding of the mental and emotional effects of not making time for your health and wellness.”

And in case you’re wondering what Adriana’s favourite Bare Blossom products are, she says she can’t live without the Mineral Foundation Powder, which has SPF15 and is gluten-free and vegan; Mineral Mascara, which has a rich colour and is long-lasting; and Mineral Lipstick, which gives lips a luscious feeling and glides on smoothly.

Bare Blossom beauty products do not contain any animal products or derivatives and common cosmetic nasties such as: bismuth oxychloride, ferric ferrocyanide, harsh chemicals, parabens, talc and more.

Visit www.bareblossom.com.au for more information and to order online.

mineral make-up, all-natural cosmetics, Bare Blossom,

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