6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are like the centre piece of the entire wedding – they’re in every single photo, they should complement your dress (without taking away the focus from the bride), and they look so pretty! We have compiled a few of our favourite styles as inspiration for wedding plans.

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Try this rustic-looking bouquet with violet, lavender and greens for an autumn/winter wedding.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Choose some muted roses which can also be coloured for your wedding day, to match the decor as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Spring peonies

Nothing screams spring-time more than peonies, and this bouquet is ideal for all of the bridal party.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Who said there’s anything wrong with daisies on your wedding day? This charming little bouquet would look amazing with an embellished gown.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Winter wedding

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months , choose a bouquet featuring lots of greenery to balance out the colour! One of our favourites features stunning eucalyptus leaves with waratahs.

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Baby’s breath

Not only is baby’s breath available all year-round, but it’s so light when compared to a traditional bouquet. This makes it perfect for even the flower girls to hold!

6 Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

What are your favourite bouquets from our list?

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August 10, 2015

5 Bride-To-Be Decor Ideas

Gather up your girlfriends and plan a bachelorette night filled with laughter, drinks and of course, some modern games for the bride-to-be. Our tips below are perfect if you’re planning an at-home party or pre-drinks before you head out and dance the night away!

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If you’re planning this party at home, cocktails are a must-have. Rosé, prosecco and other light, summer wines can serve as basis for your favourite cocktails. Fresh berries can also serve as a tasty garnish for sangria and other cocktail drinks.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Decorate your favourite balloons in glitter, lace and ribbons for a truly magical party. All you need to do is coat them in glue, then dip into some sparkly gold or silver glitter.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Sweets table

A champagne and sweets table is the best way to stay organised for any bachelorette party. Keep it looking modern with glitter and confetti as decoration.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Skip the same-old banners for ones that you can purchase off Etsy or even make yourself! This one is perfect for the bride who loves Beyoncé.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Table setting

Decorate the table with white tulle veil, a bridal sash and other fun bride-to-be ornaments for the party. They’re also a fun way to get into the spirit of the wedding!

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

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July 13, 2015

8 Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photos are an amazing way to capture the moment of your big day with friends and family forever. Rather than sticking to the same old photos with the groom, parents, in-laws, and the entire bridal party, we’re bringing you a few non-cliché ideas that are sure to be a hit for your nuptials.

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Show off your fancy dresses and impeccable hairstyles with this stunning picture of the bridesmaids. It’s a cute idea if the dress has a cut-out back that would otherwise be forgotten!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding rings

Incorporate your relatives into this stunning picture which captures three generations of women. We love it!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Props such as signs and frames will really make your photos stand out from the rest. This fun photograph incorporates older images from both sides of the family.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


If your wedding is taking place on the beach, take advantage of the sand with this beautiful picture. Simply press your palms into the wet patch, and fill in your ring!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Why not monogram the date of your nuptials into the inside of your dress? Lift it ever so slightly in the wedding photos for a super-sweet gesture.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


For a fun picture with the groomsmen, let the bride sit it out and allow the boys to be boys!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

The girls

Getting ready with the bride seems to be a rite of passage, so why not make it memorable? Enlist the bridesmaids to take the same picture of the bride from different angles.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Group photo

Selfies are becoming increasingly popular, so get your selfie stick and add one more of all your guests at the reception!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

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July 1, 2015