Gwyneth To Launch Skincare And Beauty Ranges Via GOOP

Would you trust an A-list celebrity who recently confessed her love of “steam cleaning” her vagina with your beauty regime? This is the question discerning women the world over must surely be asking themselves following the news Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly launching skincare and beauty ranges via her popular lifestyle website GOOP.

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Of course, Gwyneth is also a fan of using goop.com to extol the new-age benefits of other such important life matters such as “consciously uncoupling” ala her split with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin; ridiculously overpriced, but gorgeous luxury clothes; month-long juice cleanses and macrobiotic diets.


However, the health obsessive did come under fire for her health advice that if women steam out their vaginas they’ll achieve a powerful energy boost and internal cleanse. This is somewhat amusing given our vaginas self-cleanse, but I digress. Gwynnie advised her legion of fans to run, not walk, to get the special herbal steam-treatment service available at the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica.

“The real golden ticket here is the Mugwort V-Steam,” Gwynnie enthused. “You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al.”

She added that the V-Steam is “an energetic release – not just a steam douche – that balances female hormone levels. If you’re in LA, you have to do it.”


Slammed for this potentially dangerous, sham health advice by multiple medical experts, Gwyneth was undeterred and continued to do what she does best, look amazingly radiant at red-carpet premieres, such as Mortdecai, with new Gold Coast regular, Johnny Depp, who has been in and out of the “sunshine state” of late shooting the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

So, how does the gorgeous celebrity seemingly never age? Is there really something to her diet claims? And here are some more burning questions for Gwynnie – if she’s reading this –about her new organic and sustainable skincare and beauty ranges set to launch next January: Can we mere mortals afford it, or will it cost the equivalent of a monthly Sydney mortgage? And, will it be for women of all ages and skin types? And will we too, then attain the Fountain of Youth?

GOOP will apparently cut out the middle man and handle all retail aspects in-house. Stay tuned for more as it comes to hand, dear readers!



June 15, 2015

The Ex-Files: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Ladies, it’s time to open the X-files. Shudder!

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Passionate feelings such as love and hate are inextricably linked; for this reason, I do not believe men and women can truly be friends post-breakup. At least, not until many, many years have passed.

In addition, if you’ve loved someone with all your heart, and they’ve exited from your life – note the emphasis on ex – why would you invite them back in? Especially if you’re trying to move on and date someone new?!

And sure, there are exceptions to the rule: if you’ve got children together, then that’s clearly a major game changer and, whether you like it or not, you’re bound to each other for life and must stay civil for the sake of your children.

Case in point: actor Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin who stunned the world when they “consciously uncoupled” in March 2014. The pair, who has two kids together, split after an 11-year marriage. And, in an emotional and somewhat bizarre statement, they asked for privacy at the time to “consciously uncouple and co-parent”, while Gwynnie’s Goop website talked of holistic “wholeness in separation”.

ex-boyfriend, ex-partner, friendship with an ex

While the tabloids labelled the couple’s statement as “new-age tosh”, it’s surely an admirable sentiment to be as loving as you can towards the mother or father of your children. But, outside of celebrity La La land, with all its privileges, this can be significantly tougher in real life.

And if you’ve ever had the misfortune of dating someone who’s not over their ex – I don’t envy Jennifer Lawrence one bit, as she’s allegedly dating Martin – it can feel like there’s three of you in a relationship and things can get way too crowded.

We all have baggage, but is it ever OK to be friends with an ex? And how does this affect your current relationship?

ex-boyfriend, ex-partner, friendship with an ex

SHESAID went in search of answers, consulting a top clinical psychologist who specialises in relationships for insight into this complex issue.

Q: Is it ever OK to be friends with an ex?
Whether or not you are friends with an ex will depend very much on the circumstances that lead to your break-up. If it was a mutual decision to part and the separation was amicable, then you might choose to remain on good terms and take an interest in the well-being of each other as time goes by. However, if the relationship was toxic and the separation hostile, being friends with your ex is the last thing you’ll want.

Q: How do you cope when your partner is still close to their ex?
It can be very difficult for a partner whose loved one remains on good terms with an ex. We all suffer, to varying degrees, from insecurity, and the more insecure you feel, the more difficult it will be to accept that your partner wants to keep in touch with and even spend time with an ex. It begs the question – why? Of course, if there are children involved there is a reason to stay in contact with an ex – for the well-being of the children. In this situation, a certain amount of contact is inevitable and the best approach is to accept the situation gracefully and make interactions with your partner’s ex as stress-free as possible. But if there is no good reason for your partner to stay in touch with his/her ex, and if it really bothers you, your partner should respect your feelings and cut contact.

