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September 30, 2015

Something Blue: 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Buying a brand new wedding dress seems a little overrated, especially considering the fact that you’ll be wearing it only once.

Splashing out so much cash on a dress isn’t sometimes cost-effective, but buying vintage might just be the next best option. We have created an edit of our top ten pre-loved wedding dresses to inspire your own wedding!

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Lace sleeves

Long sleeves are ideal for winter weddings since they provide an extra layer of warmth to the bride. This classic look is usually accompanied by glamourous makeup and minimal accessories.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


A voluminous, tulle dress is every girl’s dream dress – especially one which is accompanied by a satin bow!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


Spice-up a standard white dress with a low, sexy back which is perfect for a summer wedding. We promise the wedding photos will look absolutely breathtaking.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Spaghetti straps

Throw it back to the early 2000s with this glamourous wedding dress featuring sexy spaghetti straps. The style is flattering for the summer months with a coat of illuminating cream to reflect the suns rays.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Off the shoulder

A popular choice in the eighties was of course the off-the-shoulder look, but it’s certainly making its comeback!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Lace brocade

Keep it classy with lace brocade which is a little on the heavy side, and ideal for a winter wedding.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Sequin embellishments

Try a 20s inspired wedding dress which is adorned in sequins, crystals, and intricate beads (oh my!). Pair with gold or silver stiletto heels to complete the look.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses


A sophisticated cap-sleeve is the best way to show off your decolletage and create a flattering neckline. Choose simple, minimalist necklaces to highlight this area!

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Empire neckline

Finish off with a flattering empire neckline which is best for bigger chests, and looks amazing with an undo.

Wedding: Something Blue - 10 Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

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July 14, 2015

8 Wedding Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Are you planning to do your own makeup for your wedding? Bridal makeup should look natural and never too heavy – especially for those crucial wedding photos! So, to ensure you achieve a flawless base on your big day, here is a list of common makeup mistakes to avoid:

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1. DO: Prime

Always use a primer to create a flawless base for your makeup. This is crucial if you have dry or oily skin which is hard to manage at the best of times.

2. DON’T: Try something new

Your wedding day isn’t the best time to try a new product which might react badly to your skin. Stick to what you know and use products which will complement your skin type and texture.

3. DO: Book a trial

If you’re getting your makeup done by a professional, book in a trial a few weeks before your wedding. This is crucial since the makeup artist will try a few different looks on your skin, and also so you can determine which one is best for your wedding day.

4. DON’T: Contour

Self-contouring is never really a great option, especially if you don’t have the correct tools or techniques. If you are going to contour, use a light hand and carefully accentuate the cheekbones with a slightly dark, matte bronzer. Leave the concealing and highlighting to the professionals for this one.

5. DO: Wear lipgloss

Lipgloss is typically easier to maintain since it’s so quick and easy to apply – even without a mirror! Matte, shimmery, or even long-lasting lip colours can bleed on the lips and need to be re-applied with care every few hours.

6. DON’T: Wear SPF

Any type of foundation with SPF is going to create a white caste in your wedding photos – this is just a fact of life. To avoid this, use a blotting powder to decrease the shine, or simply take your wedding photos at the beginning of the day.

7. DO: Stay natural

A natural makeup look is a safe option since you know it will suit your skin tone. Anything too dramatic will look rather out of place in your wedding photos and might not match the look of the bridesmaids.

8. DON’T: Fake tan

While it might seem tempting, you should skip the fake tan on your wedding day. Not only can it stain your dress, but it isn’t a good combination for the warmer weather. If you do want a natural glow, use a body shimmer on your decolletage, arms and legs.

Image via Fashion Edits

May 19, 2015

5 Films Every Mother-Of-The-Bride Should Watch

According to Runaway Dream, more than 120,000 weddings take place in Australia each year which means 120,000 mother-of-the-brides are helping their daughters out behind the scenes for her big day. However, being the mother of the bride comes with a great deal of responsibility and stress which is why it is a great idea to get the popcorn ready, put your feet up and watch a few helpful (and seriously entertaining!) wedding themed movies to give you some much needed inspiration, guidance and a good laugh along the way.

1. Mamma Mia

This musical, featuring the talented singing voices of Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, is based on the story of a bride-to-be in search of her real father whilst her mother tries her best to cope with the reality of her daughter growing up and leaving home. This is a perfect choice for the mother of the bride because it shows the hardships that not only the bride has to face but also her loving mother. They sing ABBA songs the whole way through the movie so it’s a great sing-along option as well.

2. Monster in Law

If you’re not really sure what a mother-of-the-bride should be doing up until the day of the wedding, Bride Online will give you a better idea whilst Monster in Law will teach you the mistakes that you should definitely avoid! This is a hilarious movie about a fearless mother in law who makes it her life goal to destroy the relationship between her son and his new fiancé (Jennifer Lopez).

