Reality Bites: Do You Have Resting Bitch Face Syndrome?

Life can prove eternally interesting and problematic at times when you unwittingly have a resting bitch face (RBF), aka Bitchy Resting Face (BRF). I’m talking about a puckered-up, cats-bum facial expression you regularly adopt when relaxed, which is often misinterpreted as rage, contempt and sadness.

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Think Hollywood RBF-aficionados such as actors Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Jeremy Renner; singer Avril Lavigne and rapper Kanye West; fashion designer Victoria Beckham and arguably the most famous one of all,  US editrix Anna Wintour of Vogue, second only to the original RBF: her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Of course, for these A-list celebrities (and fashion/British royalty), it must get a tad wearing having paparazzi follow you around 24/7, but their famed surly facial expressions as a consequence of resting bitch face syndrome are a true joy to behold.

Anna Wintour, resting bitch face, bitchy resting face

Sadly, in real life you can’t make like fashion icon Anna Wintour and scowl your way through the day without offending someone. I should know – I too have a serious resting bitch face myself, which has landed me in a lot of hot water over the years.

At 41, I’ve gotten much better at adopting a poker face, but it’s taken many years and patience to perfect. My involuntary RBF has offended everyone from high school teachers through to newsroom bosses over the years – there have been some seriously awkward moments when I’ve had to explain myself.

And what can you really say? “Sorry, my face just does this on its own?” Or what about: “I was just born this way – sorry.” Once, I felt compelled to explain away my RBF to a close work colleague, a fellow journo I’m still friends with to this day, by saying: “Look, when I concentrate, I look really cranky, sorry in advance.”

You see, unfortunately I frown a lot when I’m working – it’s just what I do, I can’t help it. It doesn’t mean I’m remotely unhappy, sad, angry or being judgmental. Hell, maybe I should get a face full of Botox so no one can ever accuse me of having any facial expression!

Reality Bites: Do You Have Resting Bitch Face Syndrome?

And so I really relate to and empathise with Twilight actor Kristen Stewart’s RBF trauma in particular, which always seems to get her into trouble. I mean, why should she have to smile all the time – wouldn’t that look even weirder?!

Recently, when asked about her RBF, she told ELLE UK: “The whole smiling thing is weird because I actually smile a lot. I literally want to be like: ‘Dude, you would think I was cool if you got to know me’.” I’m feeling you, K-Stew.

What do you think? Do you have a RBF?

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5 Steps To Living Life Like A Celebrity

Celebrities live an envious lifestyle that makes us all feel just a little bit bitter when we have to stand under a shady looking shelter waiting for a bus that may never show whilst the likes of Katy Perry and One Direction are being escorted to their destinations in private planes, helicopters and glamourous limousines. Wouldn’t life be easier if we were all rich and famous? Here are five simple steps that will have you feeling like a true celebrity in no time.

1. Get the look

Celebs always look flawless. They may have a team of beauty professionals on stand by but you can easily achieve the same look without all the extra fuss. Take a picture of your favourite hairstyle to the salon and don’t be afraid to ask the hairdresser for their opinion as they are likely to know what will suit you best. For the ladies, makeup can be a real life saver, especially on those bad skin days. You don’t have to wear thick layers of it to look like a celebrity, just a small amount is enough. Choose a shade of foundation that matches your natural skin tone and a subtle ‘smoky eye’ look is ideal and often sported by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole.

2. Shop till you drop

Fashion idols such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian all have one thing in common – they know how to shop. You don’t need to spend a fortune and you can even find some great bargains online or on the high-street. For the latest designer trends though, you may need to take out a quick loan from Car Cash Point but hey, it will all be worth it when you get a call from Vogue and they want you to feature on their next cover (that might be a slight exaggeration but there’s no reason why you can’t dress like a model in a glossy fashion magazine)!

3. Be confident

Confidence can make a huge difference to someone’s persona. Cosmopolitan says that ‘a smile conveys confidence’, which means that the more you smile, the more confidence you will radiate to others. By smiling a lot, you can even trick your brain into thinking that you’re happy so why not give it a shot?

4. Showcase your talent

Celebs are all famous for one reason or another and usually this is down to a particular talent or skill. Dolly Parton is famous for her country singing, David Beckham for his talent on the football field and Kim Kardashian is famous for her… um, well, you know. The point is, find your talent and showcase it. Enter competitions, get your name out there and you could be gracing the O2 Arena and signing autographs by next month.

5. Live it up

Celebs are always living it up at expensive restaurants, extravagant hotels and on exotic islands. According to Huffington Post, John Waters (the filmmaker) insisted that ‘wanting to be famous is everyone’s unspoken desire’. This gives the impression that whether you want to admit it or not, life would be far more tolerable if you were famous. Follow suit and take a break somewhere beautiful where you can walk about in sunglasses, sip champagne and carry your tiny little dog in a massive pink handbag. Why not?

Gwyneth To Launch Skincare And Beauty Ranges Via GOOP

Would you trust an A-list celebrity who recently confessed her love of “steam cleaning” her vagina with your beauty regime? This is the question discerning women the world over must surely be asking themselves following the news Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly launching skincare and beauty ranges via her popular lifestyle website GOOP.

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Of course, Gwyneth is also a fan of using goop.com to extol the new-age benefits of other such important life matters such as “consciously uncoupling” ala her split with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin; ridiculously overpriced, but gorgeous luxury clothes; month-long juice cleanses and macrobiotic diets.


However, the health obsessive did come under fire for her health advice that if women steam out their vaginas they’ll achieve a powerful energy boost and internal cleanse. This is somewhat amusing given our vaginas self-cleanse, but I digress. Gwynnie advised her legion of fans to run, not walk, to get the special herbal steam-treatment service available at the Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica.

“The real golden ticket here is the Mugwort V-Steam,” Gwynnie enthused. “You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al.”

She added that the V-Steam is “an energetic release – not just a steam douche – that balances female hormone levels. If you’re in LA, you have to do it.”


Slammed for this potentially dangerous, sham health advice by multiple medical experts, Gwyneth was undeterred and continued to do what she does best, look amazingly radiant at red-carpet premieres, such as Mortdecai, with new Gold Coast regular, Johnny Depp, who has been in and out of the “sunshine state” of late shooting the new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

So, how does the gorgeous celebrity seemingly never age? Is there really something to her diet claims? And here are some more burning questions for Gwynnie – if she’s reading this –about her new organic and sustainable skincare and beauty ranges set to launch next January: Can we mere mortals afford it, or will it cost the equivalent of a monthly Sydney mortgage? And, will it be for women of all ages and skin types? And will we too, then attain the Fountain of Youth?

GOOP will apparently cut out the middle man and handle all retail aspects in-house. Stay tuned for more as it comes to hand, dear readers!



Top Australian Jeweller’s Sparkling International Success

Meet the Brisbane jeweller who’s killing it overseas: Brisbane’s Margot McKinney, whose rapid US success has seen her jewels adorn the likes of A-list stars such as Dita Von Teese.

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Fine jewellery design is in Margot McKinney’s blood as a fourth-generation fine jeweller proud to carry on the family’s 131-year-old business. But the grand dame of Australian jewellery is the first to expand her family legacy into a global success story as the only Australian jeweller stocked at US luxury department store, Neiman Marcus.

Her other accolades include being awarded the Prix De Marie Claire award in 2011 for Australia’s Best Fine Jeweller and the Haute Joallerie Award in 2009 for International Opal Design. What’s more, Margot’s recently cemented her international success when American fashion icon, burlesque star Dita Von Teese (pictured) and American actress, comedian and The New York Times best-selling author Heather McDonald both wore her exquisite jewels at red-carpet events. In addition, English model and actress Elizabeth Hurley was recently pictured wearing her jewellery on the cover of Genlux Magazine.

