Beyonce – Tommy’s new girl

Beyonce – Tommy’s new girl

Singer/actor Beyonce has now become a Tommy Girl, signing a contract worth almost $10 million Australian dollars to be the face of designer Tommy Hilfiger’s new fragrance. The Destiny’s Child frontwoman’s multi-year deal includes starring in both TV and magazine adverts for the as-yet-unnamed women’s perfume, which will be unveiled later this year. “Beyonce has beauty, style, intelligence and such a warm personality,” said Hilfiger as the news was announced. “She is the perfect person for this project.” The American designer already has a number of scents on the market, including Tommy, Tommy Girl, Tommy Summer and T For Him. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s career both in and out of the music studio seems to be going from strength to strength. She’s been nominated for six Grammys this year, and performed at the Superbowl in the US last weekend. She’s also currently starring in gladiator-style Pepsi commercials alongside fellow pop divas Pink and Britney Spears. You go girl!

Britney, Beyonce & Pink team up for Pepsi??
Pepsi has pulled off one of the biggest coups in advertising history – securing the services of Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink for a super, celebrity-packed TV commercial of epic proportions. The chicks play out a mock Gladiator battle to a reworked version of the old Queen hit We Will Rock You for the new commerical, which also stars fellow popstar Enrique Iglesias as an evil Roman emperor. Former Queen bands members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, and the cast of the commerical attended the launch at the National Gallery in London’s Trafalgar Square last week. “To have this premiere is pretty amazing,” said Spears, “Filming the ad was awesome, it made me feel empowered and I got to work with these two fantastic gladiator women,” she added.

Pay-per-view for Paris?
Paris Hilton‘s ex, home Rick Salomon offered to drop his US$10 million dollar law suit against her family but in true Hollywood style there is a catch – Salomon will only drop the lawsuit in exchange for the distribution rights to the video. A supreme opportunist, Salomon, aka Mr Shannon Doherty, seems to have identified a hole in the porn market, and now seeks to sell the saucy tape pay-per-view. Heather McCloskey, lawyer for the multi-million dollar heiress and her family branded the move “beneath contempt.” All we can say is – Nice try Rick!

Kidman bound for UN
Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn are heading for the UN headquarters in New York – well in a movie anyway. The Interpreter which starts production in March, has our Nic playing an interpreter who overhears a deadly plot! In an unprecedented move the United Nations has granted rare permission for parts of the movie to be filmed at its headquarters in New York. Apparently the UN has received tonnes of requests to film in the prestigious building over the years, but so far no one has filmed inside the building before. The movie will be directed by Sydney Pollack whose previous films include Out of Africa and Tootsie. A UN spokeswoman said Secretary General Kofi Annan and his advisors decided it was in the organisation’s interest to bring its work to the attention of cinema viewers around the world. She added that she did not know if Mr Annan or any other UN staff would feature in the film, saying a number of practical arrangements still needed to be worked out.

February 3, 2004

Chicklets for Dixie Chick

Chicklets for Dixie Chick

Martie Maguire, 34, of the Dixie Chicks is expecting twins. The fiddle-playing gal posted the news via the Dixie Chicks web site. “Yes, we are delighted to inform y’all that I am expecting not one, but two little chicklets,” wrote Maguire, who is in her first trimester. Apparently Maguire and her husband Gareth have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. “I can’t tell you what an emotional ride this road to getting pregnant has been,” Maguire said. “I know that compared to some couples’ struggles, ours has been relatively easy, but I will say that we have an all new appreciation for the miracle of life.” Yee haa!

P. Diddy Did Run the NYC Marathon

Hip-hop entrepreneur Sean “P. Diddy” Combs finished the New York City Marathon after just two months of training. P. Diddy finished the grueling run in a time of 4:14:54, his marathon effort raising an estimated $3 million for disadvantaged children of New York. This staggering figure is double what the high-profile entertainer had hoped to raise. “Never in my life have I ever experienced anything as crazy as this,” Combs said Sunday at a news conference. “It was a beautiful experience.”

Some of the more famous philanthropists who sponsored his efforts were Mayor Michael Bloomberg and our favourite glamour couple J.Lo and Ben Affleck, who, rumour has it, tipped in a combined sum of $150,000! “I definitely wanted to stop,” said Coombs of the event. “This is definitely a life-changing experience for me because I did not stop.? P.Diddy had this to say to his detractors: “We set a bar and we crushed that bar. This is just a start. This wasn’t a publicity stunt.” And in an even bigger win, USA Track & Field named the 34-year-old popstar as its ?Athlete of the Week? last week after his efforts in the marathon! Watch out or P.Diddy might consider running full-time!

Britney may move to UK

In a move to try and sell more records in the UK, Britney Spears has declared she is thinking of heading across the Atlantic and making her home in Old Blighty. “I went to London last week and it’s so cool there,” the pop princess told a British TV show “I’m thinking of moving there. It’s really beautiful. I love it there.” The interview was recorded while Spears, 21, is in Britain to promote her latest single, Me Against the Music,” which features vocals from pash-pal Madonna. Surely the Poms won?t fall for that old trick! Again.


November 11, 2003

Britney broke Durst’s heart?

