How To Get A Miami Tan With GlowByBeca

While it’s cold as ice here in the Southern Hemisphere, over in Miami they’re currently in the midst of Miami Swim Week – where models are tanned, the cocktails are fruity and the sun shines brightly.

One lucky Australian, Rebecca Colalillo, has jumped to Miami to take part in the Nookie Swim Presentation, with her natural tan company, GlowByBeca, the official tan sponsor of the show.

Nookie Girls walked down the runway with bronzed and hydrated limbs, complimenting their bright and patterned Nookie Bikinis. Easy to apply, the models applied GlowByBeca tan with a tanning mitt the day before the show, which developed into a deep bronze colour by showtime.

SHESAID sat down for an exclusive chat with Rebecca on how to stay tanned during winter, and how to get that classic, Miami Swim glow.

What’s the best way our readers can stay tanned during winter? 

In winter our skin dries up due to the constant wind blasts and changes in air conditioning. This can make tanning during winter hard, as you’ll have dry patches of skin. The very first thing to do when tanning at home is to exfoliate with a natural scrub in the shower, focusing on elbows, knees, ankles, feet and the backs of your hands. When you step out of the shower, pat yourself dry and don’t apply any lotions.

Your skin needs to be completely free of any other formulas in order to pick up the tan. Now, simply grab a tanning mitt, apply the GlowByBeca Chocolate Tanning Mousse onto the mitt and – making small circles – cover your skin, working fast but evenly. Then, wait to dry!

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBec How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBec
But standing butt-naked waiting for your tan to dry in winter can be tough to do… 

That’s the beauty of GlowByBeca, it’s quick drying and you can get changed instantly into loose clothing without the greasy feel after you’ve applied the Chocolate Tanning Mousse formula. My hot tip, though, is to switch your hairdryer onto yourself and dry your skin that way! It’s warm and effective.

OK, how can we make the tan last? 

I like to apply a moisturiser every day to ensure skin stays hydrated throughout winter, meaning your tan will stay even. Our GlowByBeca Tan Extender is a light lotion, so it doesn’t feel too heavy under winter layers.

Plus it contains Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Extract, Shea Butter and Cranberry Extract to extend the life of your tan and keep you hydrated without the grease.

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBeca

What about shaving? When should we shave our legs if we’re about to tan? 

Shaving your legs the day before you tan allows time for your cuticles to close and you’ll avoid those dark tiny spots. You can run your razor over your legs again the day after you’ve tanned, just be sure to use a shaving lotion that doesn’t contain oil so that you keep the colour of your tan.

How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBeca How To Get A Streak-Free Tan with GlowByBeca

How did the Nookie Girls get the glowing bronze tans they had at Miami Swim Week? 

The girls exfoliated the day before the show, and applied the GlowByBeca Chocolate Tanning Mousse in circular motions, concentrating on the outside of their limbs to make them look extra long. We then applied GlowByBeca Tan Extender on their whole body the day of the show, for a slight shine and healthy, hydrated glow. The tan will last them well into the week!
July 21, 2015

5 Must-Have Bikinis For Summer

Since summer break is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to re-vamp your wardrobe and try some new and funky styles for the beach.

Enjoy our edit of bikinis for summer which are fun, flirty and most of all – will look amazing by the water!

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Kiini Swim Tasmin top and bottoms, $165 and $120

Looking for that perfect bikini you saw on Instagram the other day? It’s probably by Kiini Swim which offers stunning handmade sets which are perfect for catching waves, cartwheeling, day-dreaming or just laying out by the pool.

5 Must-Have Bikini's For Summer

Zimmermann Hyper cutout stretch-cotton jersey swimsuit, $312

Looking for a sexy one-piece without showing too much skin? This classic swimsuit by Zimmermann is perfect since the grey marl shade is flattering on all skin tones, and can be worn as a body suit as well.

5 Must-Have Bikini's For Summer

Triangl Chloe bikini, $92

If a classic triangle bikini is exactly what you’re looking for, look no further than Triangl! Their neoprene bikini’s are available in all fits and sizes, and will surely be a staple this summer.

5 Must-Have Bikini's For Summer

ASOS Gingham Extreme bikini top, $33 and bottoms, $24

For those who are a little conscious of their tummy, try a pair of high waisted shorts which are inspired by the 50s and 60s. They help to suck in your stomach without looking out of place. Plus, they look so cute!

5 Must-Have Bikini's For Summer

We Are Handsome Isosceles high-neck bikini, $198

And finally finish off with this stunning racer back bikini by much-loved Australian label, We Are Handsome. The high neck has a contrast trim which gives this athletic bikini a luxurious vibe.

5 Must-Have Bikini's For Summer

Image via Hermione Olivia

June 3, 2015

How To Get Bikini Confidence This Summer

One of Australia’s hottest in-demand exports, Natasha Oakley (pictured) – the LA-based, Sydney born swimwear model, fashion and lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur – has been announced as the body of Veet’s new Natural Inspirations range.

The rising star, who is fast becoming a global social media phenomenon with more than 657,000 followers on her Instagram alone, is passionate about empowering women to feel great. Her site,, which she runs alongside her best friend Devin Brugman, tackles the big issues of positive body image and confidence.

