Cameron Diaz Regrets Botox Injections

Cameron Diaz has revealed she tried Botox, but refuses to use it anymore.

“I’ve tried Botox before, where it was like a little tiny touch of something,” the 41-year-old actress said. “It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to be like that.”

The Counselor star has been promoting her new book Body Book, which promotes positive health and body image.

“I’d rather see my face ageing than a face that doesn’t belong to me at all,” she told  Good Morning America.

Since ditching the Botox injections, she’s become proud of her wrinkles. “I love them,  I don’t mind. It’s like, “Guess what this means, I’ve smiled my whole life.” I love life,” she said. “I’m happy I don’t have a problem with that.”

The former model admits she struggled with “terrible, terrible skin” and serious acne in her teens and 20s,

“It was embarrassing, and I did everything I could think of to make it go away” she writes in her book. “I tried to cover it with makeup. I tried to get rid of it with medication: oral, topical, even the harshest prescriptions. Nothing helped for very long.

How did she cure her acne? “I used to have bad acne and little white bumps. I cut out dairy and my skin changed completely.”

She also offers a tip to help achieve her enviable butt.

“Squeeze your butt muscles,” she writes. “Yes, right now, while you’re sitting….With the recognition that we can build muscle by engaging it anytime, anywhere, all of our movements can become strengthening movements.”

And if you want to know what one of the best bodies in Hollywood eats for breakfast? Savoury porridge.

I’m always looking for new ways to build flavor and have fun with my carbs,” she writes in Body Book.

“For instance, I prefer savory over sweet, so in the mornings when I make oatmeal, instead of eating it with something sweet, I make a yummy concoction of sautéed zucchini with collard greens, caramelised shallots, and egg whites.

“I top it all off with ponzu sauce (a Japanese sauce made from rice vinegar and citrus) or some lemon juice. It’s a breakfast that is delicious and savoury and all the things that I love to taste.”

What do you think of Cameron Diaz’ ageing and body advice?


January 8, 2014

Take A Look Inside Cameron Diaz’s Gorgeous NYC Apartment

Cameron Diaz has opened the doors to her New York apartment, inspired by her “innately sexy” personality – and let’s just say, we have major home envy. Take a look at these gorgeous photos…

The living room with its warm, neutral palette

The actress and her celebrity interior decorator Kelly Wearstler show off her two-bedroom, 222-square-metre West Village prewar apartment in the latest issue of ELLE Decor, and they haven’t scrimped on the luxury.

Main bedroom

Diaz, 41, describes her New York home, which she’s owned for several years, as “a bit like living in a silk-lined jewellery box.”

The apartment might not be big but every detail has been given the A-list treatment, with drawers lined in raw black silk, interiors of closets covered in custom wallpaper or bursts of vivid paint and plenty of bling.

Decadent main bathroom

“I blame my love of sparkly, shiny things on my Cuban roots,” says Diaz.

From the bedroom with its cool grey tones, to the bathroom gilded in gold and bronze, Wearstler says her celebrity client was very hands-on.

“Cameron taught me to be more sensitive to the hand of fabrics and textiles. She was so involved in every step…[she] has excellent taste and understands how colours work together and why quality pieces make rooms special.”


Home is definitely where the heart is for Diaz. “I’m surrounded by things that mean something to me. That’s what a home is.”

Guest bedroom

Cameron will next be seen playing Miss Hannigan in the upcoming remake of Annie.

Guest bathroom

What do you think of Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment? Which room is your favourite?

September 5, 2013

5 Of The Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Don’t we love to look at celebrity hairstyles? At their best, they inspire us to take a photo to our own stylist and say, “Make me look like this!” At their worst, they inspire us to say, “Oh no – why did she DO that?”

Here’s a look at five of our favourite celebrity hairstyles and the lovely ladies who wear them. Are you in the mood to try something new?

Michelle Williams’s pixie cut

This actress had some tough competition from Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus, but the adorable blonde has been wearing the style for a while now and always looks totally perfect. We’ve heard that Williams is growing out her hair for a movie role, but can’t help but hope she’ll get her pixie back after it’s over!


Lea Michele’s trendy fringe

The star of Glee sports a long blunt cut with a thick fringe, setting her apart from most current celebs that have lots of layers. The look works for Michele, and plays up her beautiful dark eyes. Other beauties who know how to rock a fringe include Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Jessica Biel.


Jennifer Lopez’s long layer

J.Lo has had long hair for several years now, but she’s never looked better than she does right now, with her lengthy, flowing layers falling over her shoulders. The layers give this style just the type of versatility this multi-faceted fashion icon needs. Other stars with long, luscious layers are Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon.


