Research shows more women are cheating than ever before. 
Most of them feel guilty. Some of them don’t feel anything. 
The lines are blurred more than ever before in the game of modern dating.
There’s a big difference between being honest about who you are on a first date, and just trying to make yourself feel better by offloading guilt.
“It’s kinda like ice-cream. Some days you feel like vanilla, other days strawberry, chocolate, or even more than one scoop.”
Infidelity gets two entries in the Ten Commandments, so it must be really bad…right?
It was his fault. Not theirs. He didn’t deserve me and I should have left years before.
“My wife accidentally left me a two-hour message of her lover talking shit about me.”
It’s a cheap, temporary ego boost. 
I’m always surprised when someone blatantly does the deed in front of me. 
A new study looks at what’s going on in the heads and hearts of cheaters.
Dating services catered to couples opening their marriages and long-term relationships are on the rise. Rebecca Andrews asks why.
*Names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent.
With every ‘happy couple’ social media post I see, my trust in men declines…
It’s not just your trust that’s affected.
“Baby… She won’t find out, I promise. This weekend can be all about you and me,” I overheard him say on the phone.
Infidelity exposed: the other woman, the cheating husband, and their 25-year affair.