Everyone Is Deleting Uber Due To These Shocking Sexual Harassment Allegations

“They wouldn’t feel comfortable giving him anything other than a warning.”

February 20, 2017

This Is What It’s Like To Get Paid To Travel

Sometimes all I want is to be back in my own bed with a cup of tea.

June 14, 2016

5 Fun Ways To Use Social Media On Your Wedding Day

Getting married nowadays couldn’t be more different from the way our parents got married. Everything is bigger and more expensive (at least if you decide to have more than a handful of guests), but also much more creative than 20 years ago.

And that’s not least because of how far technology has come with virtual inspiration boards and thousands of ideas shared on social media making it somewhat easier to be creative. So how can you use technology, especially social media to your advantage? Everybody uses it anyway, so I am pretty sure you and your guests will love the following ideas:

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1. Create a hashtag

Whether it’s #bestweddingever or #wefinallyputaringonit, be creative and pick ONE hashtag that you share with your guests before the wedding. Tell them to use this hashtag whenever they upload a photo of your wedding to social media, especially  facebook or Instagram. Not only will this make it easier for everyone to find and look at all those lovely snaps, but it also creates a sense of community and encourages your guests to upload great photos.

5 Fun Ways To Use Social Media On Your Wedding Day

2. Have a wedding blog

In the months leading up to your wedding, most of your guests and especially your bridal party will be very interested to read about your wedding plans, so a blog can be a modern way of keeping everyone in the loop. You can share the link in your save-the-date cards/e-mails and even continue to use your blog after the wedding for honeymoon updates etc.

3. Have a social media photo booth

Photo booths at weddings are nothing new. But you can make it a bit more fun by getting crafty and making props related to social media, such as facebook’s Like Icon to hold up or an Instagram frame. Your guests will have a lot of fun with it for sure!

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4. Livestream your wedding

What sounds like something that only over-the-top celebs like Kim Kardashian would do is quickly becoming quite normal thanks to a lot of destination weddings. If a rather large number of guests can’t make it to your wedding, you might want to live-stream it so they can be part of it even from afar. Services like bridalstream take care of everything for you.

5. Ban social media

Of course it can be just as fun to completely ban social media from your wedding. If you prefer your wedding to be smartphone-free, that’s absolutely fine. Just make sure you let your guests know prior to the big day.

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July 30, 2015

Wanderlust: The Top Destination Blogs

Live for fashion? Dream of overseas travelThis is the guide for you – the top three Australian style and destination blogs to follow and inspire.

Gary Pepper

Nicole Warne from the NSW Central Coast began her journey in late 2009 when she launched an e-bay store and online blog specialising in vintage apparel. Since this time she has become vastly popular over social media and her blog, with audiences following Nicole around the world.

Gary Pepper Girl has travelled from China to Croatia, Switzerland to Iceland, the United States to the United Arab Emirates – and styled in high-end luxury attire to high-end street style. Nicole Warne is the spring/summer ambassador for Westfield Australia as well as the first global ambassador for not-for-profit organisation Global Planet. This girl does not stop.


Jessica Stein, like Nicole Warne, began her fashion career by selling vintage style apparel online. Though her blog is filled with much more luxury than what one might find in an op shop.

Stein is constantly travelling internationally, streaming an array of beautiful, feminine and on trend outfits as she embarks on her adventures. As Tuula journeys through the most wonderful places in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States she inspires her followers with an natural look always in the sunshine.

Jessica’s blog has been labelled as one of Australia’s fashion super blogs by FELLT and is easily one of the most loyally watched trendsetters in the country. She will always call Melbourne home, but dedication to surprise her audience and regularly experience something new and exciting keeps Stein going and going.

Shine by Three

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Margaret Zhang has her hands full. She is a student of commerce and law at the University of Sydney, writer and photographer, stylist and in her ‘free time’ a fashion and destination blogger. Margaret is the creator of blog Shine by Three, which launched in 2009, and since has taken off to become a vision of personal style and travel, it’s safe to say most people envy her unusual lifestyle.

Shine by Three features vibrant summers, snowy winters and colourful explorations. You will no doubt find yourself in a dream world for hours while looking through this blogger’s life.

Images via Shine By Three, Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper Girl

By Amy Miller

May 23, 2014

5 Easy Everyday Networking Tips

Just the word ‘networking’ can make some people feel uneasy. Walking up to a complete stranger and making conversation? I’d rather go to the dentist!

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can start incorporating networking into your everyday life. Remember, be courageous and try to make long-term relationships, not just business connections.

Melbourne blogger Marlee Wakeling shares five of her best networking tips picked up over the years of studying and working in marketing and event management.

1. Hand out those business cards

Buy 250 business cards at the start of the year and aim to give them all out by the end of the year. Don’t be afraid to hand them out, and don’t feel like you’re being pushy. It’s only a business card after all!

2. Use business cards wisely

Buy blank business cards to collect the details of people you meet that don’t have a business card. Make the effort to contact them, rather than waiting for them to contact you.

3. Facebook is your friend

Although Facebook may not seem like the most professional platform, there are often groups you can join that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. As well as jobs on offer that don’t make it onto the usual job hunting platforms, and opportunities to attend networking events.

Search keywords related to your profession and location, chances are there will be a relevant group.

4. Take time everyday to work on networking

Spend 10-15 minutes a day working on your networks. Whether it’s following up on emails, giving someone a call or simply making sure your LinkedIn account is up-to-date, your efforts will surely be rewarded.

5. Use technology to make networking easier

Have you heard of the app CardMunch? It’s a serious timesaver! Basically, when you receive a business card, you take a photo of it through the CardMunch app. It then uploads the contact details to your address book AND finds the person on LinkedIn! The app is only available on iPhones, and there are similar ones for Android, such as CamCard. However, I haven’t found them to be as good.

If you want to read up on some more great networking advice, I’d recommend the book How To Master Networking by Robyn Henderson.

Share your networking tips in the comments below so we can all learn from each other!

Marlee Wakeling blogs about writing, fashion and music at String of Events.

September 3, 2013