Dream Holiday Destinations

In a recent SheSaid competition we asked you to tell us about your dream holiday destination. For some of you it’s a place, for other’s more a state of mind. And while for most of us an exotic international holiday any time soon is plain wishful thinking, there’s no harm in dreaming!Here’s a selection of the best responses…

Sun, cocktails, water, beautiful boys. That’s it. That’s all I want. Oh and shops (of course)! Laura.

Toasting on a beach in Jamaica with some beautiful Jamaican guys drooling over me and me drooling over them. Just me my bikini and my men! Kellie.

Somewhere in the pacific, not too hot, but a moderate 25 degrees, palms everywhere, beach pure white, water glistening, and hot babes to serve my meals. Did I mention a small mall not too far away? Katrina

Has to be the Maldives. Think of endless hot days with white sand beaches and dark muscly local men with tight derrieres. Heaven in paradise. Helen.

Somewhere with sun, fun fabulous friends and fabulous food! I need to escape winter and get some colour to stop everyone calling me Casper! Pega.

Australia – there’s so much to see in our own backyard. I’d love to do a big trip around the country and soak it all up – from the rainforests to the deserts. The people, the weather, the food! Jenny.

Bora Bora, tropical blue water, French/Polynesian hospitality, glass bottom huts over the reef, now all I need is the hunky boyfriend and I’m off! Michele.

My dream holiday spot would be my Mum’s house. I miss her like crazy and can’t wait to go on holidays to see her! Carla.

Rome, Italy. Pizza Pasta Wine and the music. Relaxing in a vineyard in the sun with my partner. Kerry.

My dream holiday destination would have to be Paris. It’s a romantic beautiful city filled with art, history, great food and fabulous shopping what more could you want! Flavia.

Edinburgh … in a warm Scottish pub drinking decent beer with the cold wind howling outside. Erin.

Cuba is my ideal holiday destination, sipping daiquiris all night long dancing away to salsa beats in a hot bar packed with good looking young Latinos. Fay.

I know it doesn’t exist, but I’d love to go to Tolkien’s “Middle-Earth” and holiday with the hobbits. They seem carefree, simple and very, very happy living in the shire. Anh.

Probably the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania. I would have an absolute field day in there. I would not want to leave! Deanne.

December 10, 2002

Exotic Destinations: Once in a lifetime travel

Travelling to exotic destinations is the stuff that dreams are made of. No one knows this better than SheSaid reader Jo M, who has compiled for us the ultimate wish list for the dreamers and adventurers among us.

    • A kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower


    • See the pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt


    • See the Sistine Chapel


    • Relax in the Greek Isles


    • Go to the top of the Empire State Building


    • Sit in the audience of the David Letterman show in New York!


    • Visit the Getty Centre in Los Angeles


    • Climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney


    • Smoke a joint in a cafe in Amsterdam


    • Visit the Taj Mahal in India


    • Party hard along the Vegas strip.


    • Watch the Tour De France ride home along the Champs Elysee


    • See the Kremlin in Moscow


    • Ride a horse along Rotten Row, Hyde Park, London


    • Eat great tapas in Spain


    • Take a gondola ride in Venice


    • Go trekking through Nepal


    • Smoke cigars in Cuba


    • Re-enact the opening scene from The Sound of Music on a mountain top in The Alps!


    • Drink HUGE mugs of beer in Germany


    • Visit Rio during Carnivale


    • Go running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain


    • Visit Cannes for the film festival


  • Visit a casino in Monte Carlo and rub shoulders with the rich and glamorous

What’s your ultimate travel experience? Have you done it yet, or are you still dreaming? Email us your Once in a lifetime travel wish list and don’t forget to check back next week for more dreamy destinations…

September 18, 2002