5 Television Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

While you may have already seen the first part of our wardrobe overhaul which focused on movie characters such as Carrie Bradshaw, this is solely dedicated to television stars and their super-famous style.

Whether you’re looking towards inspiration for evening-wear, or simply how to dress up a casual white t-shirt, below are some characters who have made their look iconic.

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Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Showcasing preppy-chic and almost everything in between, Blair Waldorf is the it girl when it comes to Upper West Side style. Her headbands made her famous, but the couple-dressing with love interest and fellow game-player, Chuck Bass made their look indestructible.

A few essential pieces include a pair of sturdy flat shoes, a neutral coloured trench coat, and the ability to colour-block all of your outfits (think of patterns like neutrals, they go with everything).


Kimber Henry (Nip/Tuck)

The character of seductive and often naive Kimber Henry was that which suffered greatly throughout the duration of this popular plastic-surgery phenomenon. Known for her signature blonde curls and refined lady-like style, you could always count on Kimber to showcase the best of American designers between 2003-2010.

Body-con dresses, matching lingerie sets from Agent Provocateur, sky-high stiletto heels, and a fearless attitude proved to define her sense of style.

5 Television Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Karen van der Beek (Californication)

Karen’s free spirit was represented through her choice of relaxed clothes and long blonde hair which represent California in a nutshell. Mixing structured pieces like a blazer with maxi-dresses and bell-bottom jeans quickly made Karen’s style the focus of the entire show (well, for us at least).

Dainty jewellery and loose curls are the best way catch Karen’s vibe without killing your credit card.

5 Television Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

This might count as cheating since we’ve already mentioned Carrie before, but some serious inspiration comes straight from her infamous closet. Carrie taught women around the world that stilettos are always back in fashion, experimenting with clothes is never not an option, and sometimes it’s okay to trade food for an issue of Vogue.

Highlights include that signature tulle skirt in the opening credits, and always embracing your natural curls (if you have them, if not, fake it).

5 Television Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Marissa Cooper (The OC)

And finally we’re wrapping it up with one of our favourites, Marissa Cooper. Her collection of caviar-leather Chanel bags is still causing us enough envy, but Marissa’s laid-back California style will never grow old.

If all else fails, a great party dress and a rebellious attitude is the best way to channel Mischa Barton’s famous character.

5 Television Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

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Remembering Oscar de la Renta

Fashion legend Oscar de la Renta has passed away at the age of 82. The designer was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and passed away earlier today.

The Dominican designer crafted couture for every woman in the upper crust, from Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana, to Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift. Most recently, he designed Amal Clooney’s wedding gown in which she famously wed actor George Clooney in September.

daily lifeAmal Clooney and Oscar de la Renta

oscardelarentaSATC Carrie Bradshaw‘s favorite designer was featured in the famous Vogue wedding shoot scene in the SATC movie, and in the episode where Carrie dates ‘The Russian’.

On the runway with supermodels (from left) Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen

Amy Adams, Academy Awards 2013; Freida Pinto, Cannes Film Festival 2014

With Liza Minnelli (left) and Audrey Hepburn (right)

Sarah Jessica Parker in a “signed” Oscar de la Renta gown at the Met Costume Institute Gala, 2014

Dressing the younger generations: Lupita N’yongo (left) and Taylor Swift (right)

With Princess Diana

Images via Vogue UK, Daily Life, Daily Mail, stylebyyellow.com, ibtimes, elasticity.blogspot, InStyle, Pop Sugar

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Do you require a little assistance in the style department? Sometimes it’s difficult to formulate new and exciting outfits when the weather is too hot or even too cold – which doesn’t leave you feeling inspired at all.

Rather that jumping onto your favourite blog or even Instagram account to find that extra bit of inspiration, why not put on your favourite movie and take note! Below are SHESAID’s 5 favourite movie characters to get the inspiration flowing.