3. Father of the Bride

This comedy film about a father unwilling to let go of his beloved daughter is a great choice for both the father of the bride and the mother. The bride will need support from both of her parents and by watching this film, the mother will be more aware of the possible concerns the father might have about the wedding and vice versa. It’s a light-hearted film and one that the entire bridal party will love to watch.

4. Bride Wars

Despite the mother-of-the-bride not actually being present in this movie, it is still worth a watch because it emphasizes the importance of organization. According to the mother of the bride is expected to take care of certain tasks, such as the guest list. This involves gathering names and addresses from both sides of the family. Watching Bride Wars may give you some much needed inspiration and thoughts on organizing a wedding as you watch two brides (and former best friends) schedule their weddings on the same day.

5. Runaway Bride

This is a classic wedding movie favourite and displays the problem of ‘cold feet’ perfectly. It is based on a reporter (Richard Gere) who has to write a story about a woman (Julia Roberts) who has repeatedly left a number of finances at the altar. Spot the signs that your daughter may be second guessing her wedding before the big day and help calm her nerves thanks to the witty revelations of a soon to be bride.

April 28, 2015

1960’s Inspired Wedding Dresses

What isn’t there to love about fashion in the 1960s?

Hemlines were getting shorter, white lace was was way too common (but who is complaining?), and the wedding dresses were purely magical.

If you need a little inspiration for your own bespoke wedding dress, take a few style tips from the swinging sixties.

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Swing dress

Not only does this style flatter the tummy area, but it suits almost any body type! Perfect for brides who want to show a bit of leg on their wedding day, or want their shoes to shine.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Long sleeves

If your wedding is taking place during the colder months, why not choose a long-sleeved dress. The show of leg is worth the extra bit of cold, we promise. A style like this will look classic in your wedding photos, especially if they’re black and white.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Layered skirt

Create the illusion of extra curves with a spectacular layered skirt. Not only did Olivia Palermo do it (she was also married in a sweater), but it can easily be worn again as opposed to sitting in your closet.

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Cinched waist

If you want to keep to a traditional style, then a cinched waist is an absolute must-have. The sleeveless design won’t constrict you from dancing all night long, and the fuller skirt balances out the entire outfit.

60's Inspired Wedding Dresses

Baby Doll

A sixties inspired wedding dress would be nothing without a classic, baby doll style. Not only can you incorporate some white lace (we can’t let it go), but are free to wear heels, flats or anything in between!

1960's Inspired Wedding Dresses

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March 1, 2015

Classic Jewellery Options For Brides

Finding accessories which are understated to match your wedding dress are often few and far between. For most brides, delicate earrings, minimal bracelets, and fine jewellery are the best options since they don’t take the focus away from the main piece, which is of course the wedding dress.

We have picked out a few favourite styles which are perfect for the bride who wants to add a finishing touch to her entire look.

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Hair clips

Take your hair to the next level with some amazing hair accessories for your wedding day. Clips are perfect if you choose to style your hair up or down, and bring a classic look to any ensemble.

Jewellery Options For Brides


Stick to basic pearls if you want to keep your look fairly minimal, and can only choose one piece of jewellery to wear. Not only are pearls an investment, but you can also wear them after your wedding has passed. They never go out of style!

Jewellery Options For Brides

Tear-drop earrings

For a statement piece of jewellery, you can’t go past a pair of tear-drop earrings. These are almost an essential if you choose to wear your hair in a classic updo. They became the main focus of your accessories, and can even be worn by women without pierced ears.

Jewellery Options For Brides


An embellished headband is one of the easiest ways to transform your look, and keep hair neat and tidy throughout the wedding! This is also an amazing option for women with a front fringe, since it will keep it in place – regardless of windy weather.

Jewellery Options For Brides

Dainty necklaces

If your wedding dress is strapless, then a dainty necklace or choker is the best way to accentuate your décolletage. Stick to something simple such as an infinity sign or your initials, since it’s a nice way to tie everything together.

Although sterling silver is most popular, rose gold and gold pieces are also trendy at the moment, and available at almost every single budget.

Jewellery Options For Brides

Ear cuff

Another popular option of the last few years are classic ear cuffs. Australian designer Ryan Storer creates a number of bespoke pieces which are suitable for both brides and the maid of honour. To highlight this look, keep hair parted onto one side, and clip back to emphasise the ear cuff at all times.

Jewellery Options For Brides

What are some of your favourite jewellery options?

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February 10, 2015

Hair and Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Memories may not last forever, but photographs certainly do – so it’s good to make the best impression possible by testing your hair and makeup before the big day. Follow our special style advice to avoid these common hair and makeup mistakes.


