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Celebrity Hair Transformations

There is no denying that celebrities change their hair at any given moment. Unlike the rest of us, haircuts are paid for, colour is anything but from a bottle, and time is plentiful.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next hairdo, consider some of these drastic transformations by the celebrities you love (and others you love to hate).

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Kim Kardashian

Blonde, black, balayage to now platinum, is there anything that Kim wouldn’t try on her hair? We don’t think she would be into colour, unlike her younger sister Kylie. One of the biggest changes has been Kim’s new hairstyle which she debuted at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month. Love it or hate it, either way, it definitely created some buzz.


Nicole Richie

Who remembers the long, streaked hair that Nicole Richie was sporting during the first few seasons of The Simple Life with BFF Paris Hilton? Seems a world away from the style she has now – mainly pink and purple coloured locks.



Singer Ciara should be on a billboard promoting balayage – her colour is just that good! Not too brassy, not too yellow, with the perfect amount of body and bounce. A girl can dream! A far cry from the style she was known for during the earlier parts of her music career.


Olivia Palermo

Palermo was first introduced to the silver screen through the MTV reality television show, The City, alongside Whitney Port. While she mainly sported a voluminous looking style, her colour has changed drastically over the years. The fashion world fell in love with her sharp, long-bob in 2011, and is still a major source of inspiration to this day.


Sienna Miller

Inspired by Brigitte Bardot in the 70s, Miller’s hair was mostly long and layered with a face-framing fringe. Fast forward to 2015 and she’s known for an edgier style with short, pixie hair. This isn’t the first time Sienna Miller has chopped her hair, she did it back in 2004 for biopic, Factory Girl.


Ashley Benson

Actress Ashley Benson debuted her chocolate brown locks in 2011, then changed to a dirty blonde colour that she has kept ever since. The colour works well with a bit of texture, which can be achieved with a spritz of sea-salt spray.


Mary-Kate Olsen

One half of the Olsen twins went for a dramatic change in 2003, with Mary Kate colouring her hair strawberry blonde. Her super-long locks were styled with dry shampoo for a relaxed finish, but she soon reverted back to her natural blonde roots.



Don’t think we forgot about Rihanna! The singer is well-known for her changing hairstyles, ever since she chopped her long locks in favour of a strong, structured bob. But who could forget the stunning balayage at last years Grammy Awards, swoon!


Sarah Jessica Parker

Well, technically this one belongs to Carrie Bradshaw, but who could forget the dramatic transformation to chocolate brown locks once Big jumped ship?


What was your favourite cut, colour or style? Have we left anyone out?

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March 19, 2015

Top 5 Tips Before Going Blonde This Summer

Aussie hairdressing maverick Oscar Cullinan (pictured), founder and director of the 15-salon Oscar Oscar empire, knows everything there is to know about hair – including top things to consider before going blonde. If you’re ready to make the big change this spring/summer, but not sure how to prep – read on for some sage advice from the hair guru, who’s been twice crowned Australian Hairdresser of the Year. After all, gentleman do prefer blondes, so you want to be prepared for that kind of attention, girlfriend!

1. High maintenance: If you’re going to go blonde this spring/summer, be prepared for some fairly high maintenance hair care, says Oscar. “Depending on how blonde you want to be Vs your natural base colour, the level of maintenance required will vary,” he says. “If you want to be bold with this season’s platinum blonde trend, expect to need salon appointments every three to four weeks. If you are after a more natural blonde, try a variation of foils and balayage which will require an appointment every six weeks to keep your colour fresh.”

2. Treat your hair right: Going blonde will dry your hair out to some extent, says the hair guru. However, a professional in-salon treatment such as Kérastase Fusio Dose, followed by a great weekly at-home treatment such as Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy masque, will keep your hair looking glamorous, soft and bouncy. Just don’t neglect the treatments or your hair will go from fab to drab, Oscar says.

3. Quality of the colour: Just like all products, the quality of the colour product hairdressers use can vary. Oscar’s top tip is to look for colour that’s ammonia-free and which contains proteins to strengthen the hair. “I highly recommend Rekden Chromatics, it’s the Chanel of hair colour,” he says.

4. Give your blonde personality: “Going blonde doesn’t just mean getting a head of foils,” Oscar says. “A great glossing treatment will also alter the tone of the blonde, giving your colour the X-factor to make you stand out from the crowd.” This season, strawberry blonde tones and icy Nordic platinum blondes are really on trend (pictured below). Oscar’s top tip? Ask your hairdresser for a tone of blonde which will suit your skin tone and eye colour.

5. New hair, new you: Want to be a blonde bombshell? You gotta invest, baby – and not just in your hair. “Going blonde can mean a whole new look, so consider your make-up, wardrobe and all over fashion style, as it will most likely need to be adjusted to suit your new blonde hue!” Oscar says.

Oscar Cullinan, Oscar Oscar, blonde

August 21, 2014

Spring/ Summer Hair Trend Preview

Clairol is pleased to offer the following perspective on the Spring/Summer 2002 hair trends straight from the European collections.


Hot off the runways for Spring/Summer 2002, Blonde continues to dominate as the colour of choice.

The shade choice of cherubs ranges from pale, sheer white blonde through medium blondes which fill in the mid range with cool, generally ash-toned and neutral shades. There are some shades with just a suggestion of golden warmth. Dark blonde haircolour bookends the blondes, mostly neutral with beige overtones and some nuances of dark blonde that border on pinky beige or hint at auburn.

Red shades are in the minority this season and tend to be subtle for the most part. Warm dark reddish blondes, shiny bronze and copper auburn dominate for the lighter to medium shades, while warm chocolate brown hues define the dark end of the red spectrum.

Medium brown to black shades lean to the cool tones, predominately neutral with the characteristic mirror-like highlights that reflect a complete absence of warmth. Blacks have a blue to purple undertone, looking fabulous against pale skin as a blank canvas for smoky eyes and colourless lips or neutral eyes and bright pink or neon orange lips.


There seems to be a correlation between an abundance of texture and the back-to-basics, limited shade range trend of haircolour illustrated by this Spring’s hair fashion.

Going to any lengths: Hair appears in diverse lengths from short razored cuts with plenty of volume to provide styling flexibility to long, butt-sweeping swathes of hair.

The dominant length is between ear to shoulders, radically layered, modified bobs, just flirting with flipping out.

A new take on texture: It’s not enough to have large cascading curls, crimped lengths or voluminous, brushed out bushes of hair. The hottest look for summer is combined texture. There are braids with straight hair; hair sleek at the roots, crimped at the mid lengths (ears to chin) and straight at the ends; combed out manes with strands “stapled” to the head with clips or elastics, sections that are curled and undulating with twisted strands in counterpoint.

Clairol presents Spring/ Summer 2002 hair trend slides from the European shows.

February 5, 2002