Christie Brinkley’s Body Secrets (Can You Believe She’s 60!)

She’s People magazine’s cover girl, although you could be mistaken for thinking it was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Which Christie Brinkley did in 1975.

And now she’s back in her swimsuit, on the cover of another magazine, aged 60, and looking better than ever.

“My kids would be so embarrassed!” Brinkley told People. ”In private I may wear a bikini, but at the public beach with my kids I would change bathing suits because they do not want to be hanging out with some old broad in a bikini.”


So how does the original supermodel maintain that enviable body? She shared her five diet and fitness secrets that keep her looking so young.

1. Exfoliate daily
“I’ve done it since I read that guys look give years younger because they shave,” she told the mag — and her skin always looks amazing!

2. Embrace getting older
“Eyebrows can thin as we age. I use pencil and powder,” she said about her makeup routine. “We’ve used [hair extensions] in the fashion industry for years. They’re good if your hair is getting thinner or you just want to feel luxurious. I only have a few gray hairs where I part my hair…I’m going to switch my part to the other side!”

3. Make working out fun
“I’ll run or do weights, and I do at least 10 minutes a day on my Total Gym machine,” she said. However, it’s important to have fun and mix it up! “I got hooked on SoulCycle this summer and during my Christmas vacation, I did yoga. I credit doing Chicago on Broadway for my legs [but] I do leg lifts while brushing my teeth!”

4. Three meals a day
“I like to start my day with coffee and coconut milk hazlenut creamer,” she explained. “Then I have sheep’s milk yogurt with fruit, wheat germ and Anutra (an Omega 3 antioxidants and fiber supplement). Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner: beans, veggies.”

5. Snack healthy 
“My snack is melon and walnuts, and I recently discovered PurePrana (an energy-boosting drink). If I’m craving something sweet, I’ll drink cold coconut water. That quenches it for me.”