Must buy of the week

Witchery’s stone buckle belt, $49.95.

We recommend you purchase Witchery’s stone buckle belt, $49.95. Nothing is more current at the moment than turquoise and chocolate brown. This belt will look great slung through jeans or accessorised over long flowing skirts or dresses, peasant style. Go to and treat yourself!Website of the week Want to see some of the sexiest sleepwear, yoga wear and bed linen? Go to His latest range of intimates is more intimate than ever – it makes you want to spend more time in bed! There’s a mix of shabby chic with Old World. The great thing about his brand new collection is that you can mix your sleepwear with your going out clothes. We love his floral singlets. Fantastic with a denim tiered skirt or a faded pair of fitted Witchery jeans. – Intimates

September 26, 2002