“I am completely comfortable saying that I do not feel the need or desire to ever have children of my own.”
Sure, I’ll smile and play with your baby. But I’d honestly prefer not to.
I started this journey sure of myself, and my decision. I had no idea of the obstacles I was about to face.
Because my worth as a woman shouldn’t be based on what I do with my womb. 
Bad parenting has led to a member of society to think she’s above the rest of us.
Those three seemingly innocuous words can come across as patronizing, alienating and ultimately dismissive.
Catch-ups at play areas are okay. Baby photo spamming is not.
I’m more afraid of having a baby than I am sitting through a horror flick. And I’ve seen Carrie.
I’m quite content with my fur baby, thank you very much. 
Because sometimes you just need a break from all the splashing and the squeals.