7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

Feeling bloated even when it’s not that time of the month? It is probably due to the food you’re eating on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative this summer, try the following foods which are proven to beat the bloat.

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Who knew that parsley could be so good for a bloated belly? Enjoy some of this fresh herb in your salad, sandwich or even a healthy quiche to enjoy its diuretic benefits.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat


Stick to the standard 8 glasses of water each day to help flush out those toxins from your kidneys. You can also enjoy a cup of green tea to help de-bloat your belly after a filling meal.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat


Enjoy a pineapple and papaya tropical salad to help break down the food in your body. These fruits are packed with enzymes to help aid digestion, and also keep your body looking trim and healthy.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

Peppermint tea

A warm cup of peppermint tea is another great way to kick-off your metabolism after lunch or dinner. It helps to relax your muscles, and breaks down gas.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

Probiotic yoghurt

Treat yourself to a few scoops of probiotic yoghurt with fruits to decrease gas after a filling meal. Yoghurt is also packed with good bacteria which will settle an upset stomach.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

Brown rice

Swap the white rice for brown rice which are rich in fibre and won’t have your body feeling too congested.

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

Fresh vegetables

Most fresh vegetables are packed with digestive enzymes to help combat against a bloated stomach. A fresh summer salad is a lightweight meal option which won’t leave you unbuttoning your pants soon afterwards!

7 Foods To Beat The Bloat

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August 6, 2015

4 Ways to Beat the Holiday Belly Bloat

It’s officially the season of overindulgence, and who doesn’t look forward to feasting with friends and family – but with that also comes the inevitable belly bloat.

Ravinder Lilly, nutritionist at USANA Health Sciences says, “With the toxic load of saturated fat, sugar and alcohol consumed over Christmas, there’s little wonder why we find ourselves suffering from a full and sluggish gut. Thankfully, there are a couple of strategies available to fight the silly-season stomach swell.”

Ravinder shares her top tips to beat the belly bloat this holiday season:

1. Get out there
Some of us, on occasion, eat to the unbearable point of being unable to move. And although it may be tempting to wallow in our bloated abyss, one way of speeding the rate at which food moves through the system is to take a post-meal stroll.

2. Pop a peppermint
Indigestion can result from eating too much, eating too quickly, opting for too many high-fat foods, and too much alcohol/caffeine. Peppermint flavoured candies, breath mints or tea can relieve gas, indigestion and nausea. But peppermint is not the best option if you have heartburn. That’s because peppermint, as well as caffeine and alcohol, can weaken the oesophageal sphincter so that stomach acid is able to splash up causing worsening heartburn.

3. An after-dinner drink for digestion
Caffeine-free chicory-root tea can soothe your mood, and possibly also your digestive tract. Chicory, which generally has a roasted-coffee taste, is known among herbalists as an effective means to move things along. Chamomile tea is similarly soothing on the digestive system. Green tea is another fabulous option – it contains healthy antioxidants called catechins. And, by adding citrus juice or vitamin C, it boosts the bioavailability of these beneficial compounds. These healthy chemicals are associated with a lower risk of cancers whilst boosting heart and brain health.

4. Don’t look to laxatives
It’s an unfortunate misconception that taking laxatives will help to push food out of the system by quickly emptying an overstuffed gastrointestinal system. The truth of the matter is laxatives help to empty the colon. The food you’ve just consumed, however, is in your stomach. For food to reach your stomach through your small intestine can take several hours, so taking a laxative certainly won’t make you feel any less full. Instead, opt for wholegrain foods – the less processed, the more fibre is retained in foods like wholegrain bread and brown rice.

Ms Lilly also recommends the following products:

USANA® Probiotic which contains two types of beneficial bacteria which help to complete the process of digestion, produce vitamins B and K and aid mineral absorption. Beneficial bacteria also play an important role in boosting your immune function.

Try a fibre supplement like USANA’s Fibergy. It’s hugely rich in fibre so try a spoonful or two on your breakfast cereal or stirred into small juice. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to help the fibre move waste effectively out of the body, too.

November 12, 2013