And while Margot, 55, (pictured) was too busy with US commitments to dress local stars at this year’s Logie Awards, at last year’s ceremony her exquisite pieces adorned the likes of American/Canadian singer Paula Abdul and Aussie celebrities such as actresses Rebecca Gibney, Anna Bamford and Anna McGahan.

Australian jeweller, celebrity style, Australian jewellery design

Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to both love and wear Margot’s jewels, she has loyal clients in both Australia and internationally. “American women are marvellously stylish and will coordinate precious jewellery and fine apparel with great aplomb,” Margot says. “They are very loyal to a designer they follow and I have extraordinary clients who wait for my collections each year.

“It is marvelous to have interest in my jewels from well-known personalities although I do value each one of my loyal clients, both here in Australia and internationally.

“I collaborate with many wonderful celebrity stylists, who are able to match my pieces to special red-carpet gowns. I was extremely pleased to jewel Dita Von Teese at a US event recently, as she has great style and is truly a unique fashion icon.”

Australian jeweller, celebrity style, Australian jewellery design

What sets Margot apart as a jeweller – and certainly a reason Neiman Marcus cut its usual six month vetting process for new vendors to 40 minutes for her designs – is the fact that each piece in the Margot McKinney collection is completely unique and some take up to a year to handcraft.

And since her first day with the heritage department store, Margot’s business “has grown hundreds of percent,” the jeweller says. “When I first signed with Neiman Marcus, I planned to make ten of each piece, but that is not me and it’s not the way that I like to work. Even though ten of each piece isn’t mass market, it is too mass market for my liking. My passion is for precious, one-of-a-kind, unique pieces of jewellery.”

Many of McKinney’s pieces contain a touch of home: pearls, opals, sapphires and pink diamonds from Australia. “My collections are inspired by the extraordinary gems I travel the world to source; every gem so special you could never find another the same. So, everything by definition is unique. My clients understand and appreciate this, and that is where I’ve found my niche,” she says.

“The most wonderful thing happens when somebody falls in love with a piece of my jewellery and then they wear and it becomes a family treasure.

“I have worked on pieces where the pearls have been sourced from Western Australia, the gold work might be from Germany and the setting may be done in Italy. So my pieces really are ‘worldly’ in this respect and it is always challenging and rewarding bringing the materials together.”

Australian jeweller, celebrity style, Australian jewellery design

And if you want to get your hands on Margot’s jewels locally, they’re available at her family’s business, McKinney’s Jewellers at Emporium Brisbane, a luxury retail and dining precinct in Fortitude Valley, and by private appointment internationally.

The McKinney’s are very well-known in the jewellery trade, having once owned Hardy Brothers; their first jewellery store in Toowoomba dates back as far back as the 1800s. “My great-grandfather opened the business in the 1884, establishing a barber shop and tobacconist.” she says.

“The business evolved into Toowoomba’s premier department store, stocking everything from sporting goods, toys, guns, boats, furniture, electrical goods, china, crystal, silverware and jewellery and then evolved into to the high-end jeweller it is today.”

And Margot’s father John, 84, still runs the family business, which last year celebrated 130 years of success. “I am most fortunate to be one of the fourth-generation in our 131-year-old family business and I cherish this heritage and look forward to hopefully welcoming a fifth-generation into the McKinney family business,” she says.

“Being fourth-generation in our family business means that I am able to work with gem merchants and craftsmen with whom we have very long-standing relationships. My suppliers and clients are my friends and this makes for such a rewarding life. I wake up every morning eager to meet the challenge of the day and to create something that will bring joy to somebody else’s day!

“I love love, love, love what I do! How lucky am I? I love the travel; I love the wonder of creating rare pieces of jewellery and I particularly love seeing my extraordinary clients all over the world enjoying my creations. I am most fortunate to have always had a very supportive family and a wonderful husband who is so encouraging.”

Australian jeweller, celebrity style, Australian jewellery design

Hair Game Strong: Top Autumn/Winter Trends

Looking for hair inspo this autumn/winter? You’ve got to take a trip back to the 1990s, sister. So says VO5 Hair Ambassador Sam Overton, who also recommends we opt for styles which are “free, effortless, real and lived in.”

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Here, the hair guru (pictured) answers all SHESAID’s burning questions about the latest hair looks to love as the big chill sets in.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

What are some of the hottest autumn/winter hair trends?

Dry textures are still massive at the moment; a real lived-in texture. It’s all about yesterday’s hair today: something that looks great in a messy top knot or worn out. Don’t think about hair being perfect as it’s not. The more you try, the less on trend it will be. Use dry texturising spray, dusts and dry shampoos.

It’s 1990s meets 2015 and that what we are seeing all over the runways and magazines at the moment. Top knots are still massive, but we are also seeing a lot of messy, loose low buns at the moment too.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles
What are the top, new colours to love?

Balayage is still massive everywhere you go at the moment and it complements the lived-in messy style really well. I prefer a more natural balayage though, working with different blondes rather than the real dark two-tone feel that has been around for ages now. I love the look of darker blondes at the roots blending out visually to lighter ends; more of a natural feel.

And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to darken your hair. Have fun with it! Dark blondes are great and suit a wide range of skin tones.

What are VO5’s best autumn/winter hero hair products?

I love VO5’s Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Heat Protection Spray, $7.99 (pictured), available on-counter May 31. It adds instant shine to your hair and lightly conditions it and makes your hair easier to manage, as well as protecting it from all the heat styling.

My other winter lover is the VO5 Nourish My Shine Miracle Illuminator, $6.99 (pictured below), available on-counter June 1. This adds a fine shimmer to your hair and gives great reflect so your hair looks healthy and shines. It also controls frizz and is really lightweight.

Both products are stocked at Priceline, IGA, Kmart and selected pharmacy groups.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

How does autumn/winter affect our hair?

Personally, I think autumn and winter are much softer on your hair; we are at the beach less and the sun isn’t always pounding down on your hair, plus wearing winter hats also protects you hair.

I do think hair is worn down more in the winter though, so there is a little more styling needed – blow drying and ironing, for example. So it’s important you use the above products just to look after your hair and maintain the shine and softness.

How often should we wash our hair in autumn/winter?

Same as summer; I always say never wash your hair more than once or twice a week and use dry shampoo in-between washes. Washing your hair every day isn’t the best for your hair as you need to leave the natural oils your hair produces in it to help condition and maintain it and keep it healthy. Over-washing it will just fade your colour and dry your hair out.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

Any top autumn/winter hair care tips?

Always use treatments and a heat protection spray. And make sure you use a treatment at least once a week to correct some of the bad stuff you did over summer. Heat protection sprays are uber important when ironing or blowdrying your hair too.

Look after your hair and it will look after you. Just like you take great care with your skin, you should do the same with your hair.

hair trends, hair, autumn/winter hairstyles

Images via loxabeauty.com, hairstylesweekly.com, qiidaalias.blogspot.com

The Ex-Files: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Ladies, it’s time to open the X-files. Shudder!

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Passionate feelings such as love and hate are inextricably linked; for this reason, I do not believe men and women can truly be friends post-breakup. At least, not until many, many years have passed.

In addition, if you’ve loved someone with all your heart, and they’ve exited from your life – note the emphasis on ex – why would you invite them back in? Especially if you’re trying to move on and date someone new?!

And sure, there are exceptions to the rule: if you’ve got children together, then that’s clearly a major game changer and, whether you like it or not, you’re bound to each other for life and must stay civil for the sake of your children.