Q: What if your partner lies about catching up with an ex?
If your partner lies about catching up with an ex you’ve got a problem. You’ll be asking yourself why he/she felt the need to lie. Approach the situation in as mature, calm and non-confrontational manner as you can; after all, shouting and abusing him/her won’t help. But if your partner is being dishonest about catching up with an ex, and doesn’t have a very good reason for the deceit, it’s probably time to make some hard decisions about ending the relationship.

The X-Files: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Q: Does having an ex always threaten a current relationship?
Not necessarily, it’s more about how the other partner feels and whether the person having contact with the ex is prepared to take their partner’s feelings into consideration. If he/she ignores your wishes and feelings and maintains the contact when it makes you feel very uncomfortable or miserable, then the problem is more about the lack of consideration being shown for your feelings and wishes. That might be enough to threaten the relationship.

Q: Should a man or woman urge their current partner to also be friends with an ex to lessen the threat?
They could try if staying in contact with the ex means so much to them. This would be helpful it there are visits from children involved. Trying to be friends with your partner’s ex would probably work better if the ex has a partner – that would help to alleviate feelings of jealousy and insecurity and fears that your partner is still attracted to his/her ex. Bring these feelings into the open and discuss them with your loved one – again, if your relationship is good, he/she should be considerate of your feelings and cut or reduce contact with their ex.

What do you think? Can you be friends with your ex?

Main image via www.tmz.com; secondary image via perezhilton.com; third image via www.quora.com and final image via eclectikramblings.wordpress.com.


January 28, 2015

Baby joy for Courteney Cox Arquette

Baby joy for Courteney Cox Arquette

Courteney Cox Arquette is pregnant! Cox Arquette, whose Friends TV character Monica has struggled to have a child, and who, in real life has suffered heartbreaking miscarriages herself, is expecting her first child with husband David Arquette. The celebrity couple have spoken publicly about their struggles to have children and Cox Arquette has admitted she has suffered through “many miscarriages.” The two recently said they were trying to conceive via invitro fertilization. “Yes, we are confirming they are expecting,” said the actress’s publicist, Nanci Ryder, who declined to provide any other details. Rumours of a pregnancy began when Arquette’s brother let slip the potential family secret during an interview on Sharon Osbourne‘s talk show in October.

Goldie Hawn a granny!

Actress Kate Hudson and hubby Chris Robinson, have announced the birth of their first child, a boy, born on January 7. Introducing, Ryder Russell Robinson, who weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces or 3.9 kilograms. Robinson, 37, the former lead man for the Black Crowes, and Hudson, 24, the daughter of Goldie Hawn, have been married since 2000. Despite her acclaimed debut in films like Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Le Divorce, Kate says she is happy to stay home and look after her new baby – at least for now. She’ll also be working on shedding those unwanted kilos she piled on in the last trimester of her pregnancy, the star stating that she felt “fat and unattractive and definitely not sexy” during the last stages of her pregnancy. Let’s hope she doesn’t overdue it with her rush to be a size 8 again!

Baby girl for Kate Ceberano

Local favourite Kate Ceberano and her husband Lee Rogers also announced the birth of their own newest addition last week. The couple are the proud parents of a baby girl, Gypsy, born at 8pm on January 6. The healthy bub weighed 4.22kg or 9 pound 5 ounces. Both mother and daughter are reported to be doing well. Ceberano was in Melbourne recording her latest album The Girl Can Help It when she discovered she was pregnant. She raced to finish the record, which she had been working on for three years, so she could get out and promote it before the birth. As soon as the album was completed, Ceberano embarked on a promotional tour in the lead up to Gyspy’s birth. Seems like Gypsy will get to spend some serious stay at home time with mum now all the touring is out of the way!

Harrison Ford is officially unhitched

Harrison Ford‘s long awaited divorce from his wife of 18 years, screenwriter Melissa Mathison Ford, became final last week in the States. But papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court did not reveal details of the divorce settlement or custody arrangement for the couple’s children. The Fords, who met on the set of the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, filed for a separation in August 2001 after living apart for nearly a year. In typical Hollywood style, they cited “irreconcilable differences” on their divorce papers. Now officially single, the Indiana Jones star is free to escort his current girlfriend, actress Calista Flockhart who has been patiently waiting in the wings for her man, down the aisle. They say all good things do come to those who wait – isn’t that the way the fairy tale ends? Stay tuned.

January 14, 2004