Solange Knowles’s gorgeous curls

Beyonce’s baby sister knows how to get her own individual look by flaunting the natural texture of her short hair in tiny ringlets. Other girls with curls we love include Rihanna, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Hudson. Curls are at their best when bouncy and shiny.


Cameron Diaz’s bouncy bob

The blonde beauty claimed to be unhappy with her shorter ‘do, but later fell in love with both the look and the easy maintenance. We will probably see Diaz with long hair again soon, but the shorter style is definitely a great look for her. Kiera Knightley and Julianne Hough have also impressed us with their beautiful bobs.

What are your favourite celebrity hairstyles?

August 19, 2013

Who is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor?

Who is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor?

The desirable Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck has been named Hollywood’s most eligible man according to a new survey in US magazine In Touch Weekly. Glamorous ex-lovers Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow claim it’s Ben’s high income that’s the main reason for his desirability. George Clooney came in second, ahead of Starsky and Hutch‘s Owen Wilson, Friends star David Schwimmer, Gary Dourdan, Benjamin McKenzie and the puffy one, Sean Coombes. Sexy Jude Law came in at number eight while bad bo Colin Farrell placed nine with the king of the Lord of the Rings, the darkly handsome – and single – Viggo Mortensen completing the top ten. Yummo!

Posh will soon be sporting diamonds
Diamonds – a Spice Girl’s best friend?
If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Victoria Beckham will have no shortage of sparkling amigos on her 30th birthday this weekend, thanks to her SMS-loving footballer husband David Beckham. Despite the fact the glamorous couple are embroiled in a juicy infidelity scandal that risks ruining their marriage, David is determined to shower his wife with diamonds for her 30th birthday. Or could this be the act of a guilty man trying to win his way back into his wife’s good books? The Real Madrid player has spent more than a million pounds on a rare ten-carat pink diamond ring for her, splashing out even more cash for a pair of matching earrings. “He wanted the best diamonds in the world, and that’s what he got,” said an insider of the Asprey dazzler. Apparently David has picked out yet another pricey bauble for Posh, a handmade $500,000 eternity ring created by an exclusive Spanish jeweller. Inscribed with “I will love you forever”, the sparkler also features five gorgeous diamonds. “We were really surprised when Beckham came to us, but he has very good taste and was very specific,” said the Madrid jewellery house. “To receive a gift like that makes Victoria a very lucky woman.” Don’t know if Posh would describe herself as lucky at the moment!

Cam & Justin
Diaz and Timberlake – big screen co-stars?
Hot celebrity couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are apparently so desperate to star together in the same movie, the actress has asked her Charlie’s Angels pal Drew Barrymore to find a suitable script for their co-starring endeavours. Diaz, 31, was so impressed with her beau’s acting skills on the set of his debut movie Edison, she’s now sought the advice of producer Barrymore. A close friend of the couple says, “Cameron has spoken to Drew as a friend and because she’s such a hot shot producer. Justin has really impressed Cameron with his keenness to get into film, and they both said how great it would be to do something together. Drew thinks it’s a great idea and she’s promised to help.” Let’s hope that the pair’s movie debut doesn’t earn them a Golden Raspberry like fellow-lovers-turned-co-stars. Acting together did wonders for J-Lo and Ben in the atrocious Gigli. And Madonna‘s made some terrible pics with both of her husbands – Shanghai Surprise with ex Sean Penn and the mega flop Swept Away with Guy Ritchie. Eww!

Julia Roberts
Pretty Woman desperate for baby
Julia Roberts wants a baby so badly with husband Danny Moder, that she is looking at alternative ways to have children after reportedly exhausting all other methods including undergoing IVF treatment. According to London Evening Standard, the actress revealed she cannot conceive a child naturally, and that is why the 36-year-old is looking at alternatives including using a surrogate mother and adoption. A friend said: “She seemingly has everything in the world. She’s the number one female film star, her fans adore her and her husband adores her. She has the pick of films. But she doesn’t have the one thing she wants most – children.The friend added: “Danny said, “‘We’ve always said we are going to have a family one way or the other. Now we are just going to try the other”.’ Seems like money can’t buy everything for this Pretty Woman.

April 20, 2004

Ben-Jen Wedding Date Leaked

Ben-Jen wedding date leaked

US Weekly magazine and New York?s Daily News have both quoted unidentified friends of Ben Affleck and J.Lo, revealing that the wedding ? the third for J.Lo and the first for Affleck ? will take place near Santa Barbara, California this coming weekend! Of course a spokesman for the Latino diva Lopez declined to comment on suspected leak. Affleck’s publicist, Ken Sunshine, is keeping his lips zipped too, refusing to comment about any wedding plans.

