I’m pursuing healing and loving my skin from a different perspective.
(Trick or ) Treat yourself to these lingerie pieces you can use for Halloween costumes.
Project your endless disappointments into the mirror, which is where I’m quite sure it all starts.
A lifetime of living as “the fat girl” left me with serious emotional scars that no diet could heal.
‘Of course she’s kinky, she fisted her own ass!’ The fourth episode in the second series of ‘Tales of A Fuckgirl’…
I am done feeling like a bad person because the number on the scale is higher than it was a year ago.
The only detox we need is from the perpetuation of diet culture on the ‘gram. 
Oh yeah, she said it. This week women were tweeting about boobs, boyfriends and bathrooms. 
“A feminist can be a stay-at-home mum just as much as she can be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.”
Oh, yeah, she said it! This week some wonderfully woke women were tweeting about the Amazon, body positivity and learning to love yourself. 
The only weight young girls need to lose is the weight of a capitalist agenda that preys on the insecurity we teach them to have. 
I’ve always felt uncomfortable about my boobs.
I’ve had multiple people tell me, “I wish I had your illness to keep me in shape.”
“I have always been larger and existed in a body that I felt didn’t feel the societal ideal of ‘beautiful’.”
I look back on those years and feel compassion for the young woman I was.
It’s been nearly five years since I last weighed myself.
Content notice: dieting, weight loss, eating disorders
I find a measure of compassion for her that I’ve never been able to apply to myself.
“You have Stage 4 Lipedema. It’s a rare fat disease. Your bottom half told me.”
But my body positivism doesn’t hinge on the idea that all bodies are perfect, just as they are.
Cutting cake is way more difficult than you would imagine.
My sister sent me an email. The subject read, ‘I love you. Are you listening?’