6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are like the centre piece of the entire wedding – they’re in every single photo, they should complement your dress (without taking away the focus from the bride), and they look so pretty! We have compiled a few of our favourite styles as inspiration for wedding plans.

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Try this rustic-looking bouquet with violet, lavender and greens for an autumn/winter wedding.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Choose some muted roses which can also be coloured for your wedding day, to match the decor as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Spring peonies

Nothing screams spring-time more than peonies, and this bouquet is ideal for all of the bridal party.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Who said there’s anything wrong with daisies on your wedding day? This charming little bouquet would look amazing with an embellished gown.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Winter wedding

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months , choose a bouquet featuring lots of greenery to balance out the colour! One of our favourites features stunning eucalyptus leaves with waratahs.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Baby’s breath

Not only is baby’s breath available all year-round, but it’s so light when compared to a traditional bouquet. This makes it perfect for even the flower girls to hold!

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

What are your favourite bouquets from our list?

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August 10, 2015

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

An amazing wedding experience wouldn’t be the same without a knock-out dress, amazing shoes, and even the right wedding flowers. This may seem like a trivial problem to have, but if you’re a perfectionist, or simply in love with all types of flora – then you’re aware of how important the right bouquet can be.

Check out just a few of our tips that may come useful if you or someone you know is planning a wedding in the near future.

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The first thing to think about is the size of your bouquet in comparison to your body. Don’t go overboard and indulge in an enormous bouquet of flowers – they can often block the view of your very expensive dress! Choose a size that is in the correct proportion to your body.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


While most brides stick to the two traditional colours for the wedding dress – white and ivory, this means that the possibility of flowers are just endless. You don’t really need to worry about colours clashing, since almost any flowers can go with white and ivory.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Although, do think about the colour of your bridesmaids bouquet, which can often be a little bit tricky. Make sure that you choose a colour scheme that works well with their gowns, but also with the groomsmen!


The shape of your dress is another big factor when considering the type of flowers for the bouquet. If the dress features a streamline silhouette, then you can afford to experiment with different shapes and textures in the bouquet. Natural flora can also be a nice touch if you want to bring an element of the earth into your wedding.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Embellished dresses and structured ball-gowns can often be very hit and miss. This depends on your colour, size, and shape of the dress – but if you want to play it safe, then stick to a minimalist bouquet. If the dress is extremely busy with a number of sequins, pearls, and other embellishments, it’s a good idea to stick with a small and rounded bouquet (it’s also easier to carry!).

What’s in season?

Consider the time of year you’re getting hitched, and this will make it easier to determine the kinds of flowers that are typically in season. Sometimes flowers which aren’t grown domestically or are out-of-season can be double or triple the amount – so definitely do your research if you want to save a bit of money on this aspect.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


Nobody wants a wedding dress that looks like someone else’s – and the same rule should apply to your bouquet! The brilliant thing about florists is that they are extremely flexible and will help you to create something which uniquely represents you.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

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October 18, 2014