Case in point: actor Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin who stunned the world when they “consciously uncoupled” in March 2014. The pair, who has two kids together, split after an 11-year marriage. And, in an emotional and somewhat bizarre statement, they asked for privacy at the time to “consciously uncouple and co-parent”, while Gwynnie’s Goop website talked of holistic “wholeness in separation”.

ex-boyfriend, ex-partner, friendship with an ex

While the tabloids labelled the couple’s statement as “new-age tosh”, it’s surely an admirable sentiment to be as loving as you can towards the mother or father of your children. But, outside of celebrity La La land, with all its privileges, this can be significantly tougher in real life.

And if you’ve ever had the misfortune of dating someone who’s not over their ex – I don’t envy Jennifer Lawrence one bit, as she’s allegedly dating Martin – it can feel like there’s three of you in a relationship and things can get way too crowded.

We all have baggage, but is it ever OK to be friends with an ex? And how does this affect your current relationship?

ex-boyfriend, ex-partner, friendship with an ex

SHESAID went in search of answers, consulting a top clinical psychologist who specialises in relationships for insight into this complex issue.

Q: Is it ever OK to be friends with an ex?
Whether or not you are friends with an ex will depend very much on the circumstances that lead to your break-up. If it was a mutual decision to part and the separation was amicable, then you might choose to remain on good terms and take an interest in the well-being of each other as time goes by. However, if the relationship was toxic and the separation hostile, being friends with your ex is the last thing you’ll want.

Q: How do you cope when your partner is still close to their ex?
It can be very difficult for a partner whose loved one remains on good terms with an ex. We all suffer, to varying degrees, from insecurity, and the more insecure you feel, the more difficult it will be to accept that your partner wants to keep in touch with and even spend time with an ex. It begs the question – why? Of course, if there are children involved there is a reason to stay in contact with an ex – for the well-being of the children. In this situation, a certain amount of contact is inevitable and the best approach is to accept the situation gracefully and make interactions with your partner’s ex as stress-free as possible. But if there is no good reason for your partner to stay in touch with his/her ex, and if it really bothers you, your partner should respect your feelings and cut contact.

Q: What if your partner lies about catching up with an ex?
If your partner lies about catching up with an ex you’ve got a problem. You’ll be asking yourself why he/she felt the need to lie. Approach the situation in as mature, calm and non-confrontational manner as you can; after all, shouting and abusing him/her won’t help. But if your partner is being dishonest about catching up with an ex, and doesn’t have a very good reason for the deceit, it’s probably time to make some hard decisions about ending the relationship.

The X-Files: Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Q: Does having an ex always threaten a current relationship?
Not necessarily, it’s more about how the other partner feels and whether the person having contact with the ex is prepared to take their partner’s feelings into consideration. If he/she ignores your wishes and feelings and maintains the contact when it makes you feel very uncomfortable or miserable, then the problem is more about the lack of consideration being shown for your feelings and wishes. That might be enough to threaten the relationship.

Q: Should a man or woman urge their current partner to also be friends with an ex to lessen the threat?
They could try if staying in contact with the ex means so much to them. This would be helpful it there are visits from children involved. Trying to be friends with your partner’s ex would probably work better if the ex has a partner – that would help to alleviate feelings of jealousy and insecurity and fears that your partner is still attracted to his/her ex. Bring these feelings into the open and discuss them with your loved one – again, if your relationship is good, he/she should be considerate of your feelings and cut or reduce contact with their ex.

What do you think? Can you be friends with your ex?

Main image via www.tmz.com; secondary image via perezhilton.com; third image via www.quora.com and final image via eclectikramblings.wordpress.com.


Hot New Beauty Trend Alert: Ombre Eyebrows

Forget the ombré or sombre hair trends as recently favoured by A-list celebs – ombré eyebrows are so hot right now. It’s the newest trend in precision perfect eyebrows, creating a subtle yet full and lush effect – perfect for standing out in the crowd during the festive party season!

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Now, SHESAID readers, you can try the trend too, thanks to the talented brow technicians from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Here, (see below) the eyebrow artists have shared their top tips to create an ombré look using their Brow Kit, $99, (pictured) available in an array of colours at beauty e-tailer Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit contains five essential products to achieve perfectly arched and sculpted brows: precision tweezers, brow powder duo, brow stencils, mini duo brush and clear brow gel.

eyebrows, celebrity style, beauty tips

Ombre Eyebrows 101

  1. Measure from the inside crease of the nose up and make a slight mark. When holding your Anastasia stencil make sure the brow is inside your shape. Hold firmly to avoid smudging. Apply the darker side of the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo 1cm into the brow with strong strokes, following down to the tail on the bottom row of the brow.
  2. Blend the lighter and darker side of your Anastasia Duo Powder back to the beginning of the brow where you have made your original measurement. Blend through to the top of the brow to join into the stronger tone to fill your arch and the tail.
  3. For an accentuated and defined look, use the Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill any gaps or holes. This slim pencil creates precise lines for a strong and elegant finish.eyebrows, celebrity style, beauty tips
  4. Apply one coat of the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, using upward strokes to lift the Brow hairs to widen and neaten the brow. Blend your Anastasia Brow Powder Duo for a perfect ombré finish. The Brow Gel is also available in tinted tones for touch-ups and a more dense finish.
  5. For lift and an elegant profile, apply Anastasia Duality Highlighter – this will define the finish of your perfect brow and gives a 3D affect.
    Next, lightly apply the matte end of your Duality Highlighter, aligning around the brow for coverage and a clean, defined finish. Finally, apply the shimmer end of your highlighter above the eye and follow the tail to lift the brow and open the eye.
  6. Lastly, apply a second coat of the Clear Brow Gel to set, blend and finish your beautiful ombré brow finish.

Main image via chloegormanbeauty.blogspot.com, secondary image via www.dermstore.com and final image via rodeo.net.

Kickstart A New You With A 30-Day Dietitian Plan

Have you ever fantasised about how much quicker you’d achieve your weight-loss goals if you could make like a celebrity and have unlimited access to a dietitian, personal trainer, nutritionist, chef and more? Me too, sigh.

While she can’t offer you all of those services, leading Sydney dietician/nutritionist and author Susie Burrell (pictured) is promising her new program, Shape Me, The 30 Day Plan, is like having your own personal dietitian by your side to help you make healthy choices and better achieve your wellness and weight-loss goals. This would sure come in handy at Christmas too, right?

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Susie is determined, via her new program, to decode confusing nutrition advice and offer one-on-one service which takes into consideration your personal preferences and dietary requirements. The dietitian/nutrionist is a spokeswoman for the Dieticians Association of Australia and a media commentator on diet, weight loss and nutrition. She is the author of three books and blogs regularly at www.susieburrell.com.au.

“Each plan is specifically designed for the needs and goals of each client, with a range of diet options available,” she says. “I have some clients who message me 100 times a day. I offer persoanlised service, 24/7. Shape Me is meant to be dietitian direct not a whole body transformation.”

Options include gluten-free, flat belly, insulin-resistant and low fodmap diets for IBS sufferers. Plus, there’s some 700 recipes you can draw inspiration from (pictured). What’s more, Susie’s online program also provides access to her e-Books, blog, and a community forum. Cost is $99 for 30 days. Visit www.shapeme.com.au.

weight loss, dietitian, nutritionist

Q & A with Susie Burrell

What sets Shape Me apart from other diet plans? Shape Me has been designed as your own personal dietitian. Not only is every single meal plan individualised based on activity, food preferences and specific dietary requirements, but you have unlimited access to a dietitian (me), allowing you to ask any questions at any time. It is your one-stop diet shop.

Who is your core customer? Shape Me is designed for busy people who spend lots of time online and who like to have resources and diet guides readily available, but who do not necessarily have the time or money to invest in actually seeing a dietitian. Shape Me is designed to support weight loss and healthy eating long-term.

