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Something Blue: 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Buying a brand new wedding dress seems a little overrated, especially considering the fact that you’ll be wearing it only once.

Splashing out so much cash on a dress isn’t sometimes cost-effective, but buying vintage might just be the next best option. We have created an edit of our top ten pre-loved wedding dresses to inspire your own wedding!

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Lace sleeves

Long sleeves are ideal for winter weddings since they provide an extra layer of warmth to the bride. This classic look is usually accompanied by glamourous makeup and minimal accessories.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


A voluminous, tulle dress is every girl’s dream dress – especially one which is accompanied by a satin bow!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


Spice-up a standard white dress with a low, sexy back which is perfect for a summer wedding. We promise the wedding photos will look absolutely breathtaking.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Spaghetti straps

Throw it back to the early 2000s with this glamourous wedding dress featuring sexy spaghetti straps. The style is flattering for the summer months with a coat of illuminating cream to reflect the suns rays.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Off the shoulder

A popular choice in the eighties was of course the off-the-shoulder look, but it’s certainly making its comeback!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Lace brocade

Keep it classy with lace brocade which is a little on the heavy side, and ideal for a winter wedding.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Sequin embellishments

Try a 20s inspired wedding dress which is adorned in sequins, crystals, and intricate beads (oh my!). Pair with gold or silver stiletto heels to complete the look.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


A sophisticated cap-sleeve is the best way to show off your decolletage and create a flattering neckline. Choose simple, minimalist necklaces to highlight this area!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Empire neckline

Finish off with a flattering empire neckline which is best for bigger chests, and looks amazing with an undo.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

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5 Bride-To-Be Decor Ideas

Gather up your girlfriends and plan a bachelorette night filled with laughter, drinks and of course, some modern games for the bride-to-be. Our tips below are perfect if you’re planning an at-home party or pre-drinks before you head out and dance the night away!

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If you’re planning this party at home, cocktails are a must-have. Rosé, prosecco and other light, summer wines can serve as basis for your favourite cocktails. Fresh berries can also serve as a tasty garnish for sangria and other cocktail drinks.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Decorate your favourite balloons in glitter, lace and ribbons for a truly magical party. All you need to do is coat them in glue, then dip into some sparkly gold or silver glitter.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Sweets table

A champagne and sweets table is the best way to stay organised for any bachelorette party. Keep it looking modern with glitter and confetti as decoration.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Skip the same-old banners for ones that you can purchase off Etsy or even make yourself! This one is perfect for the bride who loves Beyoncé.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Table setting

Decorate the table with white tulle veil, a bridal sash and other fun bride-to-be ornaments for the party. They’re also a fun way to get into the spirit of the wedding!

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

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9 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

Since your wedding day is all about sharing the love with friends and family, get creative and personalise everything from your veil to the placement cards, with a touch of your own personality. If you need a little extra inspiration, we have nine of our favourite picks below.

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Give your guests something sweet to take home, with a cute note or card along with it!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


If your nuptials are taking place outdoors, these cute little signs are the perfect way to keep your guests on track.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


His and hers sneakers are another great way to add a personal touch to the wedding photos without doing the same old standard photos.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


How cool is this one! Give a paper and pen to each guest as they are seated so that they can give their advice and well wishes throughout the night. Also, they would be so funny to read the next morning.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Treat yourselves to a super-cute memento which will keep the day sacred forever. These stunning pieces of cutlery are perfect for enjoying that first piece of cake as husband and wife.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Who doesn’t have a bit of cold feet on their wedding day? This is a funny way of keeping the day light-hearted!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Decorate the chairs of both the bride and groom in these lovely cushions. They are the perfect way to add a personal touch to the wedding photos.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Add a monogram to your veil, which your husband is sure to love and will remain timeless!

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding


Create your own signature cocktail which will then be served to guests during the reception.

10 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding

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Top 5 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

The pressure for couples to have a unique, one of a kind wedding can frustrate even the most chilled out brides and grooms. While it may seem impossible to find a truly original wedding idea, there are still many ways you can personalize key elements of your special day. Here are a few simple ways to add a personal touch to your wedding day:

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Table numbers

Transform an otherwise boring yet practical element of your reception décor by personalising your table numbers. Fun options include grouping each table as a destination you have both visited together that holds a special meaning to you; eg, table number 1 = Your first holiday together, table number 2 = Your first date location, table number 3 = your honeymoon destination. It’s a great way to spark discussion among your guests and adds a personal touch to your reception.

Fun favours

Sugared almonds can seem a little generic as favours, so break free from tradition and choose favours that reflect you as a couple. It could be miniature bottles of your favourite wine, scented candles that remind you of your favourite vacations, or even homemade treats that you made together. Personalised favours are a great way to leave a lasting impression on your guests once the wedding is over.

Bespoke wedding bands

A great way to celebrate your engagement is to share the unforgettable experience of designing your wedding bands together. Artisanal jeweller, Michael Fallah (also known as Mick the jeweller), gives couples the opportunity to visit his workshop in Sydney to watch him melt down the yellow, rose or white gold he will be using for their wedding rings in person. It’s a great chance for couples to bring in their wedding photographer or videographer to capture the once in a lifetime experience to include in their wedding album and video.


Arrange with your caterer to incorporate a family dish or signature drink into the reception and then give out the recipe along with your favours. A great way to involve your family is to use your bridal shower as an opportunity to request dessert recipes from your relatives and surprise them at the reception with a dessert buffet featuring their delicious recipes.


Create a simple, but unique hashtag that makes it easy for your guests to upload any photos they take on the day. It’s a nice way to encourage guests to share their favourite photos, while also making it easy for you to track down all the photos. Make sure to include information about the #hashtag and any social media requests with invitations and programs so that you’re guests are aware.

Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? The snowy season can add a certain atmospheric charm to your nuptials. While most people equate a cold and wet wedding with a nightmare, just think of a warm and cosy ceremony and even cosier wedding night by an open fire. Here are a few of the hottest winter wedding dresses this season.

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The princess dress

A lot of people imagine a princess dress to be the Disney kind with a big full skirt and a sweetheart neckline. However, the real princess – like the Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Grace of Monaco – tend to opt for the conservative, and elegant sleeved gown. Take a look at the following by Rosa Clara.

rosa clara2


rosa clara 3

blossomb wordpress

The sweater dress

Thanks to Olivia Palermo, the sweater dress is all of a sudden a big thing. Two-pieces also dominated the catwalk in the fall 2015 bridal fashion week. So why not walk down this aisle in a skirt and sweater this winter?

buzzfeed brides.com2


hello magazine

The wedding coats and capes

You can wear whatever you want underneath, but for those outdoor photos you will need something to keep your back, chest and shoulders warm! Try a long and elegant coat, a cute shrug, or a fairytale cape.


boho weddings




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