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Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City, 2008)

Played by: Sarah Jessica Parker

We had to start off with Carrie Bradshaw, right? As her ever-evolving style featured stiletto heels (okay, a lot of stiletto heels), spaghetti-strap tops, and even an Hermes scarf wrapped around her head, Carrie is the ideal character if you want a perfect harmony of designer and high-street labels. Lets not forget that signature blonde, curly hair either..

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Nikki (Alfie, 2004)

Played by: Sienna Miller

As the bohemian inspired love interest to Jude Law’s character, Nikki is the perfect mix of party girl with a refined edge. Faux fur coats, knee-high boots, and that signature centre part in her bangs made Nikki’s style come to life in the remake of an original 1966 film.

Inspired by Anita Pallenberg, Sienna Miller’s character wasn’t complete without black kohl-eyes and a killer personality to match.

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Amelie Poulain, (Amelie, 2001)

Played by: Audrey Tautou

This Academy Award winning film isn’t only known for it’s splendid acting and whimsical storyline. While the style of the film isn’t exactly modern, it does pay homage to 1960’s Montmartre by way of set design and even costumes.

Audrey Tautou brought Amelie Poulain to life, and she is known for wearing an understated wardrobe of red and green shades which are practical throughout her journey in the film. Lets not forget Amelie’s dark-black hair and super-short fringe which framed her face almost perfectly.

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Annie Hall (1977)

Played by: Diane Keaton

The ultimate way to dress like a boy started with Diane Keaton in Woody Allen’s blockbuster film, Annie Hall. Not only did this film give inspiration to women for years to come, but it showed that you can dress like a man but act like a woman. Celebrities such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung still draw inspiration from Annie Hall which will forever remain quirky and timeless.

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Andrea Sachs, (The Devil Wears Prada, 2006)

Played by: Anne Hathaway

Undeniably one of Anne Hathaway’s breakout roles came as a result of The Devil Wear’s Prada. Based on the bestselling novel by Laura Weisberger, the film follows Andrea’s revolutionary transformation into a Chanel-wearing, Fendi-carrying, lover of fashion.

Lets not forget that emerald green coat – Jackie Onassis anyone?

5 Movie Characters To Inspire Your Wardrobe

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Most Stylish TV Characters Of All Time

In honor of the 67th annual Emmy Awards, we’ve decided to take a look back at our favorite fashion icons in television. Here is our top 10:

10. Jessa Johansson – Girls 
Jessa is Brooklyn’s bohemian dream. She continues to drive us wild with her impressive collection of kimonos and effortlessly styled hair. She’s the kind of girl that could roll out of home in a tablecloth and make it an instant trend.

college fashion

9. Rachel Green – Friends  
We loved Rachel when she was a waitress in white tees, mini skirts and overalls. Our adoration grew as we watched her grow up, get a job at Ralph Lauren, and realize her destiny as a fashion icon. While Rachel had an impressive wardrobe, her claim to fame was those trendsetting tresses.

fashion train blogspot bustle.com

8. Patsy Stone – Absolutely Fabulous
We expect nothing less from a supermodel-turned-magazine fashion director! Who didn’t love Patsy’s chic suits, beehive hair-do and dark sunglasses?

bbc america2 telegraph UK

7. Marissa Cooper – The OC 
Only millennial teens will understand the gravity of The OC’s impact on our wardrobes. Marissa’s west coast style was built around flat shoes, beach party dresses and preppy polo shirts.

luckymag2 luckymag luckymag3

6. Charlie’s Angels – Charlie’s Angels 
You can’t single out an Angel, so we’ve chosen the whole cohort. Their seventies glamour shaped the style of an era, and continues to be called-upon whenever flared jeans make a comeback. Think: gold accessories, Farrah Fawcett hair flicks, and high-waisted trousers.

daily mirror

5. Mary Ann and Ginger – Gilligan’s Island 
For decades now, women have often been categorised as one of two male fantasies: Mary Ann or Ginger. Mary Ann was the ultimate girl-next-door in pigtails and mini shorts, while Ginger was the bombshell with a wardrobe of animal prints and glamorous evening gowns. Which one are you?

parade fanpop2
4. Olivia Pope – Scandal
Olivia, like her style, is powerful, sophisticated and sexy. Thank Olivia for many of this year’s trends, including tailored suits, robe coats, and white.


3. Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl
This Manhattan princess was the envy of every girl in NYC, with a wardrobe full of expensive designer-wear – and Daddy’s bank account to play with. While Blair’s partner in crime, Serena Van Der Woodsen, was close competition, we can’t go past Blair’s bold choices and uncanny ability to accessorize.

the magenta blog

2. Betty Draper/Francis – Mad Men
Before Megan sashayed in with her with her youthful, mod style and fresh-faced charm, Betty Draper was inspiring women around the world to embrace sixties housewife glamour in a way they hadn’t since the era itself. It was difficult to choose which of Mad Men‘s leading ladies would represent them on this list. But Betty’s Grace Kelly looks, flawless red lips (how?), and full, floral skirts have captured our hearts and held our gazes since the very first season.

vanity fair vanityfair

1. Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City  
Remember the lingerie? The giant flower accessories? The Manolo Blahniks? Sex and the City’s costume designer, Patricia Field, became an overnight celebrity; every outfit featured in the first film because an instant trend (gladiator heels, anyone?); and the show single-handedly spurred a worldwide obsession with stilettos. Others have tried, but nobody has managed to make the same cultural and sartorial waves since Carrie and her friends.


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6 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair can be difficult to style on a daily basis, especially since it takes most of the morning to wash, dry and apply product to before stepping out the door. While most of us don’t have hours to get ready, here are ten quick and easy ways to style medium to long hair.

1. Low bun

Comb through your hair (focusing at the ends) then wrap into a low bun at the nape of the neck. If you do have a fringe or many layers, leave them out and spritz with some finishing spray. Then add a headband to refine the entire look.

2. Fishtail braid

An easy fishtail braid will keep your hair locked-in all day without constantly needing to fix it up. Start with hair that has been freshly washed, and complete a short braid which can be fastened by a thick elastic at the end. Take out at the end of the day to enjoy natural curls with no added heat.

3. High bun

This classic option doesn’t have to take up most of your day to achieve. Simply pin back your layers, then wrap hair around before fastening with a thick hair elastic. Choose a reliable elastic which will hold your hair for hours on end without requiring another touch-up.

4. Half up

Brush through the ends of your hair, then simply pin back the hair at the top of your ears. This is perfect for girls with layers since it will create a natural definition at the crown. Feel free to even twist your hair before pinning it back – this creates easy to achieve texture. Then wear a statement piece of jewellery on the ears or neck.

5. Hair accessories

Use a thick hairband to keep hair away from your face, then push it forward to create some volume. Tie hair into a low pony tail and create definition at the back of the head before fastening with another thin elastic band. Finish off with some hairspray to hold the entire look together.

6. Fringe braid

Switch up your look by incorporating a braid the very top of your head, and leave hair down at the back. Start by braiding from the arch of your eyebrow as a reference, then pin down under your hair on the other side. This look is super easy and will allow the rest of your hair to sit and enjoy it’s natural texture.


  • If long hair is hard to manage, try and start off with braids and plaits if you find yourself with limited time in the morning. They are really simple to recreate and work well on both freshly washed and even second-day hair.
  • A touch of dry shampoo can dramatically change the texture of hair, even if it is freshly washed. Don’t forget to keep a travel-sized can in your handbag for a quick change.
  • Keep lots of hair elastics and bobby pins in your makeup bag, since they will very easily switch up your look throughout the day.

 Image Source: Net Robe

High Heel Abuse: How to Have Happy Feet

Did Carrie Bradshaw, in TV’s Sex and the City, have bunions, degenerative joint growth and significant foot pain from chasing men, taxis and even dogs in her six-inch high heels? Forget Big Vs Aidan, this is the real unanswered question about that much-loved series, I tell you ladies! And if some of the most important men in your life bear the names Manolo, Jimmy and Christian – that’s shoe gods Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin respectively, of course – then chances are you love your high heels with a passion, too.

