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The Repercussions Of A ‘Private’ Public Conversation

Thanks to social media, nothing is private – even that awkward conversation in which your partner decides to call it quits.

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This is something one couple learned the hard way after a women decided to live Tweet their breakup, word-for-word, while sitting across from them on a plane. The fact that the pair couldn’t wait to have it out behind closed doors says something in itself, but relationship choices aside, it poses as a confronting warning for the rest us: watch your back – because you never know when you’ll be the next trend on Twitter! #PlaneBreakUp.

“This guy on the plane just broke up with his girlfriend and she’s SOBBING,” tweeted Kelly Keegs, before going on to detail – or rather broadcast – the rest of their feud.

plane break up

According to Keegs’ tweets, the guy was surprised that the girl had no idea that he was dumping her. “Guy: Is this really a surprise? Are you seriously surprised at this information?”

Rightfully so, the girl was distraught – and the conversation went a little as followed:  “I don’t want to be this girl. I don’t want to be her. I want to be my best for you and YOU WONT LET ME… Is that what you’re starting to do with me? Just slow fade me OUT? Just like the others?”

“Guy: ‘You need to calm down’… ‘I can’t discuss this anymore.’”

“Girl: ‘So I’m not worth your time????’”

You get the gist. The point here lies not in the conversation, ladies, but in the cold, hard fact that we need to be so much more aware of our surroundings. You know that phone conversation that you have on the train after a long, exhausting day with your lover/spouse/friend? Save it for when you get home. Social media is like a mine field – you’ll be surprised at the people who know you, and your social/work circles, just by stumbling across your profile on Facebook or LinkedIn while they were stalking someone else.

What’s more, just about everybody has a smartphone or recording device nowadays, so those ‘private’ conversations or outbursts that you occasionally have are becoming newsworthy stories. Thanks to the world of digital, it’s fair to say that we’re all connected to some degree. People are concerned with other people’s lives more now, than ever before. While there’s certainly pros in this, there’s also a lot of cons, as the #PlaneBreakUp couple experienced.

So next time your bitching, moaning and groaning, or sharing your hush, hush pregnancy news in a private, but public convo, keep in mind that people are listening. And that the majority of them are looking out for number one.

Images via, Yahoo News

Is it time to break up?

We know dumping someone sucks – may not quite as badly as being the one who’s dumped – but it’s right up there. But like tax returns and pap smears it’s one of those things we hate doing but are life necessities. So if any of our list of cop-outs has a familiar ring, it might be time to reclaim your single status.Your partner doesn’t have to be a convicted murderer or be sleeping with you sister to be deemed Mr-Not-Quite-Right. In fact, he’s probably a really top guy who happens to be unable to meet your needs. No crime there. But playing the lame excuse game to avoid pulling the plug (he can’t live without me or I’m going to grow old and die alone and be found weeks later in an advanced state of decay or Who’ll get custody of the cat?) is a crime, one that sentences you to wasted months or years in relationship limbo. Stop making excuses and get on with your life!

Excuse #1: “It’s not over, it’s just a bad patch”.

Falling out of love is a slow, subtly creeping process, one that at various stages can easily be confused with any number of ordinary relationship lows such as complacency lagging libido, never-ending arguments, and boredom. When you’re living in a healthy, non-threatening situation it makes sense to do everything you to can to maintain a relationship that still holds the promise of love, passion, compatibility and security. But if your “low patch” has being going on for months and months, it’s time to get out.

Excuse # 2: “No one will never ask me out again – and even if they did, who wants to go through the horrors of dating again?!”

Even if you are perfectly hideous (which I am sure you are not!) there are sure to be plenty of equally vile creatures simply dying to make your acquaintance – the world just works that way. Even so, putting yourself back “on the market” can be a really terrifying prospect, especially if you’re lugging around a bruised ego, guilt, a sense of failure, or are broken hearted because you still love your ex but it just wasn’t working out. When you are going through this poxy stage just remind yourself that the fun and lovable babe your ex first met and fell in love with is still inside you, she’s just been emotionally bound and gagged. You’ll know when you’re ready to let her loose again. We owe it to ourselves to take risks and not realise at 90 that life is very short.

Excuse #3: “He’s not that bad.” Do you really want to spend the next 75 years with “not that bad”?

When was the last time you thought about what you’re getting from your current relationship? Do this: make an actual list. If the pro and con sides are relatively balanced may that’s good enough for you. Remember that no relationship is perfect and you can’t expect to get everything you need from one person. “He’s not that bad” is a also an excuse uttered by a terrifying number of women bearing the black eyes and fat lips of domestic violence. If you are being abused, verbally, emotionally or physically, bolt first and ask questions later. Understand this: when choosing our partners we never get more than we think we deserve.

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