8 Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photos are an amazing way to capture the moment of your big day with friends and family forever. Rather than sticking to the same old photos with the groom, parents, in-laws, and the entire bridal party, we’re bringing you a few non-cliché ideas that are sure to be a hit for your nuptials.

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Show off your fancy dresses and impeccable hairstyles with this stunning picture of the bridesmaids. It’s a cute idea if the dress has a cut-out back that would otherwise be forgotten!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding rings

Incorporate your relatives into this stunning picture which captures three generations of women. We love it!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Props such as signs and frames will really make your photos stand out from the rest. This fun photograph incorporates older images from both sides of the family.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


If your wedding is taking place on the beach, take advantage of the sand with this beautiful picture. Simply press your palms into the wet patch, and fill in your ring!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


Why not monogram the date of your nuptials into the inside of your dress? Lift it ever so slightly in the wedding photos for a super-sweet gesture.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas


For a fun picture with the groomsmen, let the bride sit it out and allow the boys to be boys!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

The girls

Getting ready with the bride seems to be a rite of passage, so why not make it memorable? Enlist the bridesmaids to take the same picture of the bride from different angles.

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

Group photo

Selfies are becoming increasingly popular, so get your selfie stick and add one more of all your guests at the reception!

Non-Cliché Wedding Photo Ideas

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July 1, 2015

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts

Personalised wedding presents are one of the most sentimental ways to gift your spouse for the big day.

Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for the same mass-produced item, why not get a little creative and personalise an existing product? There are hundreds of sellers on Etsy who are available to provide these types of services, and they also ship around the world!

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Something every woman loves in her life is a good pair of heels. Why not take her wedding heels and have something personal scribed on the sole? This could be the form of a removable sticker, or something a little more permanent like getting it engraved.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Nothing beats a unique piece of jewellery, are we right? You could achieve ultimate brownie points by customised a standard silver bracelet with the latitude and longitude of your wedding location. You can have almost anything engraved by an Etsy seller, which is totally handmade!

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Create your own wine label which will commemorate your wedding day, and taste super-sweet! You could also hand this out to guests as a gift to your wedding, which will have the date and occasion of your wedding.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts


Make your very own ideas into a reality by collaborating with a personalised artist on Etsy. This could be anything from a picture which represents the happy couple, the date you were hitched, or even a fun little quote.

4 Personalised Wedding Gifts

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February 20, 2015