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What Women Want

Ed Jackie Frank

BantamWhat does being a woman at the beginning of a new millennium mean to you? While you’re having a think about this monumental question, why not read what twenty Australian women of substance have replied to that very question? What Women Want the book that accompanies the publicly-acclaimed forum of the same name, features words of wisdom by some of the country’s leading lights, including the hilarious Wendy Harmer, the courageous Belinda Emmett and the sexy Sara O’Hare. The celebrity contributors in What Women Want articulate on issues that effect women living in Australia today, with style, self-confidence and, most importantly sensitivity. Read Jessica Rowe’s moving account of living with a family member affected by mental illness; Imogen Clark’s heartbreaking story of her daughter’s struggle with drug addiction; and actor/mother Zoe Carrides account of the joys of motherhood. What Women Want is a snapshot of the issues effecting Australia’s women today – from the political to the personal, on matters as close as our own relationships to those on the global stage. Thought provoking, sometimes witty, and sometimes emotive

powerful read.Defying Gravity, Defying Fear

Heather Swan

ABC Books

What would make a working mum of four swap the comforts of her cosy life decide to brave blinding snow, freezing conditions and the constant threat of avalanches to climb to the top of a bloody big mountain and then jump off?Defying Gravity, Defying Fear is the amazing true story of thrill-seeker Heath Swan’s mission to become the greatest female adventurer of our time though BASEjumping from the summit of the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. Paralleling her astounding physical journey is Heather’s personal story of overcoming fear and challenging her beliefs, perceptions and pushing life’s envelope.

Her story, like life itself is frightening, inspiring and challenging. It’s about following your dreams and squeezing every last drop out of life. Heather’s journey is the subject of an ABC TV documentary called BASECLIMB 2 Defying Gravity and is the sequel to

a documentary that has won 21 awards internationally.A Patch of Paradise

Gaia Grant

Random House

Gaia Grant embodies the spirit of adventure. A family holiday adventure travelling overland by train through India, climbing the heights of Nepal and speeding across Java in a bus (all with a toddler in tow!) led her to the tropical oasis of Bali. It was here amongst the swaying palm trees and crystal aquamarine seas that she decided to create her home – opting out of her hectic city life in Sydney for a simple life with her husband and children in paradise.

In A Patch of Paradise Gaia recounts her experiences of being bewitched by the exotic beauty and vibrant culture of this unique community. From the early days struggling to set up their home in simple thatched beach hut in a Balinese village to her life today, seven years later, running, with her husband, a successful international business – from that very same thatched hut!

A must for anyone who’s ever has a desert island daydream – this book offers proof that,with drive and determination, you can make it happen…

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