How does a 30-day plan provide real and sustainable healthy eating habit-changers? Shape Me is anything you want it to be ­– if you want to be making meals each night from a large variety of recipes, it caters for you. If you want to eat the same thing every day, it caters for you. There are no special meals or foods or recipes you have to make, it is simply easy to prepare meals based on calorie controlled meals that you can follow forever.

Does having 24hr access to you, make this diet plan more achievable? It simply offers the support so many of us need when we embark on any new program, so if you are unsure, need to fine tune your plan, have gone off the rails or simply need a little more motivation, you can talk to me directly online.

You’ve been a dietician for almost 15 years. What’s best and worst about the job? I love meeting people and hearing all about their lives and working out how to build them a strong nutrition platform to help them be at their best every single day. The worst is knowing that people are not in the right mindset to achieve their nutrition and weight-loss goals, but still having to see them and try and help them to identify their motivation.

What’s the ultimate professional thrill for you? Any unfulfilled burning ambitions? I love what I do, and after a great day of seeing clients I am feeling on top of the world, but if I am honest ultimately I would like to write books that sell well, that tap into a specific area of weight loss and are really useful to people, ideally in a market bigger than Australia. That will be the ultimate achievement for me in my career.

Why do you think there’s so much confusion about dieting and weight loss out there? Everyone is an expert and social media has given people who should not have a voice on these topics, and who are not qualified to be talking about diets, the opportunity to do so. Then, the messages become about the hype and marketing, not the science and what is applicable in the real world. Diets makes a lot of people a lot of quick dollars and the consumer needs to remember that before they become a convert to yet another restrictive fad diet peddled by someone who needs to make a quick buck.

Who should the public steer clear of when it comes to diet and nutrition advice? The completely unqualified individuals such as chefs who have completed a health course and/or journalists or simply individuals who have lost weight themselves preaching specific dietary recommendations we need to be wary of.

What are some of the worst eating habits you deplore? People wasting their calories by making silly choices, such as large milk coffees (no one needs a large coffee) which are 200-300 calories – the equivalent of a small meal – and “healthy” recipes packed with brown rice malt syrup, coconut oil and coconut sugar. I mean, c’mon!

5 Healthy Snacks in Under 5 Minutes

SHESAID Roadtests Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Extensions

If you’ve ever wished you were a natural blonde, this may cause a rethink: whenever I don’t tint my eyelashes darker or wear black/brown mascara, people think I’m sick.

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Yep, the hair on my head may be naturally fair (although I’ve had to lighten it over the years, too), but I look like an albino without eye makeup. “OMG what is that thing!?” people have been known to cry upon seeing (or not seeing, to be accurate) my naked, blonde eyelashes and eyebrows (OK, not quite).

As a result, I became obsessed with trying the latest and greatest mascaras and now, the wonderful invention of eyelash extensions. And so it was that I agreed to test-run the Cherry Blooms Australia Brush On Fibre Lash Extensions In 60 Seconds, $69 (pictured), at fab, new beauty etailer Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.

This baby promises to thicken and extend your natural lashes by up to 300 per cent. Even better, there’s no yucky industrial-grade glue, no mess, no fuss and no irritation – just two products to apply in three steps. The result: instant eyelash extensions in 60 seconds!

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
So, how does it work? You first apply a generous coating of Transplanting Mascara Gel to clean, dry eyelashes.

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
Next, you quickly apply the Fibres before the gel dries, brushing your eyelashes to the ends just as you would a normal mascara, but taking extra care not to get the fibres to close to your eyeball.

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products

And finally, step three is to seal the lashes with another coat of the Transplanting Mascara Gel to lock them into place. Voila!

eyelash extensions, Cherry Blooms, beauty products
It’s all about the product’s high-potency beeswax, which helps the fibres stick to the lashes to make them stay put all day. The beeswax also has high moisturising properties, acting as a leave-in conditioner for your lashes, and is said to even stimulate lash growth, so you can wear it on its own.
And if Beyonce-style showgirl lasses are your bag, you can even repeat the three-step process for a more dramatic look.

The result? I was pleasantly surprised by my new, more voluptuous, longer and thicker eyelashes (NB: that’s not me in the model pictures, above) – it’s not too OTT either, a more natural, lightweight look you could easily try to pull off as your own peepers. “Yes, I woke up looking like this”.

Another thing that impressed me about the Cherry Blooms eyelash extensions is that they’re very easy to remove – all you need is warm water, which causes the lashes to soften and melt without hideous panda eyes. They’re also all natural and non-toxic and so suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses.

Cherry Blooms also claims the lashes are water-resistant, so won’t smudge or run and are cry-proof, laugh-proof and sweat-proof too. Not that I was about to sweat on them – I took mine straight out for a night on the town, batting my pretty, new eyelashes at anyone within sight.

Purchase them via www.luluandlipstick.com. And for more information, visit www.CherryBlooms.com.au.

Eyelash images via cherryblooms.com

You Can Leave Your Hat On With LYLA&BO

There must be something in the water in the Sunshine State, for yet another young, Brisbane-based emerging fashion designer is making a name for herself both at home and overseas.
Michelle Moore, 27, (pictured) is CEO of accessories label LYLA&BO, via www.lylaandbo.com, which has both celebrity fashion fans here in Australia and has just broken into the highly competitive NY fashion market, securing its first stockist, in Brooklyn.

Her stunning fedoras, in particular, have also proven a hit with both Australian men and women, but Michelle isn’t content there, striving to take her brand global.

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A QUT graduate, Michelle was born in England, grew up in Brisbane and recently returned from a two-year stint living in Canada. The designer is also fortunate to travel back to NYC frequently for work and aims to live there soon. Here, she shares her design inspiration with SHESAID readers and why hats and accessories are everything.

Why do you specialise in designing hats and jewellery and not clothes? I have always gravitated towards buying accessories over clothes. For me, accessories are such a simple and effective way to create a fashionable look that doesn’t take hours to put together and won’t break the bank. It’s the smart way of styling! A bag, a statement necklace, cute shoes and, if the occasion calls for it (which it always does for me), an amazing hat. Done!

Australian fashion designers, LYLA&BO, emerging designers

What’s your background in fashion? I have worked the odd fashion retail job here and there while travelling, but my work background was always business-marketing related, sometimes at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to fashion, like tech start-ups. But, as a child, you would always find me cutting up fabrics, making scrunchies on my sewing machine and creating a skirt or dress here and there. I was always making something and before going to university I was lucky enough to win a few costume design awards which saw me travel overseas. I’m very hands-on, I love making things from scratch and creating something from nothing, I take after my father like that.

Did you studying fashion boost your career? I graduated from QUT in 2012 with a Bachelor of Creative Industries with a major in fashion and business. I knew I always wanted to do something within fashion, but I was fully aware of the struggles in trying to tackle an industry that is so hard to break into. With that in mind, I took a variety of business subjects as a smarter/safer option. Although looking back, I am so happy that I decided to do this. I initially thought my mind was more fashion-orientated, however over the years I have realised that I am definitely as equally interested in the business aspects of what I do. I love building, creating and learning and my degree gave me the tools to be able to look at LYLA&BO with both a fashion and business perspective.

How has the brand evolved? I’m a fairly whimsical person when it comes to my outlook on life. I never thought that two years ago I would be on the path that I am now and yet I am so happy to be exactly where I am. My goal for LYLA&BO is to keep it growing and constantly evolving. When you build something from the ground up and are able to watch it grow, it becomes your baby. Having recently broken into the New York market, my ultimate goal would be to keep expanding on both a local and international scale. There is no greater, more satisfying feeling than seeing people wearing your pieces 14,000kms away from where you started your brand.

How does it feel to have celebrity fans like Jessica Gomes? It’s always such a thrill to see customers wearing one of your designs no matter who they are. Just the fact that someone loves it just as much as I do, is the exact reason I work so hard. But I have to say, seeing people as fashion savvy as Jessica Gomes (pictured below) and [fellow NY-based, Brisbane fashion designer] Juli Grbac (pictured at bottom) wearing your fedoras, is quite surreal and amazing all at the same time. It’s a feeling of gratification and accomplishment that never gets old.

