5 Iconic Makeup Looks

Want to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Cindy Crawford? Not only are these classic looks easy to recreate, but they are appropriate for almost any event you have planned. Peek at our tips below on how to create each of these looks, which work on every skin tone or type.

1920s: Greta Garbo

Screen-siren Greta Garbo was recognised for her spectacular acting skills, but also for her hair and makeup which defined the 1920s. Keep brows thin and groomed, and avoid applying too much product on the ends. Dramatic eye makeup is a must – with dark shadow on the crease and a subtle cat-eye flick. Finish off by lining the lips with a coral or light-pink lip pencil.

Makeup Tips: 5 Iconic Makeup Looks

1940s: Lauren Bacall

Brows were thicker, lips are poutier and the face was more defined by the time the 1940s hit. Channel Lauren Bacall’s signature look by creating an arched brow, defined eyes and picture-perfect lips. Apply a generous amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks, making sure to blend it out really well.

Makeup Tips: 5 Iconic Makeup Looks

1950s: Marilyn Monroe

We can’t think of anyone else other than Marilyn Monroe who was the epitome of the classic 1950s makeup look. Beauty spots were in, the natural look was out, and lips were kept defined with dark shades and a gloss to finish. Apply a set of false lashes to achieve this sultry look.

Makeup Tips: 5 Iconic Makeup Looks

1960s: Audrey Hepburn

Like many of the other trends during the 1960s, brows were often over-drawn to define the face. Keep the foundation looking clean and matte – the dewy look was not yet embraced. Just like the 1950s, a strong cat-eye was a crucial part to this look, and falsies were applied to both the top and bottom lashes.

Makeup Tips: 5 Iconic Makeup Looks

1980s: Cindy Crawford 

Makeup looks in the 1980s were defined by their strong use of colour shadows, blushes and beauty marks. Skin was kept blemish-free by full coverage foundation, and powder to hold it all in place. Don’t pluck those brows! Simply tame them by applying a brow gel, and an eyebrow pencil to disguise any patches.

Makeup Tips: 5 Iconic Makeup Looks

What is your favourite makeup look?

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August 14, 2014

Your Guide To Classic Makeup Styles

Makeup styles might change, but some looks will always be universally popular. We break down classic makeup styles for ever occasion, from evening makeup to bridal makeup.

The natural look
This makeup style is perfect for women who just want to cover a few blemishes and lightly enhance their natural features. Natural is always beautiful, so why transform the way you look? Simple enhancements for that ‘just you but better’ look include a dab of concealer under the eyes, clear lip gloss, a sweep of rosy blush, or one coat of mascara.


Evening makeup
If you’re going out to a bar, club or dinner you’ll likely want to glam yourself up a bit more than you do in the day time. Take the challenge and try a bold and sexy makeup style for nighttime. We love a smokey eye with cherry or deep red lipstick like on Milla Jovovich, or softer eyes paired with a  vibrant coral lipstick.


Bridal makeup
Bridal makeup is often soft and natural to compliment the beauty and sophistication of a bridal gown. Popular bridal looks include soft eye makeup, nude lips and a pop of cheek colour, which looks good on everybody, or a soft smokey eyes with a light rose lipstick. If you’re considering a less traditional look, try a bold lip – it looks amazing in photos!


Anti ageing makeup
You can actually use makeup as an anti ageing tool. There are lots of makeup products on the markets that contain anti ageing ingredients that not only enhance your features but reduce the appearance of wrinkles and create a more balanced skin tone. Look for products like BB and CC creams that hide imperfections, ad radiance and bring out your natural beauty. Our favourite anti ageing beauty tip? Use a lip gloss over your lipstick (or alone) to make your lips like fuller and soften the fine lines around your mouth. And remember less is more with mature skin, so apply makeup with a lighter hand.


Celebrity makeup
Celebrities are always on the cutting edge of makeup styles, and the red carpet is a great source of inspiration for new makeup looks. Look to celebrities with similar skin tones, hair or face shapes.


Glowing, tanned skin
Tanned skin looks good on most people, giving you a natural radiance, but you can always fake an afternoon in the sun by using a tinted moisturiser, bronzer or fake tan products. Finish with a hint of luminiser to get your glow on.

July 19, 2013