SHESAID Roadtests Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions

If you’ve ever wished you were a natural blonde, this may cause a rethink: whenever I don’t tint my eyelashes darker or wear black/brown mascara, people think I’m sick.

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Yep, the hair on my head may be naturally fair (although I’ve had to lighten it over the years, too), but I look like an albino without eye makeup. “OMG what is that thing!?” people have been known to cry upon seeing (or not seeing, to be accurate) my naked, blonde eyelashes and eyebrows (OK, not quite).

As a result, I became obsessed with trying the latest and greatest mascaras and now, the wonderful invention of eyelash extensions. And so it was that I agreed to test-run the Cherry Blooms Australia Brush On Fibre Lash Extensions In 60 Seconds, $69 (pictured), at fab, new beauty etailer Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

This baby promises to thicken and extend your natural lashes by up to 300 per cent. Even better, there’s no yucky industrial-grade glue, no mess, no fuss and no irritation – just two products to apply in three steps. The result: instant eyelash extensions in 60 seconds!

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
So, how does it work? You first apply a generous coating of Transplanting Mascara Gel to clean, dry eyelashes.

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
Next, you quickly apply the Fibres before the gel dries, brushing your eyelashes to the ends just as you would a normal mascara, but taking extra care not to get the fibres to close to your eyeball.

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products

And finally, step three is to seal the lashes with another coat of the Transplanting Mascara Gel to lock them into place. Voila!

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
It’s all about the product’s high-potency beeswax, which helps the fibres stick to the lashes to make them stay put all day. The beeswax also has high moisturising properties, acting as a leave-in conditioner for your lashes, and is said to even stimulate lash growth, so you can wear it on its own.
And if Beyonce-style showgirl lasses are your bag, you can even repeat the three-step process for a more dramatic look.

The result? I was pleasantly surprised by my new, more voluptuous, longer and thicker eyelashes (NB: that’s not me in the model pictures, above) – it’s not too OTT either, a more natural, lightweight look you could easily try to pull off as your own peepers. “Yes, I woke up looking like this”.

Another thing that impressed me about the Cherry Blooms eyelash extensions is that they’re very easy to remove – all you need is warm water, which causes the lashes to soften and melt without hideous panda eyes. They’re also all natural and non-toxic and so suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses.

Cherry Blooms also claims the lashes are water-resistant, so won’t smudge or run and are cry-proof, laugh-proof and sweat-proof too. Not that I was about to sweat on them – I took mine straight out for a night on the town, batting my pretty, new eyelashes at anyone within sight.

Purchase them via www.luluandlipstick.com. And for more information, visit www.CherryBlooms.com.au.

Eyelash images via cherryblooms.com

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