10 In-Flight Travel Essentials

Whether you have a relaxing trip booked overseas for a week, or are simply heading interstate for a girls weekend, there are a few items which you should never leave home without.

We’re not talking about your passport and credit cards (those are a given), but these will make your trip run smoother and are a little more on the pampering side.

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1. A good book

Bring along a book you’ve had pinned onto Goodreads for the last few months and have been dying to get stuck into. Stick to something short and sweet (less than 500 pages) if you’re bringing a paperback, or bring an entire library if you have a Kindle in your handbag.

2. Hand sanitiser

It goes without saying that keeping your hands clean is absolutely necessary. Keep a few hand sanitisers in your luggage and handbag, but make sure they’re alcohol-free so the formula won’t dry your hands.

3. Mini moisturiser

Flying can leave the skin on your hands feeling particularly dry, so always make sure to carry around a small hand moisturiser. Choose a soft, lightweight formula which won’t feel too greasy on your skin.

4. Face mask

A portable face mask is the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated if you’re on a long flight. All you need to do is apply it on clean skin, then sit back and relax!

Just pat the excess product into your neck and hands, then dispose of the mask after you’re done. It also takes the place of an eye cream, which can be hassle to apply and will free some room in your cosmetics case.

5. Noise cancelling headphones

Nobody wants to hear your music and you probably don’t want to hear theirs. A pair of noise cancelling headphones is a must-have since you can discreetly go about your business, or even block every thing out as you sleep.

6. Mints

Keep your breath fresh by storing a few mints into your carry-on luggage. You probably won’t be able to brush your teeth on a longer flight and mints are so much more convenient than gum.

7.  Lip balm

Many women suffer from dry, chapped lips since the moisture is sucked out of your skin during a long-haul flight. Choose a stick so you don’t have to dip your hands into the little pot, which also keeps it clean and sanitary!

8. Socks

A pair of warm, woolly socks is the best way to keep your feet warm during a long flight. Since planes have the air conditioner on at all times, choose a beanie to keep your head and ears warm as well. A scarf also works well at keeping the cold away.

9. Leggings

If you’re strictly a ‘no-leggings as jeans’ type of girl, then you could make an exception for a long plane ride. If you haven’t changed into a pair of comfy pats before boarding, do it right away!

10. Floss

Finally were would we be with a bit of floss? Use it to keep your teeth fresh (especially on international flights), then dispose of it afterwards. Those little picks are extremely helpful since you don’t actually have to touch the inside of your mouth.

Have we forgotten anything? Comment with your essentials down below.

Image via Refinery 29