8 Snacks Which Burn Fat

Who doesn’t want to lose weight while they eat?

Rather than choosing a snack with no added health benefits (apart from tasting ridiculously good), pick up one of these the next time you’re at the supermarket. Your body with thank you for it!

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Any type of green veggies are the best way to burn belly fat, and keep from bloating. The high fibre content makes this possible, and can be enjoyed in a salad, stir fry, or even in a smoothie.

Olive oil

Not only is olive oil a great source of monounsaturated fats, but it is also packed with good cholesterol. Sprinkle it over your salad, salmon, or simply add a few drops into cold water for a complete body cleanse.


Did you know that oatmeal helps to burn calories as you eat? Enjoy them in the morning with flax seed, fresh fruit, and your favourite type of milk for a solid start to the day.


Aren’t avocados just amazing? They contain a large amount of monounsaturated fats which help to burn calories, and enhances the absorption of calcium.


Almonds, walnuts and pistachios are all great snack options which help to relieve the body of bad cholesterol, and curb a lot of sugary cravings.


Studies show that if you start your day with eggs (whether they’re scrambled or poached), then you’re less likely to binge on fatty foods. They are packed with proteins which will fill your tummy, but won’t feel like they’re weighing you down.


Ginger is most commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties, and you can add it to almost every meal. Yum!


Since salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, you know that its nutritional content is going to be good! It also helps to burn fat, as opposed to storing it.

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August 28, 2015

5 Best Workouts To Burn Fat

Women often want to improve the appearance of their arms, legs, and above all achieve a toned stomach. Fat-burning exercises are very popular since they target the core muscles and give you an entire body workout in a short period of time. Although which workouts are most effective in order to lose the fat and gain some muscle? Below are just a few ideas to keep your workout fun and of course give you the best results.

Burpie push-up

Get into plank position with your feet a hip-width apart then stick our your elbows and do a push-up. Then simply get back into the squat position and stand. Not only will this work your arms and legs, but you will feel it in your entire core. If you need more stability, why not try using a bosu which is much more effective for a regular weekly workout.

Single leg deadlift

For this workout, grab two dumbbells (or anything similar if you’re participating at home). Stand with your knees slightly bent then extend one leg backwards while keeping your spine even and straight. Your arms should be facing down with the dumbbells in each hand.

Side plank

Get down and lie on your right side then bend the knee at a 90 degree angle with the left leg extended straight. Then simply move the left leg up and down ten times for each rep. After this, brring your left leg down and move into a plank position for 20 seconds, then stand up again.

Pylometric lunge

Point both feet forward then extend the left while going into a lunge position. Lean down your upper body but be sure to keep the spine straight and not curved. Then simply jump straight up and move your arms over your head before landing on the ground in the same position. This routine focuses on performing lunges at a faster rate which engages the muscles to work faster and more fluid.

Power jumping jacks

This classic position stems from regular callisthenics exercises but will provide an intense workout for the entire body in a short period of time. Stand with your feet together and arms at the chest, then slowly curve the lower back. Then jump upwards and extend your feet out making sure they are wider than your hips. Remember to open your arms as you jump until your elbows are aligned with the shoulders. For more experienced users, then get into the squat position as you’re switching into each rep.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

July 1, 2014

How to Burn Fat Fast

We all have to admit it. Quick results are what we are after. That is why we have decided to write about burning fat fast and the food to go with it. Okay, the only way to burn fat fast is to listen to your body. This means you have to go at a pace that your body feels is fairly hard. You shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation or sing a song while doing your chosen cardio exercise: whether it be, jogging, swimming, aerobics or walking.

How do you do it? Do three 30-minute cardio workouts per week. Although Personal Trainer Niki Feldman says, “if you are trying to lose weight you should really add a fourth cardio workout to your weeks exercise routine. But make this one long and steady-paced.” Feldman also goes on to say, “Up your intensity a couple of times during the workout and take advantage of your natural energy surges”. While doing your exercise session, push yourself hard for a short burst. “Think of it as sprinting to catch a bus,” says Feldman. Then return to your normal pace. By adding intensity, you’ll burn more calories and challenge your body, this can mean the difference between a not-so great workout to one that really gets your heart rate and body pumping.

The plan:

“Always do a five-minute warm up”, says Feldman. Once you’ve completed your warm-up start doing your favourite cardio activity, jogging, hiking, rowing or roller-blading at your usual pace. Add two faster intervals to your normal cardio routine. Try to fit two power surges into a workout, each one lasting 40 to 90 seconds. The best way to do a power surge is to:

  • Go uphill, as this will increase your effort automatically without even picking up the speed.
  • Go faster. A good way to do this is sprint between telegraph poles for 40 seconds.
  • Climb stairs
  • Actually stop your activity and change to something else like, high-knee marching, skipping or push-ups.When will you see results?

    After week 1 you will have more energy and be able to move more gracefully when you are working out because you have increased your body’s capacity to carry oxygen.

    After week 2 you will definitely feel and look a lot better! You will also be able to walk or jog faster and enjoy more everyday endurance. That afternoon meeting won’t be as hard anymore.

    After one month you will notice your heart rate is about 10 to 15 beats lower than it was when you first started. Everything will be so much easier and you will feel more alert.

    After 4 – 6 weeks your weight will have definitely dropped by 2-3 kilos if you have been eating correctly. Your muscle tone and strength will have visibly increased so you will definitely look fantastic.

    After 3-6 months you will have turned exercise into a habit. The great news is that you will have turned fitness into your daily routine. You will feel guilty if you don’t do it anymore. Well done!


May 14, 2002