1. Trial your makeup

If you don’t plan on doing your own makeup – it is crucial to book a trial run. This will determine how the products sit on your face, and which colours work with your skin type. Your makeup artist will be your saviour on your big day, so let them know the look that you want to achieve and if it’s actually possible!

2. Stay true to yourself

Don’t go all-out and recreate the exact same look that you saw on somebody else. Keep true to your own personal style and create something which you’ll be happy to look back on in 20 years time.

3. To tan, or not to tan?

That is the big question! Most women choose not to fake tan their face along with their body. Choose a colour which will complement your skin tone (and your makeup). It is best to arrive at your makeup trial with the fake tan already on the rest of your body -this will make it easy for the makeup artist to match the colour.

4. Go waterproof

Nobody likes panda eyes, do they? Choose makeup products which won’t budge on your big day. Waterproof lip liner, lipstick and mascara are must-haves (think of all the crying!).

5. Touch-up kit

Keep a small selection of products in an easily accessible place so you can constantly touch-up your makeup throughout the duration of the wedding. A lipstick, blending brush and face blotting wipes are some of the best products you can use.


1. No fresh locks

If you’re planning to create some loose curls on your hair, don’t wash it the day of your wedding. This will cause hair to drop, and look flat and lifeless. Work with 1-2 day hair since this has enough natural oils for the hairstyle to stay intact without dropping.

2. Bring ideas

Don’t turn up empty handed to your hair consultation – this is a big no-no! Bring along a variety of different hairstyles and work with your hairdresser to create something which you’re both happy with. Bridal magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are all a great source of hairspiration.

3. Try extensions

If your hair is very short and thin, it’s a good idea to think about hair extensions for your wedding day. Mirco beads are the best option because they look the most natural, and can be disguised under a lovely hairstyle.

4. Don’t dramatically change your hair colour

It is best not to dye your hair blonde before the lead-up to your wedding – not only is it difficult to maintain, but will also damage your ends due to large amounts of peroxide and ammonia.

5. Flattering hairstyles

Somebody please think about the dress! Don’t forget to factor in the style of the dress when creating that perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. Strapless dresses look amazing with hair styled up or down, so take this into consideration as well.

Image via Top Inspired

September 11, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are an amazing way to host your special day; you get friends, family, fun and a holiday packed in to a week-long intimate event that will create amazing memories for everyone who is able to join in.

And while more and more couples are choosing the destination wedding route these days, what most don’t realise is that there is serious planning required around the logistics, coordination, shipping and overall vision. When it comes to local weddings we’re pretty much set with a standard to do list, but there’s tons that destination brides don’t even think about when it comes to planning their weddings, especially those after the DIY look – for example who’s supplying the fairy lights and mason jars? How do you get the bonbonnieres to your exotic destination?

Narelle Williams, destination wedding expert and director at Global Weddings shares her top 5 tips to plan the ultimate destination wedding.

1.    Thinking ahead
A destination wedding doesn’t just mean jetting off to said destination and forgetting about the to-do list! As well as the wedding plans and your own travel arrangements, you need to remember your guests are travelling a long distance too. Don’t forget to think about their travel, accommodation and giving them all the necessary information about the local area. The best thing to do is sit down and write a to-do list of all the arrangements that need to be made for travel, shipping, decor (including sourcing, logistics and shipping of these items) and your dress and groom – to name a few key headings. Next, assign responsibilities and deadlines to each task. This way, you’ll banish that bridezilla and make the day stress free!

2.    Budgeting
From the onset, decide what’s important to you to take and what’s not. Get familiar with what items your resort can supply you with as part of the cost, what is outside of the package and what you’ll need to bring yourself. Trying to lug everything across the world is a hassle and not to mention expensive – especially if you have to pay excess baggage fees just to get your dress and veil across. So look into what is light and easy to send (think DIY faves such as fairy lights, jam jars, origami cranes and chalkboards), and decide what is most important to you and really adds to your vision for the day.

3.   The dress
You’ll need a special dress box to have freighted to your destination – check with your dress maker to see if they have one or you can discuss your boxing needs with your shipping company. Otherwise, full service airlines will allow you to take the dress on board and hang it in their business class cupboard even if you’re flying economy but you do run the risk of it getting squashed.

4.    The location
Do your research into the customs policies for your destination. Some countries don’t allow fruit, wood or other items, so make sure the DIY items you plan to take are allowed in the country.

5.     Shipping
No bride should have to give up on the details – they’re the bits that everyone remembers! Excess baggage fees can be ridiculous, so do your research and cost comparisons and find a shipping company that suits you. If you’re going to an exotic location in the middle of nowhere, check out PACK & SEND, which will send absolutely everything and anything anywhere. Anywhere? Yep, anywhere.

Did you have a destination wedding? Share your experience in the comments!


October 2, 2013
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