Britney broke Durst’s heart? Apparently Limp Bizkit’s leading man Fred Durst had his heart broken by the queen of pop tartlets, Britney Spears in just two weeks. Aww. Rumour also has it that her recently ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake was crying more than a river when he heard of their “relationship.” In a recent interview with the Sun newspaper Fred said : “I was pretty upset when me and Britney ended. Was my heart broken? Yes. Things were getting out of control and Justin was calling her and freaking out. He had never seen her with another guy before. I have run into him a couple of times since then, but nothing was said about Britney.” But that ain?t the half of it? Apparently things were going swimmingly between the two musical genius?, when old Freddie got on the radio and blabbed to the world that he?d had sex with the precious pop princess! Not only that, but he also claimed that she was “forward and aggressive” to boot. Any wonder Britney denied ever having a ?relationship? with Durst, after such Neanderthal comments!

Seems Angelina Jolie, Hollywood?s favourite celibate, was also in Durst?s sights at one point. Lucky her. In addition to calling and sending flowers to the Tomb Raider star Durst also made public declarations about how smitten her was with the plump-lipped star, “I had my mind set on Angelina for a long time. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, but it’s just not going to happen…” Gee whiz – what a surprise Fred! Brits and Justers Reunited? Speaking of Britney and Justin, the rumour mill has been in overdrive at the hint of a reunion between these two kooky kids. But it seems love isn?t the motivating factor for this reunion. It is of course M-O-N-E-Y. How does nearly $10 million Aussie bucks sound? The word on the street in the UK is that following the success of the latest advertising campaigns for clothing giant GAP which star Madonna and Missy Elliot, the global rag-traders are in secret talks with Britney and Justin. Rumour has it, the ex-couple will star in a series of commercials for the fashion brand. One source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “The entire world followed the Britney-Justin romance and getting them together in a television commercial will get the world talking again.” But before you get too excited, a UK rep for GAP put a damper on the discussion when he told, “I haven’t heard anything and I wouldn’t think there’s any grounding to it. I think I’d have heard.” Of course you would have sweetie! Jolie’s Forest Project gets the green light Proving that she is not only beautiful on the outside but has a heart of gold too Angelina Jolie, in her latest role as philanthropist, has achieved what many conservationists have been trying to achieve for years. The Tomb Raider star has charmed the Cambodian government into approving a forest conservation project, that will fund be funded by the star, to the tune of $3 million dollars. Jolie has promised to cough up the cash for community-based work over the next five years in two former Khmer Rouge strongholds in remote parts of northwestern Cambodia. “She loves the area, the people and the (natural) resources there,” said Mounh Sarath, the executive director of Cambodian Vision in Development after signing the agreement with the Ministry of Environment. The money will educate villagers about conservation awareness, draw demarcation lines to protect forest and wildlife sanctuaries and train local rangers, said Mounh Sarath. “We are very pleased and would also like to thank Ms. Angelina Jolie for her interest (in conservation),” said Environment Minister Mok Mareth. In a move that will impress greenies all over the world, the project aims to preserve some 148,200 acres of forest in the Samlaut and Pailin areas along Cambodia’s northwestern border with Thailand. Jolie, 28, has increased her charity work in the country since adopting her son, Maddox, from a Cambodian orphanage. Boy has she changed since the days of pashing her brother at the Oscars a few years back!

August 12, 2003

Dancer graces Sex and the City

Dancer graces Sex and the City

In another example of life imitating art, Sex and the City will end after the current sixth series with guest appearances by Ballet superstar Mikhail Baryshnikov. We are wondering could this have anything to do with the fact that Candace Bushnell, the show?s creator, and the women on whom the main character, Carrie Bradshaw is based, recently married ballet dancer Charles Askegard? Hmmm.

According to HBO executives Baryshnikov will star in the last series Carrie?s love interest. Baryshnikov, 55, who defected to Canada in 1974, will play a popular international artist, Alexander Petrovsky who swoops into the popular show and sweeps Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker) off her feet. Baryshnikov told the New York Times: “I think it’s about time to do something my children can’t watch.” Apparently Mikhail Baryshnikov needed persuading to appear on the show, and it has been reported that Parker said it took a “long courtship” to persuade him to appear in the final eight episodes of the programme. But didn?t we want Carrie to finally end up with Mr Big?

Britney Fit for Daisy Dukes’ Shorts?

Don’t tell Cooter, but rumour has it Britney Spears is stepping into Daisy Duke’s shorty shorts for a Dukes Of Hazzard remake movie. The pop princess is odds on favourite to play the curvous Daisy Duke in the remake of the ?70s television hit series which followed the fast-driving antics of cousins Luke, Bo and Daisy as they evaded the law in the southern American town of Hazzard County. Daisy was originally played by brunette Catherine Bach, but original co-star Ben Jones, 61, who played good ol’ mechanic Cooter is not having a bar of Britney. “It’s a ludicrous idea,” said Jones, meaning no offense to the popster. “Nobody has ever worn Daisy Duke?s shorts as well as Daisy Duke, ? he added. In addition to Spears, Ashton Kutcher and Paul Walker have apparently been “expressing their interest” in playing Daisy’s cousin?s Luke and Bo, with trucker-hat fan Kutcher presumably eyeing the role of Luke (the dark-haired Duke) and Walker hottie as Bo (the fair-haired Duke).

Queen Latifah goes bust

It’s not your imagination. Voluptuous rapper turned actress Queen Latifah recently told USA Today that she had breast reduction surgery in April. Apparently the soul sister went from “well over an E cup” to a DD. The 33-year-old Oscar nominee says she also lost 25 – 30 pounds in the past year through exercise and eating right. But Latifah said it was ongoing back pain that made her to consider surgery. “It took a year and a half to make that decision. It wasn’t for confidence or image. I’m the anti-Hollywood girl.” Latifah has recently become a spokeswoman for a new line of undergarments called Curvation.

August 5, 2003