Celebrity Pregnancy Diets

Ever wondered what kind of diets celebrities follow while pregnant? Celebrities have a lot of pressure to lose weight after giving birth, so are particularly careful to follow a strict pregnancy diet, but we found some great ideas for healthy meal plans that don’t sacrifice on calories or flavour.

Read on to learn a few celebrity pregnancy diet tips.

Kate Middleton

Kate has always followed a healthy diet and fitness regimen, so it is no surprise that she carried that mindset with her during pregnancy. She based her diet around healthy proteins such as cod, turkey and chicken. Snacks included nuts and fresh fruit. Kate also gave up coffee during her pregnancy, which is something most doctors recommended for all pregnant women.

Sophie Dahl

During her pregnancy, Sophie craved and ate lots of pineapple. This wonderful fruit has many great health benefits likeminimising the effects of morning sickness, but be cautious about overdoing it as it’s high in acid which can be too strong for a sensitive digestive system. Sophie is also big on eating sustainable foods that are grown organically, so take a cue from Sophie and ditch processed foods and opts for fresh, organic ingredients.

Mel B.

When Mel B. was pregnant with her third baby, she followed a pregnancy diet that was high in protein and not carbs. Her breakfasts usually consisted of protein-rich foods like turkey, eggs and avocados. For lunch, she ate a small salad with a side of fish or chicken. Mel turned to fresh fruit during snack time and substituted herbal tea for her usual cups of coffee.

Victoria Beckham

During each of her pregnancies, Victoria stuck to a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids. One of her staple foods was smoked salmon, which contains lots of healthy fats that are important for fetal development. She also avoided junk food and foods that have high amounts of sugar or sodium. Her biggest indulgence was an occasional piece of toast with jam.

Jennifer Lopez

While pregnant with her twins, Jennifer followed a modified version of her normal diet and fitness regimen. She ate lots of egg whites, Greek yogurt, vegetables, fruit and lean proteins such as tuna, chicken and turkey.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Normally, Gwyneth follows a very stringent macrobiotic diet and regularly goes on juice cleanses. However, during her pregnancy with Apple, the actress found herself binging on fries and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Lily Allen

Not all celebrity mothers are concerned about gaining weight while pregnant. Lily Allen followed a healthy meal plan during her pregnancy, but also allowed herself to indulge in her favourite foods like curry and caramel biscuits whenever she had a craving.

March 14, 2014

Pregnant and Glamorous

Boasting a bodacious baby bump never gets in the way of an A-List yummy-mummy-to-be on the red carpet – especially if she has a new flick to promote. From Kate to Halle, we look at the best celebrity maternity style.

Kate Winslet debuted her bump at her new movie, Labor Day premiere at Toronto’s International Film Festival on Saturday, September 7.

Kate, 37, announced her exciting news six months after marrying husband number 3, Ned Rocknroll in secret. A bouncing baby brother or sister for Kate’s two children, Mia, 12 and Joe, 9, with her ex-husbands, filmmaker Jim Threapleton and director Sam Mendes, respectively.

Kate told reporters at the festival she has been taking care of her body and watching her weight the third time around.


“I’ve been really good this pregnancy, partly because I was working in the beginning until about 20 weeks. I couldn’t have it all go to my face. I don’t know how much I can be bothered to have to lose the weight. It’s such a pain in the ass. I’m not one of those people for whom it magically drops off.”

And it seems Halle Berry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rachel Zoe and Holly Valance aren’t prepared to swap heels, make-up, sleek blow-dries and their signature style for oversize t-shirts, leggings and Ugg boots – just yet either.


Halle Berry, 47, who is expecting her second child and first with partner Olivier Martinez, is always glam and she hasn’t let a little baby bump get in her way in the name of style. Halle, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Nahla, with her ex, model Gabriel Aubry, certainly over-achieves on the ridiculously good looking family meter.


A skintight LBD in the third trimester could be one woman’s nightmare but actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34, has been rocking them on more than one occasion. She is expecting her first child any day with fiancé (and The Client List co-star), actor Brian Hallisay.


Australian actress Holly Valance, 30, who is expecting her first child with billionaire husband Nick Candy, didn’t let that get in the way of wearing Italian Riviera-worthy garb on a recent holiday.


On the fashion front, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, 42, is expecting her second child with husband Rodger Berman whilst rock-star-cum-designer Gwen Stefani, 43, is rumoured to be expecting her third child with husband Gavin Rossdale. We can expect to see anything but maternity wear from those two.


September 13, 2013