Neither publication revealed the exact location of the nuptials, but comments from an unidentified source, apparently familiar with the wedding plans, has suggested that the ceremony would take place on a hillside ?maybe at a winery.? It has been speculated that some 400 guests received invitations by phone last week and details will be hand-delivered four days before the event. One of those on the invite list said Santa Barbara is “convenient for a lot of their friends,” according to the report. Wouldn?t want to be in the shoes of J.Lo?s wedding planner when she finds out who leaked the big news to the press!

Big Blue Crush

What did Cameron Diaz ask for her birthday this year? Prada handbag? Gucci frock? Sports car? Nup. A broken nose! The Charlie’s Angel star was hangin? ten in Hawaii on her 31st birthday last Saturday, while on vacation with friends and family. The surfin? safari came to an abrupt halt when the gorgeous star wiped-out off Waikiki beach and was hit in the face by another surfer?s board. Ouch! “I’m fine,” a bandage-sporting Diaz told reporters “But I’m just totally bummed out because I can’t go surfing anymore.” Guess she better just lay on the beach and make all the other holiday-makers jealous of her great bod!

No more Angelina tattoo for Billy Bob

Billy Bob Thornton has finally broken his silence on the demise of his marriage to Angelina Jolie, the sexy Tomb Raider star. The revelations come just in time to promote his new roots-rock CD The Edge of the World. Good timing or just a need to bear his soul to the press? Thornton has largely kept mum since the couple split more than a year ago but now he is finally talking about his former wife and the end of their relationship. “I don’t think either one of us knows why we split up,” he recently told reporters. “It was like, say you’re going to a nightclub one night with your friends and you’re in line and the next thing you know there are guys with helicopters and there’s machine-gun fire and you don’t know what happened. And that’s kind of like what our breakup was like.” Please explain! We know he is ?out there? but what kinda explanation is that?

Thornton also said “that relationship served a purpose in her life and it served a purpose in my life.” Just like the tattoo on his arm that once bore Angelina?s name. “I had it covered up with an angel and it says ‘Peace’ right here. It’s like, basically, my way of saying, ‘No hard feelings.” The kooky rocker says he and Jolie are still mystified as to why their marriage fell apart. Bet AJ is happy that she served a purpose Billy Bob!

Billy Bob gives marital advice

Billy Bob and Angelina divorced in May this year and since BB has now racked up FIVE marriages and divorces, the rocker is well qualified to give marital advice don?t you reckon? Thornton recently spoke to Time Out New York magazine, and he advised first-time brides and grooms on marriage. He suggested they should “go into it with the idea that you want it to last, but don’t put pressure on yourself to try to achieve perfection every day, because I think that’s when you get into trouble.” Marching down the aisle, couples should think, “Like, yeah, I’m doing this forever, but don’t let it freak you out.” Great advice Billy Bob, let?s just hope no newly weds take his advice too seriously!


September 9, 2003

Kutcher and Moore to play house?

Kutcher and Moore to play house?

Still over in the UK it has been reported in Hello! magazine that the 40-year-old actress and her 25-year-old toy boy have been out house hunting together in the US, setting their sights on Beverly Hills, CA. Wonder what ex-hubby Bruce Willis thinks of that? The media obsession with the 80?s film icon and her young spunk seems to be growing rather than abating although one can?t help but wonder why it is such a big deal. Older men have been running off with pretty young things since time began.

Diaz dishes the dirt on Charlie’s babes

At least one Angel doesn’t fear to tread on criticisms that Charlie?s Angel: Full Throttle lacks in the plot department. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet asks Cameron Diaz about the plot of the chick-buddy action flick. “Seriously,” she says, laughing. “We’re talking about Charlie’s Angels. Who cares about the story?” Diaz then goes on to tackle the topics that people really cared about: “Doesn’t Demi (Moore) look unbelievably delicious?” she says. “Lucy (Liu) has wonderful boobs. They’re so firm. I wish I had Drew’s (Barrymore) body. It’s so even and firm and curvy.” Diaz admits that she’s happy with her own bod too, and goes on to say that women, as well as men, use their sexuality to get what they want. “We shouldn’t be ashamed because we’re sexy and use it to get what we want.” Asked to give an example, she replies, “If I smile at the guy that gets my car, he does his job faster.” Hmmm.

Moby says buyers beware

Buyers beware! This is a warning to any of you tempted to bid in an online auction of a sock supposedly worn by musician Moby. The shaved headed vegan claims the garment is not his. “I don’t believe that this is actually my sock,” the techno musician writes on his web site. “I bought one pair of socks four years ago, and I haven’t thrown them out yet. So I don’t think that it’s actually one of my socks. Not trying to inhibit the lawful exchange of goods and services via the interweb. Just saying that it’s not my sock.”

One pair in four years? How is it that Moby is the only person in the world whose socks don?t end up single in the wash?


July 15, 2003