I’m Addicted To Being Busy 24/7

Doing nothing is just something that I am, unfortunately, not good at.

6 Signs You Need To Stop Acting Crazy And Accept He’s Just Not Into You

Waiting for him to reply to your texts like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

5 Simple Ways To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Routine

Trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule can be a nightmare, especially when you’re working full-time. Hauling yourself out of bed an hour earlier seems outrageous and by the end of the working day you’re tired, hungry and ready to relax. So what’s the best way to fit in some exercise when you’re constantly feeling run off your feet?

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Create a workout schedule

Instead of trying to stick to the same routine, create a new exercise schedule every week. That way you can factor in any mid-week events that you might be attending and can also choose to mix-up your workouts to prevent boredom. Once you’ve organised your week, incorporate your workouts into your diary or planner so that you don’t accidentally double book yourself. Priorities, ladies!

Discipline yourself

Once you’ve scheduled in your workouts, commit to and follow through with them. Like Lorna Jane Clarkson advocates: think of your workouts like business meetings – they’re non-negotiable. So if working out five times a week is unrealistic, don’t commit to five times a week. Instead aim for three or four. Would you organise five business meetings if you knew you’d have to cancel two? No. And would you reschedule a business meeting because you couldn’t be bothered attending? No.

Think smaller

Preparing for an hour at the gym can be mentally challenging, so to break the barrier opt for shorter but more intense workouts. Half an hour is relatively easy to squeeze in early morning or late afternoon and research shows that high intensity training at shorter intervals burns more fat.

Get appy

The best type of workout for someone that is constantly on-the-go is the one that they can do anywhere. There are hundreds of apps available for DIY exercise that can easily be performed while travelling or at home in the lounge room. The best part is that you get to experiment with all kinds of different exercises including pilates, HIIT, boxing and yoga. Who’d have thought?

How To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Routine

Look at the bigger picture

Nothing worth having comes quick or easy, so you may need to reassess your goals if you think it does. Getting fit is mostly about consistency, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t notice any major changes straight away. Any exercise is better than no exercise and once you get into the swing of your new routine, the results will start to follow.

Why Busy Is Another Word for Arsehole

Is the glorification of “busy” killing your close relationships?

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Are you always too busy to meet up with your dearest friends? Or, is your partner always using the “busy” card as his excuse for not calling you when he said he would?

The word “busy” carries much weight; it’s such a small word, but it can cause untold damage to our dealings with loved ones.

We’re all busy in this day and age; it’s all about priorities. If you really love and value someone, you’ll always find a way to make time for them.

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American comedian/author and former Sex and the City writer/consultant Greg Behrendt (pictured) said it best in his hit self-improvement book, He’s Just Not That Into You, which he co-wrote with Liz Tuccillo; an awesome read, I highly recommend:

“Busy is another word for ‘arsehole’. ‘Arsehole’ is another word for the guy you’re dating. You deserve a fucking phone call.”

This advice can be applied to all intimate relationships, I believe – don’t be the person who’s too busy to show they care, or put up with people who treat you the same way.

And my other fave bit of sage advice from Behrendt’s and Tuccillo’s 2004 No.1 New York Times best-seller, which was later adapted into a 2009 film by the same name, is:

“I’m about to make a wild, extreme and severe relationship rule: the word busy is a load of crap and is most often used by arseholes. The word ‘busy’ is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction. It seems like a good excuse, but in fact in every silo you uncover, all you’re going to find is a man who didn’t care enough to call. Remember men are never too busy to get what they want.”

Why Busy Is Another Word For Arsehole

So true! No one is ever too busy to show they care.

And in the era of the selfie, have we lost sight of what really matters?

The next time you use the “busy” card as an excuse for not calling and/or catching up with someone – and we’re all guilty of it – but you still find the time to post a pic on Instagram, or send a tweet to strangers, is it high time you actually picked up the phone to a loved one to show you care?

Perhaps it’s imperative we all started spending more quality time reconnecting with the actual people we know and love. Just saying…

What do you think? Is “busy” just an excuse for poor communication skills?

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