63 Year-Old Christie Brinkley Just Modeled In A Bikini And WHOA

The supermodel appears in Sports Illustrated alongside her gorgeous daughters.

Why You Should Start Working On Your Summer Body Now

Summer has just passed us here in Australia and it’s coming around soon for those in the northern hemisphere. But while you may have slacked off as autumn hit and put away your bikinis, you shouldn’t let yourself go just because the weather is getting colder. In fact, you should be working on your summer body all year round.

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When the seasons change, it’s human nature to get out our sweats and slodge around the house after work, snacking on comfort food and snuggling under soft blankets while watching Sex and the City re-runs. Or is that just me? Hibernation often seems like the best option to survive autumn and winter, and when the warmer months come around, we have to really push ourselves to be bikini ready in time for the pool party or beach trip.

Around the same time each year, respective to your hemisphere, magazines will bring out articles about how to get your perfect summer body within a matter of weeks, but how realistic is that? Maybe if you didn’t eat the whole time. And is that going to be a long term result? Probably not, because you will switch back into the same cycle that you do every year.

This is exactly why we need to start working on our summer bodies right now. Whatever time of year it is, we need to continuously hit the gym, so we can feel and look fabulous, so we won’t have to go on a dramatic diet to shrink down come summer.

Personal trainer and Fitness On Toast blogger Faya Nilsson agrees that when summer comes, we’re compelled to pursue unattainable deadlines that are set at certain times during the year for special events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and the summer months.

working on your summer body year round

“This typically involves radically changing your entire fitness regime, nutrition requirements and social life. But with 4 weeks until holiday, do you want to be a monk, shun dinner with friends, go teetotal, spend every spare moment on the treadmill, eat lettuce religiously and remove all fun from life?” she asks.

As a personal trainer, Faya knows all too well how we often seek quick fixes for special events that just don’t work because they are unrealistic, short term plans. Knowing that developing and maintaining a great bikini body is hard work, Faya encourages everyone to start working on their goal bodies with plenty of time to spare.

“This will guarantee you can have a life but actually make slow, steady progress towards your goal. Eat and enjoy wholesome foods with nutritional purpose and delicious flavour. Watch your body grow stronger – lift heavier, run faster, recover quicker. You can sculpt your body and ultimately the results you feel and see over time are more likely to stay with you over time because they become habits. A short term push has an end date in mind, beyond which you probably relinquish all of your progress!”

By creating good habits, you’re more likely to succeed and keep up your fabulous special event body all year round. Not only is this more sustainable, but it’s better for your body than a continuous yoyo diet. By taking things slow, you can really appreciate the results your body is giving you from your dedication and you’ll feel much better than depriving yourself for a month, only to binge afterwards and see your hard work disappear.

Faya says that starting your summer body early and keeping it up all year round is a much more realistic approach than changing your whole life for one month and then slipping back into old habits. Instead, new, healthier habits will be created and your goal will be much easier to reach.

“The final month push is fine too, but you’ll be starting from a higher base, and are more likely to achieve your target result!” Faya encourages.

summer body, workout, year round

After all, a balanced lifestyle is much easier to maintain than an extreme fitness and diet plan that will only last for two to four weeks. Start living happily and healthy and your body will show the results.

This is just the motivation we need to keep up our fitness routines as the evenings get colder and the mornings get darker. Plus, a great excuse to buy a few new pairs of tights for our winter workout wardrobe.

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Mons Pubis: The New Thigh Gap

Forget about your thigh gap, ladies, this year it’s all about the mons pubis – the flesh on top of your pubic bone!

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According to an opinion piece in The New York Times: “This year, the hot new body part is the formerly unnoticed span of flesh between the top of one’s panties and the labia majora, currently displayed on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition by the model Hannah Davis.”

On the cover, Davis is slightly pulling down her bikini bottoms with her thumbs to reveal her vajazzling tanned and hairless mons pubis.

It seems the new trend is starting to catch on via social media, too. Google search the hashtag #monspubs and you will be bombarded with images of ladies lazing at the beach with their vaginal bones on show.

While the new phenomenon seems harmless, there are fears that women will go to extremes, just like with the thigh gap that prompted a dieting craze.

According to the Daily Star, the demand for monoplasty – a surgical procedure used to reduce and tighten the mons pubis – has increased. Liposculpturing has also become more popular, another mons pubis enhancing procedure that makes the area look less protruding by removing fat.

The trend reportedly stems from the popular ‘barely there’ dress that sports the upper-thigh split and reveals the top of a women’s pubic bone. So should we blame celebs for the new craze? Because your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot more naked!

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How To Get a Brazilian Butt (By the Brazilian Butt Master!)

We all know Brazilian women have the hottest bodies, so when we heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift workout, we had to pay attention. Created by the ‘Brazilian Butt Master’ (yes!) Leandro Carvalho, Brazil Butt Lift combines Brazilian dance, cardio and signature lower-body sculpting moves to offer a total body-toning workout. No surprise then that Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is a fan as is Jennifer Love Hewitt…and Sting!

We asked Leandro to share his top tips on how to get a Brazilian butt:

1. Identify your butt type

Work out your butt type and go from there! A great way to do this is and to find out how lifted your butt actually is, is by doing the pencil test.

The pencil test is a fun, easy and simple way to tell if your butt is lifted. Simply take a pencil and place it in the crease where your butt meets the top of the back of your thigh. If the pencil stays put or actually disappears, your butt lacks the lift that reduces that crease.

The goal is to lose fat and firm your butt, so it’s lifted and the pencil falls on the floor.

2. Maximise your Brazil Butt Lift workout 

I’m the Butt Master so I’m here to help you! Two great tools you can use to maximise your workout are ankle weights and fitness bands.

Ankle weights are really great as they are safe and isolate your butt muscles to work them from different angles, helping you get a more round shape.

The other tool is a fitness band that is included in the Brazil Butt Lift pack. This will help you get more toning and definition and lengthen your legs.

3. Healthier heart, healthier you  

A minimum of 20 minutes of cardio exercise two to three times a week will help you develop a stronger and healthier heart. If you go above and beyond, it will help improve your body composition.

Whether this is by doing the Brazil Butt Lift, walking or swimming, anything that is going to increase your heart rate.

4. Plan ahead 

If you plan ahead your diet, you have a better chance of success. Shop for the whole week and buy all the nutritious and healthy foods you need for the week to come.

5. Eating out 

When you eat out, try and look at the menu prior to arriving to the restaurant. This will allow you to make the best decision when choosing a healthy meal rather than making an impulsive one, leading to an unhealthy choice

6. Small changes 

If you make small changes to your eating habits, you can get great results. These can include minor adjustments such as not drinking soft drinks, which are full of sugar, calories and preservatives. This increases the fat on your body as well as cellulite.

Find out more about the Brazilian Butt Lift at BeachBody.com.au.