Top Tops for Big Breasts!

Tops for Big breasts

We seem to get regular e-mails from readers who can?t find tops to fit them when they have a bust size of 34D or bigger. It?s always the same, if the shirt fits the chest, then the arms are about three inches too long or the top shows so much cleavage you couldn?t possibly wear it to the office. One girl who e-mailed claimed all she can do is wear baggy tops. Now, that is no way to live. As bad as this may sound – baggy clothes will only make a larger bust look like you?re trying to hide your breasts, which in reality you can?t. Our fashion tip for you big-busted girls is to go for stretchy tops. Not Lycra skin-tight numbers but something that has a bit of give, like jersey or knit. These types of fabrics will give you a shapely figure without clinging. Go to David Jones or Grace Brothers and grab as many different tops and dresses you can find and spend as much time as it takes to find the perfect garment for you that you feel comfortable in. See yourself objectively and stop getting shocked by your bust size in certain things. Go for tops that are plain and are in dark colours. Definitely avoid breast pockets or too much detail in ?that? area. If you really feel uncomfortable with too much cleavage avoid really low-cut tops. Having said that, big-breasted girls look great in Cowl-necks, scoop necks and high V-necks. Don?t you reckon it is better to be positive about your breast size rather than trying to hide it? Hope this helps!

PS: We searched the Web for a great top for big breasts so check out this sleeveless Cowl neck black knit top from Witchery ($59.95). Perfect for the office ? not too much cleavage but fitted enough to make you feel slick and chic. Go to Witchery and buy it NOW!

Must- have product

This week you just can?t go past Clarin?s Felt Tip Lip Liner. The liner comes in three shades: Natural (soft brown), Cinnamon, (flat-brown) and our fave Spice (reddish-brown). The precision tip ensures a perfectly defined pout each and every time. We can assure you that this product stays on after 1,2 even 4 vodka, lime and soda?s. Just fill your mouth in and voila, you have long-lasting lipstick. For a truly natural look, colour the mouth in, add some M.A.C gloss in the middle of your pout and you will be ready to go anywhere!

April 30, 2002