Idolised worldwide for her natural beauty and relaxed, beach-chic style, Natasha, 23, counts model, presenter, designer and producer among her many talents and credits. In addition, Natasha and Devin created their own swimwear label, Monday Swimwear – inspired by their constant search for that everyday, stylish yet comfortable ‘go-to bikini’.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and promotion of positive body image, Natasha is striving to be an inspirational role model for young women.

Leading depilatories expert Veet’s new hair removal solutions for all skin types, and for face and body, contain shea butter, aloe vera and grape seed oil for all skin types.  The Natural Inspirations range includes Wax Strips, $12.79; Sugar Wax, $15.49; Face Wax Strips, $11.49; Cream, $9.49; and an In Shower Cream, $15.99.

Here, Natasha talks her fave Veet products and how to get bikini confidence and beach-ready this spring/summer:

What are your Veet must-have products for summer? The new Natural Inspirations Range contains three depilatory creams and three wax products, all of which smell divine. However, I have always only ever been a wax girl so for this summer I highly recommend Veet’s Natural Inspirations Wax Strips (for body or face) and the Natural Inspirations Sugar Wax (both pictured below), or if you are at home with a bit more time for DIY hair removal, I would suggest using Veet’s Electrical Roll-On Kit.

hair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikinihair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikini

What do you love most about Veet? Apart from how well their products work, what I love the most is the convenience of the wax strips while travelling! They are so light and convenient to pack – I just remove from box and place the flat strips in my bag.

How can women best prepare for bikini season?  Working out regularly is important, but I also feel confident in my bikini from little things like manicured nails, waxing with Veet for silky smooth skin at the beach and keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturised. Finding the right bikini is also very important – remember to find the suit that fits your body type best and don’t be afraid to go up or down a size from your regular size, just ensure the bikini is comfortable and not squeezing anywhere so it will be as flattering as possible to show off your naturally beautiful figure.

What body confidence tips do you have for young women? Confidence not only comes from embracing who you are and understanding that everyone is beautiful in their own way, it comes from leading a healthy balance lifestyle. If you are working out, eating correctly and maintaining a positive outlook on life, everything falls into place and with it you will feel more confident within yourself. Also remembering to never compare yourself to others, which can be hard as we all naturally do, is a key to confidence. If everyone was the same, the world would be boring – individuality is a beautiful, natural thing.

What bikinis are best suited to each different body shape? The article on my blog is a must-read for all women.

What bikini trends are hot for summer? The latest trends I saw recently at Miami Swim Week are neoprene, zips, mesh panelling and also a newer trend, rashies!

Can every woman wear a bikini?  Yes! It’s about knowing you body type, what suits and fits you best and rocking your bikini bod with confidence!


hair removal, waxing, positive body image, spring/summer, bikini

September 6, 2014

Bikinis For Your Body Shape

Want to make your next bikini or bathing suit really pop? Sometimes it can all come down to picking the shape, style and colour which flatters your assets the most. Since there are so many styles out there to choose from, read-up on our guide to choose the best one for you and your body shape.

The hourglass

A typical hourglass shape is defined by a cinched waist and more shapely hips and legs. Why not try a string bikini? The style will flatter both the top and lower part of your body by drawing attention to the stomach, back and legs. The strings work to elongate the legs and give the illusion of a slimmer and taller physique. Stay away from boy-shorts or larger bottoms since these will only make an hourglass look wider.

The pear

With other famous pears such as Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes, this body shape is widely recognised by a small chest and tiny waist which is often smaller than the hips. The key is to draw attention to the upper body by wearing embellished pieces or patterns. For bottoms, choose full briefs equipped with a string at the waist which are darker, since they will balance out your shape. Stay away from halter-neck tops which will only make the bust and upper body look smaller and less proportioned to the bottom half.

The apple

Apples are known for their full bust, undefined waist and often slimmer legs. All the weight is usually carried on the upper part of the body, mostly in the bust. Tankini’s are a great option for hiding any insecurities such as a troublesome middle section or an undefined waist. They are basically long shirts with a spaghetti-strap or a halter neck which flatters a large bust. As for a bikini bottom, choose a style with ruffles or extra material since this will draw attention to the lower half of the body such as slimmer legs. Stay away from bandeau styles which will only make the bust look more pronounced.

The ruler

This body shape is often very petite all over, and with little or no curves. Signature characteristics include a small bust, hips, legs and waist. The interesting part about the ruler is that they can wear almost any bikini or bathing suit and it will flatter their body. If you do wish to create the illusion of a curvier figure, choose a style with specific details or high-waisted bottoms which will automatically become the focal point of the entire look.

The full figure

Finally, the full figure mostly consists of a bigger bust, curvy hips with round legs and thighs. Very similar to the hourglass, although does not have quite a defined or tiny waist. Halter-neck or V-neck one pieces are a great option since they are designed to flatter a fuller figure, offer support to the bust and give the illusion of a smaller waist. Stay away from boy-shorts, and detailing such as ruffles and patterns since this will only emphasise the hips more than any other body part.

Image via Fit Sugar

July 8, 2014