Australian fashion designers, LYLA&BO, emerging designers

Who would you most like to dress? There are so many people I would love to see styled in LYLA&BO pieces. But, if I had to name a few, I’d say supermodels Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid and power blogger Nicole Warne. I’m so in love with the sophisticated, everyday looks that these girls put together and they all look amazing in a fedora.

What are your favourite Australian and international brands? There are so many and for different reasons. Even if it’s not something I would particularly wear, I try to look at labels and their designs with an artistic perspective. I take a lot of inspiration from things I don’t like as much as things I completely adore. I also try to support Australian designers, as I am all too familiar with the struggles of the industry. With that said, some of my favourite labels at the moment are Cameo, The Fifth, Dion Lee and Jaguar. I’m most attracted these labels use of fabrics, prints and textures, especially as it’s coming into summer.

Who is your core customer?
 When creating the brand, I thought my core customer were fashion-conscious girls around my age, with similar styles. While this is true, as LYLA&BO has grown, so has my market. I now have unisex fedoras that look amazing on both men and women, something I never initially set out to do. Because accessories can be styled differently and with ease, LYLA&BO has such a broad market. The similarity that ties each customer together, however, is the confidence to pull off their look.

Australian fashion designers, LYLA&BO, emerging designers

What’s your ultimate goal? I have a lot! I believe it’s important to always set yourself goals in life, to ensure you stay motivated and I believe that’s how I’ve managed to get this far. I am my own worst critic and I live by my planner. To survive in such a fast-paced industry means always being ahead of the game. I am constantly looking for new avenues to branch into and my ultimate goal with LYLA&BO is to become the No.1 boutique for all things headwear and accessories. If I can do this successfully on both a local and international scale then I will feel as though I’ve accomplished my ultimate goal.

What’s best and worst about having your own label? There are so many good and bad things about having your own label. It is very stressful at times; I am a complete control freak and I often worry about making the wrong decision, but over the years I have learned to trust my instincts and have managed to do pretty well so far. But to put it quite simply, it’s a juggling act – drawing inspiration for new collections, keeping on trend, maintaining the business aspects, conversing with manufacturers, wholesaling, shipping – I don’t remember the last time I had less than 10 things on my mind at once. However, the gratification you receive from people taking such an interest in something you have created from all of that stress and worry, most definitely outweighs any negatives. And having a million hat samples to choose from everyday is also a pretty amazing plus.

Who or what inspires you? I’m inspired by places just as much as I am people. I have been lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit over the last few years and I often find myself drawing inspiration from beautiful cities, the colour of fall, someone’s hat I saw once in Italy, that kind of thing. I’m inspired by everything I have seen, learned and are still learning. I’d like to think that my designs are a culmination of things I have experienced, along with aspects of past and current trends.  

What do you love most about fashion? I love that it’s forever changing. You just never know what is on the cards for the next season and I love being a part of that. I not only love what’s currently happening in fashion, I love the history of it – the way that current trends have evolved from previous ones is so interesting to me. Fashion always comes back around, just with something a little different each time!

You Can Leave Your Hat On With LYLA&BO

Understated Luxury Lovingly Made in Australia

You know you must be doing something right as a fashion designer when the likes of A-list celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins, Jessica Mauboy and Delta Goodrem (pictured) wear your clothes.

And so it is for English-born, Sydney-based designer Rebecca Powell (pictured at bottom) who founded the Tluxe label in 2006. Here, she shares her design inspiration and highs and lows of running her own label with SHE SAID readers (see below).

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But first, some more about the label: effortlessly understated and elegant, Tluxe is an Australian lifestyle brand whose philosophy stems from the idea that garments should transcend fashion and become a lifestyle identity.

With a flagship store at Sydney’s upmarket Paddington (pictured), the label derives its name from a fusion of the words “deluxe” and “Tee”. It’s all about luxury, sophisticated basics designed for stylish layering and refined comfort.

Tluxe, basics, celebrity style
Rebecca strives to ensure each limited-edition collection showcases both immaculate craftsmanship and innovative design. Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Australia, Tluxe’s collections are created using the finest organic and sustainable yarns including bamboo, cotton, cashmere silk and Merino wool, ethically sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and Turkey.

With a Diploma in Fine Arts and Design and an Honours Degree in Textiles and Fashion, Rebecca was inspired to create an Australian-made label dedicated to luxurious basics, having previously designed for Selfridges, Topshop and Stirling Cooper in the UK as well as quintessential Australian brands Bonds and Mambo.

Inspired by the ambience of balmy summers spent by the beach eating gelato and taking in the vivid hues of the surroundings, Tluxe’s Spring/Summer 2014/15 collection “Horizon” (pictured) is in-store now.

Tluxe, basics, celebrity style

Tluxe, basics, celebrity style
It showcases effortless wardrobe staples in knitted, pigment and metallic linen, silk crepe de chine, silk georgette, jersey, organic cotton and tencel denim.
Tluxe’s collections are available online, as well as at selected stockists in Australia and internationally. Visit www.tluxe.com for more information.

Q and A with Tluxe founder, fashion designer Rebecca Powell

Tluxe, basics, celebrity style

Is there a kind of unique luxury associated with good-quality basics? The brand was born from a desire to simplify my wardrobe and the lack of locally made, perfect-fitting, well-made basics available. Everyone needs that perfect white T-shirt, the versatile white shirt, the comfortable lounge pant and that silky top in their wardrobe. There is beauty in simplicity! The luxury comes from the fabrics I work with. We source top quality fabrics internationally and work with local mills to develop fine merino wools, cotton and cashmere mixes and organic cotton jersey.

How does it feel to have so many celebrity fans wearing your clothes? Very flattering.

Who would you most like to dress? Kylie Minogue, when she is having an off-duty moment!

What are your favourite Australian and international brands? I really admire Akira Isagowa, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Martin Margiela and Rick Owens.

Who is your core customer? The busy career woman, the yummy mummy, the ecologist, the yoga devotee; our customers are very diverse. We often have mothers and daughters at the shop who both purchase. One thing they all have in common is a love of quality fabrics, great fits and the knowledge that style transcends fashion. They are also proud to wear an Australian-made product.

Do you have any burning, unfulfilled fashion ambitions? No, after years in the industry working with big brands and travelling extensively, I am happy to have a work-life balance, manage my business close to home and have time with my family and friends.

What’s best and worst about having your own label? The best: Being your own boss which allows flexibility and is perfect when you have young children. Oh, and lots of new clothes! The worst: Having to constantly check in, even when on holiday.

Who or what inspires you? Nature, art, objects, history and people. To quote Paul Smith: “You can find inspiration everywhere.”

Image of Rebecca Powell via www.dailyimprint.net.

Would You Date A Guy With A “Man-icure”?

If a bloke turned up at your door, ready to whisk you away for a hot date, would you bat an eyelid if he was sporting the new OPI colour collection?

I’ve long thought that the state of a man’s hands tell you much about him, such as whether he’s getting intimate lady time. I’m thinking grubby, filthy, half-chewed fingernails are a dead giveaway of no play.

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Good news ladies, erm I think: male nail art, or “man-icures” are big business right now – at least, according to Amazon. The shopping giant recently credited a “male varnish effect” for the fact that its nail products were selling like hot cakes.

Amazon says it has recorded a whopping 90 per cent rise in sales of nail gem decoration and a 98 per cent increase in UV nail polish, nail stripers and nail strengtheners.