I spent my entire 20s and 30s teetering around in spike and stiletto heels and I’m paying the price now, with an unsightly bunion and corn on one foot – gross, I know! And while I’m so passionate about heels I have no regrets, there are steps you can take to try to prevent your love of high-fashion shoes from damaging your feet. It’s no surprise that my podiatrist – who wishes to remain anonymous, bless him (I strongly suspect it’s to protect himself from heel-loving ladies) – is no fan of high heels.

After a long and tedious lecture about how high heel abuse can aggravate bunions and cause corns and calluses, Mr Podiatrist dished the dirt on how Shesaid.com readers can wear their heels, but still maintain happy feet:

  • See a podiatrist regularly to keep feet in top condition. Mr Podiatrist and his ilk will handily professionally remove corns and calluses.
  • Combat bottom-of-the-foot pain by wearing heavily padded insoles. They act as a buffer between your foot and the ground.
  • Give your poor tootsies a break and wear flats and sneakers as well as your beloved heels.
  • Stretch like a runner to avoid Achilles’ tendon and calf pain.
  • Wear the right size heel and spend the money to get well-fitting ones. Look for heels with a snug, but not too tight fit.
  • Avoid wearing stilettos all the time – thicker heels are more stable and foot-friendly.
  • Wear open-toe high heels to relieve pressure on corns and calluses.

Image via flickr.com

Dancer graces Sex and the City

Dancer graces Sex and the City

In another example of life imitating art, Sex and the City will end after the current sixth series with guest appearances by Ballet superstar Mikhail Baryshnikov. We are wondering could this have anything to do with the fact that Candace Bushnell, the show?s creator, and the women on whom the main character, Carrie Bradshaw is based, recently married ballet dancer Charles Askegard? Hmmm.

According to HBO executives Baryshnikov will star in the last series Carrie?s love interest. Baryshnikov, 55, who defected to Canada in 1974, will play a popular international artist, Alexander Petrovsky who swoops into the popular show and sweeps Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker) off her feet. Baryshnikov told the New York Times: “I think it’s about time to do something my children can’t watch.” Apparently Mikhail Baryshnikov needed persuading to appear on the show, and it has been reported that Parker said it took a “long courtship” to persuade him to appear in the final eight episodes of the programme. But didn?t we want Carrie to finally end up with Mr Big?

Britney Fit for Daisy Dukes’ Shorts?

Don’t tell Cooter, but rumour has it Britney Spears is stepping into Daisy Duke’s shorty shorts for a Dukes Of Hazzard remake movie. The pop princess is odds on favourite to play the curvous Daisy Duke in the remake of the ?70s television hit series which followed the fast-driving antics of cousins Luke, Bo and Daisy as they evaded the law in the southern American town of Hazzard County. Daisy was originally played by brunette Catherine Bach, but original co-star Ben Jones, 61, who played good ol’ mechanic Cooter is not having a bar of Britney. “It’s a ludicrous idea,” said Jones, meaning no offense to the popster. “Nobody has ever worn Daisy Duke?s shorts as well as Daisy Duke, ? he added. In addition to Spears, Ashton Kutcher and Paul Walker have apparently been “expressing their interest” in playing Daisy’s cousin?s Luke and Bo, with trucker-hat fan Kutcher presumably eyeing the role of Luke (the dark-haired Duke) and Walker hottie as Bo (the fair-haired Duke).

Queen Latifah goes bust

It’s not your imagination. Voluptuous rapper turned actress Queen Latifah recently told USA Today that she had breast reduction surgery in April. Apparently the soul sister went from “well over an E cup” to a DD. The 33-year-old Oscar nominee says she also lost 25 – 30 pounds in the past year through exercise and eating right. But Latifah said it was ongoing back pain that made her to consider surgery. “It took a year and a half to make that decision. It wasn’t for confidence or image. I’m the anti-Hollywood girl.” Latifah has recently become a spokeswoman for a new line of undergarments called Curvation.