UN World Yoga Day At Bondi Beach

Your June yoga calendar has just become a little more full, with the first annual United Nations World Yoga Day falling on the 21st of this month. Held in Bondi for the first ever event, yogis from all over the country and the world will be heading down to Bondi Beach Pavillion for an all day yoga-filled event.

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The UN World Yoga Day will begin at dawn with Aboriginal acknowledgement and a community gathering of sun salutation as the sun rises over the beach. The event will then run until dusk with yoga classes, meditation sessions, well being workshops and even delicious food and market stalls for all your yoga needs.

Yoga Australia will be part of the celebrations on the day and will also be running events in major cities across the country to support this special occasion in the yoga calendar. Tamara Ogilvie from Yoga Australia can’t wait for the event and told us: “We are excited to be a part of such a special day for the yoga community. The UN World Yoga Day will help open up the conversation about the benefits of yoga practice to mind, body and soul and the positive impact yoga offers to both individuals and society as a whole.”

If you’re not already a yogi, this event would be the perfect time to start, with heaps of support and information on the amazing exercises and benefits that yoga brings to the body. President of Yoga Australia, Claire Nettley knows just how popular yoga is and why that is so. “Thirty million people worldwide practise yoga. Yoga Australia has approximately 2,500 registered teachers and my understanding is that there are approximately 300,000 people practising yoga in Australia,” informs Claire.

“Yoga is a science of the mind. It is a system for establishing mental equilibrium through moral and ethical guidelines, the removal of physical impurities with the goal of establishing a contemplative mind. The primary benefit is a quieter more discriminating mind that allows us to relate better to others, our environment and ourselves,” she continues.

“People will experience more confidence as they feel they can breathe better, giving them more vitality, posture improves – which also makes one feel uplifted and energetic – plus mental focus is improved. The current trend in Yoga is based very much in the physical practice of yoga asana, so people are benefiting from greater physical strength and flexibility.”

If you’re wondering if yoga suits your style, you needn’t worry, as Claire explains the current yoga trends and different styles that you can try. “I think the trend is around different styles of yoga cropping up. Everything from yoga for men (Broga – beer yoga) to hip hop yoga, yoga on paddle boards, yogalates etc,” she says.

“Acro Yoga is very popular now. There is also a groundswell occurring of slow and yin yoga styles (a reaction to the dominance of the hot yoga for some time). At the end of the day, it’s all yoga and encourages people from all walks of life into the practice. If people are mindfully moving and breathing, they’re practicing yoga and that can only be a good thing!”

If that hasn’t already convinced you to start practicing yoga, your sleep, stress management and immunity will thank you for it, as yoga has positive effects on all three of those problem areas. It also improves your flexibility, posture and your physical, mental and emotional health.

The activities on Bondi Beach at the first annual UN World Yoga Day are free, but if you would like to get inside Bondi Beach Pavillion to check out the workshops and classes, you can pre-book your tickets online for $30 or buy a ticket at the door for $50. Be a part of yoga and world history, give your body some yoga benefits and check out this special event at Bondi Beach on June 21st, 2015.

June 15, 2015

Dîner en Blanc Sydney Takes Over Bondi Beach

On Saturday 30th November, Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach transformed into a spectacular shade of white, as the surprise location for secret global party Diner en Blanc.

3,000 guests dressed head-to-toe in white flocked through the streets, gathered on the sand, and began unpacking tables, chairs and decorations right on the beach for a once-in-lifetime picnic.

Described as a ‘fancy flash-mob picnic’, the idea behind Diner en Blanc is for insiders to dress in white, BYO tables, chairs and food, and gather at various meeting points across the city. This year’s Sydney Diner en Blanc, the second time in the city, collected guests on buses, strategically circled around various locations across the CBD to sway the speculations until finally arriving at the iconic Bondi beachfront.


“Sydney has so many amazing locations, we wanted to take Diner en Blanc out of its urban context and closer to nature this year,” said co-host Antoine Bessis. “A picnic on one of the world’s most iconic beach sounded great on paper, it proved in fact even more spectacular.”


Guests wined and dined on picnic favourites, from cheese platters, dips and breads, to gourmet hampers of cold meats, salads and sweet treats, topped off with delicious bottles of Champagne and wine – white, of course – although some dared to drink red and spent the night trying to avoid a serious spillage mishap.

Attendee numbers have doubled since Sydney’s first Diner en Blanc event last year, so finding a location big enough to accommodate was definitely a challenge – in fact it took eight months of planning to secure the space.


“The evening was a spontaneous epicurean and elegant feast with friends, old and new. A truly spectacular and magical way to rediscover the beautiful public spaces that Sydney has to offer,” summed up Antoine.

A truly magical experience, with guests standing on chairs and waving white napkins and sparklers in the air. Others danced to music, with many there to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even engagements (how romantic!).

We can’t wait to see what Diner en Blanc has in stall for Sydney in 2014. Visit for information about signing up for next year’s Diner en Blanc.



December 2, 2013