Of course, it we look to Hollywood, male nail art is nothing new – check out these pics of the perennially-cool Johnny Depp rocking blue nail polish; suave singer/songwriter Seal (pictured below) showing off his bright yellow “man-icure”; and, of course, the hilarious and uber-talented Brit stand-up comedian, actor and writer Eddie Izzard (pictured below), who’s long been a fan of a pretty mani. The latter is committed to running for London Mayor in 2020, so male nail art may yet get a lot more cred in conservative arenas.

manicure, male nail art, johnny depp
Long loved by 80s hair bands, male nail art is also embraced by the very manly guitar god Dave Navarro; the hottest ginger on the planet, Prince Harry, and the super-sexy soccer star David Beckham. But do you have to be an A-list male celebrity to pull this look off?

manicure, male nail art, eddie izzard
Now, while I’m not sure if you have to worry too much just yet about your average red-blooded Aussie male raiding your nail polishes, the internet is rife with blogs (pictured below) by seemingly normal guys who like nail art (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

manicure, male nail art, celebrity style
And local bloke folk who have been known to sport a nice manly polish in public include comedian, TV host and writer Wil Anderson and Daniel Johns of Silverchair fame.

So, is male nail art to be shunned or applauded? I say let’s embrace it – it’s a sign of the metrosexual times in which we live, and a big positive surely, if men are spending more time on their self-care and appearance?

Maybe the blokes should just keep their mitts off our beloved Chanel and OPI though, and instead stick to male nail polish brands like Alphanail and Evolutionman! Some things should not be shared.

What do you think?

Johnny Depp image via duri.com.ua; Seal image via www.fashionavecpassion.com; Eddie Izzard image via www.theguardian.com and foot image via polished-men.blogspot.com.

Rachel Zoe’s Top 5 Style and Beauty Secrets

Big news, fashionistas: A-list stylist, fashion icon and TV star Rachel Zoe has just landed in Australia. Here to attend Business Chicks events across our great nation, the diminutive and ever-stylish LA stylist yesterday landed at Sydney International Airport with her husband Rodger Berman (pictured).

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These “maj” news gives SHESAID the perfect excuse to examine the style and beauty secrets that make this distinguished designer, stylist, author and editor such an important and powerful figure in the fashion industry.
Here are our top five major style and skincare rules from Planet Rachel Zoe:

  1. Head-to-toe black is always chic: As Zoe showed so beautifully when she arrived in Sydney, a simple, all-black ensemble is simple, effortlessly glamorous and always in style. Her signature head-to-toe black look is much envied and copied across the globe. Here, she’s wearing her “uniform” of a long, black maxi dress and matching top, paired with platform heels and a scarf. I die!
  2. Don’t let motherhood cramp your style: A busy mum to sons Skyler Morrison, 3, and Kaius Jagger, almost 12 months, Zoe, 43, has never stepped out in public looking anything less than amazing. Staying true to her effortless take on glamour, she often sticks to an all-black wardrobe, complete with sky-high heels. Of course, she’s bound to have an army of hair stylists and make-up artists at her beck and call, not to mention haute couture, but we mere mortals can all take inspiration from her stark refusal to let motherhood crush her stylishness, elegance and good taste.
  3. Always invest in good quality skincare: Zoe is a huge fan of “green queen” Tata Harper and her eponymous line of natural, non-toxic, luxury skincare and wellness products. In fact, Zoe has profiled Tata’s personal beauty secrets at length on her website www.thezoereport.com. What’s more, she recently said of Tata Harper Elixir Vitae (pictured): “I can’t get enough of this elixir… It’s softening, it’s hydrating, it’s so MAJ.”rachel zoe, celebrity style, skincare, beauty, styleOther celebrity Tata Harper fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington and Julianne Moore. Find other great Tata Harper products, such as the incredible Resurfacing Mask (pictured), $63.25, at fab, new beauty etailer Lulu and Lipstick via www.luluandlipstick.com.rachel zoe, celebrity style, skincare, beauty, style
  4. Travelling light is for amateurs: It took two airport staff to haul along trolleys full of the couple’s luxurious luggage in Sydney (pictured below, from Zoe’s Instagram before she departed). And I’m betting poor, old Rodger – like most men – got to squeeze in just one bag, while the rest belonged to the style icon, including these highly covetable Chanel and Louis Vuitton suitcases. And yet another style lesson we can all learn from Zoe, the high priestess of fashion, is invest in luxury luggage and you can’t go wrong. Swoon.

rachel zoe, celebrity style, skincare, beauty, style

5. Think old-world Hollywood glam: An avid fan of old Hollywood glamour since childhood, Zoe dresses a long list of A-list stars including Nicole Richie, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Zoe Saldana, Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes. Through her expert eye, fierce love for haute couture and flair for unexpected red-carpet looks, Zoe never seems to get it wrong. Zoe was recently named Stylist of The Year at the 10th Annual Style Awards, so she’s obviously on the money. Got a big important event coming up? Make like Zoe and channel old-world Hollywood.

Rachel Zoe pics via www.dailymail.co.uk

The Fine Art Of Fragrance At Galerie De Parfum

Ever wanted to embark on a sensory journey through the evolution and development of fragrance to find your perfect scent? Rejoice perfume lovers, for just in time for Christmas, Agence de Parfum has opened a flagship Galerie de Parfum boutique within Myer Sydney.

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With another Galerie de Parfum in Myer Melbourne city, Agence de Parfum has created a suitably elegant Parisian-inspired space in which to showcase some of the world’s most luxurious and niche fragrances (pictured).

perfume, celebrity style, scent, galerie de parfum
Inspired by great French perfumeries, Galerie de Parfum houses highly coveted niche fragrance brands with scents from Costume National, Juliette Has A Gun, Keiko Mecheri, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Mark Buxton, Penhaligon’s, Neotantric, Robert Piguet, Lubin and P Frapin & Cie.

The first niche fragrance boutique in Sydney, Galerie de Parfum offers guests the chance to find their perfect scent using a fragrance wheel.

And, in there you find the firm favourites of Marie Antoinette, Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Grace Kelly, Winston Churchill, Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra and more.

perfume, celebrity style, scent, galerie de parfum
Fragrance aficionados can also attend Fragrance Master Classes on a brief history of perfume and how to recognise and distinguish between scents of the world’s finest perfume houses. Bridal styling parties and hens’ activities are welcome.

Phone: 02 9238 9126

Year Of The Booty: Kim K’s One Redeeming Talent?

If 2014 is the Year of The Booty, do we women – gasp – actually have porn-star-turned-Vogue-covergirl Kim Kardashian to thank? Kim K, 33, she of arguably the world’s most photographed derriere, certainly has a luscious, round booty to be proud of, no argument there.

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But it hurts my brain to credit her with anything for Kim Kardashian West – as she’s now known after recently getting hitched to the seemingly equally vacuous Kanye West – actually first shot to fame after a 2003 sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007.

Whether it be fate; good, dumb luck or by design – that same year Kimmy and her family were commissioned to star in the reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The show’s runaway success paved the way for spin-offs including Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

And in 2010, Kim’s porn-star debut paid off big, when the LA native was named the highest-paid reality TV star, with estimated earnings of $6 million. Of course, aside from her huge talent for um, well… Kim hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons again in August 2011 with arguably the world’s dodgiest sham marriage to professional basketballer Kris Humphries.

Despite a disgustingly opulent and widely publicised wedding, the hapless pair split after Kim embarrassingly filed for a divorce a mere 72 days later.

Now, call me unfair, but I don’t hold Kimmy up to be much of a role model. She’s certainly not the kind of woman I want my daughters to admire or emulate. I choked on my cornflakes, like many others, when she and Kanye actually secured the cover of US Vogue‘s April 2014 issue (pictured).

“How did Kim Kardashian become so famous, Mummy?” Awkward.

Kim Kardashian, butt, bootilicious, celebrity style
And aside from her good looks (and aforementioned awesome arse), the US TV personality and socialite seems like a puppet on a string, achieving ridiculous success again, goddamit, with several clothing collections and fragrances, thanks to her wheeling and dealing matriarch/manager, Kris Jenner.
And sure, Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West is adorable – that too, is an achievement.

But I’m wondering if Kim K’s one true vocation in life – her higher calling – was to make women the world over feel proud of their booties.
Like other bootilicious stars who’ve basked in her budunkaa-dunk-dunk glory, ranging from Beyonce through to J-Lo and Nicki Minaj, Kim K has really brought booty back.
Kim Kardashian, butt, bootilicious, celebrity style
Now a major fitness/fashion trend, big booties are big business. And I don’t know about you, but growing up, my hourglass curves weren’t something I immediately embraced.

It took me years to learn to love my curves – my bum included – and dress for my shape. And there were many times back then, and even now, when I look in the mirror and wish my bum didn’t stick out quite so much. Well, Kim K stand proud – baby got back, and you’ve arguably helped women more than you’ll ever know.

I was recently amazed and chuffed to see major fitness websites promoting “tips and tricks on how to get a bigger booty”. Plus, there’s a whole industry surrounding bum injections and butt implants.

What a new bizarre, crazy, bootilicious-loving world. Thanks Kimmy.

Main image via pcbmao.blogspot.com; US Vogue shot via www.entertainmentwise.com and GQ shoot image via ohridsky.com

Red Carpet Inspiration: Wedding Gown Silhouettes

Choosing the wedding dress of your dreams should be just that, a dream, but it can get overwhelming. Before you go searching for the perfect dress two important things you need to remember are to be open-minded about the style that you want, and to have some sort of understanding of the different silhouettes that you are going to come across, whether in a store or whilst browsing Pinterest. The celebrity red carpet is the perfect place to start looking at different silhouettes and styles that you think you might like. So we have done the hard work for you and have found beautiful red carpet dresses in the most popular bridal gown silhouettes.

Ball gowns

wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gownswedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

The ball gown is the quintessential fairy-tale dress, the one you most probably dreamed of as a little girl, especially if you watched Disney movies. The ball gown flares out from the waist with a full skirt.


wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gownswedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

One of the most popular and flattering styles, A-line dresses are fitted at the bust and flare out to the ground to form a capital A shape, hence the name.

Modified A-line

wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

Similar to the A-line, the ‘modified’ comes in as the skirt is fitted more closely to the body and gradually flares to the ground in the A shape from under the hip.


wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

Just like a mermaid’s tail, a mermaid silhouette is fitted close to the body until it flares out just below the knees.

Trumpet (fit & flare)

wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

Similar to the mermaid in shape, however the trumpet flares out a bit higher, anywhere from under the hips to mid-thigh. Be prepared to show off your gorgeous curves.


wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gownswedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

A pretty silhouette that falls mid-calf, just like a midi skirt.


wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gownswedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

The mini is perfect if you are after something non-traditional and want to show off your legs.

Sheath (column)

wedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gownswedding gowns, red carpet, celebrity style, style inspiration, gowns

A sheath silhouette simply falls straight down the body, gently skimming your skin.

It’s important to remember that not every dress that you come across will fit perfectly into one of the above silhouette categories, but what really matters is that you love how the dress looks and you love how you look in it.

Which is your favourite silhouette?

Images via vogue.co.uk

By Natasha Price

Best And Worst On The Logies 2014 Red Carpet

The Logies have been notorious for some of the best frocks and some of the worst shockers in Australian fashion – and last night was no exception. There was, of course, a common trend thread – this year black, white, lace and muted colours were the hot picks. Scotty Cam may have taken home the Gold Logie this year but the style stunners of the night, without a doubt, were Jesinta Campbell, Rebecca Judd and Jennifer Hawkins.

red carpet, Logies, Logie Awards 2014, celebrity, celebrity style, best dressed

Other stunners included Kylie Minogue, Sonya Kruger and Jessica Morais:

red carpet, Logies, Logie Awards 2014, celebrity, celebrity style, best dressed

And those who could have done a bit better:

red carpet, Logies, Logie Awards 2014, celebrity, celebrity style, best dressed

Festival Fashion At Coachella

It’s been labelled the Woodstock of the new generation and, despite the big shoes to fill, this music festival sure does deliver in the fashion arena. Whether you love it or hate it, festival fashion is the best thing to happen to summer – even if simply for people-watching/judging purposes. The 60s may have had bikini tops, fringing and Jimi Hendrix but we have bikini tops, fringing and Arcade Fire. Oh.

The Coachella dress code may not be a varied as we’d like – in a fashion sense that is – but boy, is it fun to see what all the ‘cool kids’ are wearing. Here are some of out faves (as well as some that we could never get away with wearing ourselves):

Coachella, music festival, festival fashion, celebrity style

Coachella, music festival, festival fashion, celebrity style


WHO Celebrates This Year’s Most Beautiful People

Five months pregnant with her first child, former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie graces the cover of WHO magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue for 2014. Ritchie is expecting a baby with her husband, NRL player-turned-chef Stuart Webb.

She opens up about her impending motherhood and why she feels it’s the right time to have a baby. “The gift  of being able to carry a child is beautiful,” she says. “It’s happened at the right time. Becoming a mother will be a wonderful bonus to who I already am.”

The radio presenter leads a gallery of home-grown stars and international A-listers who make us swoon, including Jared Leto, Jessica Marais, Callan Mulvey, Rose Byrne, Daniel MacPherson, Katy Perry and more.

WHO magazine, Kate Ritchie, beautiful, celebrity, celebrity style

Drew Barrymore’s Wedding Makeup Tips

Confused about what kind of makeup look you should go with for your upcoming nuptials? Drew Barrymore has one fantastic makeup tip: don’t go crazy!

“That day is so surreal and important and long-lasting for people, I think the biggest mistake you can make is to overdo it,” she said at her Flower Beauty spring launch in New York this week.

“Look like yourself on your wedding day — don’t go with crazy spiral curls and some heavy foundation and look back at that picture and be like, ‘Whoa, that doesn’t look like me.’ It should be you but the most enhanced, beautiful natural version of yourself.”

And if you’re thinking of trying out a bold new look, the mom-to-be has a few words of caution. “I appreciate some women who are like, ‘I really want to change my hair color for that day,’ but it’s not the time to play around. If you are thinking of doing something bold like a nail, pick a shade that has powders and grays and neutrals in it so it tones down the ‘cuckoo factor.’ I think wedding days and ‘cuckoo factor’ are not a good combination.”

Wise words! The actress, who married Will Kopelman in 2012, chose a simple look for her wedding day.

“I tried to do a dark lip on my own wedding day, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I went very natural. It took me 10 minutes to do my hair and I wore very little makeup, and I’m glad I did. I’m all for bold, but I just find that’s not the day for it.”

Our Favourite Red Carpet Dresses of the Week

This is the week of the little black dress, with everyone from Gwyneth to Reese rocking their sexiest LBDs on the red carpet. Here’s our favourite red carpet dresses of the week. Gwyneth Paltrow also opted for an LBD,

Reese Witherspoon is picture-perfect at the American Songbook gala in NYC wearing a Valentino LBD and Manolo Blahnik shoes. The hair and makeup is flawless. Go Reese!


Also at the American Songbook event, Gwyneth Paltrow rocked a sparkly Saint Laurent black mini dress and long, beachy waves.


Front pockets! Jennifer Connnelly is simply lovely in her chic Chanel LBD at the Aloft premiere in Berlin.


Freida Pinto is gorgeous in purple printed dress with peekaboo midriff at the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week.



Also at the Michael Kors show, Blake Lively blows us away in navy and nude, updating a classic dress and jacket combination with a twist belt and layered necklaces.


Petra Nemcova looked fabulous at the Badgley Mischka show at NYFW in a feminine white dress paired with black knee high boots.


Which celebrities are wearing your favourite red carpet dresses this week?

Celebrity Airport Style

Want to look chic, not shabby, while travelling? Ditch the tracky dacks – here’s how to get celebrity airport style for less.

Eva Longoria’s chic scarf
Flights are never comfortable: one minute they’re too hot, the next they’re too cold. And sometimes you get a blanket and other times they’re all out. Wrapping yourself up in a light but warm scarf, like Eva, is essential. Plus a scarf always elevates a boring outfit and instantly makes you look like a high flier.

We love: Target Light Weight Jersey Scarf.


Rihanna’s yoga pants
Comfy, stylish, and warm – yoga pants are a traveller’s best friend. Rihanna’s red lipstick might be a bit too much, but a slick of lip stain when you get off a long-haul flight does wonders to help you feel put together.

We love: Lululemon Yin Year Sweatpants are super cosy with a soft waistband that won’t dig into you during a 10+ hour flight.


Beyonce’s printed summer dress
Summertime and the living is easy, especially if you’re jetting off somewhere beachy like Beyonce did last year to the south of France. Pop a pair of fabulous earrings in your handbag for a pop of instant glam.

We love: MUUI Tiger Stripe Dress


Jessica Alba’s fitted blazer
Want to arrive in style to the airport? Top your favourite jeans and blouse with a fitted blazer for the perfect business casual outfit. Ask the steward to hang your jacket up or carefully fold it and place it on top of your overhead luggage.

We love: Target’s Limited Edition Satin Trim Blazer looks like a designer piece without the price tag.


Miranda Kerr’s maxi dress
If you need to get off the plane and head straight to an event, do like Miranda and wear a loose, flowing dress which is both comfortable and chic. Slip your heels into a tote and wear flip flops on the plane, then change just before you get off, ready for the paparazzi!

We love: Arlene Dip Hem Maxi Dress.

What’s your go-to travelling outfit?

Get Kate Moss’ Celebrity Style For Less

We’re still obsessed with Kate Moss’ celebrity style. Anytime we get into a fashion rut, we just browse through the Kate Moss fashion archives to find a look that’s fresh, a new way of wearing a wardrobe staple, or accessorising a boring outfit. After 26 years’ modelling, she remains a fashion icon with no indication of slowing down. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how you can recreate La Moss’ celebrity style for less.

The leopard print coat
One of Moss’ most iconic looks, her leopard print coat has been a favourite over the years – she even wore it on her recent 40th birthday celebrations. Whether you pair it with jeans and a fitted jumper, or over a little black dress, Moss has made this a wardrobe staple.

Get the look for less: Topshop Faux Fur Animal Print Coat, $168.  


The kimono jacket
We love the addition of a floral kimono jacket to a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and basic singlet top. Topped off with layered necklaces and olive ankle boots makes the look completely unique.

Get the look for less: Dark Base Floral Tassel Kimono, $24.99.


The tailored blazer
Moss adds sexiness and elegance to an all-black outfit. The skin-tight leather pants and tailored blazer with satin lapels, with sheer chemise underneath, is a vampish take on the classic suit. It would be easy to over-accesorise, but Moss keeps it simple and still a statement with her hair pulled back, black satin clutch and pointed stilettos.

Get the look for lessBardot Bling Blazer, $80, and Anarchy Leggings, $99.95.


The wide leg jeans
She might have been responsible for ushering in the skinny jean trend, but in typical Moss fashion, she’ll often broke from the pack choosing this more relaxed bohemian chic look. Here she pairs a simple boat neck t-shirt with wide leg jeans, thick belt, open-toe sands and a simple purse. Let your hair down and enjoy the sunshine with this carefree look. Get the look for less: LTB Roxy Jean, $74.95 and Cotton On Desire Fleck T-Shirt, $14.95.


The chiffon dress
Moss is never afraid to take fashion risks, and always pulls it off. On paper, it might sound like an emerald green chiffon dress would not pair well with a fitted leather jacket, but on Moss, it looks incredible. Next time you wear a feminine evening dress, take inspiration from Moss and pair it with a sleek biker jacket and bold accessories.

Get the look for lessAbelone Pleated Maxi Dress, $92.96.

Which is your favourite Kate Moss style look?

This Week’s Best Red Carpet Dresses

Plenty of amazing red carpet dresses this week in the lead-up to New York Fashion Week and the Oscars – and Cate Blanchett continues to dominate the best celebrity fashion with not one but two incredible looks.


Gwyneth Paltrow sparkled in a glam 70’s-inspired purple gown at the Goldene Kamera Awards in Berlin.


Keri Russell was the epitome of casual-chic at the Writers Guild Awards pairing an Isabel Marant tee with a peekaboo black bra, Givenchy skirt and Giuseppe Zannoti shoes.


Cate Blanchett was luminous in Maison Martin Margiela at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where she picked up yet another award for her role in Blue Jasmine, taking home the 2014 Outstanding Performer of the Year Award.


…and yet again at the NYC premiere of her latest film Monuments Men in Proenza Schouler. Love that side bun.


The fashion set were out at the amfAR Benefit Gala in NYC ahead of Fashion Week, with supermodel Karolina Kurkova  a showstopper in this elegant black cutout dress with thigh-high split.

Who is wearing your favourite red carpet dresses this week?

Olivia Palermo’s Celebrity Style

We have serious fashion envy every time we see Olivia Palermo hit the streets. And with New York Fashion Week just around the corner, we’ve decided to take a look at this uptown it-girl’s best celebrity style looks from classic skinny jeans and blazers, to – and how you can steal her style for less.   

Statement jewellery
Olivia is a huge fan of statement jewellery – famous for her chunky necklaces bringing attention to her beautiful neck. But make sure you balance the outfit – a statement necklace only works if you’re wearing a simple tee, jumper or dress underneath to make it pop. Luckily there is fantastic costume jewellery at Sportsgirl and Topshop that look just as glam as Olivia’s.


Tailored blazer
Olivia loves finishing off an outfit with a blazer, whether it’s a floral summer dress or skinny jeans and a tee. It gives all her outfits that elegant and classy finish. Look for a basic fitted tailored blazer in black or white for less at Zara or Mango.


Skinny jeans
Olivia wears skinny jeans to every occasion: a day in the city, fashion week, parties, or at nights out with her gorgeous German supermodel-fiancé Johannes Huebl. Look for a pair of skinny jeans that are not too low on the waist and comfortable. Jeggings are a great alternative too.


White shirt
Olivia has taken the classic white shirt and reimagined it – whether she’s wearing it with jeans, shorts, tucked into maxi skirts or with a knee-length skirt, it always looks fresh and feminine. Add some bright statement jewellery and a colourful bag to complete the look. We love white shirtswith a little lycra stretch for a great fit (check out Witchery and David Lawrence), or borrow you’re boyfriend’s.


The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe staple, and to get one in true Olivia-style, think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina – elegant, chic and timeless. Accessorise with simple jewellery and your favourite heels. Portmans and Seduce are a great place to pick up an LBD without the designer price tag.


Olivia is tiny so is often in sky-high heels, but even fashionistas need to be comfortable every now and then. And who said you can’t look stylish in flats? Swap your everyday ballerinas for loafers, which look fab with jeans, a relaxed shirt and sunglasses.


Every it-girl knows sunglasses are your best friend when out and about. Olivia often steps out in big-oversizes sunglasses to frame her heart-shapred face. Splurge on Dior or Tom Ford sunglasses – Olivia’s favourite labels for shades – an investment you’ll wear for years.

Do you love Olivia Palermo’s style?

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